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Expat Newspaper Castellon Barcelona Tarragona.

Expat Newspaper Castellon Barcelona Tarragona.

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  • 1. T rader December 2009 North •Free Monthly Newspaper - December 2009 962910095 1 Inland & Coastal Reaching the parts other papers don’t reach ...... Full edition available to download Est 2004 Issue 134/ 36 Tel 902733622 Now we can take over your line rental too! Landlines and Track Phones see main ad on page 7 Tel 902733633 Want to save Money? See page 15 UN slams overbuilding on the Costa Cold snap and high winds hit the UN representatives have criticised the mass building development along the Mediterrane- region an coast, particularly on the Costa Brava and TEMPERATURES plummeted on the Costa in the provinces of Barcelona and Tarragona. Azahar, Valencia province and Costa Blanca on Sunday. Minimum temperatures in Vinaròs They say it will encourage a flood of immi- (Castellón) fell to 5ºC, and to 6ºC in Pinoso grants, bringing with it more terrorism and (Alicante) and 7ºC in Polinyà (Valencia). arms- and drug-trafficking. Additionally, the new homes, hotels and golf courses will use The cold-weather record for the region, how- up massive quantities of water, damaging the ever, was Castellfort (Castellón) where resi- environment. Harmful emissions into the at- dents were shivering in temperatures of just mosphere could also result, claims the UN. 1ºC. In addition to near-freezing climes, wind- speeds reached around 71 kilometres per They fear that the third world will be the hour (in excess of 35 knots). worst-hit by the damaging effects of global warming, pushing them to seek out a new life Oliva residents suffered minor damage to in the more prosperous west and leading to their homes when winds of up to 64 kilome- overcrowding and uncontrolled immigration. tres per hour swept the town, and people liv- ing in Jávea (Alicante) and Manises (Valencia) Early Christmas lights in Tarragona did not fare much better with gusts reaching CHRISTMAS lights could go on early this year 61 kilometres per hour. The hottest places in in the centre of Tarragona in a bid to give El Perelló shows that tracted more than 1,000 dren with Cancer – Tarragona the region on Sunday were Rojales (Alicante), the retail industry a boost. Chamber of Com- fund raising can be fun ! visitors from El Perelló and province). where despite the wind, temperatures re- merce president Albert Abellò insists that beyond, and raised over In a festive atmosphere mained at around 16ºC, and in Oliva (Valen- El Perelló hosted their first funds spent on the extra electricity bill will be €3,000 for the following (helped by a beautiful day’s cia), Jávea, and Vinaròs, where the thermom- Christmas Fair on Saturday compensated for by the surge in city-centre cancer charities:- AECC (The weather) almost 60 stalls of- eters stayed at 15ºC for most of the day. 14th December 2009 for the trade. Additionally, he recommends the use Spanish Association Against fered a superb array of goods purpose of raising money for But the wind-chill factor in all of these towns of energy-saving bulbs to cut costs and dam- Cancer - Tarragona prov- on sale – something for eve- Cancer Charities in Spain. meant that for the first time this year, many age to the environment. The lights were due ince), CNIO (Spanish Nation- ryone – including local handi- During the day - the “Fira people were having to don coats and scarves to be switched on yesterday (Wednesday), al Cancer Research Centre), crafts and foodstuff. de Nadal” (organised by the after enjoying late-spring weather just two three weeks before Christmas. AFANOC (Association for Chil- .....Continued on p4 El Perelló Freesia Group) at- days previously. Cashpoint mugger targeted the elderly A YOUNG man who mugged elderly New tourist and cultural centre to people at cashpoint machines has been ar- open in Sitges next month rested in Reus. The accused, a 25-year-old Moroccan national, is said to have watched MAJOR improvement works are being carried out in Sitges, including the construction of a over his victims as they withdrew money new tourism and cultural centre. A mechani- and then followed them, before pouncing on cal escalator is also being built to connect them and stealing the cash. According to the the old town of Sitges with that of El Poble Mossos d’Esquadra, the suspect is behind Sec, and the Pompeu Fabra street is under- at least 11 muggings on senior citizens be- going a facelift. Street-lights will be set up, tween May and September this year. He is and access to the street for traffic improved. also thought to have carried out three violent Mayor Jordi Baijet and town planning coun- robberies on van-drivers who had just emp- cillor Armand Paco, together with the head tied fruit machines to transport the takings of economic promotion and tourism, visited to the bank. Jaouad B. was caught as he was the three sites this week. It is hoped that the The Decibels choir group, Members from My Valencian Home , attempting to board a ferry en route back to tourist and cultural information centre will be Ampolla, El-Perello, Moira and L’Ametlla area Tel 962 728 066, Mobile 637 185 746. , Morocco from the port of Barcelona. open by the end of the year. Visitors to Sitges Email: . will be able to step across the road to go to the centre, since it is just opposite the train station. Booths will be set up to attend to cus- Watsons MiniMarket Carrer de l’Església Castelldefels tomers, together with a room where tourists 5a Carratera las fuentes, Alcossebre We specialise in traditional fare, we also have a wide range of frozen foods at very can find information for themselves. A shop selling local produce and tourist goods will “xmas stock now in!” Mobile competitive prices with a good selection of be included. In the meantime, the second The Best rate for Self-employed individuals vegetarian options. tourist information office – located in the Can Xmas Orders for • Fresh gammon joints and Companies See main ad on page 7 Milà building – will be renovated in January. • Pork with crackling Tel 936 365 465 BAR AVINGUDA Mora d’ Ebre Inma & Ramon wish all our • Pork pies Taken up until 12th december. BAR CHEERS TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS customers old and New a Merry Xmas DINNER & DANCE and a very Happy New Year SATURDAY 19 DECEMBER 19.30 Speciality beers, Guiness Ctr De Las Fuentes OPEN Dancing to “Heatwave” 60’s & 70’s” Mon – Sat Magnams, etc. Rolls & Snacks wine &/or beer Camino de Los Murs 9.30am – 8.00pm English Football, Excellent music We supply a delivery service to Barcelona ‘Friends of Alcossebre’ Raffle Pink Floyd, Rolling stones etc Passeig Maritimo Port & surrounding areas (delivery charges Open Mon - Thurs Dress – Festive/glam !! apply) or phone with your order and we will 8.00am - 22,00 Fri & Sat 8am till finish OPEN Mon – Sat 9.30am – 6.00pm Tickets on sale from Bar Cheers – 20 Euros have it ready for collection if in a hurry. We don’t shut for Lunch TEL 964 412 603 Las Fuentes Port Alcossebre Tel 669351091 Merry Xmas & Happy Newyear to you all Merry Xmas & Happy Newyear to you all Av. de Comparques Mora d’ Ebre Tel 964414313 Trader North Edition Castellon, Tarragona, Barcelona from Secorbe to Castelldefels Trader South Edition Inland Valencia, Alicante & Coastal Towns Cullera to Denia
  • 2. 2 EMAIL: • 902733622 December 2009 Expatriates Facing So What is the Impact of the Situation in Dubai ? By Currencies Direct the Abyss Improved flight Well so far, nobody is really sure. Given Despite markets starting to draw thing yet. Japanese data was weak this ing forward looking policies. He said IF BRITAIN GOES BUST By Mike Walsh that both Abu Dhabi their horns in for morning with in- that it is too early rights welcomed and the UAE Central Bank have quickly the run up to Christ- mas, there might dustrial production much weaker than to exit the UK’s cur- rent policy stance He is one of Britain most respected financial pundits, a former city banker whose inde- pendent company has a turnover of £80 mil- come forward to be just time for one expectations. The though he added by Which? assure markets of their support for the beleaguered Emir- more spate of trad- ing especially if the support for Dubai authorities need to conjure up some- thing - and quick. that there should always be time to talk about suit- lion a year. His prediction that Britain faces bankruptcy was recently thrown into the long grass. Following the EU judgement stating that ates State, then offered from the able plans. Sterling Given the implications of such an event this This morning’s UK was hardly surprising. James Palumbo has air passengers will now be compensated the financial impact UAE Central Bank data was also weak. starts the week however put his money where his mouth is by for delays of three hours or more, Ro- should be quite mi- is less rather than The November GfK as it finished last turning his sterling investments into cash. chelle Turner from Which? Holiday says: nor. Certainly, there more. This morn- consumer confi- week, on a softer Britain, running on a credit card has maxed “This is great news for air passengers. will be repercus- ing’s Dollar decline, dence index dete- note. There is plen- the plastic. As in the Weimar Republic money We hear all too often of people who are sions for Western on expectations of riorated steeply to ty of data this week is being hot-press printed to keep the banks delayed for hours at the airport, often lenders and there is a successful out- -17 from -13 in Oc- to keep markets in business. Don’t try this at home. Hundreds without any information about when no guarantee that come to the Dubai tober. The market interested starting of billions of pounds will somehow have to be their flight will finally leave, and are then Dubai’s ‘fairy god- World debt restruc- had been looking with some US data repaid before the bailiffs and police arrive. offered no compensation. mother’ will stand turing, looks a little for an improvement this afternoon. The Some say it couldn’t happen: Ask Iceland; behind its liabilities premature - look to -11. The UK’s CBI 1st major interest ask Dubai … who next? “This judgement means that consumers will now be compensated properly for carte-blanche but for a bounce of any warned of the possi- though, will be the DEVALUATION OR EURO? equity markets are contrary news. bility of double dip, result from this What would happen if Britain’s economic long and often frustrating delays, and viewing the situ- month’s Reserve not just when the airline takes the deci- Other weekend noting that service management is effectively removed from ation as contain- news was largely sector activity dete- Bank of Australia Threadneedle Street and Westminster? The sion to cancel a flight.” able. policy meeting, tak- painful remedies imposed by the Internation- centred on Japan riorated in th three Currently, if your flight is delayed the De- The potential prob- where intervention months through ing place in the ear- al Monetary Fund would be so severe that nied Boarding Regulation won’t enable lem is any growth in chatter continued to November, with ly hours of tomor- even the little Englanders, hostile to the Euro- you to receive compensation, but the air- row morning. Even pean Union, would scream for admission. concern over global reverberate around consumer service line does have an obligation to offer you Sovereign stability the markets and of- businesses seeing though the odds on The alternative could only be root and branch assistance if your delay is expected to go and the fact that ficials maintained activity well below the Central Bank reform on a Hitlerian scale that would effec- beyond a certain point. leaving rates as tively impose British interests first. Such a CDS spreads have their stance on the normal for the time radical restructuring would put Britain on lep- What you are currently entitled to: continued to widen current volatility in of year. Also, BDO, they are have short- er-like isolation similar to Ahmadinejad’s Iran Two free phone calls, faxes or e-mails; suggests that even foreign exchange the accountancy ened, I still think and Saddam’s Iraq. It would be unthinkable. and free meals and refreshments appro- though things look rates. Fujii has de- group, suggested that a combination Iceland needed only a $6 billion bail-out from priate to the delay calm on the sur- nied saying that he the BoE’s forecasts of continuing strong the IMF. Dubai’s meltdown has been esti- face, there is a lot wouldn’t intervene were too optimistic data releases from mated between £48 and £90 billion. For an free hotel accommodation and hotel both Down Under transfers if an overnight stay is required of thrashing about in the FX market but and that its own idea of scale it was recently revealed that in below the surface. this doesn’t mean surveys were not and China plus addition to publicly declared bank bail outs If the delay lasts for five hours or more, If things do be- that he would. Oth- showing any signs the very long gap the Bank of England secretly transferred £62 you can choose not to travel and get a gin to look a little ers talk of bold and of a significant re- between this, and billion to the Bank of Scotland and the HBOS. refund of your ticket cost. dire, then expect swift action by the covery. Other than the next scheduled What else may soon be revealed? The UK is When you’re entitled to it: the Dollar to come Bank of Japan to that, all is rosy in meeting will mean spending £30 billion a year more than its in- that the RBA will come. When a flight under 932 miles (for ex- back into focus as counter the Yen’s the garden. MPC ample, London to Venice) is delayed for risk aversion trades current strength. member Posen was hike tomorrow. BASKET CASE BRITAIN more than two hours. re-emerge. No sign of any- in the papers talk- Britain needs £200 billion a year just to serv- ice its commitments but the UK government When a flight within the EU that is more Contents of this report are for information purposes only. It is not intended as a recommendation to trade or a solicitation has always underestimated its predictions. than 932 miles (for example, London Such forecasts are notorious for removing for funds. Currencies Direct cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages arising from any action taken following to Athens) is delayed for more than 3 ‘various’ from the balance sheets such as consideration of this information. Save money , Large or small Money Transfers. Pensions & Regular hours. private financial initiatives; (PFI); the schools payments. Call to day to find out more. See Main Advert On page 15 and hospitals plus infrastructure dependent When a flight that isn’t within the EU but is between 932 and 2174 miles is de- EXCHANGE RATE 02/12/09 upon private investment. layed by more than 3 hours. STERLING POUND - EURO .... 1.0982 EURO - US DOLLAR....... 1.5085 Britain’s manufacturing base has evaporat- ed; its reserves have largely been auctioned When any other flight is delayed for more STERLING POUND - US DOLLAR..... 1.6571 off. The country’s social commitments are than four hours. staggering in their financial enormity as are its military obligations. Its wealth was more Which? is the leading independent consumer champion in the UK. We provide impartial, expert Christmas Shopping? can’t find the book you want ? recently based on the markets driven by its information on products and services in our maga- zines, books and online to help consumers make Then you’ ve probably been shopping here at the...... financial institutions. A proud boast - when things were going well. more informed choices, and we campaign on issues If the IMF is called in Britain’s credit rating that matter to all consumers, from food to finances, will plummet. Inward investment will virtually health to estate agents. For more information on cease. Interest rates will go through the roof, how we can help you, visit or loans will be a thing of the past, and taxes will go ballistic. Companies will disappear by their Can your business thousands, and the pound’s value will drop like a lead ingot. The social consequences would be cataclysmic. Don’t even think about afford NOT to be it. BRITAIN SNEEZES; SPAIN GETS online? THE COLD Due to the collapse in the pound’s value Brit- Not any more! ish expatriates in Spain alone have lost over £5 billion in spending power this last two Stunning fully-featured years. Hundreds of thousands of Brits liv- eCommerce websites, ing in Spain are dependent upon a sterling professionally designed for high income. Pensioners have been particularly hard hit; as many more are dependent upon impact and search engine rank- investment returns. This is already causing ings at affordable prices, from as immense hardship. little as Euro 299! It beggars the imagination to think of the so- cial effects if the exchange rate should drop For more details see to a predicted €0.86. It is best not to think Inland Trader – Coastal Trader CIF No. B97723308- News : Samantha Kett - Arantxa Vidal- Printed by Imprime of the pound being de-valued to as little as S.I.L.S.A : Postal Address C/ Mayans 32 Ontinyent 46870 Valencia. Mobile 902733622. Email €0.50. Inland Trader DIPÓSITO LEGAL V-693-2006 Coastal Trader. DIPÓSITO LEGAL A-187-2.008
  • 3. December 2009 • 902733622 3 Trickster poses as British aristocrat to Swine ‘flu has hit In The Top 20 of Hospitals in Spain con women out of epidemic proportions THE region’s top three hospitals have been named as those of Torrevieja, Alzira, SWINE ‘flu has reached and many schools are day are off sick at the and the Clínica Quirón in Valencia. thousands epidemic proportions in Spain, with the Comuni- sending entire classes of kids home until the risk of Josep Iborra school with similar symptoms. All three appear in the list of Spain’s 20 best hospitals, which has just been pub- NUMEROUS women have been duped dad Valenciana being one infection has been eradi- Valencia’s Doctor Peset lished by the ministry of health. into handing over thousands of euros of the worst-hit regions. cated. hospital, which usually Catalunya is home to a whopping 14 of by a conman posing as a member of In Benissa (Alicante), one At Benissa’s Manuel Bru sees around 70 children these, named after around a third of the the British aristocracy. in four children are off primary school, 115 of the a day in its paediatric unit, region’s 155 hospitals were analysed by The accused, 47, is said to have pre- school at the moment with 459 pupils have not been is now treating over 200 the central government. tended to be an upper-class English- influenza-like symptoms. to class this week and are kids daily. Among the criteria judged was the mor- man about to inherit a multi-million- The ministry of health reported as suffering from A total of 27 people have tality rate, the average length of stay, and pound fortune, which he promised to says seasonal ‘flu hit 59 fever, headaches and up- died from swine ‘flu or the number of out-patient operations share with his victims if they footed his people per 1,000 inhab- set stomachs. complications with the compared to surgery that requires pa- admin and legal costs. itants a decade ago, but But headmaster Manuel virus and existing health tients to stay for at least a night. He claimed that due to cash flow, he the AH1N1 virus – which Juan insists there is no conditions in less than a They were classified into various catego- was unable to pay these until he got his has symptoms very similar cause for alarm and that fortnight. ries, including specialist, general, region- inheritance. to the common influenza most patients recover The death toll across Spain al and private. But the trickster, who was not even – has already seen 6.9 within around three or has reached 115. British but a Spaniard from San Se- per cent of the region’s four days. Along with the Comunidad The heat is on bastián (Basque Country) amassed residents taking ill. However, he says he has MINIMUM and maximum temperatures Valenciana, Catalunya over 700,000 euros and the women he Figures have already risen ‘never seen anything like and the Basque Country for public buildings have now been stip- targeted never heard from him again. by 64 per cent in less than it’ in his ten years as head are some of the worst af- ulated by legislation in order to protect The women, who mainly lived in Can- two weeks. of the school. fected. the environment. Bars, shops, airports, tabria and in the provinces of Guipúz- Children under 14 appear Also in Benissa, around supermarkets and other premises fre- coa and Vizcaya in the Basque Country, to be the worst-affected, eight or nine children a quented by the public must be no warm- were said to be sucked in by the man’s er than 21ºC in the winter.In summer, the elegant nature and charm – and his temperature should be set to a minimum fake identity. First-ever female Lieutenant Colonel in the Spanish of 26ºC. Humidity levels should be be- tween 30 and 70 per cent. The central As a result of the fraud, police say the accused spent three years living like a army FOR the first time in Spanish history, a woman has reached the rank of government, having enforced these rules Lieutenant Colonel in the Armed Forces. Patricia Ortega, who – until now – has been as part of their three-year plan to save real member of the aristocracy, eating commander of the Polytechnic Engineering Corps, joined the army in 1988 when she in the best restaurant and staying in energy, intends to install thermostats in entered the General Military Academy in Zaragoza as a working pupil after completing all public buildings to ensure the owners top hotels. her agricultural engineering degree at Madrid Polytechnic. After finishing her training of the premises adhere to the newly-im- But some of the women he tried it on at the military school, Lt. Col. Ortega became captain of the Polytechnic Engineer- posed requirements. with saw through him immediately and ing Corps and construction engineer in 1992. She has since completed a masters reported him to the police, resulting in degree in eco-auditing and is currently studying for a PhD in town planning at Madrid ? his arrest last week. Polytechnic. The ministry of defence reveals that of the 16,412 women currently in the forces INSURANCE? If Your have a local Interest story Club Group or Charity Event – being 12 per cent of the total – 10,222 are in the territorial army; 2,666 in the Navy; 2,891 in the air force and 633 in the common corps.Ortega is the first to be WE GUARANTEE we would love to hear from you! promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.Spain has the second-highest percentage of women in its forces, after France’s 14 per cent, and ahead of Greece’s 10 per cent, the UK TO BEAT YOUR Tel 902733622 and Holland’s nine per cent and Germany and Belgium’s eight per cent. RENEWAL QUOTE! • English & Spanish Vehicles BT Business • • Home & Contents on ALL RISKS Travel, Pre-paid Funeral Plans packages & Mobiles • All Policies in English The Best rate for Call 965 791 222 Self-employed, individuals NOW & SAVE MONEY and Companies For more details see main advert BENEFICIAL on page 7 or call 902733633 INSURANCE SERVICE SPAIN Medical Insurance Email Terms & Conditions apply G.B REFORMS AND BATHROOMS QUALITY BATHROOM INSTALLATION FITTED KITCHENS - PLUMBING - ELECTRICS DRY-LINING - TILING WINDOWS AND DOORS LEGALLY REGISTERED AND INSURED. FOR A FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTATION OR ADVICE CONTACT JOHN ON: OFFICE 966968132 MOBILE : 627797630. WILL ACCEPT STERLING.
