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Social Media Recommendations and Analysis for SpoonRocket May 2014

Social Media Recommendations and Analysis for SpoonRocket May 2014

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  • Elisabetta: Hello everybody, we are here to present you the “Who, What, How, Why, Where, When” of SpoonRocket social media and we are me … etc.
  • Elisabetta: SpoonRocket is a healthy & convenient meal delivery service. They operate just in the SF Bay Area; the menus change every day; a complete meal costs $8 (they have entrees, sides and smoothies); you can pick up your food “at your curb” in 14 minutes.
    Now let’s see what the strengths of this company are and their differentiation from the current market.
  • Fran: I want to introduce the 5 main pillars that drive SpoonRocket’s branding efforts. Number one, of course, is that our food is always fresh and of the highest quality. People should feel good about choosing SpoonRocket. Number two, customer service and satisfaction is extremely important to SpoonRocket. SpoonRocket consistently keeps an ear to ground to ensure our customer’s needs are met. Another pillar that differentiates SpoonRocket is convenience; we want healthy food to be easy and accessible. We also really want to emphasize the use of ingredients that are organic and locally sourced and also being involved in the community and giving back is also among our core values.
  • Fern: Target market
    Primary customer- Millennials also called The boomerang ,me me me and Peter pan generation.
    Generation of people born between the early 1980’s and 2000’s.
    Millennials want flexible work schedules more “me” time.They are generally regarded as being more open-minded ,confident , self expressive , liberal ,upbeat and receptive to new ideas and ways of living. Millennials knows everything about social media , they are more tech savvy than other generations.
    Secondary customer -College students , they range in between 18-22 years old.
    They use social media daily ,90% are on facebook .
    69% work in a part time job and shop around for discounts. They usually eat fast food Enjoy their time with drinking games , spring break , travelling and spending long time on library.
  • David:
  • Tracy: And from understanding the affinities of the target market, we can establish priorities in the editorial framework which will serve as the guideline for content narration. This is important because without establishing these priorities it is rather like throwing spaghetti at the wall to try to determine what will stick - what will work - in terms of content that will engage with the target market.
    The Content Narrative is going to be focused on building customer loyalty and shoring up the reputation of the company. As a startup the company has made a few changes, not all eagerly applauded by the market and as such, needs a boost in creating consistency. Being responsive to the customers will go a long way in building this loyalty because they will be able to count on the company to maintain those customer expectations while interacting in an authentic way across all platforms. Remember to be FRESH, never canned or preserved.
  • Fran: The tone of voice in which we communicate our story through social media can be described as enthusiastic, friendly, authentic, tech friendly, and educational. Here’s a mental map that further expresses the intended attitude for content.
  • Maria:
  • Jeannie: After you have created what your content is all about, you need to have a unified strategy to execute it across all channels. 
    We are recommending Hootsuite as the social media management system of choice.
    Why Hootsuite?

    For Start ups like SR, it is a good low cost option
    It allows you to execute multiple campaigns across multiple channels from a “one-stop dashboard”
    It streamlines workflows
    It schedules posts
    Shortens Url’s
    Has comprehensive analytic tools
    Makes it easy to track brand references and mentions

    Small command center is necessary to monitor customer conversations, listen, engage and respond to customer’s problems and concerns. Spoonrocket is a customer driven business and a command center will increase customer satisfaction.
    As Spoonrocket grows so will the command center and the marketing team.
  • Tracy: The truth is that 30% of your marketing budget is not working – but which 30% is it? Do you know?
    The social analytics required to measure your success are solely based on which aspects you track and your specific goals.
    As an organization, if you are targeting a specific audience, then the engagement ratios can tell you a whole story of its own.
    Through setting benchmarks you can begin to measure your outcomes over time and ultimately present quantifiable value to managing the expense and risk associated with social marketing. It is also recommended that you outline your approach prior to content generation to maximize data capture.
    In order to do that, please see my published works… just kidding… but you can see Michael Brito’s.
  • Tracy: We Believe In Social Media Effectiveness.
    Thank Us, SpoonRocket and Thank you for Listening!


