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Traffic Ultimatum - The Leaked Chapter - By James Francis

Traffic Ultimatum - The Leaked Chapter - By James Francis



Traffic Ultimatum - The Exclusive Leaked Chapter, by James Francis.

Traffic Ultimatum - The Exclusive Leaked Chapter, by James Francis.




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    Traffic Ultimatum - The Leaked Chapter - By James Francis Traffic Ultimatum - The Leaked Chapter - By James Francis Document Transcript

    • George Brown’s Traffic Ultimatum The Leaked Chapter By James Francis www.TheTrafficUltimatumReview.com
    • Introduction With over 5 years of real life experience with Internet Marketing, James Francis has quickly developed a name for himself as the leading expert in the online field. Originating from the UK and only being 20 years old at present, he has grown his own business from the ground up while still in college. He has released several breakthrough products including his best work of Easy IM Profits, Internet Marketing Profit Machine, and his upcoming secret 'mega project' (shh!). Placing a huge emphasis on great content and with an unstoppable drive to succeed, he learnt most of what he knows now from George Brown himself and his previous ‘Google Sniper’ course. Enjoy! - James Francis. www.TheTrafficUltimatumReview.com The Leaked Chapter - By James Francis - www.TheTrafficUltimatumReview.com
    • “So Who Is This George Brown Guy Anyway?” Hi, I’m George – I'm 18 years old, and I've been a full time online marketer for just over a year. Before that I was a furniture mover. That was my first job out of school... shifting people's stuff when they move house... I discovered internet marketing. And I bought just about everything I could get my hands on... ebooks, video courses, big mail order courses, anything that looked like it could make me a buck... I was desperate to make more money and break out of that life... you know how that feels right? Trouble was, all my attempts at actually making money were failing. It's easy enough to buy the products... but making money from them was a lot tougher. And to be honest, it was really hard to stay focused... I worked at it in the evenings, and it was a struggle to stay awake because I was so tired from doing heavy lifting all day. Sometimes I even stayed up all night... hunched over my keyboard drinking coffee like a crazy guy... desperately hunting for the one thing that would set me free. But before I knew it the sun would come up and I'd have to get ready for another day's hard labor. Ever been there? The Leaked Chapter - By James Francis - www.TheTrafficUltimatumReview.com
    • It's like a crazy, exhausting vicious cycle... But Then Something Odd Happened... I actually made some money! I'd been experimenting with SEO, and working on this particular site for months... And when it started to rise in the SE rankings, I got a handful of Adsense clicks... It wasn't much money - literally about 16 cents... but it was enough to show me that there was some potential with this stuff. So I did some more tweaking, and sat back and waited for the clicks to flood in... surely once I'm getting good ranks, some more hard SEO work will bring in a ton more traffic right? Wrong... it just never happened... The site disappeared from view... it had been slowly rising through the search engines, but for some reason it just took one long nosedive and never came back... Months of work – for nothing. And that got me thinking... I was obviously doing something right at first, because the site moved up in the SERPs. What if I could somehow separate the things that worked from the things that didn't? So I started experimenting - new sites, different niches, all different techniques. To my surprise, the sites that were the simplest and easiest to set up were the ones that saw the most success... It wasn't long before I had a site that was actually getting traffic and making regular money. So I pulled out the Adsense and replaced it with affiliate links. That's when I started to make real money... The Leaked Chapter - By James Francis - www.TheTrafficUltimatumReview.com
    • “Exposed – The 7 Best-Kept Killer Traffic Strategies” From: James Francis Date: Wednesday February 17, 2010 Location: Your Bursting PayPal Account… Dear Smart Marketer, So you’ve created the world’s next big product which you’re deadly sure is going to blow everyone away. You’ve put your website online, you’ve set up your payment system, and you wait for the sales to start rolling in. …But nothing happens. Why? You’re missing one thing – Traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of a business – both online and offline – and without it, you might aswell have not even created a product, because nobody will ever see it! But where do you start? Here’s a list of the top 7 secret traffic sources to get you started… 1) Article Marketing Writing articles is possibly THE best way to not only show your audience that you’re the authority in your niche – but also to generate a boat-load of traffic. After all, value is based on perception, so if they perceive your articles to be well written and read-worthy, they’ll consider you to be respectable and therefore the authority, often resulting in a visit to your website. So how does it work? It’s simple – just write an article on a small subject area of your choice within your niche, and give the reader some value they can take away and use instantly. This way, they’ll remember you for being helpful, too. Don’t forget to put a link to your website in the resource box at the end of the article, also stating the benefits they’ll get for visiting your site. The Leaked Chapter - By James Francis - www.TheTrafficUltimatumReview.com
    • The biggest myth about article marketing is that you should only submit them to EzineArticles.com, but that is not the case. You should always diversify your marketing, which is especially the case for article marketing. Distribute them to several different article directories, as the duplicate content rule does not apply here (but only as long as you have the same author name on each website), and some article directories will get you more traffic than others based on the article’s content. 2) Email Marketing Fancy getting traffic at the push of a button? Let that button be the ‘send’ button! Email marketing is the fastest and most long-term method of generating constant and repeatable traffic, often resulting in profits which are higher than average. In fact, it’s a simple process. Just send your traffic to a squeeze page which contains an opt-in form linking to your email service (AWeber is usually best), stating a benefit for the visitor to enter their details. Then you’re free to market to them through email – but act responsibly! 3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) “Search Engine whatta-what?” Search Engine Optimization is both the art and science of getting high rankings in the search engines, primarily the major ones such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Although many factors contribute to a long-standing position on the first page of Google for a keyword phrase (preferably with a high amount of traffic), the most important thing is relevancy. If your website isn’t even relative to the subject you’re trying to get ranked for (some people call this “on-page SEO”), you have very little chance of succeeding. After you’ve “optimized” your webpages (techical jargon for “making them awesome”), you need to consider off-page SEO factors, such as how many websites link to you, how popular they are, and more. The general rule here is to get high-authority websites to link to you, often resulting in a higher search ranking for yourself, too. 4) Video Marketing When most people hear the phrase “video marketing”, they think of expensive equipment and confidence on camera – and they run a mile. Whereas the truth is, video marketing is a huge The Leaked Chapter - By James Francis - www.TheTrafficUltimatumReview.com