  • 4. 4 Email: • 902733622 December 2009 ......Continued from page 1 Council tax to come down in 2010 COUNCIL tax is set to come down this year all over the province of Castellón. Some towns have opted to freeze rates rather than reduc- ing them, but a number of discounts are avail- able to help hard-pressed home-owners cope with the recession. Costa Azahar councils ini- tially considered increasing IBI, or asset tax, rates in 2010 to claw back the vital income it has lost from the construction industry crash. But given that in some households, The bar and barbecue were very popular all members – both parents and the children and the children were delighted to be able to – are unemployed due to the financial crisis, meet Santa and receive gifts. This was the local authorities have taken steps to make it first Christmas Fair to be organised by the El easier for them to pay their annual rates. In Perelló branch of the Freesia Group - whose Vila-real, rates will come down and property members - together with unprecedented sup- developers will get a 40 per cent reduction, port from within the village business commu- with those who live in government subsidised nity, worked tirelessly to ensure that this event homes – VPO properties, are to get 50 off. was not only enjoyable but also a successful Burriana intends to keep its rates the same, illustration of what can be achieved on a but will offer discounts to householders who community basis – to raise funds for those in are unemployed. In order to offset the loss need. The “Fira de Nadal” in El Perelló was a The recent harvest festi- people in Bangladesh lunch in Vinaros and a of public funds, the council has announced successful example of how ex-pats and local val services at St Christo- to restored their sight, service and harvest sup- moves to apply higher taxes to mobile tel- residents can work together! pher’s Anglican Church on mainly through cataract per in Ampolla. ephone companies and to banks with cash- There is a Catalan saying which says it all! points on the pavements. Segorbe council the Costa Azahar collected treatments. The money The cheque was present- has proven to be the most generous, offering “Mica en mica s’omple la pica” Roughly trans- 950 euros for a mission was collected from three ed to vicar Paul needle by reductions of up to 100 per cent for certain lated means – “Drop by drop the sink is filled” agency project called Eye congregations: a harvest church treasurer Phil Cor- households in need. Discounts will be offered – in other words – “a few centimes won’t buy Treatment for the Elderly. festival service in Alcosse- nelius and church warden for those on low incomes, on the dole, or with much – but if we all contribute a few a we can The agency help elderly bre, a service and harvest Eddie McKay. large families – usually defined as three or acheive a lot”. more children. Segorbe local authorities also hope to be able to offer tax deductions of up etc. The popular and talented “Santa Lucia” and “Decibels” El Perelló choirs who per- formed for the event. And a special thanks BT Mobiles phones to 100 per cent on children’s nursery school fees and after-school clubs, their food, the purchase of nappies and baby milk, and rent to all the children – who submitted beautiful payable on a first residence. Additionally, paintings for the painting competition. Follow- ing this achievement – El Perelló’s Freesia The Best rate for in a bid to create more jobs, the council of Segorbe intends to reduce IBI as well as eco- Group, with the support of the local commu- nity, aim to do even better next year! Individuals, nomic activity tax, and the cost of operating licences, for all companies who offer more Self-employed and than five new jobs in the new year. La Vall d’Uixò council has come under fire Companies from the opposition, since the reduction pro- posed is minimal and ‘does not compensate For more details call for’ the increases in land values in 2008, The El Perelló Freesia Group would like to thank:- The Adjuntament & Chamber of Com- merce in El Perelló – who supported and 902733633 which caused IBI to rise. In fact, in October, around 500 people staged a protest march to demand that their rates be reduced. Low-in- facilitated the event. The (Antiga Escola de come and large-family discounts are being of- Música (Antic IES)) – who kindly allowed us to fered by the councils of Benicàssim, L’Alcora, use their premises to hold the fair. The many Almassora and Vinaròs, all of which have local businesses & residents - who made do- slightly reduced their IBI rates. nations of support, equipment, raffle prizes The Friends of Alcossebre - BRITSAT since 1998 in this area wishing all our “Supporting our Community customers both old and new a Very Merry Christmas The Charity Shop is open from Monday to Friday – 9.30am to 1pm at El Centro, Las and a Happy New Year. Fuentes, Alcossebre. New Autumn/Win- ter Stock in the Charity Shop from Mon- Serving Customers in the TARRAGONA area from AMPOSTA to North TARRAGONA & Inland. day, 2nd November. F or all SKY & FREESAT equipment we have Over 1500 second hand books in Eng- available from stock, including installation lish, Spanish and German, clothes and if required or supply only. bric-a-brac. Visit the shop to see our Standard SKY , SKY Plus & SKY Plus HD re- Special Offers. Volunteers to help in the ceivers both new and secondhand available shop and donations always welcomed. all fully guaranteed and backed by our long Next fund-raising event – term service in this area for over 10 years. BAR CHEERS FRIENDS OF ALCOSSEBRE Satellite dishes , LNB’s and Handsets etc all from stock. TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS DINNER & CHARITY SHOP Dont get switched off due to viewing abroad DANCE SATURDAY Supporting the “ 19 DECEMBER 19.30 Community” guaranteed safe viewing using our, NEW 2009 SKY managed SUBSCRIPTION wine &/or beer, Dancing to “Heatwave” CARDS in stock now at less than 5euros per “60’s & 70’s” Music. week (paid 1 year in advance) plus the cost AMIGOS DE ALCOSSEBRE of any sky subscription package required. NO ‘Friends’ Raffle, Dress – Festive/glam !! TIENDA SOLIDARIA need of a UK address all switched on and Tickets on sale from Bar Cheers – “En Beneficio de Nuestro Pueblo” working within 24hrs. 20 Euros. Second-hand books galore – 1€ each If you have not got your NEW white sky view- Tired of last year’s “Bling” – please Clothing, bric-a-brac and more! ing card contact us for changing over to a Libros de segundo mano managed card. donate it to the Charity Shop ready for a special sale of evening wear on Sat- (inglés, alemán y castellano) Want to Watch FIVER & FIVE USA ?, NEW urday, 28th November – details to be WHITE SKY FREESAT free to view cards avail- ¡Ropa, artículos de decoración able for a one off fee coming soon. announced!! y mucho más! For Winter 2009 Special Offer : NEW FREE- Funds raised in the shop and at special El Centro, Las Fuentes, Alcossebre SAT installations from €275 , events are given to local charities and Tfno: 964 41 49 73 NEW SKY Freesat Installations from €395, For all your Satellite viewing contact Tony on : organisations. Tel.: 964 414973. Open: 09:30h – 13:00h – Monday to Friday also SKY PLUS & SKY PLUS HD all new 616 369 913 or 977 486 387 Horario: 09:30h – 13:00h – De Lunes a Viernes warranted equipment. We also specialise in Web: Brenda Cundell – Press Officer Commercial multi TV systems. E-mail:
  • 5. December 2009 • 902733622 5 Ex faces prison for Sky-high police hash-plant hunters on patrol Four-million-year-old ‘puncturing girlfriend’s badger found in Almenara condoms’ EUROPE’S oldest badger fossil has been found on an archaeological dig in Alme- A MAN who reportedly punctured his ex-girl- nara (Castellón). friend’s condoms without her knowledge could face two years in jail if found guilty. The unique finding was uncovered at Police say the accused, David P.B., used the Casablanca 4 site, and is thought to his spare key to the woman’s home in Vid- date back to the Middle Pliocene period, reres (Selva) to enter her home, where she which was between two and 13 million lived with her mother. He had arranged to years ago. have a set of keys cut without his ex-part- The fossil in question is believed to be ner’s knowledge. On occasions, the sus- around four million years old. pect – who was in a relationship with the woman for around 18 months – is thought Previous studies of the Casablanca digs to have climbed through the window to gain have revealed remains of up to 150 dif- access to the flat when his former girlfriend ferent species, including lynx and deer. changed the locks. Experts believe the flora and fauna in Once inside, he punched holes in the con- what is now the province of Castellón doms she kept in her drawer, and moved would have been similar to that currently her photographs around. The victim report- POLICE helicopters across Using the latest technology, though large plantations are the Comunidad Valenciana including videos and high- occasionally found. One of found in the African savannah. ed the matter to the Mossos d’Esquadra. are patrolling the region to resolution cameras with ra- the largest hash allotments Historian Andrés Santos, who has been Her ex-boyfriend faces trial in spring 2010 check for hidden cannabis dars and infrarred signals, discovered to date was in before a jury. studying the fossil, says the discovery plantations. the Guardia Civil are target- October last year in Alcalà de has enabled him and his colleagues to They are not only taking pho- ing both residential and ru- Xivert (Castellón). publish articles in some of the world’s Man Sought in connection tographs of entire allotments ral areas. They say it is more Another massive indoor plan- most-read palaeontology magazines. of marihuana plants, but common to find small num- tation was found when emer- with hit and run also terraces and balconies bers of plants in indoor pa- gency services attended to a “The province of Castellón is now on the of homes and greenhouses tios, terraces, balconies and house fire in Torrent in July. front cover of all the specialist journals,” Police have released details of Louis William Connolly, born in England on 01/01/1987. in gardens. air-conditioned rooms, al- Santos reveals. Mr Connolly is suspected of driving the ve- hicle which was involved in a hit and run incident in Torrevieja. It is thought that Mr Unemployment edges closer unemployment also increased in Cantabria (5.39 percent), Galicia (3.78 percent), La Connolly may still be in the Alicante area and anyone who has any information as to to 4 million Rioja (3.28 percent), Asturias (3.26 percent) his whereabouts are requested to contact Official figures released show a 1.59% rise and Catalonia (2.17 percent). With increases either David Sanchez Hernández (dsher- in the number of unemployed in Spain for also above the national average of (1.59 per- of the Spanish November. There are now 3,868,946 people cent) were Castilla y León at (1.88 percent), Guardia Civil or the Torrevieja Branch of the unemployed in the country, Valencia regis- Valencia at (1.80 percent) and Aragon (1.76 If Your have a local Interest story Neighbourhood Watch (nhwintorrevieja@ tered the highest rise in unemployment in percent). Below average is the Basque coun- November, after Catalonia, with more than Club Group or Charity Event try (1.49 percent), Madrid (1.44 percent), 8322 unemployed, a 1.80% increase over we would love to hear from you! Castilla-La Mancha (1.37 percent) Navarra the previous month, putting the total number Tel 902733622 (1.32 percent), and Murcia (0, 97 percent).. of unemployed at 470,140 people, according to data released by the Ministry of Labor and Immigration. Although, the increase is in fact The Responsible and Thoughtful Approach lower November 2009, when the number of unemployed people rose by 171,243. In addition to the significant rise in Baleares, Beneficial Pre-paid Fully Licensed Construction company Funeral Plans Undertaking all aspects Provided by a name you can trust! of building works. A Proffesional service Golden Leaves from start to finish The Spanish way of funerals can often lead to misunderstanding and leave NEAR OLIVA town hall, 150m2 4bed t/house, 2 terraces, sat sys- people confused at a time of distress, tem, good condition. 116,000 €. particularly when your family and friends RAFOL DE SALEM, stunning 3 bed t/house, with fabulous views of are a long way from home. Will they mountains. know what to do, who to call? Planning FANTASTIC BARGAIN, Oliva Nova Golf, I bed luxury apt. on this ex- ahead and making provisions for your clusive development,good rental funeral will save the trauma of knowing ■ Authorised by Ministry of income, 136,000 € BARGAIN VILLA, due to personal who they can turn to and by planning Economics in Spain reasons this 2 bed beautiful villa ahead you can organize and arrange ■ Complies with FSA regulations at Les Fois is offered for very low price of 139,000 € negotiable things according to your wishes. ■ Dignified, professional care for expatriates Our secure, dignified and personal ■ Bi-lingual local knowledge and service will give you peace of mind in support the knowledge that your funds are ■ Independent Trust Fund Guarantee backed by our independent trust fund. ■ All inclusive prices – no hidden costs – inflation proof For a free brochure contact ■ No age or health restrictions Beneficial Insurance Telephone: 965791222 Inflation Proof Funeral Plans bought at Today´s Mobile: 625 470 765 Prices will Save you Money BENEFICIAL INSURANCE SERVICE SPAIN Golden Leaves Funeral Plans are NOT an insurance policy
  • 6. 6 EMAIL: • 902733622 Your Horoscope for the month of December Send your favourite funnies bY Annabel Burton Astrologer december for Aries The Full Moon in Gemini ensures that this month you hit the ground running, as a sense of urgency with too many things to do can bring more stress than it needs. Both Venus and Mars favour you this month, as they are in fellow fire signs so it’s hard to avoid a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm and you are happy to spread this around. Mars, your ruler, goes retro on the 20th T when the sun goes in Capricorn. This can put the brakes on for you and you feel your hese were posted Cairns, Townsville and quaint little country mal in Australia, but I time is your own again. You are thinking about your life direction in the last few days on an Australian Hervey Bay? ( UK) bordering Ger-man-y, forget its name. It’s a of the month. There is plenty to look forward to! Find out more www.AnnabelBurton. tv Tourism Website and A: What did your last which is Oh forget kind of bear and lives december for Taurus This month, quite fittingly, is about clearing out the answers are the slave die of? it. Sure, the Vienna in trees. ( USA ) the old to make way for the new. You have a growing sense of anticipation and the actual responses by Boys Choir plays eve- A: It’s called a Drop desire to move on towards the new year, although the festive season brings its own Q: Can you give me joy and celebration. Your ruler, Venus, spends most of December in fiery Sagittarius, the website officials, ry Tuesday night in Bear. They are so some information bring a sense of the exotic and adventurous. Relish the sounds, sights and colour who obviously have a Kings Cross, straight called because they of this time to inspire you creatively. You are less than careful with your finances about hippo racing in great sense of humour after the hippo races. drop out of Gum trees and see plenty of excuses to splash out! After the 22nd the Capricorn Sun brings Australia ? ( USA ) a certain steadiness which feels more comfortable for you. Find out more www.An- (not to mention a low Come naked. and eat the brains of tolerance threshold A: A-Fri-ca is the big Q: Can I wear high anyone walking un- december for Gemini for cretins!) triangle shaped conti- heels in Australia ? ( derneath them. You A full moon in your sign at the start of the month is a good sign, Gemini, as you nent south of Europe. straight away connect with the mood of the moment. A sense of excitement, busy- Q: Does it ever get UK ) can scare them off by Aus-tra-lia is that big ness and plenty of opportunities for travel and a break with routine are welcomed by windy in Australia ? I A: You are a British spraying yourself with you. Your ruler, Mercury spends most of the month in Capricorn, which hugely helps island in the middle your ability to be organized and plan your festive season with less of the slap dash have never seen it rain politician, right? human urine before of the Pacific which approach that you may usually adopt. Nevertheless, humour plays a great part and on TV, how do the you go out walking. you love some of the jokey gift ideas that are around. Mercury goes retro on 23rd so does not ... Oh forget Q: Are there super- plants grow? ( UK ). Q: I have developed avoid last minute shopping! Find out more it. Sure, the hippo rac- markets in Sydney and december for Cancer The Full Moon comes early in Gemini; you A: We import all ing is every Tuesday is milk available all year a new product that go along with the lighter mood and a need for multi tasking, not that it bothers you plants fully grown and is the fountain of too much that some projects are just going to be put on hold for a while. Still, as night in Kings Cross. round? ( Germany ) the month goes on you are intrigued by subtle changes and improvements as Fate then just sit around Come naked. youth. Can you tell A: No, we are a peace- delivers what you had hoped for anyway. Mercury, planet of communication, spends watching them die. me where I can sell it much of December in your opposite sign of Capricorn - this is excellent for partner- Q:Which direction is ful civilization of ve- Q: Will I be able to in Australia ? ( USA) ship matters and working as a team with someone special. Enjoy the benefits when North in Australia ? ( gan hunter/gatherers. the Sun gets here on the 22nd. It’s time to delegate! Find out more www.Annabel- see kangaroos in the USA ) Milk is illegal. A: Anywhere sig- street? ( USA ) nificant numbers of december for Leo While the Sun is in Sagittarius, you are hugely crea- A: Face south and Q: Please send a tive and productive and love the sense of spontaneity this brings. Barriers are broken A:Depends how much Americans gather. then turn 180 degrees. list of all doctors in down and there are a nice mix of people, of all ages, entering your life. This can bring you’ve been drinking. Q: Do you celebrate some surprising liaisons, especially around the 2nd. Later, you are getting to grips Contact us when you Australia who can with the festive season which is better done earlier than later. The Sun moves into Q: I want to walk from get here and we’ll Dispense rattlesnake Christmas in Austral- Capricorn on the 22nd and all your hard work and effort pays off. You will be dong ia ? ( France ) one or two people some massive favours at this time. Find out more www.Annabel- Perth to Sydney - can send the rest of the serum. ( USA ) I follow the railroad directions. A: Rattlesnakes live A: Only at Christmas. december for Virgo You are tying up loose ends, dealing with el- tracks? ( Sweden) Q: Can I bring cutlery in A-meri-ca which Q: Will I be able to ements from the past and feel somewhat nostalgic. Connections with old friends can be bitter sweet but while you can acknowledge what has gone on before, this A: Sure, it’s only three into Australia ? ( UK ) is where YOU come speak English most month it’s time to look to the future. Make plans early on for the New year and step thousand miles, take from. All Australian places I go? ( USA ) out of your comfort zone as you feel like a new challenge. After the third week, life A: Why? Just use your goes much more smoothly with plenty of joy and more reasons than the obvious to lots of water. fingers like we do... snakes are perfectly A: Yes, but you’ll have celebrate. Someone form the past comes back into your life. Find out more www. Q: Are there any harmless, can be safe- to learn it first! Q: Can you send me ATMs (cash ma- ly handled and make december for Libra This has been such an interesting period for you, the Vienna Boys’ Choir good pets.. From Ailsa Gardiner Libra, and continues to be so. There are import developments that need to come chines) in Australia? schedule? ( USA ) into your life and a natural progress of your life path, and yet you could be resisting Can you send me a list Q: I have a question it. Let others take their hare of responsibilities at this busy time and make hard work A: Aus-tri-a is that seem like a breeze. Attitude is everything so expect the best and be positive. Venus of them in Brisbane, about a famous ani- moves into Capricorn towards the end of the month and brings a gentle and earthy reminder of what keeps your grounded. Enjoy the process as much as the finished S L product. Find out more ubject: Mujibar et Me See If I Understand This . . . ............. december for Scorpio Your sense of values is changing and while The Immigration Officer If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get 12 you can easily reject what others seem to think the world of, you are looking for something more meaningful that is becoming increasingly scarce. Push your way said, “ Mujibar, you have years hard labour. through the overt commercialism and see the truth within. This is reason to cel- passed all the tests, but one. If you cross the Iranian border illegally, you are detained indefi- ebrate and for you there have been times when challenges just seem to be more than you need and you could do with a little bit of lightness. It’s here for you now. Unless you pass it, you cannot nitely. If you cross the Afghan border illegally, you get shot. If This month promises a change in your circumstances that is all to the good. Find out be a citizen of the UK.” Mu- you cross the Saudi Arabian border illegally, you will be jailed. If more jibar said, “ I am ready.” The you cross the Chinese border illegally, you may never be heard december for Sagittarius Not only the Sun, but Mercury and Ve- officer said, “Make a sentence from again. If you cross the Venezuelan border illegally, you will nus are in your sign in the first week. It’s as though your way of being and thinking is supported by those around you and there is a consensus of agreement and bon- using the words Yellow,Pink be branded a spy and your fate will be sealed. If you cross the homie. That continues, but life is getting a little more complicated. Decisions need to and Green.”Mujibar thought Cuban border illegally, you will be thrown into political prison be made and you have to decide where your priorities lie. Of course, given the most things by and large turn out fine, then you have no reason to think otherwise. Just be for a few minutes and said, to rot. However, if you cross the BRITISH border illegally, you aware that how you think is reflected in what you experience. Christmas Day has an “Mister Officer, I am ready.” get a job, a driver’s licence, a social security card, welfare ben- Aries Moon; it’s pure and simple fun. Find out more The Officer said, “ Go ahead.” efits, food stamps, credit cards, subsidized rent or a loan to december for Capricorn You love the idea of Christmas and do more than most to keep it as it always was, the more traditional the better. But the Mujibar said,” The telephone buy a new house, free education, free health care, a lobbyist world changes and people have different ideas of how things should be done. This goes green, green, green, and in LONDON, a legal right to criticise and berate not only our year is slightly different and it’s for a good reason. Now you have made such progress this year there is something to show for it - perhaps a change of house, new addition I pink it up,and say, “ Yellow, Christianity but all of our Western ideals and principals and, in to the family or a promotion. Venus enters your sign on Boxing Day; perhaps the real this is Mujibar.’” Mujibar.’” many instances, you can VOTE. Yes, I know it is so ......... but magic of Christmas is just a little bit later for you! Find out more now works at a Call Centre would someone please tell me why !!!!!!! ........... december for Aquarius somewhere near you. From The Diving Inspector For the last six months, your ruler, Uranus has appeared to be going backwards, but this month now moves forward again. This brings a focus to your finances and your ability to earn cash, which may have been slowed down for quite some time, but Maud, Mavis and Ethel were A your efforts to bring improvements in this area is now paying off. Jupiter, the good man and his wife are dining at a table in a plush restaurant, sitting on a bench at the old luck planet, will be leaving your sign in January, so use December to finalize details and the husband keeps staring at a drunken lady swigging people’s home, minding their and complete work started previously. It’s time to relax and take your nose from the grindstone and a trip away could not happen at a better time. Find out more www. her gin as she sits alone at a nearby table. The wife asks, “Do own business ,when sud- you know her?” “Yes,” sighs the husband, “She’s my ex-wife. She denly one of the more active december for Pisces took to drinking right after we divorced seven years ago, and male residents walked up to Important developments in your professional life mean that your focus is not purely I hear she hasn’t been sober since.” “My Word!” says the wife, them, opened his raincoat on the Festive Season. But something you have been working on for many months is finally coming right. Uranus, planet of change, is now moving on in your sign and “Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?” and flashed the three ladies. you are likely see some fantastic improvements shortly . Meanwhile, you have the Maud and Mavis immediately finer detail to work on and you enjoy the busy time that December brings. After the Send your favourite Funnies to had a stroke. Ethel, bless her 22nd new beginnings can bring intrigue and excitement. Take advantage of what is on offer. Find out more heart, also tried but couldn’t © Copyright 21st Century, Annabel Burton web quite reach.
