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Trada's Search Alliance Webinar



Webinar recorded by Trada on November 10, 2010.

Webinar recorded by Trada on November 10, 2010.

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  • Elaine
  • Elaine
  • Brandon mention: Together they constitute 34% of paid search market share
  • Brandon: Paid search advertising has been most affected by the Search Alliance
  • Matt
  • Matt
  • Dan
  • Brandon: . Change 1cent bids to 5 cents – AdCenter does this automatically and will be paused for approval.
  • Dan
  • Matt
  • 2 Changes in CTA< CTR and impressions.
  • Brandon: If they are already had tons of keywords then they have seen performance go up! What we’ve seen ourselves, why clicks go up.
  • Elaine
  • Matt
  • Matt
  • Matt
  • Matt
  • Matt
  • Matt
  • Matt
  • We give ou a one spot solution to use Gbadcenter in one interfact. Import and export data.
  • Matt
  • Have there been any bugs.
  • Elaine

Trada's Search Alliance Webinar Trada's Search Alliance Webinar Presentation Transcript

  • @trada November 10, 2010 Welcome and thank you for coming to Trada Webinar: Navigating the Yahoo/Microsoft Search Alliance @trada
  • Meet Brandon Hess & Patty Baragar Patty Brandon Freddie Barbie
  • Agenda
    • Search Alliance – An Overview
      • Search Alliance: What does it mean?
      • Differences in PPC Platforms
      • Changing metrics: make note
      • Three PPC Warnings to keep your eye on
      • Three adCenter tips for success
    • How Trada Works
    • Q&A
  • Search Alliance – Why try Yahoo and Bing now?
      • POLL:
      • Are you run paid search now? Where?
  • An Overview of The Yahoo/ Microsoft Search Alliance @trada
  • Search Alliance – What Does it MEAN?! SearchAlliance
    • Oct 27, 2010
    • Completion of organic & PPC advertising of Yahoo! and Microsoft
  • Search Alliance Timeline
    • Summer 2009:
      • Bing entered the PPC market
    • Fall of 2009:
      • Agreement reached.
    • Spring 2010:
      • Steps toward final consolidation scheduled with completion date scheduled for November 1 st .
  • Search Alliance – All or Nothing Did you know? All Search Alliance campaigns show on Yahoo and Bing
  • Search Alliance – What Does it MEAN!?
    • Handle all large customer service.
    • Responsible for sales.
    • Cozy up to your paid search rep.
    • Yahoo demographics
  • Search Alliance – What Does it MEAN!?
    • AdCenter is official platform for paid search.
    • Organic results defined by Microsoft organic algorithm.
    • Bing demographics.
      • Platform Differences:
      • Yahoo Search Marketing
      • vs.
      • adCenter @trada
  • Platform Differences
    • Titles:
      • 40 characters-long in Yahoo,
      • Now truncated to 25 characters.
    • Description:
      • Was 71characters in Yahoo, now 70 characters
        • Minimum Bid:
          • Yahoo min bid was 1¢, Search Alliance is 5¢
  • Platform Differences – Match Types
    • Bing :
    • Broad, phase and exact matching.
    Yahoo: Basic and advanced matching.
      • Changing Metrics:
      • Make Note @trada
  • Changing Metrics
    • Visibility of ads, now represent 34% of PPC market.
  • Changing Metrics
    • Impressions
    • Clicks
    • CPC: Cost-per-conversion
    • CTR: Click-thru-rate
    • Ad position
    • O Canada!
    • Partner Network
  • Search Alliance – Why try Yahoo and Bing now?
      • POLL:
      • What is our biggest alliance concern?
  • Three Post-Search Alliance Tips @trada
  • Three Post-Search Alliance Tips
    • CPC/Costs
    • Keyword List Revision
    • Targeting
  • Microsoft adCenter: Tips for Today @trada
  • Tips: Underused Functions in adCenter
    • Download & Install Microsoft Advertising Intelligence
  • Tips: Underused Functions in adCenter 2. Ad Network Settings
  • Tips: Underused Functions in adCenter 3. Download AdCenter Desktop
  • @trada How Trada Works
  • You Can Also Use Trada The problem : Paid search is hard, requires skill and meticulous. Writing and continually optimizing different paid search campaigns for each major ad network is time consuming. The solution : Get a crowd of experts to work together on your campaign. Trada makes paid search easy. With Trada’s Marketplace you’ll save time and benefit from the wisdom of the crowd working on your campaign. @trada
  • You Can Also Use Trada Trada’s crowdsourced model puts dozens of certified experts to work on your campaigns at the same time. @trada
  • Questions? Let’s Hear Them! @trada
  • How to Contact Trada Patty Baragar Marketing Coordinator Email me at Bill Adkins VP of Sales Email me at @trada If you have paid search questions or want a copy of the presentation: If you have questions about working with Trada: