Tamarind Seed Husk Exporter & Manufacturer,SRI BALASANKA MILL


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SRI BALASANKA MILL - Manufacturer and Supplier of Tamarind Seed Husk. We are well known for our product quality and best economical prices. Our products are also soluble in cold water.

Get more details visit us : http://www.sribalasankamill.com/tamarind-seed-husk.html

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Tamarind Seed Husk Exporter & Manufacturer,SRI BALASANKA MILL

  1. 1. Manufacture And Exporter Of Tamarind Seed Husk http://www.sribalasankamill.com/tamarind-seed-husk.html
  2. 2. http://www.sribalasankamill.com/tamarind-seed-husk.html About Us : ➢ Year of Establishment 2001 ➢ Exclusive quality products ➢ Trusted and reliable vendor base ➢ Agreement with business ethics ➢ Sophisticated infrastructure ➢ Highly experienced team
  3. 3. Product Quality Client Satisfaction Compliance with Regulatory Norms State-of-the-art Processing Infrastructure http://www.sribalasankamill.com/tamarind-seed-husk.html Why Us :
  4. 4. http://www.sribalasankamill.com/tamarind-seed-husk.html Export Markets : ➢ Srilanka ➢ Korea ➢ China ➢ Singapore ➢ Indonesia
  5. 5. http://www.sribalasankamill.com/tamarind-seed-husk.html Tamarind Seed Husk Sri Balasanka Mill is a well certified company which is engaged is manufacturing and supplying of high calorific value Tamarind Seed Husk. This husk is basically the brown outer shell of tamarind seed which is obtained only after proper decortications of roasted seeds. Once the decortication process is completed, about 35% of Tamarind Seed Husk is produced which is also a bye product. This is a very useful product and is widely used as cattle feed and fuel. The exact composition of the seed husk is of about 20 – 22% Tannins and 20 – 22% fiber. Along with this, we also offer various other useful products that include Water Soluble Tamarind Powder, Tamarind Kernel Husk, Dried Tamarind Seed Husk, and many more.
  6. 6. http://www.sribalasankamill.com/tamarind-seed-husk.html Product Range : Tamarind Kernel Powder Tamarind Kernel Husk Dried Tamarind Seed Husk
  7. 7. http://www.sribalasankamill.com/tamarind-seed-husk.html Tamarind Kernel Powder The best quality raw material is used in the manufacturing of tamarind kernel powder. The seed consists of : Testa or seed coat (20-30%) Endosperm or White kernel (70- 75%)
  8. 8. S http://www.sribalasankamill.com/tamarind-seed-husk.html Dried Tamarind Seed Husk Dried Seed Husk is obtained from roasting the tamarind seed, which is a high calorific value material. Prime use of Tamarind Seed Husk is as biomass fuel. It proves as an efficient substitute of wood and other material such as bagasse. Above all, its production cost is less and thus available at competitive rates. Owing to its high calories, it is also used as a supplement in cattle feed. Being the commercially popular burning material, we ensure its availability in bulk quantity so that customers can easily avail the product for varied uses.
  9. 9. http://www.sribalasankamill.com/tamarind-seed-husk.html Tamarind Kernel Husk
  10. 10. Contact Us : Mr. Krishnamoorthy (Managing Director) 27, PTRP Road, ST Puram, 625531, Theni , Tamil Nadu , India +919442612177, +919626632177 http://www.sribalasankamill.com/