  • 1. Social Media Marketing Strategies | Michael Brito | UC Berkeley Tracy Smith Maria E. B. Ferreira David Gaitan Elisabetta Cibo Francesca Wang Jeannie Fafoutis Fernanda Moreira SPOONROCKET | 1
  • 2. SF Bay Area Only $8/Meal with Curbside Delivery Menu Changes Daily Entrees (Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian) Sides (Baked Goods & Smoothies) Rocket Fast Meal Delivery Service SPOONROCKET | 2
  • 3. Sustainability&LocalSourcing Freshness&HighQuality HappyPeople Convenience CommunityInvolvement Works at the Grassroots Level to Maintain Visibility & Build Trust with the Core Customer with emphasis on Freshness, Convenience, & Affordability Build Reputation for Freshness & Brand Loyalty SPOONROCKET | 3
  • 4. College Students • Affordable • Instant Gratification • Saves Time • Technology Accessible Secondary Customer Segment WHOMillennials • Fresh & Healthy Fare • Follows Trends • Avoids Traditional Media Primary Customer Segment SPOONROCKET | 4
  • 5. Asian, White, & Others, 18-34 College Educated White Collar Workers Single Not Homeowners • Convenience • Instant Gratification • Meets Expectations • Customer Support • Lifestyle Interests • Social Responsibility Prefer Fast Food & Healthy Food Fast Food Fits Busy Lifestyle Eating Fast Food Helps Budget Demographics Psychographics Audience Affinities SPOONROCKET | 5
  • 6. Authentic | Responsive | Consistent | Do What Works | Transform Successful Posts into Successful Promotions | Fresh | Adaptable | Ongoing Assessment & Optimization Content Narrative – Building Customer Loyalty & Reputation 1. Align with Affinities of Primary Target Market 2. Promote Lifestyle & Interests Editorial Framework Priorities WHAT SPOONROCKET | 6
  • 7. HOWTo Reach the Target Market SPOONROCKET | 7
  • 8. Make an ImpactContent Modeling Plan – Drive The Story Paid, Earned, Owned Media Optimize for Trends, Interests, ADD Measure Performance Compelling Visuals Create Value for Customer SPOONROCKET | 8
  • 9. Technology Integration & Management Brand Management Success Greatest range of basic social media management and social listening tools for an economically conscious startup with limited personnel and financial resources. Managing Future Growth Expansion into small command center format with more complex and in-depth social tools will support long-term growth as marketing budgets increase. Marketing Team 2 F/T Employees Managing Now SPOONROCKET | 9
  • 10. Fresh Quality Locally Sourced Menu Trends Sustainable Packaging Taste FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD A Solution Serve Immediate Need Different from Competitors SPOONROCKET SAVES THE DAY Be a Hero Content Themes Major Market - McDonalds may be easy to drive thru, but it is not healthy Direct Market - Panera Bread & Chipotle Cost More on Average & Don’t Deliver Fast-Casual Market - Sprig is more expensive Competitive Differentiation SPOONROCKET | 10
  • 12. Major Social Media Hub 1.3 Billion Active Users 57% College Educated 45 and Up 46% 35-44 22% 25-34 18% 13-24 14% Link to other social channels “Swimming pools are filled with people. Some you know. Some you don’t. And every once in a while you see something that maybe you shouldn’t. That’s why swimming pools are a little like Facebook.” – Facebook 31 Oct 2012 SPOONROCKET | 12
  • 13. Entertainment & Activities Community Involvement Promote Ordering through the App Pictures & Info. about SpoonRocket food, cars, kitchen, contests, nutritional values, events Feedback solicitation to determine product preferences What is the Perfect Sauce for Chicken? Tomato or Garlic? Content Plan Facebook Conversation Calendar SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 8:55am Daily Menu Highlights Daily Menu Highlights Daily Menu Highlights Daily Menu Highlights Daily Menu Highlights Daily Menu Highlights Daily Menu Highlights 10:55am What to do in SF after Sunday, Lunch Tips & Suggestions Monday Trivia Nutrition-based Info. About Menu - Highlighting Trends Monday Trivia Winner Announcement #flashbackthurs day Drink of the day: smothie feed from instagram Nutrition-based Info. About Menu - Highlighting Trends 2:55pm Share your Sunday & Win a Meal, Monday! Focus on Smoothies, Cookies, Cupcakes Focus on Smoothies, Cookies, Cupcakes News About Eating Healthy Salads - Green Local Sourcing News About Weekend Games Inspirational Story About Outstanding Student or Local Young Worker (community-focused) 5:55pm Call for Dinner Reminder Call for Dinner Reminder Call for Dinner Reminder 10:25pm Late Night Munchie Express - Reminder, We Close at Midnight Late Night Munchie Express - Reminder, We Close at Midnight Late Night Munchie Express - Reminder, We Close at Midnight Late Night Munchie Express - Reminder, We Close at Midnight SPOONROCKET | 13