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  • 8. 8 Email: • 902733622 December 2009 Turkey and all the trimmings A Christmas word A Few chef tricks By Rev Paul Needle, Vicar St Christopher’s Anglican Church on the Costa Azahar This will be our third Christmas away and brussel sprouts and the restaurant from family and friends in Britain and it came up with a traditional English Christ- can still feel a little lonely. But Christmas mas lunch. is such an important part of a Vicar’s Our little Spanish town – like the little church life we would not dream of taking town of Bethlehem – is usually quiet on a holiday or being anywhere other than Christmas night. The humble Christmas thisn part of our vast Spanish parish. lights and decorations will glow – they’re One of the downsides of watching British the same ones every year, including the television is the Christmas commercials one over the traffic lights on the main which seem to start earlier every year. road approach. It is a star with a flash- Sadly I notice that Christmas is getting ing arrow. The only trouble is it points left earlier for Spanish people too. For the – the wrong way into the one way street! first time this year I have heard festive Thank God that His ideas of integration music in the shops before the end of No- are better than some of ours. He loved vember. That definitely didn’t use to hap- the world so much that he became inte- pen. Is this what integration is all about? grated himself, born as a baby in Bethle- Some Brits in our village did their bit for hem. And praise God that even if some of For the cook of the house- same time to cooks as the Bread sauce is a wonderful integration last Christmas. They wanted to our Christmas lights point you the wrong hold, Christmas Day is a legs. The result: juicy turkey accompaniment for all the go to a local restaurant for Christmas din- way the child of Bethlehem offers to challenge. With expectations all round.” trimmings and it’s so easy to ner last year but the Romanian proprietor guide us in the right way into 2010. high, and kitchens stretched Cooking perfect roast pota- make your own instead of us- had never heard about typical Christmas to their limits, cooking the toes is another big challenge ing a packet mix. Brian Turn- Our special Christmas services are at Am- fare UK style. So, our resourceful friends Christmas turkey and all the when you are tight on oven er’s recipe uses two thirds polla (Christmas Eve – 4.30pm), Vinaros trimmings to perfection can of milk and one third of dou- armed themselves with information and space and cooking for the (Christmas Day at 10am) and Alcossebre be tough. It’s time for home masses. ble cream, which is gently recipes for turkey, stuffing, onion sauce (Christmas Day at 12 midday). cooks to learn a few chef brought to the boil with sof- Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whit- tricks. Turkey is the dish of the day tingstall advises that you start off with the right floury tened onions, six cloves and one bayleaf. The sauce is left FISHING ON THE MOON in most households, yet so potato, such as Cara or King to infuse for 20 minutes and BY PETER J WALKDEN many people end up with a is then strained into a new Edward. Par-boil the potatoes pan. A large pinch of fresh The climate on the costas Major and minor so lunar the best fishing times are dried out bird. in gently boiling salted wa- breadcrumbs is added with is what attracts most of periods? Which is best when the fish are feeding “One of the biggest challeng- ter for about eight minutes. salt and a pinch of cayenne us to this area ;Either on does any of this mumbo .This tends to be during es when cooking a turkey is Leave to cool completely that the legs take longer than then scratch roughly with a pepper and the sauce is sim- holiday or for some of us jumbo make any real sense dawn and dusk .but what mered for two minutes. to start a new life ,or enjoy or does it actually work? goes unnoticed are the the breasts,” says Jamie Ol- fork and season with a lit- iver. “The breasts dry out in tle fine salt. Use an oil that Turner says, “Make at the last our retirement in the sun These are legitimate ques- two periods elsewhere in the oven while you’re waiting can withstand high tempera- minute, put a blob of butter For the golfer he can enjoy tions asked by thousands the day =moonrise and for the legs to cook.” tures, such as sunflower or on top so it doesn’t skin and many green courses and of anglers each year ,and moonset .Because the groundnut oil, and preheat remember it will get thicker more and more being built they deserve concrete an- moon has an effect on Oliver’s solution: “I like to as it stands.” push stuffing between the until the oil is sizzling hot. each year .Whist the an- swers, backed up by some a variety of factors sur- turkey’s skin and breasts, in- Baste as soon as they go into And then there’s the sprouts. gler sits and watches his data .Yet as much as pro- rounding the fish –includ- creasing the thickness of the the pan so they have a light Love ‘em or loathe them, local fishing venue dimin- anglers endorse the effec- ing the live fodder they breasts so they take the coating of oil from the start Brussels sprouts are part and ish in volume .On some tiveness of moon charts hunt –these periods com- and roast for 45 minutes in a parcel of Christmas dinner. hot oven. If you want to make Nigella Lawson believes that venues you will find your- and outdoor publications bined with the moons them ahead of time, remove the poor sprout has earned a selves sitting where you of every niche ,continue to phase, are what trigger – 10 minutes early, drain away bad reputation from genera- were fishing just weeks print them ,rarely does ei- feeding. By understanding the oil and put in a dry oven tions of over-cooking. before .Dry and feature- ther source validate these this and choosing times dish. You can then pop them “When a sprout is allowed less landscapes have so lunar claims with data . when sunrise/sunset and back in the oven ten minutes to keep a bit of bite, it has evolved around some of Its not hard to find a so moonrise/moonset coin- before serving and they will a nutty freshness,” Lawson the southern lakes .With lunar table of some kind cide with new or full moon retain their crispiness. says. “It helps if the sprouts temperatures expected .Nearly all fishing mags phases, youll increase As for the gravy, only home- you’re cooking are relatively to reach 40c this sum- publish charts each month your chances of catching.. made will do for Delia smith. small.” mer ,and possibilities of .All of these charts and Assuming there are fish in “Commercially produced Lawson’s delicious recipe no water being allowed to calendars claim to pre- the area of course . gravy mixes, highly flavoured for sprouts uses cubed pan- be transferred by the ca- dict daily feeding activity There really is nothing beef extracts, meat cubes or cetta fried gently in oil before nal systems from Spain’s of fish with accordance to complicated about this stock cubes are not needed,” adding butter and vacuum- she says. “The chemical fla- middle reservoirs ,due to moon and solar influences at all .Its just a matter of packed chestnuts. Once the their own low levels .De- .Many anglers rarely find knowing ahead of time vours will not enhance the chestnuts have been broken meat at all. Smith advises salination plants not yet any consistent correlation exactly when the sun and down, a dash of marsala wine that you make the extra time and the mixture is allowed to up and running. If it wasn’t with most of these refer- moon will rise and set to make your own using the reduce. Sprouts that have for the litter left behind by ences . .Fish are most active dur- meat roasting tin containing been pre-boiled for five min- the discerning fishermen Every fisherman dreams of ing 90 minutes windows its fat and juices or the pan utes are added along with a .one could actually think a bigger catch ! Is this pos- surrounding each of these in which the meat has been handful of fresh parsley. he was , sible to know beforehand four daily events ,that’s 45 browned. The additional liq- FISHING ON THE MOON . when you should plan a minutes before and after uid can be wine, dry cider, Now all you need to do is steam your vegetables and Having said all this ,our trip to enjoy some fishing these four daily points .Try stock or even water, which you can thicken with corn- pour yourself a glass of sher- fellow angler back in the ,catch more than usual this for yourselves Best flour.” ry. U.K.have been fishing ,and come home feeling days and times in July are in the rain for the past 100% satisfied ?Based on -- July .13th 10 56am-12 months. In fact boat fish- my own personal research 56pm--- 14th 11 53am-1 Markets Tuesaday Wedensday Fri ing in some town centres around the best fishing 53pm --15th 12 50pm -2 Mon Alcossebre Ampolla Ulldecona as become a popular times ,I think it is. 50pm Ametlla de Mar Amposta Cambrils sport .And you can bet When I first started fish- Let me no how you go on Peniscola Camaries Hospitalet Saturday your tackle they will have a ing ,the best fishing time … Reus Tarragona Thursday Sant Carles hose pipe ban by August . FISHING BY THE MOON. for me was whatever time happened to suit me . Report by Peter J Walkden Costa Blanca fishing trips Salou Ametde Mar Miami Playa Full moon or dark moon? Every fisherman knows .. Tortosa La Cava Taragona Deltebre
  • 9. December 2009 • 962910095 9 FRIENDS OF ALCOSSEBRE CHARITY SHOP – Supporting our Community T he El Perello Freesia Group was formed in July All money raised is divided between the three charities that to have more people involved from the Tortosa & Ebro Delta ute their ideas and help to make each event enjoyable and 2007 as a sub-group we support. They area. Membership is to raise as much as of the Salou/Cam- are: CNIO (National only €3 per year. we can – no pressure brils based Freesia Cancer Research We hold regular - have fun – meet Group, whose roots Centre),the Tarrago- meetings & lunches new people and help can be traced back na province branch (open to members those in need. to November 2002, of the AECC (Spanish & non-members) bi- when a number of Association Against Next El Perello Freesia monthly. We run a people got together Cancer) and AFANOC Group meeting. presentation of the English/Spanish Dictionaries to the local junior school “La Mola”, second-hand book- to raise money for (Association for Chil- The next El Perello stall in El Perello on W cancer charities in dren with Cancer) for Bookstalls will be held e have had a good third funds to a range of local ous reasons; we often get Saturday every two Spain. Since its in- a special project in at the Homogenic quarter bearing in mind organisations listed below, involved in helping them to weeks & arrange ception, the Freesia the Tarragona area. bar on: the recession and are de- most of whom have had more clear their apartments. other fund-raising Group, as a whole, Saturday 19th lighted to donate a further than one payment. We are continuing to events during each has raised more than December 2009 3000€ to our community to expand our member- year. €160,000. Saturday 9th make a total to date this year AECC Alcossebre Pensionistas ship and would love All members contrib- January 2010. of around 10,000€. Alcala Pensionistas Alcossebre This quarter we had no Guarderia Children’s Freesia Agenda events, but have two in the Xmas Party Thursday 17th December at 1.30 pm. Freesia Christmas Buffet Lunch with mincepies and hot mulled wine. fourth quarter; San Martin Alcala Guarderia Children’s Party afterwards with entertainment at the Victoria Pub, Salou. 8 euros. de Porres Dinner & Dance at Xmas Party Wednesday 13th January 2010 at 1 pm. Monthly Lunch at Restaurant Montserrat, Cambrils. Restaurante 21 on November Sunday 17th January 2010. Car Boot Sale on Kay & Willie’s land, nr. Vinyols. Further info later. Alcossebre Andalus Dancers 7th and Christmas Dinner & Presentation of the cheque Alcala Junior School AMPA For further information or to book any of these events, please contact Pam on 977 395 064 Dance at Bar Cheers on Sat- for 250 euros to the Alcala de urday December 19th. The Alcossebre Junior School AMPA Xivert/Alcossebre AECC at their or e-mail or go to proceeds from these events Roman Catholic Church annual dinner and dance which will be distributed to our local Red Cross/Alcossebre/Alcala was held on 7th November. community. St. Christopher’s Anglican Many thanks to the commit- The two weeks of the 1€ per Congregation tee for their support and all item sale of summer stock Alcossebre Junior School our volunteers both English were very successful, and Dictionaries and Spanish who run the since we put in our our win- Alcossebre Deportivo Football shop and stock area; and of 5th Annual ter stock, this has brought in 250€ in reserve as a donation course all of you who donate some good response. We have increased our book If any local organisation feels they can justify a donation clothes, books and bric-a- brac for us to sell. We would like to thank Grupo Albert for CAROL SERVICE display capacity further to please let us know. We do 1700 and now have a growing their generous support with not donate to individuals. the shop premises and Euro Spanish and German section It is with sadness we note the Horizon, our key holders. with about 1500 English. numbers in our community We are already planning our Featuring the Decibels Choir We have donated this year returning to the UK for obvi- events for 2010; a themed evening in February (Val- entine); and an AECC char- El Perello Church ity walk around Easter. Look out for the posters. We still Friday 11th December feel that there is an opportu- 8 p.m. nity to extend shop opening hours to a Saturday if we can All nationalities welcome get the support. The shop closes for the Christmas shutdown at 13.00 hours Friday Decem- Followed by ber 18th and reopens on Monday 11 January 2010 A Celebration at the new starting time of 10.00 till 13.00. At the Antiga Escola de Musica, El Perelló Best wishes to all for Christ- Tickets – 7€. Includes finger buffet, disco & first drinks mas and Bon Navidad The San Martin de Porres Gala Dinner and Dance and the Alcossebre Further drinks available at a reasonable price Sevillana Dance Group “Aires de Alcossebre” who provided some of the The Friends of Alcossebre entertainment and also received a donation of 250 euros. The Gala – Supporting our Community event was greatly enjoyed by all and raised about 550 euros towards All profits go to AFANOC – http//www.friendsofalcosse- the Friends of Alcossebre’s funds for future distribution. the Children’s Cancer Charity in Spain For more information/tickets please phone 977475000 (Pam)
  • 10. 10 EMAIL: • 902733622 December 2009 be true, it probably is. tempting target for these Health chiefs to meet campaign group Choose a reputable retailer criminals, and ensure it’s only Delegates from the Brit- Founder member Bill Visit for the Don’t give online such as a familiar high-street your Christmas that you are ish Embassy and the re- Bridges is hoping the au- latest campaign informa- paying for this year.” fraudsters a gift shop, or use an online direc- tory such as www.safebuy. Computing Made Easy for the gional health authority are to meet campaigners thorities will heed their pleas. tion. this Christmas or Over 50s, can be ordered by fighting for the re-instate- ‘Our position is that the Bill Bridges Shoppers could be giving which only list safe sites. phone on 01903 828557 ment of free medical Valencian Government (£10.99, p&p free), online at care. should reverse their deci- online criminals the perfect Look for web addresses start- Christmas present on Cyber ing with the letters https, in- or bought Thousands of residents sion, as far as it affects Monday if they don’t prop- from bookshops. in the Valencian region those of us who decided stead of http, and a padlock have been told the free to choose to live in this erly protect themselves, says symbol at the top of the page. Computing Made Easy for the health care they were region, with the free Which? Find out how easy the com- Over 50s is written by the ex- promised when they healthcare offered being, Thousands of Brits are expect- pany behind the website is to perts at Which? Computing moved to Spain has been in many cases, the decid- ed to flock to online shops on contact. Look for the physi- magazine. The book assumes withdrawn, leaving many ing factor in that decision, no prior knowledge, and pro- Castalla meeting Monday in what could be the cal address and telephone frightened for their future he said. vides step-by-step tutorials. and dreading illness or Residents in the busiest online shopping day number, and try calling them. ‘Also that the cost impli- Castalla area are of the year. Annotated screenshots will disease. cations to us, by the im- Keep a record of the transac- rallying protesters ensure that the basics of us- Over the past few weeks plementation of the new But failing to do simple things, tion and the order number. in the campaign to ing Windows Vista are mas- pre-retirees have received scheme is in many cases such as ensuring an anti-virus You should get a receipt letters and telephone prohibitive, and that we fight the withdrawal tered quickly, from creating and a firewall is installed and emailed to you. calls from the health au- feel that this decision is of free health care in documents in Word to search- only visiting secure websites, Pay for any purchases over thority informing them certainly wrong, immoral, the Valencia region. ing the internet and sending can make it much easier for £100 on a credit card. Your that they are no longer and possibly illegal. Fur- The rallying cry to emails. online fraudsters to steal card company is then jointly covered for health care. ther, that to enact any have the promise of personal data and fund their Top tips from Which? Comput- Campaign group PUMA22 legislation which is ret- free health care hon- liable for any problems. VISA festive season courtesy of the ing experts feature through- has been lobbying the roactive, and changes oured is extending Debit cards provide a similar unwary shopper. out the book as well as jargon British Embassy and the the status quo, is grossly throughout the re- service. unfair. ‘There are going busters to explain any techni- health authority, asking gion, with residents Computing Made Easy for Matt Bath, Technology editor to be many people who cal language. Troubleshoot- for the decision to be in the north and the Over 50s, published by at Which? says: would not be regarded as ing advice based on Which? overturned. south of the Costa Which?, gives the following poor enough to warrant “While millions of people will Computing members’ most On Tuesday (Nov 24) Blanca fighting for advice to online Christmas state help (sin recurso), shop online this Christmas common PC problems is also group leaders met two their right to protest shoppers:E but who would, neverthe- without any problems, fraud- included and, if you still can’t representatives from the less be unable to afford against the decision Ensure you have a firewall sters will be taking advantage find the answer you need, this Valencian Authorities, the planned charges, by the Valencian switched on and anti-virus of those less savvy. book includes exclusive ac- one representative from thus leaving them with no and anti-spyware installed. the Madrid Embassy, and Health Authority. “By taking a few simple steps, cess to the Which? Comput- healthcare whatsoever.’ A meeting was held one from the Alicante If the offer looks too good to you can make yourself a less ing helpdesk. The Valencian authority at the Casa del Cul- Consulate. Members of PUMA22 to outline their is charging €270 Euros tura in Castalla on Which? is the leading independent consumer champion in the UK. We provide impartial, expert information on products and fears ahead of a planned per quarter for health- December 2 services in our magazines, books and online to help consumers make more informed choices, and we campaign on issues that matter to all consumers, from food to finances, health to estate agents. For more information on how we can help you, march to the Alicante care, with the amount increased to €330 Euros Visit for visit or Consulate on December the latest campaign 10. above retirement age. information. don’t get squeezed by the banks on exchange STOP and read this if You use International calling cards For money Contact Your Valencia, Castellon, Tarragona, regional Contact your Valencian region office to find out the safe and easy or regularly use a Mobile to make transfers or way to save money on your International calls. foreign exchange: Set up and Top up is just a phone call away regular payments 965745471 No Card, No long pin number No user time limit PAY AS YOU GO Up to 4 numbers recognised on one account overseas - enjoy & quote ‘Inland Trader’ Works from Landlines and Mobiles or email: Our call rates - UK, USA, CANADA AND EUROPEAN landlines 1,85 cents pm our great rates! New Zealand & Australia 3.5 cents.p.m . India 6 Call for details of other worldwide call rates 902 733 633 *Local Connection charges may apply