    • traffic generation technique, and it’s a little known fact that you don’t even need to be shown on camera at all – which means there’s no confidence required! Using screen capture software such as Camtasia (or its free counterpart called ‘Jing’), you can record your computer screen to create an instructional video with audio narration. Alternatively, if you’re really shy and can’t even face recording your own narration for your video, you can use ‘Animoto’ to create an animated slideshow of images and videos. Don’t forget to include a link to your website at the end of the video and in your description text too, as this will be the main source of traffic from your video. Then all you need to do is submit these videos to several video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and MetaCafe to get them seen. In short – there’s something for everyone in Video Marketing, and it’s a major source of traffic which should not be taken lightly. 5) Joint Venture Partners (JVs) / Affiliates For the more advanced marketers in the field, Joint Venture Partners and affiliates are the most profitable asset to their business, and also their biggest source of traffic. With just one mailing to your specialized JV list, you can have hundreds of people doing the hard work for you, to pay them for a set % of the sales they bring in (decided by you). This is called a commission. But don’t pitch to them – just become friends with similar people in your niche, with no intention of doing anything further. Add them on Skype, add them on Facebook, add them on LinkedIn. Be friendly. And when your launch comes around, they’ll be more likely to open up a slot in their busy schedule to fit a promotion in for your product. 6) Pay-Per-Click There are many forms of effective paid advertising, but probably the most profitable is Pay per click advertising. The leaders in the field here are Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter. PPC mainly consists of writing a short (and often text-based) advertisement to be displayed prominantly within search results, with the marketer paying a small fee for every time a visitor clicks on their advertisement to be taken to their website. The Leaked Chapter - By James Francis - www.TheTrafficUltimatumReview.com
    • Again, relevance is key here to boost your quality score and thus lower the fee you pay for each click that your advertisement brings - and that's relevancy on both your advertisement’s body text and your website's landing page. Although this is usually a lucrative market, there are huge benefits for doing it right, such as a regular flood of traffic. 7) Social Media With the growing trend of the online social scene, popular sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Squidoo are absolute goldmines for traffic. Simply create an account for the niche you’re in, create a page about the popular problems in your niche (not forgetting to bring value to it by adding some stuff to help your visitors out), mention your website on it, then network with people. This also applies to Twitter and Facebook, too. Just keep on a narrow subject and your fans and followers will eventually be glad to visit your website. The Leaked Chapter - By James Francis - www.TheTrafficUltimatumReview.com
    • “…But Is It All That Easy?” …Not really. 1) Article Marketing – Creating articles can take ages, not to mention distributing them to hundreds of websites. And who says that when you finally write an article, it’s going to be any good? 2) Email Marketing – Sure, having a mailing list is awesome, but most people fall down before they even manage to build a list of a thousand people (and that’s pretty small!). Beginning to build a list is possibly the most gruelling thing you’ll ever have to encounter. 3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – With Google changing it’s algorithms every day and with each niche being different in terms of SEO and the audience, how do you know what’s going to work or not? Worse still, what if you spend weeks on the perfect SEO campaign, only for it to flop down after a few days? 4) Video Marketing – Sure, you might not need to show your face or record narration on a video, but what makes it interesting? What makes it show up in the “Featured” section of the video sharing websites? 5) Joint Venture Partners (JVs) – Most experienced super affiliates and JVs get bombarded with hundreds of offers exactly the same as yours EVERY SINGLE DAY. Why should they choose your product over someone else’s? Also, what if they don’t even bring in any sales for you? 6) Pay-Per-Click Advertising – How many success stories have you heard from Google AdWords? Very few. A lot of horror stories? …Yeah. The truth is, unless you’re given a proven blueprint to know exactly what to do, step by step, you’re pretty much walking into a forest blind. 7) Social Media – It’s all good being friendly with other people on these popular social networking websites, but what if nobody actually respects you as an authority in your niche. Worst of all, what if they never have any intention of ever buying from you? All seems lost… Right? But hold on… “…Isn’t There An Easier Way?” The Leaked Chapter - By James Francis - www.TheTrafficUltimatumReview.com
    • Introducing… George Brown’s Traffic Ultimatum In short, it’s the product of almost 2 years research on George Brown’s never- ending journey to learn new ways to drive traffic. Traffic Ultimatum is a complete step by step course detailing every way I or any other marketer for that matter has EVER got traffic to a website. Thus solving everyone’s real problem in the marketplace: “where do I get traffic from?” Specifically there are 12 modules... Each covering that traffic method in such detail, that the customer can go out and actually implement it right there and then to get traffic and make money. And like I said, there are TWELVE totally different methods. Everything from: SEO, PPC, PPV, Social media, video marketing, article marketing (and it ain’t just ezine articles) and so much more – And remember each module is covered in explicit detail. Normally a course will cover just one traffic method, but Traffic Ultimatum covers them all – And in a no filler “do this, do that” style. It’s all broken down in over 35 step by step videos AND in written form (over 300 pages with diagrams, process maps, the works) so you can follow along with that if you prefer. It’s a big course and something I know you’re going to be very happy with. I’m really proud of Traffic Ultimatum, and you will be too. Click Here To Read More… The Leaked Chapter - By James Francis - www.TheTrafficUltimatumReview.com