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TradeDoubler Finland Digital Seminar 140410

  1. 1. Welcome to our 10 Year Anniversary Digital Seminar
  2. 2. Timo Ronkainen
  3. 3. Agenda 15:00 -15:20 Registration & Welcome Mingle 15:20 -15:30 Welcome Timo Ronkainen, Managing Director, TradeDoubler FI 15:30 -16:00 International Trends in Digital Marketing and What This Means to You Nils Lindhe, Regional Director, TradeDoubler Group 16:00 -16:15 Networking break 16:15 -16:45 Case Unicef – Role of Digital Marketing in Unicef’s Fund Raising Santeri Ihalainen, UNICEF Finland 16:45 -17:30 TD Insight: Cross-Channel Marketing Makes a Sale Maria O’Flynn, Strategy Director, TradeDoubler UK 17:30 -19:00 Mingle in the New Office
  4. 4. IAB
  5. 5. IAB
  6. 6. Nils Lindhe
  8. 8. The TV used to be THE tribal camp fire… Changes in consumers behaviour
  9. 9. …but now it’s just another light source.
  10. 10. Media choices used to be limited…
  11. 11. b Media today is an exotic buffet…
  12. 12. Agenda 50 year review of media development How to navigate the online landscape Online Ad spend growth in Europe Online and offline Marketing Interaction between online media channels What is true performance based marketing – how to do it
  13. 13. Navigating the digital media landscape
  14. 14. Another ”ball game” how to reach the consumers
  15. 15. Search • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) continues to grow but increased bid prices in attractive segments put pressure on ROI • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) grows rapidly and is becoming increasingly important due Google’s evolvement • Search and Social media is getting more closely integrated (google caffeine)
  16. 16. Display advertising Contextually relevant ad placements (typical ad placements based on content that matches advertisers with areas of interest) Behavioral targeting (ad networks track consumers that indicate an interest in a topic on one site and begin advertising to them about that topic on subsequent sites) Re-targeting (people that visit your website are tagged and then shown ads on other websites after leaving your site) Rich-media (transactions and data gathering are built directly into the ad unit) Affiliations (ad serving networks that deliver click-throughs to your site)
  17. 17. Social media • 74% of respondents choose companies or brands based on customer service experiences shared by other Web users on the Internet. (Source: Brandweek/ Society for New Communications Research, Palo Alto, Calif) • 20% of all tweets are now related to brands, products and services (penn state university 2009) • Social media still to prove itself as a performance/sales driving communication channel...
  18. 18. Agenda About TradeDoubler 50 year review of media development How to navigate the online landscape Online Ad spend growth in Europe Online and offline Marketing Interaction between online media channels What is true performance based marketing – how to do it
  19. 19. European online ad spend 2007-2011 (€bn)§ 35 % 11,9 10,8 Before: 9,7 10,0 High spend 8,4 growth-> low focus on measuring 15 % effectiveness Now: 9% 8% Lower growth -> 3% increased focus on measuring effectiveness 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Source: Jupiter 2009, Emarketer 2009
  20. 20. Display: Still dominated by banners, video shows exceptional growth (IAB UK 2010) Other display Pre-post roll Tenancies Display ads on email Interruptive formats Sponsorships Video Banners / Embedded 350 300 250 £m 200 150 277,7 263,5 268,6 237,9 218,1 100 182,7 203,6 138,9 105,4 119,0 50 91,4 73,2 0 H1 2004 H2 2004 H1 2005 H2 2005 H1 2006 H2 2006 H1 2007 H2 2007 H1 2008 H2 2008 H1 2009 H2 2009 Reported Figures, not like for like comparison Source: Internet Advertising Bureau / PricewaterhouseCoopers
  21. 21. European e-commerce shows steady growth 2009-2014
  22. 22. Agenda About TradeDoubler 50 year review of media development How to navigate the online landscape Online Ad spend growth in Europe Online and offline Marketing Interaction between online media channels What is true performance based marketing – how to do it
  23. 23. The Internet is important to 7 in 10 consumers
  24. 24. The online channel’s impact on offline shopping
  25. 25. A combination of online advertising channels maximizes offline sales
  26. 26. Agenda About TradeDoubler 50 year review of media development How to navigate the online landscape Online Ad spend growth in Europe Online and offline Marketing What is true performance based marketing – and how to do it
  27. 27. What’s on the Marketing Director’s agenda in 2010 Question: looking ahead in 2010, which do you see as the top three priorities in your company’s marketing efforts? 0% 10 % 20 % 30 % 40 % 50 % 60 % Achieving measurable ROI on my marketing efforts 50 % Developing marketing programs that integrate 43 % online and offline Translate the brand expereince across different 32 % touchpoints Cutting marketing budgets without cutting 31 % performance Optimize our portfolio of brands 26 % Source: JupiterResearch/Vers group 2009
  28. 28. Standard report/ last click User journey Report ”User Journey” – reports help you understand what drives ROI
  29. 29. ROI Online – understand the customer journey Display PPC SEO Email
  30. 30. Example of User Journey - Hilton Hotels Example of someone comparing pricing across multiple sites Then searching for a discount through a voucher site This would be an experienced web user
  31. 31. Santeri Ihalainen
  32. 32. Maria O’Flynn
  33. 33. Multi-channel is here.......... 45% of sales complete in a different medium “Exposure to a display advertisement increased to that in which they related trademark term searches started. (brand, company or product names) by an average of 26 percent” 25% of customers who first interacted via a display banner ended up booking via paid search marketing, and 12% via an affiliate network. Less than 15% of sales come as a result of only one session. “Users exposed to both search and display ads convert at a higher rate: 22% better than search alone, and 400% better than display only.” How does this apply to your brand?
