The City's Role in Affordable Housing


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For over 50 years, the City of Vancouver has been delivering, managing and facilitating affordable housing for people with low to moderate incomes. Despite the efforts and interventions of the City over several decades, affordability remains a problem for many households. What more can the City do? What is the role of other partners?

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The City's Role in Affordable Housing

  1. What can the City do? A Home For Everyone
  2. Role of the City The City of Vancouver is actively involved in housing, from advocacy to direct service delivery.ADVOCACY POLICY & PARTNER- RESEARCH FUNDING PROGRAMS SERVICE INFRASTRUCTURE REGULATION SHIPS & TRAINING (GRANTS) & SERVICES DELIVERY For over 50 years, the City of Vancouver has been delivering, managing and facilitating affordable housing for people with low to moderate incomes.
  3. Affordability Remains an IssueDespite the efforts and interventions of the City over severaldecades, affordability remains a problem for many households.
  4. Housing & Strategy Focus Areas The City recognizes affordability impacts the ability for the homeless and people with low-incomes as well as people with more moderate incomes to find a home in Vancouver. The Mayor’s Task Force on Housing Affordability is seeking innovative new ways to create more housing options for these residents with lower and moderate incomes — household incomes between $21,500 and $86,500. The City of Vancouver’s Housing and Homelessness Strategy will continue to seek solutions for ending homelessness and lower income residents who will not find housing in the housing market as well as secure rental housing and homeownership initiatives for more moderate incomes.
  5. History of Roles & Partnerships However, no one government or agency can deliver all the solutions to ensuring there is housing affordable to people with lower and moderate incomes. Historically there have been significant contributions from senior levels of governments. The Federal Under fiscal restraints, BCThe Federal Government greatly Housing and the City haveGovernment played amajor role funding and played a continuing role in reduced its creating housing, especiallyfacilitating tens of involvement, for people with the significantthousands of family and leaving provinces barriers to housing – peopleseniors housing across and municipalities with disabilities, theCanada. Since to identify and meet Since homeless, and the frail Late local needs. 1993 1993 elderly. 1940s
  6. City Role – Working with Partners The City works with many government, private sector and non-profit partners to expand affordable housing options. From research and advocacy to building and finance, partners are a mandatory component to the city’s role in providing affordable housing in Vancouver.
  7. City Role – Policy & ProgramsRequiring major residential rezonings toinclude 20% non-market housing.Planning “new neighbourhoods” throughredevelopment of former industrial lands suchas False Creek, Coal Harbour, and EastFraserlands.Providing financial and other incentives fordevelopers to build new market rentalhousing.Adopting a Housing and HomelessnessStrategy, 2012-2021 with specific targets tocreate new affordable housing.
  8. City Role – RegulationEncouraging secondary suites and lanewayhousing and flexible lock-off suites in apartments.Protecting affordable Single Room Occupancy(SRO) hotels for people with low incomes byrequiring to obtain Council approval to demolish orconvert.Protecting rental housing by requiring one-for-onerental unit replacements for projects of 6 or moreunits.
  9. City Role – Buy & LeasePursuing opportunities to buy land for thedevelopment of future non-market housing.Recently, the City, in partnership with BCHousing, Streetohome and Vancouver CoastalHealth provided 1,500 units of supported housing.Leasing land at below market rates to non-profitsocieties to build non-market housing. Areasincluding False Creek and Coal Harbour arerecent examples.
  10. City Role – Landlord & Tenant AssistanceOwning and operating social housing. The Cityowns and operates 750 units of housing for lowerincome. Many of these are in the DowntownEastside, such as Antoinette Lodge, AlexanderResidence, and Oppenheimer Lodge.The City also operates a Tenant AssistanceProgram that provides advice and assistance topeople struggling to secure housing.
  11. City Role – FinanceProviding financial assistance. The City has aCapital Plan it may utilize to provide capitalfinancial assistance to non-profit societies foraffordable housing.Reducing costs of providing housing. The Citycan reduce or waive property taxes for non-profit housing and reduce development costcharges and other site-related fees.
  12. Working with Policy & Regulatory Partners Programs Tools The City’s Roles in Housing Owned & Landlord & Financial leased Tenant Tools lands Assistance
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