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Outdoor exercise instruction far
Outdoor exercise instruction far
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Outdoor exercise instruction far


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  • 1. Outdoor Exercise Outline NALDS 2004Far & AwayParticipant Instructions for FARThe purpose of this exercise is to experience the process of aligning people to achieve a commonpurpose. You will be working with another group of people, located at AWAY, a team you have notseen in a while.You have 45 minutes to „reorganise“ the people at AWAY in a way, which complies with theregulations and rules specified below. Afterwards, you must demonstrate your result during aperformance period. Senior management has held you accountable for the completion of the task.Failure could lead to serious financial consequences for the company.1. At any given time, only one person in your group may serve as a liaison with the AWAY group.2. Everyone, except the current liaison, must stay in this room.3. The AWAY group members have been told they can do nothing without your explicitinstructions or approval.4. This sheet of paper may not leave this room.You have at your disposal: your group and the AWAY group members, paper, pencils and aflipchart.Your Task:Business is suffering because people seem to be too inwardly focused. You feel that movingpeople to different positions will enhance your ability to win in the increasingly competitiveenvironment. Your task is to move the AWAY group members from their „assigned positions“ totheir „reassigned positions“ by making only „legal“ moves. They have been physically placed intheir assigned positions. In this reorganisation, the people who start on the right side facing leftmust finish on the left side facing left and in their original sequence. The people who start on theleft side facing right must finish on the right side facing right and in their original sequence.Rules:1. There are only two moves allowed: An AWAY group member may move forward into an empty space immediately in front ofhim or her. (no backward moves). An AWAY group member may move forward around one person if that person is facing himor her and if there is an empty space directly behind that person.2. No one may turn around; everyone must remain facing in his or her „assigned direction“. AWAYgroup members who get „stuck“ may return to their assigned positions and begin thereorganisation again.3. Only one person may move at a time.AIESEC in Germany
  • 2. Outdoor Exercise Outline NALDS 20044. Success is a flawless performance from start to finish, and senior management will expect tosee the task done perfectly at the end of the performance period.AIESEC in Germany