E-mail Metrics That Matter by Joe Scharf [Metrics Marketing Bootcamp]


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An overview of e-mail metrics that matter from Joe Scharf of SendGrid.

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  • Baselines: Affected by many factors including list / content / industry. Results may vary
  • Return path certification - enables images at some ISPs
  • DNSBL: clicktrack domain - MailChimp list-manage.com & URIBL Grey
  • DNSBL: clicktrack domain - MailChimp list-manage.com & URIBL Grey
  • ISP resources = bandwidth and processing
  • E-mail Metrics That Matter by Joe Scharf [Metrics Marketing Bootcamp]

    1. 1. Email Metrics that MatterJoe Scharf, Director of Operations & Services@ SendGrid<br />
    2. 2. Session Agenda<br />Email Metrics Explained<br />Deliverability<br />Understanding Reputation<br />Joe<br />
    3. 3. Email Metrics<br />Requests<br />What you sent us<br />aka List size<br />Delivered<br />ISP accepted<br />What does this mean?<br />Understanding the spread<br />Delivered / Requests<br />Baselines<br /><ul><li>Great: > 95%
    4. 4. Good: 80 – 95%
    5. 5. Poor: < 80%</li></li></ul><li>Email Metrics: Opens<br />Unique vs. Total<br />How does Open Tracking work?<br />Web beacon / Tracking pixel<br />Caveats<br />Images must be displayed in mail client<br />Return Path certification can help!<br /><imgsrc=3D"http://email.sendgrid.com/wf/open?rp=3DlVOWF1LnCQmiTS%2FiAQGuxVL8CgpeZdxELB1IJuBXRwTw%2B5x1E2B1XNrvfP%2FPo98A&amp;u3DpXSqrS_HQ36gIqlbzXiA=MA%2Foo0.gif" alt=3D""><br />Opens / Delivered<br />Baselines<br /><ul><li>Great: > 30%
    6. 6. Good: 15 – 30 %
    7. 7. Poor: < 15%</li></li></ul><li>Email Metrics: Clicks<br />Unique vs. Total<br />How does Click Tracking work?<br />Replace all URLs with encoded URL<br />Click is recorded and redirected<br />Caveats<br />DNSBL of click-track domain<br />Whitelabel will help here<br />http://email.sendgrid.com/wf/click?c=aTUWUy5ZA7hw3ZBeke8fTpbgS0mwk%2BrNwJXIfq4akWQ%3D&rp=lVOWF1LnCQmiTS%2FiAQGuxVL8CgpeZdxELB1IJuBXRwTw%2B5x1E2B1XNrvfP%2FPo98A&u=pXSqrS_HQ36gIqlbzXiAMA%2Fh0<br />Clicks / Delivered<br />Baselines<br /><ul><li>Great: > 15%
    8. 8. Good: 5 – 15%
    9. 9. Poor: < 5%</li></li></ul><li>Email Metrics: Subscription<br />New Subscribers<br />Unsubscribes<br />CAN-SPAM Compliance<br />Prevent deception<br />Identify Sender<br />Provide and honor opt-out<br />Better than spam report<br />Unsubs. / Delivered<br />Baselines<br /><ul><li>Great: < 1%
    10. 10. Good: 1-3%
    11. 11. Poor: > 3%</li></li></ul><li>Email Metrics: Bounces<br />Hard bounce<br />Address does not exist<br />Soft bounce<br />Mailbox full <br />Deferral / Rate limiting<br />Retried for three days<br />Bounces <br />Uses ISP resources, with no benefit<br />Chronic bouncing can hurt reputation<br />Bounces / Requests<br />Baselines<br /><ul><li>Great: < 2%
    12. 12. Good: 2 - 5 %
    13. 13. Poor: > 5%</li></li></ul><li>Email Metrics: Spam Reports<br />Recipient clicks spam button<br />ISP measurement often higher<br />How it works:<br />Feedback loops (FBL)<br />Pre-registered abuse reporting address with ISPs<br />Caveats<br />Sometimes recipients will use this regardless of unsubscribe link<br />Spam / Requests<br />Baselines<br /><ul><li>Great: < 0.5%
    14. 14. Good: 0.5 - 1%
    15. 15. Poor: > 1%</li></li></ul><li>Email Metrics: Request-Delivered Spread<br />My requests are so high, but delivered so low<br />(repeat) Bounce rate<br />(repeat) Spam Reports<br />Deferrals & Throttling<br />New content, new IP: warmup<br />First line of defense before spam folder<br />Rate limiting<br />Can hurt reputation if not heeded<br />
    16. 16. Deliverability: Common Issues<br />When sending html, you must send text <br />Image to text ratio<br />Your list is a problem<br />Opt-in? Does it matter?<br />Everyone has an opt-in list<br />How can you prove it<br />What does this even mean?<br />Temporal opt-in<br />How old are the “opt-in” addresses on your list?<br />When was the last time you touched them?<br />
    17. 17. Deliverability: Engagement<br />Content is out, Engagement is in<br />ISPs monitoring abandoned email accounts<br />Why bother sending if nobody is listening?<br />Spamtrap vs. Honeypot <br />Keep track of your user engagement<br />Interaction with your service<br />Clicks and opens<br />Segment accordingly<br />
    18. 18. Sending Reputation<br />IP-based Reputation<br />Return Path Sender Score<br />http://senderscore.org<br />Cisco IronPort Sender Base <br />http://senderbase.org<br />Blacklists<br />Not all created equal<br />Add/removal policies & who is referencing?<br />http://multirbl.valli.org/lookup/<br />Goodbye IPv4<br />Transition to domain-based reputation<br />
    19. 19. Thank You!<br />Joe Scharf<br />@JoeScharf<br />joe@sendgrid.com<br />