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Social Toaster

  1. 1. Presented By Vision Multimedia Technologies, LLC |
  2. 2. Social Networking Today • Traffic – Visited by 67% of global online population • Stickiness – 10% of all Internet time is spent on member communities – 4th most popular online activity ahead of personal email Facebook Twitter LinkedIn •350 million active users •45.5 million users •50 million users •130 friends on avg. •With 70 followers on avg. •In 200 countries •64 million mobile users •33% age 18-29 •Avg HH Income: $110K
  3. 3. Current Social Marketing Tactics Pages & Groups Microblogs WOM Teams – Viewed as a CRM – Follow people you know – Key Influencer component and follow you back Programs – Mine existing database to – Follow random people – Blogger outreach recruit fans – Hope they return the – Manually post content favor
  4. 4. Social Marketing, Social Nightmare? • Marketing to Existing • Lack of Metrics Contacts – Inability to track: – What about other prospects? • Effectiveness of Postings • Effectiveness of Social • Challenging to Grow “Fan” Media Platforms Base • Traffic to Website – Costly advertising & web • Link to eCommerce site postings • Relationship / Equity Drivers • ROI • Lack of Easy Content • High Cost & Unknown Return Management – $100,000+ per word of – No sophisticated business mouth campaign! solution to manage and – ROI tracking is non-existent track multiple social media platforms
  5. 5. Introducing SocialToaster℠ Social Marketing Automation Made Simple! • Centralized Postings – Admin creates and broadcasts content • Brand Ambassador System – Employees, customers, fans or any type of supporter – Drive traffic to your website via their social networks • Automated Link Tracking & Real-time Reports – Shows entire process from click to lead capture to sales • Closing the Loop – Straightforward data allows for easy evaluation of campaign
  6. 6. Who are your Brand Ambassadors? • Self-Selected “Super Fans” of your company or brand • Could include: – Customers – Employees – Endorsers – Fans • Sign up to allow you to market to their social networks – With or without incentives • Ambassadors choose the networks & settings – Automatic postings or approval-required options
  7. 7. What does the process look like? Your Web site You create the content Registered you want to promote Ambassador Link to content Ambassador’s approves content shared on network sees link for broadcast social networks
  8. 8. What does the process look like? Connections sign up for SocialToaster generates newsletter, buy products, etc. real-time marketing Connections click link analytics reports for user SocialToaster tracks ALL of and visit site these activities
  9. 9. Real Time Reports High level statistics show traffic generated by social marketing including: – Visitors – Leads – Conversions Reports can also be viewed by: – Social Networking Site – Brand Ambassador
  10. 10. Why Does SocialToaster℠ Work? • Easy to get started, simple to use • You control the message • Utilizes referral networks from trusted sources – Posts appear to come from the Ambassadors themselves • Provides accountability and measurable results – Closing the loop on social marketing • Higher click through rates vs. traditional advertising – The average SocialToaster posting gets 6.5 CLICKS! – More than 3x the average Google AdWords Campaign* *Source: AdWordsPro, Google CTR 2.0
  11. 11. Who is Using SocialToaster℠?
  12. 12. Case Study Beta: Rolled out Ambassador program to salon managers • SocialToaster Beta Campaign Results: – 73% Ambassador Participation Rate – 3 Total Broadcasts in Campaign • 1 coupon • 2 blog updates – Each Ambassador drove 10+ unique visitors to site during campaign – 6.5 Clicks per Link Posted on Ambassador Social Network Phase 2: Now rolling out Ambassador Program to 14,500 stylists nationwide
  13. 13. Cross Promotion Case Study • Social Media Promotion for Stylists – SocialToaster provides Redken with a unique opportunity for cross-selling products via a retailer social marketing campaign – Promotion is designed to: • Incent Stylist Ambassadors to register • Encourage active participation by Ambassadors • Drive sales of Redken products via the salon channel
  14. 14. SocialToaster Marketing Impact Brand Ambassadors 500 Ambassador Friends per Social Networking Site 100 Sites per Ambassador 2 Potential Reach per Broadcast 100,000 Broadcasts per Week 2 Weeks in Trial 12 Total Reach for SocialToaster Pilot 2,400,000
  15. 15. Getting Started is Easy! • Initial Setup & Installation Fee – Customization is available • Pricing per Post – The more Ambassadors you recruit, the more posts, the less you pay per post! • Ability to set monthly budgetary limits – SocialToaster will stop broadcasting when budget is reached • In just 4 weeks you can start toasting your competitors’ social marketing!
  16. 16. Vision Multimedia Technologies, LLC 410.889.7770