  • 11. December 2009 • 902733622 11 If you sold a property in Spain between 1997 EU-phoria and 2006, you too can now make a claim EUROPEAN COURT OF JUSTICE RULES IN LANDMARK LEGAL CASE: BRITISH HOME OWNERS IN SPAIN SET TO COME FORWARD AND RECLAIM £283 MILLION THEY WERE ILLEGALLY OVER- CHARGED BY THE SPANISH GOVERNMENT ECJ rules that Illegal Capital following the ruling that the legally overcharged. We are Gains Tax trap contravened overcharging was illegal. currently working with 600 European Community Treaty However, the new ruling by British claimants who are in By Mike Walsh rules and meant that the the ECJ means that UK home the process of putting their Spanish government over- owners who sold a property cases forward. We now urge charged thousands of Brit- as far back as 1997 will now anyone else who thinks they ons by 133% be able to lodge a claim for may have been affected by BRITAIN – CUSTARD PIES five years of hapless government only 30 the estimated £283 million this to come forward.” percent of Ukrainians value the multi-party • New ruling extends the Remember when the Costas were bur- reclaim period by additional in tax they have overpaid. Fig- Commenting on the issue, dened by the sobriquet Costa del Crime. system; down from 72 percent in 1991. It ures by currency exchange reminds one of graffiti seen in Germany eight years. Anyone who sold Spanish Lawyer Emilio Alva- The tables have now been turned. A new a property in Spain between broker HiFX indicate that rez said: “The consequences life in Spain is the star prize of a new online early in 1945: ‘If you thought the war was 1997 and 2006 can now with the ECJ extending the re- of the ECJ ruling are huge video game in which players can hurl cus- bad wait until you see the liberation.’ make a claim if they believe claim period by an additional and far reaching. Following tard pies at parliamentary members caught DENMARK – HYDROGEN POWERED VEHI- they have been illegally over- eight years (from 1997) then the ruling by a Spanish court CLES charged CGT by the Spanish 90,000 British people could earlier this year we have only up in the expenses scandal. government now come forward to make a been able to get refunds for Those who hit their chosen MP in the face Copenhagen has acquired its first fleet of reclaim. • Average tax reclaim size those that were illegally over- six or more times within 30 seconds are vehicles; two vans and a car, fuelled by The background charged Capital Gains Tax hydrogen. The vehicles will have a range currently stands at £13,370. entered into a draw for a £1 million prize between 2004 and 2006. However, as many as 90,000 Last year a British couple to start a new life in Spain. MPs in the firing of 195km between the hydrogen-fuelled The ECJ ruling means that Brits could be affected and became the first successful line include Douglas Hogg, former Home battery charges, soon to be increased to entitled to reclaim as much claimants against the Span- as many as 90,000 citizens Secretary Jacqui Smith, Hazel Blears; once 250km. Recharging takes no longer than as £283 million ish government. The tax alone could now come for- the Communities Minister, not surprisingly filling a vehicle’s tank with petrol or diesel. loophole – which was origi- ward to make a reclaim.” • Other European countries Gordon Brown for whom I received a com- RUSSIA – RESPECTABLE 3rd POSITION affected could come forward nally exposed by currency Potential claimants should mendation for accuracy. to reclaim more than £944 exchange brokers HiFX and however think carefully be- According to influential Forbes Magazine Spanish lawyers, Costa, Alva- fore choosing their legal rep- DENMARK – A VOTE FOR THE MEN Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin million rez, Manglano & Associates resentation. It is 101 years since Danish women were comes a respectable third in the list of the • Does this affect you? Visit – came about after British www.spanishtaxreclaim. Alvarez continues: “We are given the right to vote and be voted for. In world’s most influential men. U.S Presi- non residents paid a Span- frequently contacted by dent Barack Obama came first with second to find out more or call ish Non Residents’ Income one of the world’s most gender-equal coun- people who received wrong the Spanish Tax Reclaim Hel- Tax rate of 35% on any capi- tries only about a quarter of women (27%) place going to Chinese President Hu Jintao. advice when making their pline on 0845 680 3849 tal gains, compared to a rate vote for women candidates at elections. Italy’s beleaguered Silvio Berlusconi got a claim and have as a result near respectable 12th position, which was The European Court of Jus- of 15% paid by Spanish na- now ruined their chances to They prefer men. tice (ECJ) has ruled in a ahead of Germany’s Angela Merkel’s 15th. tionals. This 133% overpay- get their money back. The HUNGARY – FREE CAR PARKING landmark legal case that the ment contravened European Spanish legal procedures Before you ask; Gordon Brown, Britain’s un- Spanish government has ille- The Budapest Constitutional Court has Community Treaty rules on that rule this refund are com- elected Prime Minister was placed at 29th gally overcharged non Span- discrimination and therefore ruled that the city council’s regulations position. plex and may be different for ish residents Capital Gains was unduly charged by the each client. People affected governing parking are unconstitutional. It GERMANY - CLASSEXAL MUSIK Tax (CGT) by 133% from 1997 Spanish government. Follow- really need to understand it takes issue with the council levying fines up until December 2006. The A German classical music ensemble ing the launch of the www. is worthwhile to use expert linked to their parking system. The council ruling now paves the way for a has until June next year to get it right. The brought music of the highest genre to the advisors who are experts in possible £283 million refund website in March 2008, 600 both taxation and the Span- penalty for not doing so will be free parking Eros Centre, a Leipzig brothel on Friday. The from the Spanish government British people are currently ish legal system otherwise in Budapest. works performed included le Flirt by French to UK citizens alone. in the process of reclaiming they could be putting their GREECE – GO AWAY composer Erik Satie, and Dirk ‘Ase’s Seven New ruling by the ECJ the money they were illegally claim in jeopardy.” Erotic Songs for piano and voice. It is not The new ruling by the ECJ overcharged. Citizen’s Protection Minister Michalis Chrys- What to do if you think you known if the brothel’s patrons stood up at means that non Spanish citi- Mark Bodega, Marketing ochoidis has ordered a root and branch have been affected: the show’s end. zens who were ordered to pay Director of currency special- overhaul of the country’s coastal defence ists HiFX said: “We have Seek professional special- systems. Coast Guard staff and equipment ABSURDISTAN – WEIRDEST TOURIST 35% CGT on their properties ist legal advice as it is not a DESTINATION as far back as 1997 will be been fighting for the last two will be boosted to ‘better tackle a relentless years to help British people simple case of filing your re- able to make a tax reclaim. claim with the Spanish Tax influx of illegal immigrants.’ Chernobyl NPP in the Ukraine has been Those home owners who only reclaim the Capital Gains named as the most ‘exotic’ tourist desti- Tax that they were illegally Authorities. It is important EUROPE – DUMBOCRACY paid the 5% compulsory with- to choose a specialist Span- nation. According to the report visitors go holding tax on their property overcharged by the Spanish Democracy and the free market that comes to the disaster area to see the blasted re- government. Whilst we had ish tax solicitor familiar with selling price will now also be International tax laws and with it is not going down too well in many actor; the nearby dead city of Pripyat, and able to make a reclaim. The success earlier this year in former Eastern Bloc nations. About half of a Spanish court, which ruled court procedures as each the orange forest. There, the pines are that average amount for those case may have to go to the Lithuanians, Hungarians, Bulgarians and colour because of the radiation. Where’s in that have paid the full 35% that anyone who sold a prop- Russians feel short changed by multi-party erty between 2004 and 2006 Spanish and ECJ Courts. It is second position? Blackpool? tax is currently £13,370 and important to realize that any democracy and the market economy. After for those who only paid the could come forward to make a reclaim, this announce- cases that are rejected for 5% compulsory withholding whatever reason, cannot file tax is £7,130. ment by the ECJ is huge. We Mike Walsh - Quality Journalism for Mediterranean Spain Channel 4 ‘A Place in the Sun’ ‘Spanish News’ estimate that with the reclaim the reclaim again. The Spanish court For more information, and Quality Media Peñíscola, Castellón to Gibraltar Current Affairs : Property & Legal Advice : Features : Articles period now being extended Following a successful rul- as far back as 1997, people details of how to register your ing by the Spanish courts in in the UK who were affected interest, visit:www.spanish- February this year, any non could now come forward to or call the Spanish resident who had reclaim almost £300 million helpline on 0845 680 3849 purchased a property be- which rightfully belongs to or email: info@spanishtaxre- tween 2004 and 2006 was them, and which they were il- able to apply for a tax rebate 902733633 BAD WRITERS WANTED story badly written.” Everyone has a story to tell, the hard bit Many publishers receive work from hope- is writing it. So says ghost-writer Mike ful writers. Often the plot is fine but work Walsh, a freelance journalist who brings needs to be done to correct sentence life to other people’s experiences. He structure and spellings. Stories that have is looking for wannabe writers whose potential are rejected for the wrong rea- Line Rental with BT is now available. sons. Existing customers using BT for calls can now transfer their Line rental as well only difficulty is making their story take Track phones and landlines. shape. He has had published a number It is reckoned that fifty-percent of market- of books, hundreds of articles and fea- ing copy has been co-written by a profes- Advertsing rates start from 11€ per months tures, whilst helping writers, businesses sional writer: In the case of fiction and and universities sell their services. biographies 80 percent has been ghost- Where we cover written. He is now looking for writers who Writing well is an art form, he says: “A Province of Alicante Valencia & Castellon, Tarragona good writer will add drama, colour, pa- lack the ability to express themselves thos and inspiration to the narrative. A through their writing. He can be contact- also online to download at bad tale well written will outsell a good ed at
  • 12. 12 EMAIL: • 902733622 December 2009 ThePuzzler CRYPTIC CROSSWORD 1 2 2 3 3 4 5 6 7 8 No. 1863 9 CROSS CODE 10 26 3 9 12 20 24 19 7 12 25 14 Quiz Challenge 13 13 10 14 11 15 12 1. Which English comedian 6. Which continent is home to the 14 15 6 26 12 20 4 24 and master of the eccentric greatest number of individual walk was born Maxwell spoken languages? 18 16 25 15 14 26 3 25 26 20 20 1 19 George Lorimer in 1908? 7. Who in 1271 made a famous trip from Italy to China with his 17 18 19 20 20 3 26 14 5 15 17 2 24 14 24 2. In Haitian voodoo what brother Niccolò? name is given to a soulless 21 21 12 13 24 11 24 20 19 26 body that can be animated 8. The Modern Prometheus is the so as to do manual work? alternative title to which story? 22 10 4 10 20 24 26 26 8 10 12 14 9. What was the title of Geri 3. In which country is the Halliwell’s first solo UK No 1 hit 24 23 14 24 20 26 10 4 16 24 8 Kruger National Park? record after leaving the Spice Girls? 24 24 26 19 24 20 24 24 26 14 10 6 4. What was the nickname of US Confederate general 10. In the 1970s which Labour Thomas Jonathan Jackson? politician cut short his 2 18 1 26 14 3 19 3 ACROSS DOWN parliamentary career to present 5. In which country is the the television programme 3. Mischievous trick played by 1. Scientist puts medicine first 23 20 25 24 21 14 8 26 16 19 Waikato River? Weekend World? Staff Officer on yours truly (9) 20 24 21 8 4 10 24 3 20 1 4 PREVIOUS SOLUTION: 1 Daphne; 2 Australia; 3 Paris; 4 “How could they tell?”; (9) 2. One who overpraises even 5 Fred Flintstone; 6 Alfred Wainwright; 7 Jet; 8 India; 9 Ballroom dancing; 10 7. Building of note used by more so with hesitation (9) 24 4 12 19 25 22 Edward Jenner. orchestra (5) 3. It can be assumed one 8. Fisherman’s gain? (3,6) writes using it (3,4) 3 12 20 10 2 26 19 19 24 25 19 24 FIVE ALIVE DA BO NO RN TA 9. Salvation Army must beat 4. Panel moving to the country this enemy! (5) (5) HERE are two miniature five-square 5. Exclusive story about 10. One who makes a mistake ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ crosswords using the same grid – but the ME GO DI going on foot (7) kitchen utensil (5) letters have been mixed up. You have to 6. State a collier almost goes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 13. The best type of cracker? work out which letters belong to which round (5) D T O CB OA RB RO NA (5) crossword. 10. Hit out at singularly bad 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 14. Girl I care about (5) beer (5) 16. Assumed appearance of 11. Dog the old Chinese PREVIOUS SOLUTION: LO BE GT London hospital, say (5) EACH number in our Cross Code grid represents a different letter (1) Across – Poise; Guava; Sweat. Down – capitalist (9) Pages; Irate; Enact. 17. Ten I rub out with motor (7) 12. Colonised elsewhere, of the alphabet. You have three letters in the control grid to start you off. Enter them in the appropriate squares in the main grid, (2) Across – Exult; Elbow; Yards. Down – RE HA YS EM ES 21. One name obtained for having paid twice? (9) Elegy; Umber; Towns. metal (5) 15. Once more good man was then use your knowledge of words to work out which letters should go in the missing squares. 22. Past student (9) not in favour (7) 23. Another use is made of the 18. Join the fifth column? (5) As you get the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and control grid. Check off the alphabetical list of MAGIC SQUARE THE EQUALISER girl (5) 19. Stick at the wicket (5) letters as you identify them. 24. Special treat for 20. Tend to run up to the Home LEASEHOLD 1 10 vegetarians? (9) Counties (5) PREVIOUS SOLUTION: BEACHES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 5 6 7 QUICK CROSSWORD L O Y A Q U C B K S G T I USING all 16 letters of the phrase above, 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 form four words each of four letters which 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 D F E P X H W J M Z N R V will fit in the grid to form a magic square in which 6 2 3 8 NONAGRAM the words can be read 2 2 8 9 10 HOW many words of four letters or more both horizontally and PLACE a different arithmetical can you make from this Nonagram? Each word must use the central letter, and each R I G vertically. sign (add, subtract, multiply, 11 PREVIOUS SOLUTION: letter may be used only once. At least one vest; ever; semi; trip. divide) in each circle so that 12 13 14 15 word using all nine letters can be found. A Y L the total of each line across Guidelines: WORD PYRAMID and down is the same. Perform the first calculation in each 16 17 20 Good; 25 Very Good; 30 Excellent. H O C SPELL out a 15-letter word or phrase line first and ignore the 22 Any word found in the Concise Oxford Dictionary (Tenth S mathematical law which says Edition) is eligible with the following exceptions: proper by moving from one chamber to you should always perform nouns; plural nouns, pronouns and possessives; third person singular verbs; another within the pyramid. You division and multiplication 18 21 19 20 21 25 22 23 24 26 25 hyphenated words; contractions and abbreviations; vulgar slang words; variant may only enter each of the C E before addition subtraction. and spellings of the same word (where another variant is also eligible). chambers once and may only PREVIOUS 26 27 proceed through openings in P E R SOLUTION: the walls. The first letter may Clockwise from 28 PREVIOUS SOLUTION: appear in any of the top left – admit; amid; amigo; atom; atomist; diatom; dogma; DOGMATIST; gismo; M N F O divide; add; chambers. 29 30 imago; maid; mast; mastoid; matt; midst; miso; mist; mitt; moat; moist; subtract; most; omit; sigma; smog; soma; stigma; stoma. PREVIOUS SOLUTION: A L T L U multiply. Fifth columnists. Total: 7. 31 32 SUDOKU THERE is just one simple rule in Sudoku. Each row and each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9, and so must each 3 x 3 box. This is a logic puzzle, and you should not need to guess. SUDOKU ACROSS DOWN PREVIOUS SOLUTIONS: Easy Hard 1. Provoke to action 1. Maintain firmly (6) CRYPTIC: Across – 1 PREVIOUS (6) 2. Roman imperial Implicate; 8 Quit; 9 3 SOLUTIONS: 4. Wan (6) title (6) 3. Follows (6) Isolation; 11 Rocket; 12 Crutch; 13 Informer; 16 Easy 8. Playground item (6) Allergic; 20 Trivia; 21 7 8 1 4 2 9 7 1 2 6 3 8 4 5 6 1 8 9 10. Wrench (6) 11. Thick wire (5) 5. Unit of current (6) 6. Thinner (6) Toecap; 23 Razorbill; 24 View; 25 Crescendo. 2 6 5 7 4 8 1 3 9 7. Give (6) 12. Frightens (6) Down – 2 Mistrial; 3 Lolita; 4 5 6 4 7 3 2 8 9 9 3 1 8 5 4 2 6 6 5 7 1 4 1 6 7 14. Apprehend (6) 9. Launder (4) 10. Thick slice (4) 4 Catching; 5 Thor; 6 Bunkum; 7 Stator; 10 No- 3 1 6 5 7 2 9 8 4 16. Make haste (4) 13. Governed (5) go; 14 Factious; 15 Entitled; 4 9 1 3 6 8 5 8 8 4 4 7 6 1 9 3 1 6 7 5 2 9 3 2 2 3 17. Pessimistic investor (4) 15. Electronic 16 Active; 17 Lieder; 18 Rear; 19 Viable; 22 Pair. detection system 1 5 3 8 2 9 4 7 6 19. Strap for hawk (4) 7 4 6 9 2 4 5 7 3 1 8 3 5 9 22. Healing skin (4) (5) 18. Refuge (6) QUICK: Across – 1 Startles; 8 Tartan; 9 Zeal; 10 Nor; 11 Elicit; 12 Lifeless; 26. Television 19. Adjudicated (6) Hard 15 Useful; 16 Slalom; 20 7 2 9 3 6 1 9 3 7 5 8 2 6 4 7 8 6 1 production centre (6) 20. Female sibling (6) 21. London district Errata; 24 Unless; 27 Bone- idle; 28 Usurer; 29 Orb; 30 4 5 7 3 6 2 8 9 1 27. Strength of (4) Glib; 31 Geisha; 32 Drearier. 5 8 9 2 8 8 1 6 2 1 4 9 3 4 6 3 7 7 5 5 9 5 7 purpose (6) 28. Woody perennial 22. Obscene material Down – 2 Thesis; 3 Relief; 4 (4) Lintel; 5 Stress; 6 Arnica; 7 7 6 5 8 2 9 1 4 3 (5) 7 9 6 5 4 3 4 9 5 1 7 6 8 2 4 3 8 29. Smoothly (mus.) (6) 23. Metallic element (6) Calico; 12 Luge; 13 Fear; 14 Lust; 17 Line; 18 Lied; 5 3 4 6 7 1 9 2 8 19 Muse; 21 Russet; 22 30. Tutored (6) 24. Sausage (slang) 9 2 5 6 9 2 7 1 8 9 2 8 4 5 3 4 5 3 1 7 6 6 9 3 4 2 31. Up-to-date (6) 32. Go without food (6) (6) 25. Midpoint (6) Across; 23 Abroad; 24 Unable; 25 Linger; 26 Sluice.
  • 13. December 2009 • 902733622 13 H MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS 2010 – NEW YEAR – NEW BEGININGS – DO YOU WANT TO INCREASE YOUR SALES? CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO BE SEEN IN X.T.P ? PERMANENT STALLS The fastest and easiest from only 25€ per week Suitable for Arts & Crafts , dressmakers, toys & gifts – way to sell your unwanted , window & door suppliers , Satellite installations etc – A perfect place to display your goods items? Monthly AUCTION Bring your unwanted items and they will be on display Cafeteria Concession for the entire month at a buy it now price pre auction. Remember – ALL Auction items can be purchased at any time before the sale date at the reserve price available within the premises – low rent –call for details FULL & PART HOUSE CLEARANCES UNDERTAKEN Tel Sue 634001580 Sell Your Goods AT OUR XATIVA TRADING POST WELCOMES GRETA AND WISHES HER EVERY INCREASINGLY POPULAR EVENT. SUCCESS WITH HER NEW LOOK FOOD STORE CONCESSION COLLECTION SERVICE AVAILABLE . “ENGLISH DELIGHTS “ U.K Food Direct from the U.K – Great PRICES Great CHOICE BAKED BEANS ONLY 50C PORRRIDGE OATS ONLY 1€ NEXT AUCTION Thursday CHRISTMAS GOODIES NOW IN STOCK 28th January at 10.30am MINCE PIES TOP BRAND ONLY 1.99€ and lots more of your Festive Favourites on offer CHARITY SHOP – NOW OPEN (In support of Xativa Municipal Dogs Home) DUE TO INCREASING Please continue to bring in all your new , used and unwanted items to Car Auction DEMAND FROM OUR support us supporting them. BUYERS WE ARE NOW LOW COST Removals & Storage ACCEPTING Man and Van NEW ! CARS CARAVANS available and delivery Local collection for hire NATIONAL & EUROPEAN REMOVAL SERVICE TRAILERS – VANS services – call us for a quote Please call us for a quote ! MOTORBIKES HOME & GARDEN SERVICES ALL INCLUDED IN OUR Need household & garden rubbish cleared or garden or home AUCTION AND maintenance services which are fully registered and insured? SALESROOMS Full House Clearances Undertaken Call us for a quote RETURNING TO U.K & DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR VECHICLES – Tel 962280634 - 634001580 LET US TAKE THE WORRY OUT OF IT AND WE CAN TRANSFER YOUR MONEY TO A 0PEN. Mon - Fri – 09.30 – 1.30 & Sat – 09.30 – 1.30 U.K BANK ACCOUNT !
