Ammonium Formate Exporter, Manufacturer, Mumbai


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Buy Ammonium Formate from AVA CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED. Exporter, Manufacturer & Supplier of Ammonium Formate, Ammonium Sulphate Solution, HEDP,HEDP 100,HEDP 175,HEDP Na4,HEDP Na2,HEDP Na,HEDP 50%,HEDP 60%,HEDP 600,Mono Potassium Phosphate, NTA Acid,Trisodium NTA (Liquid),Trisodium NTA (powder) from mumbai,India

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Ammonium Formate Exporter, Ammonium Formate Manufacturer, Ammonium Formate Supplier, Ammonium Formate Mumbai,Ammonium Formate India

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Ammonium Formate Exporter, Manufacturer, Mumbai

  1. 1. AVA CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier Of Ammonium Formate
  2. 2. AVA CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED ABOUT US ➢ Facility Highly Quality ➢ Product Offer ➢ Customized Product ➢ Ethical Business ➢ Practices Industry
  3. 3. AVA CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED WHY US ➢ Offering customization products ➢ Proficient team members ➢ Competitive prices ➢ Timely delivery
  4. 4. AVA CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED Key Features: ➢ Quality testing can be measured easily ➢ Gives best output after quality testing ➢ High purity and authenticity of product ➢ Secure & environment friendly packaging ➢ Easy Production process ➢ Quality assured chemical compounds used ➢ Quality-tested ingredients ➢ Extra pure forms and high performance ➢ Safe,reliable and secured packaging ➢ High performance of product ➢ Superior and refined product
  5. 5. AVA CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED Ammonium Formate Application: ➢ Used to obtain Formic acid ➢ Serve as a way of storing formic acid ➢ Used in palladium on carbon (Pd/C) reduction of functional groups ➢ Used for reductive amination of ketones & aldehydes ➢ Act as a buffer in high performance liquid chromatography
  6. 6. AVA CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED Chelated Manganese
  7. 7. AVA CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED Ammonium Sulphate Solution Application: ➢ Used as an agricultural spray adjuvant for water soluble herbicides, fungicides & insecticides ➢ Ammonium sulfate is also used as food additive ➢ It is also used in the preparation of other ammonium salts. ➢ It is used largely as an artificial fertilizer for alkaline soils. ➢ Ammonium sulfate has been used as a wood preservative
  8. 8. AVA CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED Mono Potassium Phosphate Application: ➢ Used as a nutrient source in the greenhouse trade ➢ Used in optical modulators ➢ Used in fertilizer mixtures with urea and ammonium phosphates
  9. 9. AVA CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED NTA Acid Application ➢ NTA acid is used in Pharmaceutical ➢ Food stuff, beverages, and cosmetics. ➢ Photography ➢ Detergent ➢ Chemical plating & Electroplating without cyanide ➢ Printing of cotton and chemical fiber, ➢ Inhibitor for plant growth, printing ink ➢ Water treatment chemical & Agriculture
  10. 10. AVA CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED CONTACT US Mr. Shailendra Narware (Exports Dept.) 1/20 B, Narayan Plaza, 26-A, Chandivali Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400072, Maharashtra, India For Details Visit :