  34. 34. Guess what? It doesn’t.
  35. 35. Some sample projects • Retail Client #1 – aggregated 4000 customer journeys across PPC and affiliate landscape, resulting in new budget deployment: 22%+ into affiliate program • Retail Client #2 – Testing change in performance of email channel, after significant change to PPS and affiliate strategy • Retail Client #3 – Examining incremental uplift of Loyalty affiliates within overall channel mix • Travel Client #1 – aggregated Press ‘deal of the day’ locations onto search and affiliate sales activity to uncover impact of press activity on online sales channels • Travel Client #2 – Calculated true value of lead generation (brochure request) activity by segmenting Average Order Values within overall online customer acquisition data • Electronics Client #1 – Study of customer lifetime value against acquisition channel resulting in upweighting of importance for loyalty partners within affiliate activity
  36. 36. Do you know what lurks behind your last click?
  37. 37. A Purchase Path
  38. 38. Aggregated view
  39. 39. Paths emerge
  40. 40. Relationships appear
  41. 41. Discover different media roles Email Last clicks Assist clicks PPC Engage clicks First clicks Affiliate £241.27 £200.26 £233.43 217.96 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500
  42. 42. Credit where it is due High Value Lower Value Lower Value High Value Click, Single Click, Multiple Click, Single Click, Single Occurrence Occurrence Occurrence Occurrence 7 points 2 points 4 points 7 points Awareness Interest Desire Action First click Engagement Click Assist Click Last Click User first becomes User is researching Final stage of The action of this aware of the the product, clicks research that media channel merchant/product are essential to creates the desire has prompted the as a solution to continue journey to purchase user to purchase their need but do not directly drive sales
  43. 43. Actions become clear Analysis Strategic Change Generic search terms high assist score that Upweight generic search campaign finally transact via affiliate verticial sites Email marketing maintaining user journeys Recruit new email partners with dedicated commission structure Affiliate keyword buyers at risk – paying for New strategic search group opportunities generic searches with no conversion alongside managed search Assist and engagement only on partnership Deploy unique vouchers to speed up sites purchase cycle on Partner sites Journeys initiated by vertical publishers result Content-based partnerships and contextual in high AOV devices for vertical publishers Twitter clicks generate growing %age of Reduce PPC dependence by promotional brand search conversions mechanism
  44. 44. Where to start? You need: Take a 1. Representative, analysable data snapshot ‘Expect some data loss – and move on’ (Forrester, ‘A Framework for Multicampaign Attribution Measurement’ Feb2009) Take Under- another stand snapshot 2. Time for preparation and consideration three month analysis and review cycle 3. Technical and Analytical Skills Review Action Tracking tool choice Database and modelling capability
  45. 45. The Prize • Visibility and accountability • Increased Volumes though smarter optimisation • Better quality sales • Stronger media partnerships • Reduce dependency on brand alone • Create new value for organic search and social media
  46. 46. The TradeDoubler approach • A consultative approach – not MORE data • Designed specifically for performance channels • Actionable output • Management and measurement of impact Strategies Supported by: • Vendor-neutral data capability Ability to • Bespoke analysis execute • Pre-built models for efficiency • Expert channel-specific support for execution Technolog y • Fully integrated approach
  47. 47. Cross - Channel Consumer Insight • Powerful cross media tracking and consumer insight • Forensic user journey analysis • Sales attribution models • Lifetime value of customers • Impact of behavioural targeting • Impact of display on search