  • 14. SOCIAL & ACTIVITY GROUPS AMPOLLA, Vinaros, Alcossebre. St or e-mail where there is not even a Span- for the 2009. Sunday 13th Sept, Christopher’s Anglican church has COSTA BLANCA ARNAAP is an as- ish equivalent to the term “Char- Branch stall at the Rastro in Ontiny- grown three times larger in the past sociation of retired servicemen ity Shop”! Please support it - come ent, 0900-1300 (come along and 3 years and now has weekly serv- and women who meet fortnightly along and bring your unwanted meet us). Wednesday 14th October, ices every Sunday in Alcossebre for lunch and the occasional din- clothes and bric-a-brac, and spend 12.00 Ten pin bowling in Albaida. (12 noon) and Vinaros (10am) as ner dance. For those who have not a few euros. We have a wonderful 28th October, 1930 Poppy Appeal well as a growing monthly congrega- been in the services ,we have an as- selection of paperbacks in English! Buffet/Dinner Dance at pub LAVA tion in Ampolla. We offer services in sociate membership. More informa- LA ROMANA SUCCESSFUL SLIM- in Cocentaina. For further details English, includings baptisms, wed- tion is available from the secretary MING. We meet each Wednesday on these events visit our Website: ding blessings and funerals and our on 966 404 650 or arnaap@live. at the Bar Carlos, La Romana. http://www.rbl-albaida.synthasite. visitors tell us they enjoy the hymns” 10.30am. Tel Sian on 965496209 com. and relaxed style of our worship. DENIA ENLISH LENDING LIBRARY or for more info. Tel 658271553 VALENCIA EXPATRIATE OSTOMATES Special Christmas services include Passeig del Saladar 91. Near the LLIRIA BOOK EXCHANGE CIRCLE OF SPAIN EOS Ostomizados Extran- Ampolla on Christmas Eve (24th) at Railway Station. Over 2000books to (between Lliria & Betera) Held every jeros de España If you have had Christmas Spirit a the “HELP” Shop 4.30pm; Vinaros on Christmas day borrow. New books every 2 months. five weeks approx completely. FREE, surgery on the digestive or urinary in La Xara Come along and find at 10am, Alcossebre at 12 midday. Open Mon-Fri 10.00 - 1.00. Beat entrance only a book to donate re- system for a disease such as can- those “difficult” Christmas presents More details on our website the Credit Crunch- Join the Library!! quired. Tel: Mags 663777823 cer, you may need to wear a pouch. from the “HELP” of Denia and Mari- For further information:megantell@ MONSERRAT BALLROOM DANC- Our association offers confidential na Alta Charity Shop in La Xara, be- ALCOSSEBRE ING (and Latin) on the second Sat- Helpline support and practical in- fore it is too late! Or, just browse the SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING re- DENIA WRITERS CIRCLE Are you in- urday of every month takes place formation in several languages. We rails for that special little number starts on Wednesdays from 7th Oc- terested in writing? Prose or poetry, at the Restaurant Sanabria, near have social meetings and welcome tober 2009 and takes place in the fact or fiction, you are welcome to Monserrat(Turis). For details phone new and established ostomates of you may need for a Christmas so- Sala de Exposiciones, Calle Alcala, come along and find out about us. Doug or Paula at 962127771 all Nationalities. Contact Beryl on cial occasion. All at bargain prices! Alcossebre, (around the corner from Tel Sue: 649 400 336 suemerce@ MURO DE ALCOY We would love 96 280 8296 or Ann 96221 4360 the Post Office) from 2.30pm to to worship and have fellowship with VALENCIA Christian Assemblies In- All that Jazz I am a jazz musician 4.30pm. Come and join a friendly GANDIA Harvest Fellowship Gan- other Christians in our area. We are ternational Valencia Would you like organising lots of live jazz events. group for some enjoyable exercise! dia Community + Bible Study + located between Cocentaina and to know whether God really exists? First, I would liketo mention The Ju- For further information contact Prayer Evangelical + Charismatic + Muro del Alcoy on the N340. We Are you sick, suffering, or trapped bilee Jazz Band playing at Monroe’s Sheila on 964 413026 or Moira on Celtic Influence For a friendly chat are just 15 minutes from Ontinyent in addiction? God wants to give you Carvery every Tuesday evening, 964 414028. to find out more: Call Jacqueline on and 15 minutes from Alcoy. Come eternal life, health, miraculous heal- 8pm to 11pm. I want to mention ALCOSSEBRE CANTILENA – Sing- 626 736 516 e: jmtoovey@gmail. join us on Sunday mornings at 11 ing and so much more...We are a CIJA. This is the Club Itinerant Jazz ing for Pleasure – Newly formed com web: http://harvest.thekings- a.m. for singing, Bible reading and Bible-believing, Pentecostal Church d’Alcoi, which, as the name sug- small group meets to sing on Mon- Looking to build a Chris- prayer in a relaxed home venue. spreading the Word of God and gests, is a mobile jazz club in Alcoy. day afternoons from 3.30pm to tian community in La Safor and sur- Call or email for directions. Ask making disciples in many countries There is a splendid program of jazz 5pm. For further information call rounding areas. for Mark or Carla at 965590442 around the world. We’ve just recent- concerts in bars and in the thea- 600255662. GANDIA CHURCH OFF ENGLAND or 608812890 or email us at cjh- ly started our house group here in tre of the Casa de Cultura. Most ALCOSSEBRE Choir A mixed voice The Gandia Congregation of the . Valencia and meet together every performances are on Sundays or choir, holding two concerts each Costa Blanca Anglican Chaplaincy ONTINYENT CHRISTIANS OFF COS- Sunday at 1:30pm, and Wednesday Thursdays and a full programme is year and meeting for rehearsals in celebrates Holy Eucharist every Sun- TAS Christian fellowship “Christians at 6:45pm. Come along and join in! on display at the Church on Monday mornings day at 12 noon in the Borja Palace Off Costas” now meet on Wednes- Contact details: Andrew: 622 276 Mike Summers at 10:30 a.m. between September in the centre of Gandia. All Chris- days for bible study, worship and 463 or John: 622 262 997 www. and May. If you require any further tian denominations are welcome. prayer. If you are reading this you NEDERLANDERS en BELGEN in information, please telephone the Stephen Carden 96280 7483 or are probably a Christian. You will XATIVA SOCIAL CLUB The Xativa Val d,Albaida die wel eens een Musical Director: Ray Howell 964- Margaret Steedman 96 280 7157 be made very welcome if you come Social Club meets regularly once praatje willen maken ,,jeu de bou- 414848 email and join us. All Christian denomina- a month for outings and menu del len ,kaarten , wandelen, bowlen, of ALCOSSEBRE every GANDIA ROYAL BRITISH LEGION tions are welcome. We are between dia. Old and new friends from all Spaanse ervaringen uitwisselen, Friday from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. At We are a most friendly group of Gandia and Ontinyent. For details over the area, of all ages and na- neem contact op met Henk Hirdes present, there are 2 productions people so why not take the opportu- please call on 96 288 7023 or tionalities are always welcome. For ,tel. 962135354 (Albaida) of e- a year, in January and June. There nity and join us. Open to non Serv- 680741095. more information please contact mail: Wij are also monthly evening events for ice personnel. Tel Cilla Ewers on OLIVA Yoga Group at the tennis Karen on 962257122 or Sue on willen niet een Ned./Belgische club group members, which include a 676938739. club. Mondays and Fridays 10- 962287549. beginnen maar gwoon een paar x variety of dramatic activities, and of GANDIA AREA SOCIAL CLUB Every 11.30am. Everyone welcome. Call p.mnd iets organiseren op vrijblijv- course social ‘get togethers!’ All are Thursday evening the club meets for Nikki on 627046315 or email nik- All entries regular reports & ende basis. welcome for on – stage, back stage dinner. Tel David on 96 287 8298 Photographs greatfully recieved and Learn Spanish if you are interested or front of house. Contact Eddie or on the web www.gandiaareaso- OLIVA U3A Retired? Would you like published space permiting in learning spanish we can help McKay 964-414-632. to make new friends and develop each other,we meet in VILLENA a ALTURY MUSICAL SOCIETY HONDON Valley Branch of the Roy- new interests? Why not join us? We ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS group of english and spanish peo- A new musical society are looking al British Legion meet on the 3rd have more than 300 members and holds 22 English speaking ple in afriendly atmosphere,JOIN US for more members to perform on Tuesday of each month at Restau- 28 activity groups to date and we meetings a week on the Costa stage (solo, chorus, dancing, act- IF YOU LIKE LEARINING SPANISH. rante Monte Alto, Industrial Estate, are still growing. Visit us at ww.u3a- Blanca from Valencia City to ing etc) Even if you want to blend in Hondón de las Nieves at 7.15 p.m. send an e-mail mary_santurce@ Murcia. Anyone wishing to at- with the chorus – don’t be afraid to Information from Secretary on 677 PENISCOLA . Costa Azahar Wom- come along to our next meeting at 376 770 or en’s Fellowship Regular monthly tend or simply discuss a possi- Altury in September (date to be con- HONDON BRIDGE CLUB at bar meetings for fun and fellowship ble drinking problem, call: Costa firmed).For more information please Las Galianas(near Hondon de las are held in Alcossebre, Vinarós or Blanca North: 648 16 90 45 or call Marie on 677670636. Frailes) . New players welcome. Tel Peñiscola. Meetings are on a Thurs- Costa Blanca South: 625 912 BARX & La Drova Area Petanca Pat on 637993667 or Eddie on day afternoon, usually with a guest 078. Confidentiality is assured. Team. New Player Members and 677240656 speaker. Keep a look out for notices German AA meetngs: 645 456 Trial Players always welcome for INTERNATIONAL CHUCH OF VA- in the church News Sheet. If you’d 075; Spanish AA: 96 521 9471; both Ladies and Gents. Every Mon- LENCIA We invite you to come and like more details, or need transport Flemish AA: 654 801 049; day at 12 Midday near the Font in worship with us on Sunday’s at 5.00 etc., contact Lynda Needle on 662- La Drova with a Social Drink/Lunch pm. We are an International, Inter 482-944 Scandinavian AA: 659 779 222. Merry Xmas to all our readers at 2-00pm. Approx 10 minutes from Denominational, English speak- TEULADA GARDENERS’ CIRCLE and a happy New Year. Gandia. Just turn up on the day or ing Church, and we have Sunday The first Meeting of the Gardeners’ From all at the Trader. For Further info Telephone : Mike School for the children. We are Circle this season will be held on and Mary Cowherd on 96 280 7018 situated at: Instituto Benlliure Calle Wed.7th October, 2009 at the Social or E Mail commodorepopeye@ya- Alboraya at the intersection of Con- Centre, Teulada (opposite the Town AA Valencia New quired is a desire to stop drinking. All calls are treated in the strictest vento Carmelitas (situated behind Hall) commencing at 2.30 p.m. The BARX YOGA at the gym Mondays the Viveros Park) (Metros: Primado speaker for this meeting will be Bar- Meeting Time confidence. & Wednesdays 11am All welcomed Reig and Pont de Fusta) Valencia. ry Lemon, an acknowledged expert The Alcoholics Anonymous Valen- Meetings : SUNDAY 19.00 – 20.00 Tel Lorraine 654092691 Pastor Brent and Cindy Vermillion on his subject ‘Growing Bonsai’. cia English-speaking group has : WEDNESDAY 12.30 – 13.30 BENIDORM - International Singles 963625864 or 607346513. e-mail: The competitions this month are changed its meeting time to every ADDRESS : C/ Pouet de San Vice- Club. Don’t be alone. We meet every (1) A collection of seedheads (2) 3 Wednesday from 12:30 -1:30pm. nte 1, Parroquia (church). Wednesday 11 am to 1pm at Camp- JAVEA UFO DISCUSSION/RE- stems of climbing plants. Everybody The idea is to offer a meeting dur- Alley is next to C/ del Mar 51, the ing Villasol (near to the outdoor SEARCH GROUP AND WORLD MYS- welcome. ing the day, allowing time after the last alley on that main street, market) Tel Carine on 699301494. TERIES. First Friday of each month VALENCIA INTERNATIONAL WOM- meeting for a friendly chat and a first door on the left. Fifteen min- www.benidorminternationalsingles. (excluding Jan, July and August) at EN’S CLUB We are based in and cup of tea or coffee with AA mem- utes walk from Valencia main org 10:00 in the Social Services Centre, around Valencia city. If you are in- bers. The popular Sunday evening train station COSTA BLANCA MALE VOICE Javea. Tel Maria Buckingham on 96 terested in joining please contact meeting at 7pm remains at the Valencia numbers (north of Gan- CHOIR.The Costa Blanca now has 576 96 14 email ufojavea@gmail. Marcela Mattenet, e-mail info@iwc- same time and venue (see below) dia): (+34) 96 146 1123, MOB : its very own Male Voice Choir. We com or Tel: 961589627 and all are welcome at both meet- rehearse every Tuesday evening at LAS FUENTES The Friends’ Charity VAL D´ALBAIDA “THE ROYAL BRIT- (+34) 686 685 860, ings. If you think you may have a the Bar Mediterranean Teulada at Shop The Charity Shop is in the cen- ISH LEGION La Val d’Albaida Branch. drinking problem and would like to +34) 96 144 5085, MOB: (+34) 7pm until 9pm. Members come tre of Urb. Las Fuentes. It’s usually New Members and Visitors always attend a meeting, please call one 654 874 916 from as far away as Calpe, Castell open every weekday, from 09:30 to welcome, Meetings take place on of the contact numbers below to North Costa Blanca (Gandia south de Castells, and Gandia. We are al- 13:00 [not week-ends]. From the the Second and forth Wednesday of find out more about AA or just turn to Alicante City): 648 16 90 45 ways glad to see new faces. So if roundabout at the Centro Commer- the month. Please come along and up. Some of us meet before the you enjoy singing please give us a try cial, go up the steps and the shop meet us at the very Least? To con- South Costa Blanca (South from Sunday meeting at 7pm which is a Alicante City): 625 912 078 - you don’t need to be able to read is on the right hand side. This is a firm meetings and directions con- good opportunity for a chat before music. Tel Mike Evans 965744577 new initiative for this part of Spain, tact. Ted on 962135474. Activities, attending a meeting. All that is re-
  • 15. December 2009 • 902733622 15 CHRISTMAS TV HIGHLIGHTS TELEVISION. This month we discuss: - Obtaining the new white Sky card for use in Spain – Fatafeat programming reappears on Eurobird - Zone channels re-branded CBS – Receive The BBC promises to provide a sleigh-load of ITV has unveiled a Christmas 2009 sched- Channel Four, ITV and Channel Five with a small dish Christmas sparkle with an action-packed and ule, packed with brand new entertainment fun-filled line-up, plus more content than ever specials, original comedy and drama, as well By Chris Hallamore in high definition. as a special week focussing on British troops Highlights of this year’s offering include Dav- abroad and their families back at home. Obtaining Sky cards information, that was used to apply for the card, and remember don’t mention Spain. id Tennant’s final farewell in a two-part spe- Christmas highlights on ITV1 include Ant and After last months article “on how to activate cial of Doctor Who called The End Of Time. Dec’s Christmas Special, In drama, John Hurt your new white card” I have had numerous LOST COOKING CHANNEL ON NILESAT HAS REAP- There’s plenty of laughter in store with a raft reprises his acclaimed role as English eccen- calls requesting for information on how to PEARED ON EUROBIRD of comedies on BBC One, including a special tric, Quentin Crisp, in An Englishman in New obtain sky cards (yes, you do need the card Some months ago, the cooking channel fa- episode of The Catherine Tate Show, as Nan York – And, in a new one-off comedy drama before you can activate it !!). Sky will only is- tafeat disappeared from the NILESAT list of experiences Christmases past, present and penned by Caroline Aherne, Timothy Spall sue cards to UK addresses using UK bank or channels. The same programs are now avail- future, Gavin And Stacey, The Royle Family plays Georgie Godwin, The Fattest Man in credit/debit bank accounts. I have researched able on the Food Network channel on Euro- – The Golden Egg Cup, which sees all the Britain. Julia McKenzie returns to the role of this on the internet and consulted with my bird. If you have a generic box (non-Skybox) Royles celebrating a special day for Jim and Agatha Christie’s Marple alongside a stellar network of wise buddies and in conclusion and this channel is not available on your list Barbara, and Victoria Wood’s Mid-Life Christ- cast for They Do It With Mirrors; and there is suggest the following;- of channels, add the frequency 11344 H, mas, plus seasonal sequins in the Strictly also the return of Poirot in Appointment With 27500, 2/3 and scan the transponder. Feel Come Dancing final and Christmas special. FREE To View Cards Death. free to call me and I will talk you through the Aled Jones brings us world-class carols with a ITV will reveal the best-loved television advert Sky will supply up to four free view cards to installation/ menu guide to access this chan- unique Songs Of Praise from Jerusalem and of the noughties in Ad of the Decade. And any UK address at £ 20 per card. To purchase nel. On Skyboxes simply go to channel 262 the Big Sing Christmas Special from the Royal as the year draws to a close, Piers Morgan one or more cards try one of the following._ and 263 Albert Hall. will look back at 2009 in all its glory. In The • Go online at this sky web site http://mysky. To celebrate Advent, Fern Britton presents a All Star Impression Show, Stephen Mulhern Zone channels re-branded CBS brand new series of in-depth interviews with brings together those from stage and screen On 14 September 2009, the international arm • Have a friend or family in the UK call Sky on high-profile figures exploring how their faith – who transform themselves into versions of of CBS struck a joint venture deal with Chel- 08442 410 595 and beliefs have shaped their lives, called some of the world’s biggest names. lomedia to launch Six CBS-branded channels Fern Britton Meets... The big day itself will be For music fans, Take That: The Circus Live fol- • Call Sky directly from Spain using your UK in the UK during 2009. The new channels will welcomed in by Midnight Mass from West- lows the hit quartet’s performance at Wem- mobile replace Zone Romantica, Zone Thriller, Zone minster Cathedral followed later by The Glory bley And, in The Nolans – In the Mood for SUBSCRIPTION CARDS Horror and Zone Reality, plus time shift serv- Of Christmas: Christmas Morning Live Serv- Dancing, the special one-off programme fol- Obtaining subscription cards is a little more ices Zone Horror +1 and Zone Reality +1. ice from Chester Cathedral. Other crackers lows the singing family from their early days difficult. Have your contact call Sky or call Sky this year include BBC One’s animation of chil- in Blackpool through to their comeback tour. yourself on 08442 410 595 with your UK mo- Receive Channel Four, ITV and dren’s book The Gruffalo, , The Incredibles, Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End, A Night of Heroes, which will be broadcast bile phone and take note of the following:- Channel Five with a small dish exclusively on ITV1, showcases The Sun Mili- Over The Hedge, Flushed Away and The San- • If the address in the UK is not a Sky cus- We have mentioned this topic before, how- tary Awards 2009 – rewarding the bravery ta Clause 3. Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer and tomer, inform the Sky agent that you have a ever for those who missed the article or were of members of the UK Armed forces. The Steve Coogan chart Steve’s rise to fame in skybox and antenna and only need the card. not paying attention, You can receive Chan- programme is also part of a special week on spoof documentary Steve Coogan: The Inside Sky may request the details of your Skybox. To nel Four, ITV 1 , Channel Five, Fiver and Five ITV1, Far From Home, which focuses on Brit- Story and the cast of Not The 9 O’ Clock News get this information go to your skybox select USA 24/7 without a big dish. Replace your ish troops abroad over the Christmas period, reminisce about their experiences making the services, system setup and system details. old 80 cm to 1-meter dish with a 1.1 or 1.2 particularly in Afghanistan. Throughout the show in a one-off documentary for BBC Two. • Customers of Sky in the UK requiring ad- dish with a twin lnb. From the lnb, one cable week, ITV News, ITV Regional News, This Christmas also sees a number of festive ditional cards qualify for the “multi-room goes to your generic box (non-skybox) and the After a fantastic series of The X Factor, ITV2 one-offs, including Outnumbered, My Family, package” where additional cards are only £ other cable to a Skybox with a free view card. will follow the show’s winner in a special one- Not Going Out, Celebrity Total Wipeout,and 10. This multi-room card has to be connected Moreover, the slightly bigger dish will give far off, Xtra Factor – The Winner’s Story, as well Top Of The Pops, to a telephone line. Therefore, if the address better reception on some of CBS channels as looking back at this year’s show you are using in the UK already has Sky you (previously Zone). Alternatively, call us and need to Inform Sky that you want a normal we will upgrade the existing system for € 150. subscription card for a lodger or member of This price does not include the skybox; you the family and not a multi room card. can buy these, second hand for around € 60. Activating Your New White Sky To all our customers and read- Card from Spain ers, we wish you a merry Christ- Insert the card in the box and press services, mas and a prosperous New Year system setup and system details. If you have inserted the card properly, it will show the Until next time card number. Call Sky with your English mo- bile or using Skype on 0044 8442 411 411. For more information call Chris on Calls to UK 0844* numbers don’t work from 680 357 586 either Spanish landlines or mobiles. Before calling ensure that you have your UK address Your Satellite S.J Satellites business From Fault Finding to New Installations Advert could be Here Do you have a 1.9m/2.4m dish then we can give you ITV/Ch4 coverage only 18,50 a month 24 hours a day! Do you have a 1m /1.2m dish? Tel 902733622 Then you too could now be watching Ch4, ITV, Sky 3 and more? Spanish TDT Over 30 channels. 15% DISCOUNT Films, Sitcoms, Disney all available in English. QUOTE THIS ADVERT WHEN Also Premiership/F1/Rugby and more. MAKING YOUR APPOINTMENT. POOR ‘SKY’ RECEPTION? Contact Stephen on ARE YOU FED UP LOOSING YOUR 660 288 403. FAVOURITE PROGRAMMES ? HAS THE WIND MOVED YOUR DISH ? GET THE BEST FROM YOUR DISH. Gandia to Torrevieja and Inland THE SAT MAN WILL CHECK AND RE-ALIGN YOUR ALICANTE inc INLAND. DISH & LNB. TEL. 687954437 NOW FULLY LEGAL AND REGISTERED