  • 14. Content Examples SPOONROCKET | 14
  • 15. Major Micro Blogging Social Network 254M Active Users in 2014 31% are 18-29 Year Olds Daily Routine for Primary Customer Market Demographics Builds Brand Awareness Effective for Promotions Supports Engagement Re-Tweeting Trend Creative Content Works Twitter is Effective #IEatSpoonRocket – After Receiving Meal #RocketReasons – I Eat SpoonRocket Because… #SpoonChild – Donate $1 in Meals to Child in Need #TweetaSpoon – Discount on 2 Meal Order #SpoonRocketYear1 – Tweet to Win Contest Promotional Campaigns SPOONROCKET | 15 @SpoonRocket What SpoonRocket did you buy today? Respond with the #TodaySpoonRocket and a picture, you’ll receive a discount coupon. Content Examples
  • 16. Conversation Calendar Twitter Conversation Calendar MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT Tweet with the meal of the day Tweet with the meal of the day Tweet with the meal of the day Tweet with the social responsibility program Tweet with the meal of the day Tweet with the meal of the day 11:00 Contest to win 365 free meals 12:00 Campaign to generate engagement showing the ingredients used for SpoonRocket 2:00 Second Tweet with the meal of the day Second Tweet with the meal of the day Second Tweet with the meal of the day Second Tweet with the meal of the day Tweet generation awareness and engagement Second Tweet with the meal of the day 4:00 Real time interaction 5:00 Contest generating engegament 9:00 Frequency 2-3x/day SPOONROCKET | 16
  • 17. *Statistics based on Nielsen Data Success Metrics > Video Views > Watch Time > Channel Subscribers > Social Action Content Frequency > Weekly > Push Forward During Work Week SPOONROCKET | 17 Video can effectively express storyline. Demographics align: YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network. More than 1B unique visitors, monthly. Second most used search engine. Google Factor – Owned by Google, which renders platform Google Search Friendly. Considerations: High costs of developing professional video content.
  • 18. > Fun “How To” Videos > People Behind the Story > Day in the Life of a SpoonRocketeer > People Behind the Food > SpoonRocket Cares VIDEOS SPOONROCKET | 18
  • 19. Effective Content SPOONROCKET | 19 Watch it here:
  • 20. Major Blogging Social Network 17M US Users 32% are 18 to 24 Years 35% are 25-35 Years College Educated (48%) Incomes Under $50K (65%) Drives Traffic Back to Website Increases SEO Positions Brand as an Industry Leader Deepens Customer Relationships It’s Salad Month at SpoonRocket Try Out Our Thai Shrimp and Papaya Salad #SpoonRocketGoodFood1x per week – a relevant mix of topics that promote the affinities of the target market Content Frequency SPOONROCKET | 20
  • 21. Campaign Examples Quinoa the Superhero Grain Top 10 Foods to Give You Energy Rocket Fast Food, The Ultimate Lunch So Much Better Than McDonald’s Healthy Ideas Keeping Fit Locally Sourced Sustainable Food Healthy Food that is Fast in a Busy Day Target Market Finds Value Good cooking and good food start with good ingredients. There is no better place to go to get fresh and healthy ingredients than from your local Farmer’s Market. It’s a fun outing for all, to graze, expand your culinary horizons and connect with the food you eat. If you are lucky enough to be in San Francisco on a Saturday morning, make sure you stop by the bustling Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building in the Embarcadero. Saturday: 8:00a to 2:00p (120 vendors) One Ferry Building. Summer is almost here and corn will take on the starring role at Farmer’s Markets. The corn is fresh, sweet and delicious. TIPS - When buying corn, poke one of the kernels at the tip. Juice should squirt out. If not, it usually means the corn is old. Ideally, sweet corn should be full or almost filled to the tip with bright and shiny kernels in straight rows. The husks should appear fresh and bright green. The silk ends of the corn should be free of decay or damage. BLOG -- To Market To Market! The Local Corn Source Secret SPOONROCKET | 21
