[WEBINAR] Facebook Ads: You Can Make Them Work


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Facebook Ads expert Chad Hacker and Facebook Ads fangirl Anna Sawyer explain the fundamentals. Learn to “Like” Facebook! We’ll show you how you can make Facebook measurable, attainable and profitable.

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[WEBINAR] Facebook Ads: You Can Make Them Work

  1. Facebook Ads: You Can Make Them Work! Learn to “Like” Facebook in 25 minutes.#likeFacebookAds
  2. #likeFacebookAds trada.com
  3. Chad Hacker,Director of Optimizer Enablement @trada Anna Sawyer, Marketing Manager @annafsawyer trada.com
  5. Facebook Ads are the The bottom line: most versatile, targeted way to advertise online. And they have incredible reach.Chad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  6. Challenges with Facebook advertising (why it’s scary)Chad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  8. You have to hire agraphic artist to make all the ad creative.
  9. Targeting ispowerful - but how do you get your adsin front of the right people?
  10. Who sees your ads?Chad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  11. Facebook Glossary The number of individuals who liked your Facebook page, RSVPed to your event, Connections or installed your app within 24 hours of seeing your ad or sponsored story. Basically, a connection is a conversion.Chad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  12. Facebook Glossary The number of individual Reach people who saw your sponsored stories or ads. Reach can be equated to unique user impressions.Chad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  13. Facebook Glossary The number of people Social Reach who saw your sponsored stories or ads because their friends liked your page, RSVPed to your event, or used your app.Chad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  14. Facebook Glossary The average number of Frequency times each person saw your campaigns sponsored story or ad. This is helpful for gauging ad fatigue.Chad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  15. Basic Ad FormatsChad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  16. Basic ads
  17. “Like” ad Links to tab on Facebook pageChad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  18. Event ad Links to eventChad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  19. Application ad Links to applicationChad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  20. Standard ad Links to specified URLChad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  21. Sponsored StoriesChad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  22. Sponsored Stories Chad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  23. Page “Like” Story Mary-Jane likes your page Page “Like” Story lets Mary-Jane’s friends know about the likeChad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  24. Page Post Story You published a post to your page’s fans Page Post Story allows this post to show up in more fans’ news feedsChad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  25. Page Post “Like” Story Fidji liked one of your page posts in the last 7 days Page Post “Like” Story lets Fidji’s friends know about post likeChad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  26. App Used and Game Played Story Lauryn played/used your app/game App Used/Game Played Story tells her friends about this actionChad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  27. App Share Story Hayes shared a story from your app in the last 7 days App Share Story lets Hayes’ friends know about the shareChad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  28. Check-in Story Lisa checked in or claimed a deal using Facebook Places Check-in Story lets Lisa’s friends know about itChad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  29. Domain Story Mike liked/shared content from your website or pasted a link from your site to his wall Domain Story lets Mike’s friends know about this actionChad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  30. [WEBINAR]Facebook Ads: WhichAd Types andTargeting are for You?January 19, 2012
  31. The complexity andpotential of targeting
  32. age likes interests birthday There are so manyways to target ads in apps education Facebook, it can beincredibly confusing. timeline friends content event fans RSVPs
  33. Narrowing your audience When choosing targets, focus on two things: Thinking outside the boxChad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  34. Targeting Overview 800 MillionSegment & Hypertarget UsersLeverage Targeting Options: Target by: Country, State, Province Demo and Geo City or Zip Code Targeting Targeting Target by: Gender, Age, Birthday, Workplace & Relationship Status, Language Education Targeting Target by: Workplace, Education, Preferred Language Likes and Interest Target by: Favorite TV Shows, Targeting Movies, Books, Music, Hobbies, Religion, Political Views Small number of targeted users
  35. Thinking outside the box: Let’s say you want to sell golf clubs.Chad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  36. Nick is an obvious target.Chad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  37. Barbara doesn’t like gold - but she does like the Palm Beach Country Club.Chad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  38. Chaz doesn’t have the word golf anywhere on his profile. But he plays golf for a living: he’s a sales guy.Chad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  39. Yes, you should try the obvious targets. But Facebook’s best advertisers use non- linear thinking to target ads.Chad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  40. Campaign organization tipsChad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  41. Let’s compare Facebook to paid search! Paid Search Facebook Campaign comparable to Account comparable Ad group to CampaignChad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  42. Don’t create campaigns with manydifferent targets and ads. Keep yourcampaigns small!
  43. Do not put all segmented target groups in one campaign - as your ads are competing within the campaign.Chad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  44. Prevent ad fatigue, or banner blindness, by changing ads frequently. As soon as click-through rate trends down, submit new content!Chad Hacker: @trada Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  45. [WEBINAR] Leveraging standard ads and Facebook Ads: sponsored stories Which Hypertargeting tips Ad Types and Measure your Facebook ROI Targeting are for You? Facebook’s NEW new bidding! January 19, 2012Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer trada.com
  46. Here’s where we take two minutes to show you how Trada can help you run Facebook advertising...... and it doesn’t cost any more than if you were to do it yourself. trada.com
  47. Trada has a community of Facebook adsexperts and ad creatives (designers) who do the work for you.
  48. Multiple experts workon your campaign at the same time. You get:Intuitive hypertargetingConstant optimization Free ad creative
  49. There are no fees to use the Trada-for-FacebookMarketplace and have access to our certified experts. You can get started right away! trada.com
  50. KP Elements: Trada forFacebook Case Study
  51. KP Elements: Trada forFacebook Case Study CAMPAIGN STATS: Unique Ads: 390 Click-Through-Rate: 142% increase Cost-Per-Click: $0.31 (45% improvement)
  52. KP Elements: Trada forFacebook Case Study “I was spending at least 10 hours a week on Facebook, and it was a nightmare. I ended up paying a ton of money on clicks that weren’t converting. I decided to abandon it because I figured I couldn’t crack the code. Trada’s solution solved the problem almost overnight.” – Bill D’Alessandro, Founder KP Elements
  53. @trada Time for questions! @annafsawyerFor more information or to schedule a Trada demo, email sfox@trada.com trada.com