  • 16. T 16 Email: • 902733622 December 2009 rader SERVICES Homes and Garden Services Want to save Money? Tel 902733633 See page 10 Dealing with drain smells W hile the occasional smell of drains, can help remind us we are lucky enough to be living abroad, seal or adding some silicone or Te- flon tape may suffice, or if access is easy, simply replace the whole trap. be one of your loos sucking the trap of the another out, depending on how the main soil pipe is connect- tion) may also suffer more prob- lems. Septic tanks can also cause this problem if they become water the average Brit certainly won’t ac- (If all appliances smell, it’s more ed). All UK installations normally logged, or the soakaway function cept such smells emanating from likely that strong siphonage is oc- feature a ‘stack’ vent pipe (even if is poor. A supply of oxygen is also their own bathroom, drain smells curring). it just a ‘stub stack’ with one way needed to help anaerobic break- are however a common problem in valve). Nearly all Spanish houses down of waste. many homes including new ones. If trap sealing fails to eliminate the don’t feature venting (though floor smell, it may be that some down- traps are sometimes included). While back pressure might be al- Drain smells, depending on the pipes, (those than run vertical) are leviated by venting and softening cause can sometimes be very eas- simply sitting into the main pipe 2. The pipe run from one or more tight bends, siphonage can only be ily remedied, or involve more costly with no seal (common in some older appliances is too steep or too long, prevented by providing sufficient knowledge the need for ventilation, and disruptive works. Diagnosis of properties). Sealing the gap with sil- such that the water flowing away venting to individual appliances find a different one, (a good plumb- the problem is therefore important icone will usually suffice. The base sucks some of the trap out too. or at least to the main waste pipe, er should at least have knowledge before any remedial expenditure oc- of the toilet may also need sealing (This is rare on flat bottomed appli- via a discrete ‘stub stack’ (which of the requirement and solutions). curs. to the floor,(vertical WC integral ances, as ‘trailing’ water e.g. in the normally sits in the corner near the More serious siphonage to the WC connections, may include a rubber bath or shower, helps to refill the WC) or full stack which can be run itself will require a bigger stub stack The good news is, that the most gasket but pipes commonly just sit trap. Round bottomed basins and externally or internally and either common cause of drain smells is valve. But before you panic about in the unsealed waste pipe). Run bidets will be more prone! finish above the highest window or poor seals, AAV’s, stub stacks and due to one or more of the water a piece of paper around the edge terminate in a ventilated roof void traps simply evaporating either due 3. Simple ‘S’ traps can also be more expenditure, go and run some wa- and if you can slide it between the via a one way valve. ter in those traps and the problem to the hot climate or when certain WC base and tiles, (including at the prone than bottle or ‘P’ traps. appliances or bathrooms are sel- Changes to pipework and installa- might just be solved. rear) there is no seal, use an acrylic 4. Some pipes may be of undersized dom used. In such cases, all that’s bathroom sealant or waterproof tion of vented stacks, will normally Finally it’s worth noting that should needed is a 10 second run of the bore, such that they flow at full bore. call for tile removal, excavation, grout (leaves a cleaner finish than Sinks baths and showers should be smells be originating from an un- tap and a flush of the WC in the of- silicone) to stop the gap. breaking of some walls /floors and derbuild service space or other fending bathroom. If you don’t use 40mm while only the wash hand other significant disruption to the basin can reduce as low as 32mm. sub floor void (e.g. via an external the guest bathroom for months on If after carrying out the above, the building fabric. Ideally such meas- airbrick) it is possible that a waste end, you will probably need to fill smell remains, the problem and so- (some older Spanish lead pipework ures should have been taken at the is of very small bore). pipe is broken or poorly sealed and the traps every couple of weeks in lution is going to involve more exten- time of build, but this is simply not needs repair. hot weather. Don’t forget the bidet, sive works. Back pressure causes:- standard practice in Spain. It may which is often the first appliance to be possible to alleviate the problem NB:- Information for advice pur- offend, as it may not be used even In addition to the above common 1. Occasionally when a large dis- by adding a vent to the waste pipe poses only. Proper legal procedures when other appliances are. Always causes of drain smells, the wa- charge of waste meets a tight bend, outside the building, the good news should be followed for all property try this solution first, before even ter traps from appliances can be backpressure can cause the foul air is, smaller valves including an all purchases. bothering to start looking at the siphoned out for a number of rea- to be pushed back through the wa- in one trap/valve (‘Combi-siphon’), sons, or, backpressure can occur:- ter trap. Information provided by Mark Pad- drainage system itself. can be used to eliminate the need don BSc Hons Building Surveying. Siphonage causes:- 2. If the distance between a dis- for larger venting systems. ‘Studor’ If trap filling does not work and the ICIOB. Property purchase advisor in charge pipe from an appliance and make a number of such ‘Air Admit- smell remains, or quickly returns 1. Due to lack of vent pipes, full bore the Valencia region. www.surveys- the base of a stack or another tight tance Valves’ (AAV’s),‘Valvulas De (e.g. within a week), Check that flow of the drains (e.g. when two T: 962807247 bend, is less than 450mm, back Ventilacion’ in Spanish. which are none of the traps are leaking, smell WC’s are flushed at the same time) distributed in Spain by ‘Aquatecnic’, pressure can also occur. M: 653733066 for free e-mail ad- each appliance (or get a guest who sucks traps from the appliances, (more info via vice send questions to markpad- has overstayed their welcome to do which are connected to the same 3. A non-vented cesspool can also , even if your plumber is not used to it), and if one smells while others unvented drain. (Some WC’s in back result in a build up of gases, the installing such systems, replacing don’t, fill the trap and have a good to back properties may discharge to pressure offer which may push foul bidet and basin traps with vented look/feel around it to see if it is the same main soil pipe, such that air through a trap. Multiple proper- traps, should be relatively self-ex- leaking. Generally re-seating of the Copyright Mark Paddon 2008 your neighbour’s loo could be suck- ties (e.g. quads) discharging to the planatory for them to carry out. If rubber ‘o’ ring, purchase of a new ing your traps out. Otherwise it may same tank (prior to mains connec- your plumber refuses to ac A&G TRADING Transport & Storage RETURNING TO UK? G.B REFORMS AND NEED SOMETHING BROUGHT OVER Singular Items - UK, Spain, Europe ! BATHROOMS Upto Full Van Load. Regular Trips - Very Large Van Call Now for quotation and dates Covering all areas QUALITY BATHROOM INSTALLATION Tel Maurice 671797151 7.5 tonne truck, Furniture Removals FITTED KITCHENS - PLUMBING - ELECTRICS DRY- 0044 2380668000 Full loads, Half loads. LINING - TILING Spain to UK. WINDOWS AND DOORS 3 bedroom house contents and belongings, From 1,950 euros. LEGALLY REGISTERED AND INSURED. “International pet transport.” FOR A FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTATION Truck, mid size and small vans OR ADVICE CONTACT JOHN ON: available for day hire with driver. We can also take your pet, passenger OFFICE 966968132 MOBILE : 627797630. and even drive your car, fully insured. WILL ACCEPT STERLING. Tel 618228928
  • 17. December 2009 • 962910095 17 The Best TV Cars Ever Sometimes the car’s the star… Is The Future Car Crash Free? The Sweeney: trated by Roger Moore’s P1800 which the future the windows. I f there’s one place where technology seems to be moving faster and faster it’s in the world of motoring – as evi- Already coming under fire from those concerned about living in a so called ‘Big Brother Nation’ is the proposed introduc- 1974 Ford Consul GT Bond loved so much he Inspector Morse: 1960 ”All right Tinkerbell, you’re bought his own. Rumour Jaguar MK2 denced at the Intelligent Transport Sys- tion of road pricing. The scheme, which nicked!” The only thing has it that Jaguar were John Thaw was pretty tems Congress in Stockholm this year. has been ruled out by the UK for at least more memorable than DI first asked to supply an E lucky when it came to his The congress sees around 2,500 del- the next five years but is already on its Jack Regan’s quotes? His Type for The Saint but re- four-wheeled co-stars, up- egates from around the world gather to way to fruition in Holland, will ask drivers car, which survived end- fused. grading from the Consul discuss high-tech transport systems and to essentially pay-per-drive, potentially lessly driving in to piles of to a beautiful MK2. Still empty cardboard boxes to Knight Rider: 1982 Pon- hired out for special oc- how they should be integrated in to daily using an in-car touch screen device, one see another week of Re- tiac Trans Am casions the burgundy Jag life. Not a thrilling subject for the aver- of which was shown at the ITS Congress. gan hollering “shut it!” at It had ejector seats! It never looks better than age joe but prick up your ears; this is the However while road pricing may be anath- London’s hardiest crimi- talked (in a rather camp when parked outside a event at which a totally car crash free fu- ema to many no one could argue with nals. manner)! It had super real ale pub in the Oxon ture has been unveiled. the other features which are found on Starsky & Hutch: 1975 cool flashing red lights! countryside. the system which should retail at around It was driven by the one In the UK where nearly 250,000 injuries Ford Gran Torino and only Hoff! And KITT, Mr Bean: 1977 British ranging from minor cuts and bruises to £300 but may be fitted ‘as standard’ in Starsky never would have a Pontiac Trans Am was a Leyland Mini fatalities the promise of a world in which some cars. lived that cardigan down real car. If a little souped When Mr Bean first ap- had his car not been so up. Talking cars have only driving is perfectly safe can only be As well as giving useful information to peared on our screens downright cool. A cherry disappointed since. he drove an orange 1969 looked forward to eagerly. But just how drivers about the next train running from red Gran Torino with white BMC Mini MK2. However do the boffins at Stockholm intend to the city they’re heading for or even the detail the car was upgrad- Ashes To Ashes: 1983 it was the green British achieve such an incredible feat? And is nearest available parking space, motor- ed to the 1976 version Audi Quattro B2 Leyland with its black bon- it really a possibility? ists would be warned when they neared a for series 2. Interestingly 1983? That’s right, Ashes net and bizarre security though the Torino looked special area such as the Greater London To Ashes has disgruntled measures which was as A German company is reportedly work- good it wasn’t at all the car enthusiasts aplenty by much a star of TV as Row- Low Emission Zone, assisting in avoid- ing as we speak on new technology fastest or most powerful using a 1983 Quattro in an Atkinson’s eponymous ing both fines and the stresses of every car around. which will make human error a thing of the 1981 set series. Not character. day driving. But that’s not all. When it that formidable DCI Gene the past. Ibeo’s invention, already being The A Team: 1983 GMC Only Fools & Horses: comes to safety the same box can detect Hunt would car what any- touted around several major car brands, G Series 1972 Reliant Regal other nearby cars which could endanger one has to say about his will allow manufacturers to construct cars the driver, warning them of, for example, Face’s sleek Corvette was motor, the epitome of the SuperVan which are wholly able to drive themselves. no match for Mr T’s oft- 1980s car. Fire up the a car approaching on the wrong side of No rust bucket has ac- Based on laser sensors the product has referenced GMC van. Ask Quattro! quired cult status quite the road. any boy who grew up in the already been tested in a 60 mile trial in 1980s what their ideal car The Dukes Of Hazzard: like the Trotter’s bright the US without a driver. Meanwhile an- Self driving cars and knowing what’s 1969 Dodge Charger yellow van, the most rec- would be and (perhaps be- ognisable car of British other product closer to being launched is around every corner may sound the death sides Back To The Future’s The only thing that excite television. Several vans Safespot. Showcased in Stockholm this knell for driving for fun and will no doubt DeLorean) they’re bound grown men more than Dai- have been used through incredible product has the capability to rile the Jeremy Clarksons of this world but to lust after the rough and sy Duke’s denim cut offs? the years – one is now ready A-Team van. send messages to other cars in the area nobody could argue that the possibility of The General Lee, Luke and displayed at the National Bo’s bright orange Dodge meaning that should a driver find himself safer roads is something that we can all The Saint: 1962 Volvo Charger. And the most ex- Motor Museum, another in a sticky situation others would be im- look forward to. P1800 was sold at auction for citing thing of all about the £44,000 and yet another mediately warned and thus able to avoid Believe it or not Volvos Charger? The only way to is owned by Ricky Hatton. danger. were once cool, as illus- get in and out was through
  • 18. 18 • 902733622 December 2009 SELL or Swap EMAIL: Town House Vall De Gallinera BUY DIRECT FROM THE OWNER PRICE 99,000 euros Property Exchange considered in Your Property Direct the Chesterfield or Alfreton area (Derbyshire). For more details and Pay Or contact the owner direct Mrs Scutt on 96 6406505 Villa Bellus BUY DIRECT FROM THE OWNER NO Commission! One off payment of 200 euros and we will advertisie your property Price: 199,000 euros. with your contacts details for 12 months. In Print and online. For more details For more information go to or contact the owner direct Mr & Mrs Norwood (0034) 962293271 - 699758557. Email or Tel 672883784 MAGNIFICENT DETACHED Benidorm Apartment 10 metres from Poniente beach with uninterrupted views acroos the en- VILLA / Pla De Corals tire bay.Apartment block set in pri- vate secure grounds with swimming BUY DIRECT FROM THE pool , lawns , basketball and play OWNER areas. Underground parking space Price: 550,000 euros. + 2 individual locked store rooms. ( For more details Further parking space and 2 stores available if required)90m2 Lounge with panoramic window views of sea or contact the owner direct , large sun terrace , kitchen 2 bed- 634154280 rooms and bathroom. Fantastic Investment opportunity Set in plot of 5000m2 with 497m2 BUY DIRECT FROM THE OWNER For more details rarely available in this residential of construction. block - 320,000€ • Outstanding interrupted or contact the owner direct Pauline 634001580 views across the local coun- tryside. Fully fenced with automatic gates and rear entrance. REFORM BISQUERT • Large parking area with auto- mated garage for 2 cars. • Multiple green houses , fit- BUY DIRECT FROM THE ted with solar and water sys- OWNER tems, Price: 135,000 euros. • Mains power throughout in For more details addition to a solar energy in- stallation system. or contact the owner direct • PVC windows with persianas After 6pm 962282370 and wrought iron grills. • Swimming Pool. • Sweeping staircase to up- per American style lounge Xativa – Farmhouse RODA GOLF & BEACH RESORT MURCIA Substantially / kitchen and dining room , reduced for quick sale leading to large double bed- BUY DIRECT FROM THE 345,000 – 285,000€ room with a huge en suite bathroom , 2 W.C´s and OWNER Contact Owner Direct dressing area. Price: 270,000 euros. Tel 962282370 • Conservatory. For more details • Easliy adapt to a country res- taurant or hotel. or contact the owner direct Lots more to this property Tel Vincens 696 476 429 please see or call to view. Resale opportunity of a 3 bed- room home with 2 bathrooms BUSINESS PROPERTY FOR SALE OR FOR LET and private terrace. Floor area of 95 m². Ground floor property For Sale HISTORIC XATIVA SHOP Business premises and living accommodation for with private underground car sale in the sought after historic quarter of Xativa. Situ- park and storage room included ated in a busy pedestrian street en route to the twice in the price. Communal swim- weekly Xativa market. Rare freehold opportunity and ming pools and lifts. is suitable for multiple purposes. The property offers 50m2 over 4 floors. In need of total refurbishment Enjoy the Dave Thomas de- but we are informed the roof has been replaced with- signed 18 hole par 72 golf in the last 3 years. course, where Sam Torrence is Captain of Golf. Relax at Roda´s BUY DIRECT FROM THE OWNER private beach club on the Mar Menor, accessed by a water or contact the owner direct Pauline 634001580 taxi. It is also one of the most impor- tant spots in the world for sports FOR RENT lovers, offering water sports, INDUSTRIAL UNIT IN XATIVA, poligono Cami an endless range of activities Estret, Near Eroski, 2 elevatiing doors, 400m2 swimming, sailing or water ski- 1400 euos a month Tel 696476429 As seen in A place in the Sun ing, tennis, trekking or golf.
  • 19. December 2009 • 902733622 19 Front Entrance Where do we Deliver Inland & Coastal Trader Carrefour GANDIA Valencia Display advert from 11 euros a month can you afford not to! Carrefour Distribution Points Vinaros Restarante Croissanteria . Gandia / Front Entrance. Carrefour Eliana Cafe Carrefour Cocentaina Cafe Carrefour Petera Sweet shop and Cafe Carrefour Sagunto Cafe Carrefour Paterna Cafe Barcelona Carrefour Villa Real Lottery Carrefour Alzira Cafe Carrefour Massanasa Cafe Carrefour Onda Coffee Shop express Tarragona Carrefour Reus Carrefour Carrefour Tarregona Carrefour Tortosa Carrefour Torredembarra Download FREE PROVINCE More Next Alfafar de Rugat Llanera de Rafelcofer ALBACETTE Month Alfauir Castel- Ranes Rafel- Almansa Alfarrasí lonet de la Llaurí guaraf Caudete PROVINCE Algar de Conquesta Llombai Ráfol de PROVINCE CASTELLON Palancia Catadau Llosa de Salem ALICANTE Alcalà de Algemesí Catarroja Ranes (la) Real de Alcocer de Xivert Alginet Corbera Macastre Gandía Planes Benicarló Almiserà Cortes de Manises Real de Alcoy Alfafara Benicasim Burriana Alpuente Alqueria Pallás Quatre- Manuel Marines Montroi Requena Catello de Inland & Coastal Trader Algueña Almudaina Cabanes Càlig Castel- de la Comtessa Andilla tonda Cullera Chella Massama- grell Massa- Riba-roja de Túria Rocafort Plana North Edition Alqueria d’Asnar (l’) lón de la Anna Cheste nassa Rotglà i Banyeres Plana Antella Xirivella Meliana Corberà de Mariola Oropesa Aielo de Chiva Miramar Rótova Beneixa- del Mar Malferit Chulilla Mislata Rugat ma Peñíscola Aielo de Daimús Mogente/ Sagunto/ Beniarrés San Jorge Rugat Domeño Moixent Sagunt Benifato Torre- Ayora Eliana (l’) Moncada Salem Benilloba blanca Barxeta Enguera Montser- Sempere Benillup Useras Barx Ènova (l’) rat Serra Inland & Coastal Trader Benima- rfull Benimas- Vall d’Alba Vila-real Vinaròs Bèlgida Bellre- guard Fontan- ars dels Alforins Montav- erner Montesa Siete Aguas Silla Valencia South Edition sot Province Bellús Foios Montroy Simat Biar Tarragona Benagéber Font d’En Náquera de la Cañada Ampolla Bena- Carròs (la) Navarrés Valldigna Castalla Ametlla de guasil Font de Novelé/ Sollana Private Classifeds Cocen- taina Mar Cambrills Benavites Benetúss- la Figuera (la) Novetlè Oliva Sueca Sumacàrcer Monthly Advertising FREE Quatreton- Flix er Gandia Olocau Tavernes Basic display ad under 500€ deta Ginestar Beniarjó Genovés Olleria (l’) de la 25 words max. Dénia Mont Roig Beniatjar Gestalgar Ontinyent Valldigna 3cmx6cm 11.00€ surcharge 15c/pw Elda Del Camp Benicolet Gilet Otos Teresa de 4.6cmx6cm 18.50€ over 25 words Famorca Gaianes Mora de Ebre Benifairó de la Godella Godelleta Paiporta Palma de Cofrentes Terrateig Alicante 6cmx6cm 24.00€ Car, property Orxa (l’) Perrello Valldigna Granja de Gandía Torrent Millena Rasquera Benifaió la Costera Palmera Turís 6cmx9cm 18.50€ Boats motors Monóvar Reus Benigánim Guadase- Palomar Utiel Based on min booking of 3 issues Linage 20 c/pw Muro de Riba Roja Benirredrà quies Paterna Valencia For more info Call 902733622 D’Ebre Benisanó Guadas- Pedralba Vallada Display box + Photo Alcoy Email Ondara Roquetes Benissoda suar Picanya Vallés 18.50€ Onil Tarragona Benisuera Guar- Picassent Villalonga Pedreguer Tortosa Bétera damar de Piles Vilamarx- Pego Vila Seca Bocairent la Safor Pinet ant Pick up your Free copy from Carrefour Supermarkets at entance or in the Cafes - Macdonalds Petrer Salou Bolbaite Jalance Polinyà de Villanueva - Cepsa Petrol stations Consum, Vidals,Eroski, - Intermache - Mas Y Mas.Kioskos - Planes PROVINCE Bonrepòs i Xeraco Xúquer de Castel- Salinas VALENCIA Mirambell Jarafuel Potríes lón English/ Spanish shops, bars & Restarants and lots more. Sax Ador Bufali Xàtiva Pobla del Villar del Verger (el) Villena Agullent Albaida Bugarra Buñol Xeresa Llíria Duc (la) Pobla de Arzobispo Yátova Full Edition available to download PROVINCE BARCELONA Albal Alberic Alborache Burjassot Canals Canet d’En Losa del Obispo Llutxent Vallbona (la) Puig Yesa (La) Zarra Gátova Tel 902733622 Sitges Sant Pere Alboraya Berenguer Llocnou Puçol San de Ribes Alzira Carcaixent d’En Quesa Antonio de Cubelles Castell- Alcúdia (l’) Alcúdia de Càrcer Carlet Fenollet Llocnou Rafel- buñol/ Benagéber Benicull or drop us a line defels Crespins Aldaia Casinos Castelló de Sant Jeroni Rafel- bunyol de Xúquer And More Established 2004 The first Inland Newspaper in Valencia
  • 20. 20 EMAIL: • 902733622 December 2009 The BBC Sports Personality of Alcalalí Angling Club 30th October & 6th November 2009 the Year top-10 shortlist. At long last Alcalali Angling Club members It features Formula One champion Jenson managed to get together for a brace of Button, cycling star Mark Cavendish, world matches after a long summer layoff followed champion diver Tom Daley and Manchester United great Ryan Giggs. by stormy weather, and decided to tackle the prolific Fortaleny cemetery stretch of the Rio Athletics is represented, by heptathlete Jes- Jucar. The end of October produced a near ATLETICO DE MADRID team into Europe. The day solid Football & Sports argu- sica Ennis and triple jumper Phillips Idowu. perfect day, and with a nice bit of colour in the Argentina star forward SER- that a good offer arrives I ments. It is well known that water, Roger Ackers put together a fine catch, GIO “KUN” AGÜERO went on will put to Miguel Angel” (the a 50M€ + transfer injection Heavyweight boxer David Haye, England pegged in the middle of the match section he Spanish radio on Monday & Maximum Club shareholder, will help the Club financially cricket captain Andrew Strauss, tennis ace started the five hour competition fishing on said: owner & Director General). which also explains its lack Andy Murray and world gymnastics cham- the bottom, later switching to the ‘up in the “Hasta junio voy a estar aquí A clear signal to all Atletico of pre-season buying & thus pion Beth Tweddle make up the 10. water’ method, weighing in 96.5 kilos for first y voy a luchar por estar en de Madrid fans that Aguero its current state of play. With The 10 nominees will be put to a public place. On the downstream end peg, Siegbert Europa. El día que llegue is preparing the path for a this message, the Top Euro- vote on the night of the live show, which will Grabow was close behind, putting 93.5 kilos una buena oferta se lo voy a departure next season. The pean Clubs, along with the be broadcast from Sheffield Arena at 1900 on the scales for second spot, while at the plantear a Miguel “good” offers are already on already mentioned Premier GMT, Sunday 13 December on BBC One. other end, fishing his first match for 2 years, Ángel” ·Translated into Eng- the table, most notably Chel- League Clubs, will be push- Bernard Greenwood came third with 45 kilos The public will be able to vote for their BBC lish: sea FC & Manchester United, ing themselves to get into the of slightly smaller carp, and in fourth place, Sports Personality of the Year by telephone “Until June I will be staying & the Club is not competitive first row to have access to the returning from his extended ‘holiday’ and on and details of the numbers to phone will be & will be fighting to get the enough to keep “KUN” with star Argentine International. a peg sandwiched between Roger and Sieg- given out during the programme which will stay tuned! bert, George Holman had a good day out net- be presented by Sue Barker, Gary Lineker CRISTIANO RONALDO & LIONEL MESSI - CONNECTED and Jake Humphrey. ting 30 kilos of good carp. Funny how life pitches two people, in this case Sportsman & Football Players, together to fol- The following week, in typical autumnal low a same path. Destiny? I would´nt know at all, but what I´m sure is that with the years & in weather conditions, members met up on retirement both will look back & thank their rival for pushing them on to their highest levels & prizes. One seems to inspire the other the competitive drive needed to continually push each PREMIERSHIP a section of the Rio Jucar above the ‘Iron Bridge’ for a more challenging match, expect- other out of their “comfort zones” & break their personal frontiers. CRISTIANO RONALDO & ing a hard day with low weights after yet an- LIONEL MESSI. Look at these similiarities: Team P GD PTS other wash through of polluted water but their 1. Both injured, recovered & played in fears proved to be unfounded and on a warm Sundays “Clasico” Chelsea 14 28 36 Man Utd 14 17 31 sunny day it was only the stiff wind that posed 2. Both missed clear goal chances yesterday any real problems. Certainly Roger Ackers fin- 3. Both relative “quite” in their playing roles Tottenham 14 14 26 ished the match with a big smile on his face, yesterday Arsenal 13 18 25 winning his second match on the trot with 4. Both “stars” for their respective teams Liverpool 14 11 23 53 kilos taken on the method feeder in mid- 5. Both in their early 20s stream while on the next peg Siegbert stuck it 6. Messi second to Ronaldo in last years Aston Villa 14 8 23 Man City 13 7 22 out fishing a big chuck to the far bank to come “Golden Ball”/ FIFA World Player, second again with 48.4 kilos. In third place which will be reversed this year. Sunderland 14 1 20 (again), Bernard Greenwood also fished the Stoke 14 -2 20 method feeder, trying to attract the carp with Fulham 14 2 19 some of his secret recipe paste baits, mixes SPANISH FOOTBALL - one is baffled! Was Ronaldo Barça Captain PUYOL who Birmingham 14 -2 18 developed over many years, that helped him injured? Didn´t look like, so was magnificent tonight & LA LIGA 2009 / 2010 why take him off? showed his pure class. Plus, Burnley 14 -12 17 put 36.3 kilos on the scales. Decent weights - ROUND 12 SUNDAY From here Barça regained congratulations to Barça all round, made up of strong, healthy carp of Blackburn 14 -12 17 varying sizes giving the first indication that GAMES RESULTS. control of the game & frus- Coach Guardiola who reacted Wigan 14 -16 17 trated Real Madrid with logical answers (the Ibra- the recent flood water has cleaned the river FC BARCELONA 1 - REAL MADRID Hull 15 -14 16 through and allowed fish stocks to recover. 0 TAKES CLASICO to the point that Lass Diarra himovic change) to their diffi- was sent off as well with cer- cult situation & knew what to Everton 14 -8 15 The only question remaining - Will Roger Real Madrid played the best make it a hat trick? 45 mins of all the season tain irritation seeing how his do under the circumstances. West Ham 14 -2 14 countering the midfield teams clear advantage had Real Madrid has improved & Bolton 13 -13 12 & the ball control of FC Barce- turned into a disadvantage. showed a better image , but Wolverhampton 14 -15 10 Anyone interested in joining the club should lona with great tactical place- Barça then went on to win & lost to missed chances & contact L Fowler on 690366572. retake the Spanish League some outragous Coaching Portsmouth 14 -12 7 ment, concentration & excel- lent play that nearly paid off, Top spot on the ladder. decisions (again!) had it not been for a missed Real Madrid Coach Pellegrini Cristiano Roanldo opportu- has justified - post match Zaragoza 0 - Osasuna 1 (Nek- press conference - his de- ounam 26th min) nity that could have changed cision to take off Cristaino Almeria 1 (Uche 84th min) - At. the course of the match. Bilbao 4 (Martinez 36th, But lets go back in time , why Roanldo with the medical Ustaritz 40th, Llorente 60th & De did Coach Pellegrini put on excuse from World ankle Marcos 77th min) Higuain from the start & leave specialist & Ronaldo´s doc- Racing 0 - Deportivo 1 (Lopo Benzema on the bench? Why tor, Dr.Dijk who advised that 76th min) do I say this? Higuain finally did little or nothing tonight. Ronaldo should only play 60 mins tonight. SFS does´nt Getafe 5 (Soldado 43, 46, 58th min, Parejo 57th & Casquero Increase your chances Lets go forward. Barça brought on IBRAHIMOVIC buy it, nor does it buy Coach Pellegrini decision to put Hi- 60th min) - Xerez 1 ( Arthami 32nd of winning a share of in the 2º half & he took his guain from the start over Ben- min) Valladolid 3 ( Costa 28th & 50th Euromillions jackpot by 3.600% chance to score what turned zema as well. SFS watched min, Cannobio 34th min) - out to be the winning goal in tonights game & comes to Tenerife 3 ( Nino 63rd, Angel the 56th min. Then an im- the conclusion that Coach 71st & Ayoze 85th min) portant moment, Barça Bus- Pellegrini is not the man for Finally & great news for ATLETICO quets receives his second this proyect. His decision to- DE MADRID fans, 4-0 victory yellow & is sent off leaving night to take off Ronaldo with over ESPANYOL. Goals Forlan his team with 10 men. Coach Barça down to 10 men was 25th, Aguero 62nd & 86th & The Trader has recently affiliated with a British lottery syndicate management for SFS unexplainable & cru- Maxi Rodriguez 89th min Pellegrini then decides to firm and we are inviting you, our readers to join us and take advantage of their cial in their loss. Having said FC BARCELONA 1 - REAL MADRID take off Cristiano Ronaldo 0. by IBRAHIMOVIC 56th min: e-lottery syndicate system which to date has won more than 3 million pounds! & put on Benzema...every- this, excellent game from Compared to entering the draw individually it is well known that syndicates fair FRANCE FOOTBALL - TOP 10 CANDI- Inter de Milan Samuel Etoo better where the Lottery is concerned. DATE LIST - GOLDEN BALL 2009 Manchester United Wayne Rooney France Football has released its list of 10 Liverpool Steven Gerrard Benifits BEAT THE ODDS - INCREASES CHANCE OF WINNING A players who are the final candidates for their “Golden Ball Award 2009”. JACKPOT SHARE IN THE LOTTO BY 733% The prize will be made official next Tuesday AND IN THE EUROMILLIONS BY EVEN MORE with FC BARCELONA player LIONEL MESSI fa- vourite. The rumour has it that Cristiano Ron- A STAGGERING 3.600% e-LOTTERY HAS BEEN AROUND FOR 6 YEARS aldo will be second & Xavi Hernandez (FC Bar- SO YOU CAN HAVE COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND. celona) will be third. The other Spanish player on the list is Barça midfielder Andres Iniesta. IT´S THE EASIER AND SMATER WAY TO PLAY THE LOTTERY Here is the list: France Football Goleen Ball BUT DON´T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT Award 2009 Top 10 Candidates: CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF FC Barcelona Leo Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Xavi Hernández & Andrés Iniesta Real Madrid Cristiano, Ronaldo Kaká
  • 21. December 2009 • 962910095 21 Dame Judi Dench talks about the reprise of her role, the Cold turkey much-loved Miss Matty Jenkyns in Cranford the two-part special, for Christmas 2009 on BBC1 Don’t waste your leftover turkey on the usual post-Christmas curries. The week between Christmas and New 250g Turkey, cut into thin strips (leg meat Year’s Day is filled with bargain hunting, gift will have the most flavour) exchanges, parties - and leftovers. Most of us will have turkey, ham, potatoes, roast beef 410g canned chick peas, drained and rinsed 1 handful fresh coriander, or flat-leafed pars- A s the critically acclaimed, multi-award-winning drama Cranford returns to I come to think of it!” While the world continues to spected and distinguished actresses, Judi’s glittering career has encompassed or cranberry sauce sitting in the fridge, and ley, roughly chopped (optional) change in Cranford, the shad- BBC One this Christmas for a ow of the railway still looms stage, screen and television some of the most delicious meals of the year two-part special, Dame Judi and has earned her numer- are the results of a hard day’s Christmas Method over the town. Dench tells Sarah Ward how ous Oscar, Golden Globe, cooking. Heat the oil in a large pan, add the onion she couldn’t wait to reprise “The town is resistant about Olivier and Bafta awards and Big chunks of turkey are too good to waste, and fry for 5 minutes or so, stirring every now her role as the much-loved the railway, which they want nominations. but boring if not treated with imagination. and then until it starts to soften. Miss Matty Jenkyns – so to bring into Cranford,” ex- You don’t have to spend the week making Add the red pepper, ground coriander, chilli plains Judi. “Mr Buxton, his Judi, however, confesses that much so that she immediate- her true passion is the thea- turkey sandwiches - salads and soups, for and rice and stir round the pan for about a ly set aside 10 weeks in her son, William, and his ward, example, are great ways to transform your minute. Erminia, all come back to tre, compared to TV and film, busy schedule for filming. but is full of praise for the leftovers into delicious meals. Pour in the hot stock, stir in the turkey and Cranford, so suddenly there’s Turkey should be used quickly and for food chick peas and season well. Bring to the boil, “We thought that was it after a lot of young blood about the crew of Cranford. safety reasons be eaten within two or three cover and simmer for 8-10 minutes, until the the last series,” says Judi, who place, which is lovely, but we “I prefer the theatre,” she days. vegetables and rice are tender. was delighted at the prospect spend a lot of our time resist- says. “This takes quite a So, instead of the traditional Boxing Day Stir in the coriander or parsley and it’s ready. of returning to Cranford once ing the railway – so there’s a long time. It’s an enormous turkey curry, try these delicious recipes. The soup may now be cooled and frozen for more. “But it’s lovely that it tremendous kind of fight.” amount of work to do in a up to one month. did come back. It’s so beauti- very short schedule, so you fully created again from Eliza- As she talks affectionately Thai Turkey Salad about her time filming Cran- really have to be on the ball. beth Gaskell’s novels – really, But the crew was phenom- by Antony Worrall Thompson (serves 4) Turkey Hash really well-written. ford, Judi recalls one particu- Ingredients by Antony Worrall Thompson (serves 4) lar moment when she lost a enal – I don’t know how they 2 tbsp fresh lime juice Ingredients “I initially wanted to do Cran- crown in her tooth on set and do it. They were brilliant.” 55ml Kikkoman soy sauce 1 small red onion, finely diced ford because it seemed like had to be sent to a dentist in Early next year sees her reu- 1 tbsp Ginger, grated 1 red pepper, de-seeded and finely diced a very different proposition. Ealing. nite with director Peter Hall, 1 tsp ground star anise 2 waxy potatoes, peeled and finely diced I knew the book, because I a theatrical partnership that had to read it at school. I was “There wasn’t time for me 2 tbsp nam pla (Thai fish sauce) 155ml Olive oil to change,” she laughs. “So has lasted some 50 years, 2 tsp Honey 250g Turkey, diced very bored reading it, but as she prepares to play a I was very intrigued by the I was in my wig and bonnet 450g cooked turkey meat, cut into half-inch 2 tbsp tarragon, finely chopped and all my clothes. I went role she first performed as a strips 5 free-range eggs, beaten lightly script when it arrived.” schoolgirl – Titania, in A Mid- into the waiting room and sat 2 red chillies, seeded and finely chopped 8 rashers Bacon, rinds removed The story picks up in the late and registered, and everyone summer Night’s Dream. 4 Spring onions, sliced 4 tbsp crème fraîche summer of 1844 and Miss kept looking at me. When I Over on the silver screen, 1 Cucumber, peeled, seeded and sliced into salt and fresh ground black pepper Matty is adjusting to life fol- got in to see the dentist, he meanwhile, Judi will soon 1cm half moons lowing the loss of her beloved said: ‘Are you busy working at be seen alongside Daniel 3 Tomatoes, cut into wedges Method sister, Deborah, two years the moment?!’ I was wearing Day-Lewis, Penelope Cruz, 2 tbsp chopped fresh mint Cook the red onion, red pepper and potatoes ago. Having longed for mar- a full wig with curls!” Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson 2 tbsp coriander leaves in 125ml olive oil in a non-stick frying pan riage and children, but never and Sophia Loren in Nine, a achieved either, she is relish- So does living in a town like 2 tbsp basil leaves until tender and lightly browned (about 12 Cranford in the 1840s sound vibrant and provocative mu- salt and fresh ground black pepper minutes). ing being at the centre of a sical that follows the life of busy household once more. appealing to Judi? mixed salad leaves, to serve Put the turkey and tarragon into a mixing world-famous film director bowl and season to taste. Add the eggs to For Judi, there was a wonder- “Oh no,” she says shaking her Guido Contini. Method the bowl and combine well. ful feeling of the old gang be- head. “No – I wouldn’t have liked to have lived back then So will Judi be watching Cran- In a saucepan combine the lime juice, soy, Heat the 2 tablespoons of olive oil in the ing back together again and ford over the festive period? ginger, star anise, fish sauce and honey. non-stick frying pan. Spoon in the mixture while old favourites return to – all that washing! Mind you, Cook for 2 minutes over a medium heat and to cover the whole pan. Cook for about 5 Cranford, a host of newcom- when I was little we didn’t “I’ll be spending Christmas allow to cool. minutes, then turn and lightly brown the ers arrive. have a dishwasher, we didn’t at home with the family and Add the remaining ingredients, except the other side. have a washing machine friends,” she says. “It’ll be “Oh we gave the newcom- – we didn’t have any of those lovely. If I’m not actually do- salad leaves. Season to taste and serve on Meanwhile, grill the bacon rashers until ers a really horrible time the dressed salad leaves. crisp. things, so we had a bit of that ing anything then I will be – especially Jonathan Pryce at the end of the Thirties. watching Cranford. I don’t To serve, cut the hash into wedges. Put dol- [who plays Mr Buxton]!” she lops of crème frâiche at the side with some “But I don’t think I would like watching myself, though, Perky Turkey Soup laughs. but I don’t mind watching tel- by Good Food Magazine (serves 4) crispy bacon. have liked it, other than to The returning cast donned experience the community of evision.” Ingredients their same costumes from 1 tbsp Olive oil the people, which is what is A million miles away in the the last series, although Judi important.” quiet village of Cranford, 1 large onion, halved and sliced into thin did have one small complaint strips Judi is full of praise for one of meanwhile, life is set to about her period attire. change in some very unex- 1 red pepper, seeded and sliced into thin Cranford’s stars of the four- strips “We begged for more mittens legged variety – Sykes the pected ways. Let’s hope the 2 tsp ground coriander – for new mittens – but we dog, who makes an appear- trials and tribulations of life 0.5 tsp chilli flakes didn’t get our way!” laughs ance in a couple of scenes. in the small Cheshire market 3 tbsp Basmati rice, or long grain rice Judi. “They’re woollen mit- town don’t take their toll on tens and if you wear them “You know what they say Miss Matty. 1.5 litres turkey or chicken stock, hot about not working with chil- for a long while, they stretch. “She deserves a bit of hap- So consequently, between dren or animals; well, I’d like to have a two-hander with piness – it’s about bloody takes, you find yourself pick- time!” laughs and jokes Judi. ing at them and then they Sykes the dog – he was sen- sational and never put a paw “Poor old Miss Matty! She stretch. starts to have a really nice out of line. He was wonder- “I could have knitted or cro- ful!” time, though – wait until cheted a couple of pairs, now Cranford 3!” One of Britain’s most re-
  • 22. T rader Free Classifieds - Household - Garden private goods under 500€ Classifieds FREE CLASSIFEDS UNDER 25 WORDS PER ADVERTISER and UNDER 500 EUROS HOUSE HOLD GOODS ONLY Email Over 25 words charged at 15 c/pw Want to save Money? Goods over 500€, cars motor bikes, boats trailers etc etc all See page 10 business related, property for sale or for rent are 20 cents c/pw Tel 902733622 FOR SALE 50€ no offers, ceiling fan/light (english) 8€ 2 portable gas fires vgc 25€ each be- HYDROFLOW HS34 - New in the box - to prevent and eliminate limescale. 145€ ideal for shed or Garage, 50 € - FRENCH PROVENCIAL Dressing table with mir- DIGITAL TV AERIAL: Excellent condition. 30€. Lliria area. Can DINING CHAIRS 4 pine,cane seats 100€. neixama tel:965 979 368 Call 651378241 ror 50 € - Tel 659329366 deliver. Tel: 96 1105 196 Cane coffee table round 65 cms across 25€ TEKA double motor cooker hood. 3 yrs PASQUAL Rotovator Tractor with 7 WHEELCHAIR light.easy folding.quick TEAK OVAL extending table plus 4 Bathroom cabinet, white melamine 38cms old. €40. Tel 617632094 Castalla blades and 4 gears. 300€ Tel. Ontinyent release wheels.with comfort cushion. chairs and 2 carvers v.g c. 130e, Oval mir- wide, 32 cms depth, 82 cms high 40€. Al- BLACK CERAMIC electrical Hob €130. 634119125 or 962910768 removable feetrests.hardley used,like ror with teak surround 10 eu.Mountain cossebre 964413026, mob 662513461 Black fronted electrical Oven €230. never 2 FOLD UP put me up beds with mat- new.175€. 627019403 bike as new 45eu. Xativa Tel 962254274. DIGITAL ARIEL,as new.20€. Oliva. Tel been used. No electrics so changing to gas. tresses never used 35 euro’s each, nr Alzira FRIDGE Freezer, large fridge small WHEELCHAIR,folding,light,immacula 617534221 Real bargains. Call Chris 662116676 tele 96 2589036 or mobile 610053553 freezer, suitable for outside/garage use.40 te condition.175€. 4 wheel walker.little HP PHOTOSMART 2575 ALL-IN-ONE LARGE KENNEL for sale. Plastic, house NEW PORCELAIN SHOWEr tray 80 €s ono. Tel 617835027 seat.basket.breaks.99€. 627019403 printer, scanner and copier excellent con- style, red roof, cream walls. Suit Alsatian euros. bebe confort 3 in 1 travel system SONY HANDYCAM digital LARGE PARROT cage size aprox H190 dition 60.00€. Tel 663 770 387 Ontinyent or larger dog. Hardly used very good con- vgc. 250. satellite dish 2.4m, boxed.un- camcorder,as new, boxed 100€ Tel x L110 x W80cm, black/grey, 30€. . Tel FROST FREE FRIDGE freezer. Class dition 65€ ono 600263360 used. 450€ Tel 962201540/637046143 696141493 (Albaida) 646 260 841. A 3 drawer freezer, fridge above. Excel- OFFICE CHAIR gas-rise,swivel castors DOUBLE PINE wardrobe with slid- TOYOTA MASTEr Ace Surfer. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// lent condition,One year old.€250 ono. 11€, Dog Transport Cage new, condition ing doors & 2 draws.85€ 2 Wrought Iron reg. Breaking for spares. Currently con- 600263360 or 960 706 321 Beniganim 54€ chairs/soft seats & a round table 110€ verted to 12kva generator. 300 €s.Tel BRICK/TILE SAWSTIHLTS400 . Electric Dehumidifier 38€, Dental Large dining room table with 6 chairs 671204334. Muro Motor (Petrol) 4.3 HP Weight Chair 125€ Vertical Drill stand 8€ Tel 350€ Tel 96 284 3919 BEAUTY COUCH for sale, mint 9.4Kg as new 1.100 euro sell for 400€ 966498884 . COMPUTER table on castors nearly new condition, detachable arms and head Pool slide, can be collected. Please call o.n.o. Tel:962386126 Ontinyent SOLAR PANELS 110Watts 24Volts €20 tel 671493090 pinoso area rest. Cost over 300€ sell for €180 Sax Tel Audrey on 965 058 106. GAS BOTTLES - 3 Orange 1 Silver 20 400€ each. Deep cycle batteries 2v cells 3 PIECE TRAVEL SYSTEM, Genuine 664109631 UPVC glazed door+frame ,,contact keith euros each. Tel 964783530 Ontinyent can be configured for 12 or 24 volts. 