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[WEBINAR] Holiday Prep: Here Comes the Flood
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[WEBINAR] Holiday Prep: Here Comes the Flood


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Tactical tips for surviving the holidays – and getting the best results! Topics include: how to build your cross-departmental battle plan, disambiguation pages, targeting early birds and late …

Tactical tips for surviving the holidays – and getting the best results! Topics include: how to build your cross-departmental battle plan, disambiguation pages, targeting early birds and late shoppers, how to stay organized, and keeping budget on track.

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  • 1. Pre p: H oliday om es He re C loo d!!! th eF#holidayPPC
  • 2. $25#holidayPPC
  • 3. Director of Account Management and Earlybird Planner Matt HesslerMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 4. Marketing Manager and last-minute shopper Anna SawyerMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 5. The cardinal sin of landing pages? Your cross-department readiness planMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 6. be prepared to pause ads for sold-out products The cardinal sin of landing pages? inventory management and readiness alerts for sold-out productsMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 7. Oct 28: Search analysisMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 8. Perform a search analysis: This week: Year-to-date and last year’s data to determine top sellers by volume and highest ROIMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 9. Pull this data from internal sales reports, Google Analytics, and AdWords. es al ts S or RepMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 10. Nov 11: Landing page checklistMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 11. good landing pages for high-volume sellers SEO-optimized disambiguation pages literally a checklist!Matt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 12. For tips on landing page Holiday Prep: optimization, check out last month’s webinar on landing pages at The Science of Landing PagesMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 13. So what the heck is a disambiguation page?Matt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 14. Nov 18: Ad copy checklistMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 15. write copy for Black Friday, early bird and late shoppers write copy for all ads, Ad copy then pause checklist have all copy approved ahead of time (Facebook) calendar of pricingMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 16. Early birds impulse add-ons one-day-only/ limited quantity coupons extended support/serviceMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 17. Early birds price guarantee price comparison shipping deals qualityMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 18. last- minute in steals stock!!! rush holiday delivery Last-minute shoppersMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 19. Nov. 23 Deploy ads!Matt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 20. Matt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 21. What about Facebook?Matt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 22. focus on purchasing: put prices in your ads! include a countdown to Facebook Christmas. Change ads checklist every day send traffic to your website consider your ROI (for once)Matt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 23. Remember to communicate with your team and across departments!Matt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 24. Here’s to a great holiday season!!!Matt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  • 25. Here’s where we take two minutes to tell you that you can use Trada to do all this PPC holiday prep...... and it doesn’t cost any more than if you were to do online advertising yourself.
  • 26. Trada has a large, global crowd of certified paid search experts who do online advertising for you.
  • 27. Multiple experts workon your campaign at the same time. You get: Diversity of thinkingConstant optimizationMultiple ad networks
  • 28. and they already know how torun successful search campaigns!
  • 29. It’s pay-for-performance. There are NO fees:no startup fees, no management fees. You can get started right away.
  • 30. @fasterstill @annafsawyer Time for questions! For more information or to schedule a demo, email