  • 22. Visual Platform Major Social Network 200M Monthly Users High Level of Engagement 70% Login 1x/day Females 68% Image Content Quality Not Quantity Clear Crisp Images Best Short Fun Videos Food Dishes Fresh Ingredients Contests Delivery Areas Zippy Cars Happy People Eating SPOONROCKET | 22
  • 23. 26 Year Old Female Journalism student, SF State University. Works as a Film Production Assistant with a lower income level. Doesn’t eat out often for dinner (at least not to fancy places). Health conscious, exercises & pursues a well-balanced diet. Loves Indie music & live concerts. Has a lot of friends. Always busy studying & prefers fast food delivery because it is faster & easier. Likes technology & is very active on social media. Loves photography & posts nice images from everyday life. Profile of an Instagram Follower Jennifer Content Examples Target Market 20-34 Years Females, Live in SF College Students & Young Working Professionals (Millennials) Busy Lifestyles Want to be Healthy Want Quick & Easy SPOONROCKET | 23
  • 24. Instagram Conversation Calendar SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 8-9A Daily Menu Daily Menu Daily Menu Daily Menu #TBT Daily Menu - Fav Past Dish Daily Menu Daily Menu 955A Lets SpoonRocket It Campaign - Send picture of one of our "Rockets" (cars), first wins free snack item #LetsSpoonRocketIt 11A Dessert Double D Monday - Daily Desserts Launch #RocketAtYourDesk Campaign World Food Program Announce #TBT Winner Launch Happy Friday Dessert Dessert 1159P Announce Winner of #MondayTrivia Campaign 2P Snack of the Day Snack of the Day Video of Chef Skills - "How to Dice Onions" Snack of the Day 3P Launch #MondayTrivia Campaign Food Production Pic - In The Kitchen Snack Reminder - Cupcakes, Cookes, Smoothies Announce Winners of #LetsSpoonRocketIt 6P Dinner Call Dinner Call Reminder of #MondayTrivia Campaign Dinner Reminder with Nutrient and Trend Descriptions Delivery Area Map Emphasize "We Are Open On The Weekend" Dinner Call Answer Correctly #MondayTrivia Submit Pictures of Dishes #SpoonRocketBestRecipe Choose Favorite Raw Seasonal Ingredient #SpoonRocketVeggies Contest for Most Artistic SpoonRocket Car Wrap #SpoonRocketCars Submit Picture of SpoonRocket Car #LetsSpoonRocketIt #RocketAtYourDesk Customer Engagement Campaigns SPOONROCKET | 24
  • 25. Content Frequency Major Social Sharing Hub Visually Engaging Pinners can be Obsessive & Supportive Builds Sentiment & Expands Awareness Supports Future Target Market Planning (Others) Supports SEO and Website Traffic Pin every social post from all other platforms tied to owned and paid media + the most attractive and most shared images on earned media. Target Pinners – 27% Millennials 70M Active Users 80% Sharing Rate 70% of Referrals, Buy SPOONROCKET | 25
  • 26. Manage Brand & Company Information to Match User Trends Respond to User Reviews & Manage Public Reputation Integration - Instant Messaging, Private Messages, & Real Time User Updates Supports Feedback Initiative for Product Development & Customer Perspective (Grassroots) Free Online Word of Mouth Advertising Content Management & Engagement Information-based Social Site Integrates with Facebook Yelp monthly average, 132M unique visitors Yelpers have written more than 57M reviews 25% of Yelpers are between 18-24 years old SPOONROCKET | 26
  • 27. CEO Thought Leadership Serves as a Validation & Introduction Tool for Strategic Partners & Investors Transparency Humanizes the Company Builds Business Presence & Awareness Content Management & Engagement Content Frequency As Needed: Post Jobs on Hiring Platform Keep Company Profile Current Weekly: Thought Leadership Blog 259M Global Users | 70M Unique Monthly Visitors Young Working Professionals 44% Female | 56% Male 21% Ages 18-24 | 31% Ages 25-34 48% Access 1x/day | 40% Access Several x/week SPOONROCKET | 27
  • 28. Goal Alignment Measuring Success WHY ROI Major Factor in Reach Breadth of Visibility Measuring Who Took Action Quality of Fan Growth Quantifying Value Engagement Outcomes Establish Benchmarks Measure Engagement Outcomes for Efficacy Adjust Benchmarks for Improvements Moving Forward Is not just about revenue SPOONROCKET | 28
  • 29. – We Believe In Social Media Effectiveness – Francesca Wang Tracy Smith Maria Ferreira Jeannie Fafoutis David Gaitan Elisabetta Cibo Fernanda Moreira Our Favorite Social Platforms BY WHOM SPOONROCKET | 29