85€ reason for sale is in excellent condition, HAMMOCK, wide grey mesh with head- 662036231castalla FULL SIZE ENTEBE Table Tennis ta- each.Tel 618007174 near Torrevieja bought for 400 euros selling for 100€ rest. Free standing on grey metal frame. AIR RIFLE 177 or 22 resonable con & ble in excellent condition. 150€ o.n.o. HONDA 4 HP Wacker compactor plate ONO. Phone 965530893 or 699322102 35 €s. Can be delivered locally.Monserrat price 962202226 GEMnova digital Piano hardly used. Any in VGC. 450mm X 600mm base size, with CIRCULAR TABLE &4 matching 625 819734 BIKE to suit 5-7 yr old. Lliria area. Tel sensible offer accepted. Tel 964 783 530 GX120 petrol engine. First time starter. chairs(rustico) 100euros. o.n.o. 2 seater MOBILE AIR-CONDITIONER Ecron 962703160 (6-9 p.m.) Ontinyent Euro 350 ono. Tel 965977015 recling sofa & 2 matching Fresh Paradise little used like new for sale 2.4m sat dish with stand. Not petal LOG EFFECT ELECTRIC stove 55€. /////////////////////////////////////////////// rocking chairs in oatmeal upholstery. at 119.00€ Tel 962586148 or 658586539 type please.Cash waiting. Can collect. Pace Sky digi box 80€. 1 meter Satellite IKEA Double Hi-bed 100€.Porcelain 100€ tel 610812776. GIRLS BIKE, suit (Carcaixent Area) L’Olleria Tel:600071378 dish with LNB 90€. Tel. 962831578 Shower Tray 90€, 3in1 Pram Travel Sys- 8 - 10 years. 25€ Bread making machine ELECTRIC SUBMERSIBLe Pump, used ELECTRIC guitar amplifier. Anything KING SIZE bed, antique pine 50€ Pace tem 250€ Tel 962201540 or 637043143 25 euros. Upright piano for sale. Excel- in water deposit, complete with long hose up to 30 watts considered. Tel Sky+ digibox 100€, Flymo garden vac ZANUSSI fridge freezer, very good lent condition in tune. 500€ Villena Tel and connections. 50 €’s. CASTALLA Tel 962135869 15€, Bosch kettle 10€ Tel 696141493 (Al- condition. dynamic air cooling, 3 drawer 965814647 666945917 Tall Fritch freezer and Bicycle Trainer in baida) freezer, large fridge, 150€ ono. Pedralba LARGE QUANTITY SBS Timber 15mm “WATER SOFTENER Permutit for 3 good working condition.Tel. 962910768 BOSCH, drill 20€, Bosh saw 20€, area. 96 2707229/ 680790059 roof sheets. 8ftx4ft.€ 150.00 Electric Par- bed house or smaller Little used 90€s tel or 644431408 Ontinyent Bosh Plainer 15€, Bosh grinder 20€ Tel AS NEW Frost Free fridge freezer. Edesa rafin heater no smell still boxed cost € 965514153 Planes. 962135038 Ontinyent class A Bought August 2008, but hardly 225.00 TRAMPOLINE ( 36 inch wide) 10 WANTED. CHICKENS VORWERKs trio and light used. Sell 300€ No Offers. Tel 960 706 Will accept € 100.00. 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Tel: 676711398 Sax the lot call 663031188 or 96 64 76 038 panels, inverters, chargers, FULL SIZE SNOOKER TABLE, fully BIRD CAGES metal 2€ each, SKY DIGIBOX . PACE DS430N . As (Ondara) refurbished, complete with balls, overhead wooden handmade 4€ each. Stand for new condition, €85.00 Tel; 962127696 / BABY BLUE/gold macaw.hand reared batteries, etc, etc. light, cues and rests. Available to view or bird cage 5€, Bird feeding table on cement 626999666 cudley tame. will be ready oct.more details Also, solar hot water try out 2,500€. Transport and installation stand. 10€, armchar that opens out as a INVERTER / CHARGER. 3.5KW. 12V phone IBI 965528203 APRILLA Moped, equipment. can be arranged. Tel 366923051 or e-mail single bed. 20€ Oliva area. 645888186 D.C. to 230AC .Peak of 9KW Built in good cond, 300 €s, Cash waiting, Call 686 181 995. JETMASTER Coal and Gas Fire, 50Amp Battery Charger. As new in box . Tel Salinas 651103816 TREADMILL, electric, excellent con- Mat black surround, Piezo start,size €350.00 Tel; 962127696 / 626999666 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// dition, cost 1000€ sell for 500€ Possi- ble Delivery Hand Pallet truck 500€ Tel 700Wx580H, Runs on LPG. coals, fit- tings incl €95, Tel 966517397, Alcocer 2.8KW BRIGGS & STRATTON GENERATOR. In metal frame with TWO ONE thousand litre water deposits,good condition, 65 euro’s each or STAMPS WANTED 622381314 (Bocairent) De Planes wheels. reliable , excellent condition 120 for two.Also water pump & hose 60 Hi I am fourteen and have just BALAY GAS Cooker 4 rings 90cm COMPUTER desk for sale, nearly new, €180.00 Tel; 962127696 / 626999666 euro’s.TIBI area. Tel 666945917 started stamp collecting width pwo €150, Electric Blanket single on castors. €20 tel. 671493090 pinoso WEDDING DRESS Hand made size PACE SKY + box for sale 100 €. 2.4m so if you have any stamps bed used once €20, Scholl Foot Massager 1 UPVC double glazed front door and 12-16 Strapless with corset style tie up petalised Satellite dish brand new with from any where in any condi- used once €15, Decathalon Skate Board frame new 375€ and 1 interior Castil- back very beautifull crystals. 100 euros stand 320 €. Small trailer with spare wheel Bag new €10 5 pairs boys jeans 27 -28 lon door laquered light oak 90€ new Tel Tel:962500263 Bunol and cover 140 €. Ontnyent 638614518 tion would you consider send- inch waist new €5 each or €20 the lot. 965474696 or 634003146 WHITE WICKER dressing-table semi- TEKA Electric oven and 4 burner gas ing them to me please. Tel617930298 Casinos / Lliria area Ideal Christmas Present Yamaha digital circular mirror and stool 80e.patio-heater hob. White. Less than 2 years old. Per- I don’t have any money but i PINE SINGLE BED - a nice bed (has keyboard (boxed) as new, english instruc- used twice 100€ goblin vacuum cleaner fect working order and very clean condi- can pay for the postage to me. some scratches/marks) but still in pretty tion book included 70€ Xativa 962131313 25€ Tel 966979630(pinoso area) tion.€75. Can deliver locally. 960615106 good condition - still has a good few years HONDA 4 HP Wacker compactor plate HAMMOCK, wide grey mesh with head- (Lliria) Please call Lizzie on of life. Mattress not included. Bed costs in VGC. GX120 petrol engine. Euro 350 rest. Free standing on grey metal frame. 35 GENTS MOUNTAIN BIKE bought from 672883797 25€. (I do have a nice mattress and may ono. AIR RIFLE, American “Benjamin euros. Can be delivered locally.Monserrat the U.K. (never used) 26” wheels . Fully sell - just ask). Lliria area. Can deliver (ex- tra charge). Please call Sandra 961105196 Franklin” bb/177, perfect condition. POA Tel 965977015 625 819 734 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// adjustable seat. (120 € new) Bargain at 60 €, FREEZER (UPRIGHT) Hardly used. 6 pets BOOKS - over 60 assorted paper backs in WASHING MACHINE Blue sky.blf ALUMINIUM extending ladder 50€. compartments ‘A’ rated (400 € new) Bar- ENGLISH BULLDOG cute akc reg good condition. All genres, many different 1006,1000spin,quick wash 30 mins,1year Bosch 1100 hammer, complete with vari- gain at 160€. Tel. 0208 133 2769 anytime. vaccinated available for FREE adoption. authors. 35€. Tel 962214144 Barxeta. old €90 965475601 SAX ous chisels 500€..Two Delongi electric oil Montroy area. THE DOG IS outstanding cute...WOW! SOLAR BATTERIES Hoppecke 560Ah LARGE GAS LOCKFIRE .NEW 1.200€. filled radiators 35 € each.Above ground DOMENA PRESS, model sp2000 in very pure white coat and she is a dazzler! Not Set of Six €125 Each. Tel 962127696 Bu- Will accept 350€ Tel 696060428 swimming pool 150€. Tel.965 810 470 good condition €75,00 Tel 661260510 to mention that she is AKC CH. sired by nol. WOOD BUURNING stove complete SECURITY GRILLS. one 2.80w x 2.40h SILVER TRAY (mappin webb) 56x39cm Only Re-Ha’s Goldberg and she IS look- TELESCOPE,BRASS and wood victo- with flue 64cms high 55cms wide 4cms galvanised, one silver, priced at 90€ the 50€ Tel 671418712 Hondon ing for a good and caring home. and have rian style.floor standing excellent condi- deep good condition 120€ Onil area Tel pair to go. 80cm dish/bracket/twin INB GARDEN SHREDDER 70€. CEMENT all health records and so if interested in tion.60€ Oliva Tel.617534221 660849372 40€Nr Xative 618166419 MIXER, Guy Noel, instruction book. providing the dog the best home then feel DISHWASHER. Lynx aquasafe. Used 50 English Paperbacks all in good con- MOTORCYCLE Richa Jacket.Size 50€, BICYCLES - Man’s mountain free to contact me on revpeter_S@yahoo. once only. 100 euros, o.n.o. Buyer collects. dition, easy reading - various authors 35€ 42. Red & Black. 20€ . Ashman black bike and ladies folding bike, 15 € each com for more details and pictures. Ontinyent/Albaida area. Ring 962900793 the lot Tel 663031188 trousers UK32 / EUR52. 15€. Oliva. 96 Tel:649323410 Muro area thanks or 646062859 Caravan Tabbert Comtesse OFFICE DESK: Light oak finish. 283 8104 , ELECTRIC fridgefreezer 2 mens CATS, We are brother and sister 2 years 650, 2000€. a new gas water heater Edesa Modern and sturdy. Almost ‘as new’ TWO Eco Panel Radiators no longer re- bicycles. £45 each. Car rack carrier £10, old PEPA rescue sterilized, castrated and 100€. a new elec. water pump 100€. A new condition and comes with a pedestal two quired €30 each (castalla ) 6669988805 3. 3 printers. All at £25, Matsui video.£5, vaccinated.We were apartment cats so Honda Generator es 500 Premac €700. all drawer unit (suitable for hanging files). OVAL dinning table 6 chairs with inlay Morphy Richards breadmaker £15. Elec- space is not a problem all we want is a prices negotable. Tel 628763493. This is a good quality desk and was nearly 160 €s or ono Large pine wardrobe 160 tric foor steamer. £15 Tel. 962127672 or loving home phone Lesley @ Kittycare WINDOWS XP/Vista, Office 2007,1Web- 400€ not cheap when purchased in the UK €s or ono, Lady golf set 120 €s ono La- 677044756. Bunol. 659 249 313 cam, 2Routers,1Desk, 1Chair,2Keyboards, (not long ago). Now only 150€. Lliria area dies golf shoes new size 5 25€s ono.Tel HALL STAND Teak finish, Mirror, 2 DOGS can be viewed at Salinas at 2Mice,2Harddrives,2Dvd-rewriters, (delivery possible – ask for details). Call 600244505 drawers, 2 coat hangers cost 325€, will Lezsonjas boarding kennel. Tel 1Monitor, Dual Processor, 3gb Memory. Andrew 961105196 ROTOVATOR MEPPY 4 150 € LAURA sell 150€ Maple type Table and 4 uphol- 677343653 €200 Contact 637140622 (Denia) ASHLEY carpet approx 8’ by 5’ pink rose stered Chairs 100€. Exercise weights plus FAGOR GAS BOILER incl. flue v.g.c. pattern, 50 € - DEXION type shelving frame 125€ Aspe area, Tel 650173996
  • 23. T rader Classifieds Free - Household - goods under 500€ max 25words The Trader Business FORD TRANSIT VAN 1998 Ford Transit 190 lwb Van, fitted with heavy duty springs, excellent runner ,new PROPERTY Directory tyres, Ready for work, 700 euros Tel 693501697 T134 Business contact no page AMANDAS CURTAINS Tel 67601775......p17 BOATS A&G TRADING REMOVALS 618228928.. p17 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 648 16 90 45 / Boat for sale 4 metres long with trailer 625 912 078 ........................................p14 and petol 5HP outboard also electric apad-denia DOG SHELTER 699 872 157. P11 outboard. All in excellent condition ideal ARA ABOGADOS 962287297.................. p3 for fishing. Telephone 600242061. T135 B2A REMOVALS 628029714................. p17 Want to save Money? See page 10 BARKING BARXETA CANINE HOTEL Motor adverts 6856348..............................................p11 BENIFICIAL INSURANCE SERVICE SPAIN 20 cents per word per issue Villar del Arzobispo, 3 double beds, poss to 965791222......................................... p13 extend it, 1 bath, kitchen, lounge. Mains water, Tel 902733622 mains electric. Outbuildings. Very good access, BOCAIRENT BUILDERS 962135731....... p16 BRITISH TELECOM AUTHORISED DEALER 5 min into the village. 110m2 living sp, 4000m2 plot. 120,000eur(Ref 4018) Tel 962728066 902733633 ...........................................p7 BUY Building plot for sale in a residential area in BULGARIAN BUILDERS 962838363 / 660913842......................................... p16 Sit Vacant OWN HOUSE VALL DE GALLINERA 35 mins from Oliva Beach The centrally heated Camp Lliria. The last one available. Mains water connected, possible to connect mains C&G BUILDERS 965475509 accomodation comprises of a large groundfloor electric. Ideal for wooden chalets. 4,600m2. 685246220......................................... p16 A small company is looking for Account room which has potential for more rooms 20,000eur(Ref 3505) Tel 962728066 CARBOOT VERGEL ENG 630949816 Manager and Sales Representative Pedralba house to be finished, mains water SELL and/or storeplace. 2 double bedrooms one /Spanish 649296041............................p1 ,Please contact us for more details. Re- with annexe sitting room. Fully fitted Kitchen, and mains electric, 1km into the town, lovely views, good access. 2/3 beds, bath, lounge, CALFRI HEATING & COOLING SYSTEMS quirements Have access to the internet Living Room, Breakfast Balcony and Terrace. 962201121..........................................p16 weekly. Email Price 99.000 euros or Property Exchange opened kitchen. All materials included in the considered in the chesterfield or Alfreton area price. Very good value. 80,000eur(Ref 4046) Care Free House Maintenance for further Information Ref135 Tel 962728066 962201540 / 671433867.................... p16 (Derbyshire)For more details and photos go to BEAUTIFUL Reformed House 270m2 in the CARPENTARY 676041413......................p16 SWAP to view TELECOMMUNICATIONS Or contact the owner direct Tel Mrs Scutt on unique village of Tollos nr Cocentaina. Full details see www.houseforsalecostablanca. CARPENTER PAINTER FERRI 679131723.p16 Representitives required in 96 6406505 sps CASTALLA FRYER FISH & CHIP SHOP 235,000€ o.n.o Tel 0044 1173770125 LAND IN VALLE DE ALCALI. South 637134324......................................... p15 The Provinces of Valencia facing, 11500msq, bargain 23000 euros Tel T34 CAUDETE GARDEN CENTRE 639590102.. p1 Alicante, Castellon, Tarragona Carl 636716693 T134 MONTROY BARGAIN READY TO MAKE YOUR OWN €109,000 Great opportunity COSTA AZAHAR HOMES OLIVA 962856034......p21 RENT LOVELY 5th floor apt. Oliva 3beds, master Barcelona en suite, balcony with uninterrupted views. to buy a ‘beautiful house in the making’. CURRENCIES DIRECT 965745471......... .p5 Must be car owner, Previous 110,000 €. Tel 962856034 /962853510 ref Very well built & fully legal with escritura. Denia Cat Protection 649540612.........p11 sales experience an tscah Suit developer/builder/DIYer to complete. 3 DH GARDEN SERVICES 962443842 ENGLISH SUPERMARKET, fully stocked, bedrooms, kitchen, shower room, large lounge., /652020655....................................... p16 advantage but not essential. excellent trade, due to retirement,including all Side & front terrace. There is mains water and Dressmaking Alterations. 965529865.. p17 Good people skills, and stock, 60,000 €. Tel 962856034 /962853510 electricity is available. Minutes from Montroy EASYPC 638127717..................................p17 DIRECT & Turis. 686671653 TS committed individuals need ref tscah NEAR OLIVA, deluxe mobile home, 3beds, ALBORACHE €194,000 *Large Town FIREWOOD PARRA 696320315............. p17 only apply conservatory, sat system, swimming pool, land. House with 2 self contained Apartments * FOOD FROM HOME SAX 966311436...... p15 74,900 € Tel 962856034 /962853510 ref tscah 5 beds* 2 Bathrooms* 2 Kitchens* Patio* G.B REFORMS OFFICE OLIVA, town house, good area, 3 bed, €700/m rental potential* Ground floor 2 966968132/627797630.....................p16 Contract plus commision reformed, roof terrace, 75,000 €. Tel 962856034 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, large L shaped General Odd Jobs Man Mark Full Training /962853510 ref tscah lounge/dinner with fireplace. Courtyard patio 691235211......................................... p16 with store cupboard & utility space. Upstairs Good potential growth LA FONT, 3 bed apt., good condition with apartment 3 large bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom GOLD WANTED 659835036...................p17 private 30m2 terrace. 79,000 €. Tel 962856034 HAIRDRESSER CHERYL 615073550...... p17 /962853510 ref tscah and lounge/dinning room Mains water and HORIZON INSURANCE Tel 634154280. OLIVA, massive reduction, beautifully electricity. Could be improved with renovation, 902906763..........................................p3 reformed 3 bed t/house in very good area, current state has a rental potential of 350€/m per lovely terrace 110,000 € Tel 962856034 flat. Access to A3 motorway. Close to Bunol, HOUSE CLEARANCE 686198531...........p17 /962853510 ref tscah Macastre and Chiva. 691235211 ts IBEX INSURANCE 962282370.............p13 NEAR OLIVA town hall, 150m2 4bed t/house, ONTINYENT . Casa Sirrah, 10,000m2 plot. INLAND TRADER ONTINYENT S.L 902733622 2 terraces, sat system, good condition. 116,000 Landscaped gardens, private forest area, large Javea Removals 966457684...................P5 €. Tel 962856034 /962853510 ref tscah Driveway parking for 5+ cars, almond orchard, KOSY KAFF CAUDETE 965825919.......... p15 10 x 5 filtered pool. On two levels, down stairs, LOW RAFOL DE SALEM, stunning 3bed t/ LEBARA MOBILE DISTRIBUTOR house, terrace leading from master bed, with 2 bedroom Bathroom, American style kitchen dinner lounge. Upper level 4 bedrooms, Kitchen 634154280......................................... p20 fabulous views of mountains. Tel 962856034 /962853510 ref tscah breakfast room. Large lounge and terrace. LEZSONJAS KENNELS 966182830......... p10 MANWITHAVAN.ES 961105196..............p17 COST FANTASTIC BARGAIN, Oliva Nova Bathroom. swimming pool 10 x 5 filtered with Golf, I bed luxury apt. on this exclusive Roman steps. Out side bar area. Large paella MBR ELECTRICAL 626870197................p16 development,good rental income, 136,000 € house with storage. Satellite system and satellite MG AIR CONDITIONING 687194412.......p16 Tel 962856034 /962853510 ref tscah tracker phone, sold part furnished and inc MY VALENCIAN HOME 962 728 066 Storage BARGAIN VILLA, due to personal reasons Renault Laguna 2.2d (´96). Sterling settlement 637 185 746 ........................................p20 can be negotiated. Valued at 475,000 –asking this 2 bed beautiful villa at Les Fois is offered P.E.P.A 650304746.............................. p11 for very low price of 139,000 € negotiable. Tel Price 320,000€ Tel 618329511 ONTINYENT TOWN HOUSE, 280 m square PAIN MANAGEMENT Xativa 666633591..p17 962856034 /962853510 ref tscah XATIVA – Stone Built Farmhouse partly reformed, mortgage availble to transfer PLUMBING & HEATING Mike 660784503 /962297363.................... p16 SHORT & 3 Beds 2 baths Completely reformed. CH . AC 130,000 euros. . All mains . ADSL. Bar . Pool.Hot Spa. Feature CASITA BISQUERT, GREAT REFORM POOL TECHNICIAN Mike gardens 359.000€ - 962282370 PROJECT, filter swimming pool , out buildings, 660784503 / 962297363...................p16 LONG TERM rates XATIVA – Repossession Investment Villa – 3 beds + pool 110m2 all mains. Legal. Sought fully fenced, main electric telephone water. 135 euros o.n.o 634154280 P.S SERVICE Tel: 697626312...............p17 Protectora de Animales, Castalla Tel 962280634 after area. – 140,000€ O.N.O – 962282370 APAERTMENT XATIVA ALL MOD CONS 690719675............................... ..........p11 Spanish registered company XATIVA Town –Top quality 4 bed 1st floor 4 BED SPACIAOUS small terrace, 245 euros Tel 634154280 RETURNING TO UK? 671797151 ...........p17 apartment. CH AC . 2 parking spaces , must be RK BUILDERS 669915977.....................p16 Boxed advert. Black & white viewed – 269.000€ - 962282370 RK ELECTRICAL 669025938................. p16 GENOVES Nr Xativa – 3 bed 3 bath det villa. Ch.AC. Fully modern. Pool. Garage Property Linage S.J SATELLITES 660288403................... p8 30mm x 60mm - 11.00€ & outbuildings. Bargain at 359,000€ - adverts SAMARITANS 902883535 .......................p14 962229026 SAT&PC GUY 962819796.......................p8 46mm x 60mm - 18.50€ Cottage for sale in the lovely area of Casinos. 20 cents PER WORD. SPAMA GANDIA SHELTER 962 813 226.. p11 2/3bed, 1 bath, kitchen, lounge. 95m2 living EMAIL STORAGE & REMOVALS600291432....... p17 space, Mains water & electric. 85,000eur.(Ref STRUCTURAL SURVEYS MARK PADDON 60mm x 60mm - 24.00€ 3718) Tel 962728066 962807247 .........................................p21 Villa to be finished in Villar del Arzobsipo, Tel 902733622 SWIFT BOX SATELLITE TV 680357586......p8 60mm x 90mm - 33.00€ two floors, 7 beds, 2 baths. 3000m2plot, 260m2built. Deposit water, electric has to be SWIMMING POOL COVERS 618451146..p16 solar &/or genny. 79,000eur.(Ref 3747) Tel TEC- FONTA PLUMBING 671090924...... p16 All prices are per issue based on 962728066 TERRACE BLINDS & AIRCON 685246220.p17 Beautiful 5 bedroomed villa in Villar del LARGE 2 BEDROOM , Apartment newly THE SAT MAN 687954437....................... p8 Arzobispo, recently reformed, spacious refurbished in historic Bocairent 290 euros per THE SPANISH PROPERTYSHOP a min booking of 3 adverts, lounge, kitchen with diner, one bath, 5 double month Tel 660635192 or 649450882 t134. 600291432......................................... p32 beds. Terraces, pool. Mains utilities. Great LARGE HOUSE / SHOP ONTINYENT 400 value. 135m2 living space, 1100m2 plot. UK STANDARD PLASTERER 962390058. p17 subject to 16% i.v.a. 145,000eur.(Ref 4041) Tel 962728066 euros per month. Tel 618329511. VET CLINIC ONTINYENT 962910603........p10 2 RENTALS IN SAX. XATIVA TRADING POST 962280634 .........p10 Tel 902733622 Property with potential in Villar del Arzobsipo, mains water and electric can be connected. 30 mins from Alicante Airport. Two building on one plot & pool. 3000m2 plot, 3 Bed 2 bath water/ electric / sky Emergency service 112 150m2+50m2 built. 40,000eur.(Ref 3662) included, swimming pool 500€pm Consulate Alicante 96 521 60 22 / 2 Bed 2 bath water electric included, Old Domeno,great location, casita of 1 bed, 1 swimming 350€pm. View properties at out of hours emergency 96 521 61 90 bath, kitchen with fantastic views. Mains water, Personal electric can be connected. 40m2 built, 500m2 plot. 29,000eur (Ref 3948) Tel 962728066 Tel 966968132 - 635166687 Villar del Arzobispo, 4 double bed, big lounge, TWO GAY MEN in their 60’s would kitchen, 1 bath, mains water, solar+genny like to meet other similar guys for electric. Ready to move in. 800m2 plot, socialising, fun and friendship in 100m2 living sp. 99,950eur (Ref 3892) Tel the Valencia area. Please contact 962728066 Bugarra, new build, 3 double beds, 1 Bill or Eddy on (Mobile) 665 590 968 bath,kitchen,lounge. 110m2living sp, 2500m2 plot. Beautiful views, ready to move in. Mains Tel 902733633 water, genny electricity. 99,000eur(Ref 3968 )
  • 24. Now you have a choice BT MOBILE Calls to UK mobiles 10 cents per min Calls to UK Land Lines 10 cents per min Calls to landlines in Spain FREE Calls to other BT mobiles FREE BT Wishes you all a very Merry Christmas For further details Tel 902733633 and we will return your call to discuss your requirements or Text ‘Mobile’ to 634153664 Mon - Fri 09,30 -18,30 We speak your language 902733633