5 Keyword Bidding Strategies to Jump Start Your Paid Search Campaign


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5 Keyword Bidding Strategies to Jump Start Your Paid Search Campaign

One of the biggest factors determining the success or failure of an advertiser’s paid search campaign is whether or not they’re maximizing every dollar spent on the campaign. There are a number of strategies you can quickly and easily employ to reduce our average cost per click (CPC). If you’re looking to give your PPC campaign a lift, are 5 strategies you can employ today to get started.

1. Take advantage of multiple ad networks
If you’re only running your campaign on Google AdWords, you may be missing an opportunity to gain incremental conversions at a significantly lower cost by adding Search Alliance (Yahoo and Bing) to your search marketing mix. While the volume of clicks and conversions might be lower on the Search Alliance, so too are the price of keywords in many cases. As a result, you can lower the overall cost per acquisition (CPA) of your paid search campaign, while at the same time increasing conversion volume by reaching an audience you’re not capturing on AdWords.

2. Keep your keywords highly relevant
One of the best ways to lower your keyword cost per click is to have a high Quality Score. And the best way to improve your keyword Quality Score is having high relevancy between your keyword, ad copy and landing page. This means creating large number of ad groups with 5-20 keywords and 2-4 ads that are deep linked to very specific landing pages.

While this can be very time consuming, the benefits you’ll see go beyond a lower cost per click and higher Quality Score. Tightly coupled ad groups also mean your customers will find exactly what they’re looking for when they conduct a search, see your ad copy, and are taken to a landing page with exactly the product or service they’re looking for. This means a higher conversion rate for your paid search campaign. Lower CPCs, higher quality scores and happy customers – everyone wins!

3. Find your optimal ad position
Many advertisers make the mistake of overpaying for keywords with the idea that the first ad position will generate more conversions for them. For the majority of advertisers, this isn’t the case. Instead, the first ad position generates a higher volume of clicks that ultimately don’t convert, resulting in a higher CPC and CPA. You’ll typically find that ad position three or four yields a lower CTR, but has a better conversion rate and lower CPA.

4. Bid Popping
We just stated that if you’re bidding for the top ad position you’re probably paying too much and not getting the corresponding number of conversions to justify the higher cost. That said, when you add a new keyword, you should pay for a higher ad position for a week or so – this is called Bid Popping.

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  • Source: MarketingWeekFacebook already targets ads based on statuses or wall posts, however the site has never done this in real-time. The company aggregates, and using a complex algorithm, deploys the data to deliver relevant ads to a particular audience
  • 37% said they optimize their accounts weekly, 20% said daily, 11% said monthly and quarterly, 10% said every other day, 8% said bi-weekly and the remainder was an other answer.
  • 5 Keyword Bidding Strategies to Jump Start Your Paid Search Campaign

    1. 1. 5 Keyword Bidding Strategies to Jumpstart your PPC<br />by Trada<br />
    2. 2. #KeywordBidding<br />
    3. 3. Meet Your Presenters<br />Matt Hessler<br />Trada<br />Account Director<br />@fasterstill<br />Bill Quinn<br />Trada<br />VP of Marketing<br />@BillQuinn<br />
    4. 4. Today we’re going to focus on tips and strategies to get your bid prices as low as possible. <br />Hashtag is KeywordBidding<br />
    5. 5. Get Outside Google<br />Get outside of Google. <br />Yahoo/Bing (Search Alliance) <br /><ul><li>Conversion rates up by 12% after the Search Alliance
    6. 6. Cost-per-click was 20% below industry benchmarks at the end of 2010.</li></ul>Facebook<br /><ul><li>33% of display ads served from FB</li></li></ul><li>Keep Your Keywords Relevant<br />Highly relevant keywords improve Quality Score lowers your <br />Cost Per Click and <br />Improves Conversion Rates!<br />How?<br />
    7. 7. Tightly coupled ad groups<br /><ul><li>5-20 Keywords/ad group
    8. 8. 2-4 Ads/ad group
    9. 9. Deep link landing pages</li></li></ul><li>Deep Linking Explained<br />X<br />
    10. 10. Love Negative Keywords<br />Prevents your ad from being served when that search term is used in a search query.<br />-keyword<br />Hint: Use Google’s Search Queries report to identify negative keywords.<br />
    11. 11. Find Your Optimal Ad Position<br />Keep your ego in check!<br /><ul><li>Don’t overpay for the first or second ad position if you don’t see a corresponding lift in conversions.
    12. 12. Test your conversion rate and cost/conversion in ad positions 3-5. </li></li></ul><li>Bid Popping<br />Forget what we just said about the first ad position!<br /><ul><li>When adding new keywords, pay for a higher bid position for a week.</li></ul>Why?<br /><ul><li>Higher CTR = higher Quality Score. This will get you a lower CPC in the long run.
    13. 13. Gather data about your keywords more quickly. Fail (or succeed) fast!</li></li></ul><li>Day Parting<br />Day parting allows you to choose what time of day/day of week your PPC ads are shown. <br />Why You Need Day Parting:<br /><ul><li>Increase web traffic when your sales team is available for questions and demos.
    14. 14. Pay for traffic when your site is most likely to convert (i.e. for B-to-B, during business hours).
    15. 15. Take advantage of competitors who run ads 24/7 and exhaust their budget early in the day. Less competition later in the day = lower CPC.</li></li></ul><li>Bonus Tip! Optimize Your Campaign Regularly<br />Survey: How often do you optimize your campaign?<br />
    16. 16. Bonus Tip! Optimize Your Campaign Regularly<br />Q: How often should you optimize your campaign?<br />A: Depends on the budget of your campaign and how competitive your market is. BUT for campaigns with $3,000 to $10,000 a month in budget, we recommend checking on your campaign a minimum of twice a week. <br />
    17. 17. How Often Do Other People Optimize?<br />Source: SEORoundtable<br />
    18. 18. Here’s where we take two minutes to tell you that Trada can run your SEM campaign for you... <br />... and it doesn’t cost any more than if you were to do search marketing yourself.<br />trada.com<br />
    19. 19. Trada has a large, global crowd of certified paid search experts who do SEM for you.<br />trada.com<br />
    20. 20. Multiple experts work on your campaign at the same time.<br />You get:<br />Diversity of thinking<br />Constant optimization<br />Multiple ad networks<br />trada.com<br />
    21. 21. Time for Questions!<br />Matt Hessler<br />Trada<br />Account Director<br />@fasterstill<br />Bill Quinn<br />Trada<br />VP of Marketing<br />@BillQuinn<br />For more information or to schedule a demo, email dranda@trada.com<br />trada.com<br />