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  • Really excited to be here to share our experience in developing and implementing this innovative Leadership Discovery Program. Attended many NJOD sharing days, first opportunity to present here. Like to take a quick moment to introduce ourselves and find out a little bit about you around the room (name, title, organization, what brought you here today and what are you hoping to learn in this session). Flip chart “hoping to learn” Interactive session
  • Ask Questions Throughout Share Unique Program Learn “How to” Institute at Your Organization LDP Used for: High Potential Development, Aligning Resources Around a Common Set of Behaviors/Competencies, Personal and Professional Development
  • Been in business for 20 years, we’ve learned a lot about executive development, the key learning now include… Best practices.. Organizations that focus on this……
  • a rehabilitation institute, free standing outpatient clinics, a surgical center and various outpatient centers.
  • Plug for the company – ha ha …. Focus on helping our clients improve performance in three distinct areas: Individual – exec. coaching Team – team coaching, team alignment, strategic team coaching, etc…, meeting facilitation Organization – high potential development, succession planning Bill still very much involved.
  • Rather than a conventional classroom or software-based program that some organizations rely on to teach leadership skills, AH and WJM developed an approach customized for each participant, focusing on the individual’s strengths and opportunities for development in relation to AH’s identified core leadership competencies.  
  • Leadership Discovery Process™ (LDP™) Objectives: When Lynn and I first met….wasnt interested in off the shelf program for the masses,wanted something more customized that included the areas (that she wasn’t finding from a single consultancy), namely targeted assessment, 360, feedback, development planning, coaching, and transfer of ownership. Prepare AH Officers/Directors for future leadership challenges by providing practical development consistent with the individual needs of each participant as they related to the organization’s defined core leadership competencies and unique culture. Provide individualized feedback to each participant based upon a leadership assessment which includes interviews, 360° survey data and a personality assessment. Provide a highly engaging and individualized developmental experience with an executive coach for each participant. Deliver the development program “en masse” at an attractive per-participant cost. Capture and provide HR with data regarding common developmental themes or potential “derailers” among the program participants. Design targeted group learnings to address common developmental opportunities for the participants.
  • Quick overview….Timing, we’ll get into the specifics of what each of these steps mean in the following slides. This slide meant to demonstrate the speed at which the program was developed, conducted and results received.
  • October 2009
  • Nov. 2009
  • Competencies formulated from Lomingers years ago.
  • Competencies formulated from Lomingers years ago. Really excited by this step – mapped the competencies to the 16PF. Create consistency in assessment results.
  • nov
  • dec
  • Jan - march
  • april
  • Spider web which indicates the group composite scores for each competency. Scores ranged from 0 – not applicable, 1, seldom demonstrates, 2 – usually demonstrates, 3 – often demonstrates, 4- always demonstrates. Overall great results. Some interesting findings – Managerial Courage and Developing Direct Reports trending more toward demonstrating but not often enough for the composite group. Many strengths – more than developmental opportunities Value of you in the organization
  • Interesting findings – Top items are focused on the customer. Who is the customer? What are the executive’s comments? Experiences? Does this ring true? Any feedback from Joe and Andy?
  • Does this ring true? Are you having those tough developmental discussions and holding people accountable? Why or why not? Developing others is very much a leadership skill – managers plan and execute – leaders guide and strategize.
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