How You Can Replace Or Install A Motorhome AC Or CamperTrailer Roof Ac UnitShould you own a mobile home or camper trailer ...
having a wrench or socket and also the ceiling flange should drop free. Based on what type of ductcan be used for connecti...
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How You Can Replace Or Install A Motorhome AC Or Camper Trailer Roof Ac Unit_


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How You Can Replace Or Install A Motorhome AC Or Camper Trailer Roof Ac Unit_

  1. 1. How You Can Replace Or Install A Motorhome AC Or CamperTrailer Roof Ac UnitShould you own a mobile home or camper trailer for just about any period of time, therell eventuallycome each day once the roof AC will have to be changed. Most likely youve already spent a coupleof dollars getting minor repairs made through the years.However, you will find a couple of problemsthat will entail investing a great deal of money to be able to obtain a couple of more camping seasonfrom the old RV AC unit. A brand new RV AC shroud is required prior to the old one finally breaksaway and eventually ends up near the road, or worse, before an oncoming vehicle.That old AC fanmotor is creating a noise and also the old girl doesnt awesome like previously. Simply to replacethese products will definitely cost half over a new roof RV AC unit. And whos to state the compressorwont all of a sudden go kaput and price another three or 400 dollars. The very best factor to completeis simply bite the bullet and use a new roof RV AC.If youre a hands-on kind of person with fundamental tool abilities, theres pointless you cant replaceyour old RV AC with a brand new, more effective roof Air conditioner. The entire alternative proceduredoesnt take very lengthy to complete, particularly if you possess a willing friend to assist.To Thetoughest area of the procedure gets that old RV AC lower and also the new AC back on the RV roof.You will find no special tools needed with this job. Regular hands tools are thats required to rapidlyreplace that old RV AC, with a brand new and much more efficient Unit. A fundamental understandingof household electric wiring is needed but you will find only 3 wires to become connected within theentire process. So, if are you currently up for this, continue reading.Its suggested that you simply safeguard the region round the RV AC installation area with thick droptowels or old blankets to safeguard the RV roof against damage. This is particularly important whenthe RV is definitely an Airstream or other smooth metal roofed camper trailer that could easily bescratched or dinged up.The RV AC models arent real heavy however they may cause damage if knocked or dropped aroundthe RV roof.Also, make sure the RV roof will support unwanted weight before clambering around onthe top from it.To If youre not sure, it is advisable to use planks or plywood to distribute your weighevenly around the RV roof.Start by getting rid of that old RV AC shroud in the unit. Normally, you will find 4 screw or boltsacquiring it towards the old RV Air conditioner.The AC shroud is taken away to really make it simplerto maneuver that old RV Air conditioner.ToRemove any flashing or glues from around the bottom of that old RV Air conditioner.To Frequentlytheres a great deal of the residue due to repeated films from the RV roof through the years to avoidleaks. A putty knife will prove useful about this job.Generally, four lengthy bolts are store the RV Air conditioner towards the RV roof. These boltsincrease via a square bracket and thread in to the roof RV Air conditioner. A thick rubber seal iscompressed between your roof Air conditioner and also the roof from the RV once the bolts arestiffened. This seal guarantees a water tight barrier against rain fall and humidity.Take away the bolts
  2. 2. having a wrench or socket and also the ceiling flange should drop free. Based on what type of ductcan be used for connecting the roof Air conditioner towards the ceiling flange, unscrew or pull loosethe ducting. The roof Air conditioner is able to be removed. After returning up to the RV roof, it mightbe necessary to utilize a putty knife to release the roof Air conditioner in the roof surface. Once itsloose, lift that old Air conditioner from the hole and take it out of the RV roof. Clean the top of roof wellin which the new seal will relaxation. A clean surface is important to prevent leaks. Old putty andglues could cause a leak within the new seal.Using the AC shroud removed, transport the brand new air conditioner atop the RV and center itwithin the duct hole. Consider using someone within the RV to obtain the Air conditioner centeredproperly.The rubber gasket at the base from the RV AC should align using the 14X 14 square ceiling holealmost perfectly. Look into the installation instructions to be certain the ceiling set up flange isswitched the proper way before threads the brand new bolts up in to the Roof Air conditioner.Do asinstructed for you personally particular RV Air conditioner while tightening the retaining bolts. SomeRV AC models, like the Coleman unit highlighted here, have small tabs which contact the rooftoponce the flange bolts are stiffened correctly.This Coleman unit utilizes a flexible duct which attaches towards the RV AC ceiling set up with asmall strip of adhesive. Take away the protective plastic in the adhesive strip and fix the flexible ductfirmly into position. Stop the surplus flexible ducting before affixing the air conditioning filter cover.Attach the road towards the new wires within the junction box from the ceiling set up. The wires arecolor coded to complement the RV electrical wiring. While using wire nuts supplied with the brandnew RV Air conditioner, connect to black, whitened to whitened, using the eco-friendly ground wirebeing attached to the bare line ground.Make certain the wire nuts feel at ease without any uncovered wire around the back or whitenedwires. A little strip of electrical tape wrapped round the connections is going to do no harm. If yourenot positive about hooking up these wires, request someone with increased experience that will helpyou.Plug the control wire harness in the roof RV AC in to the ceiling control set up. If you work with the notcompulsory RV AC warmth strip, this is the time to add it towards the mounting bracket within the RVAC ceiling set up and plug the heating unit hooking up wires in to the control cover.The control cover about this Coleman RV AC unit uses four spring aided screws which attach ittowards the flange. Attach the filter cover and also the job is nearly done.Carefully slide the brandnew RV AC shroud within the Air conditioner and secure it using the retaining screws. Make suretheyre snug. Reunite the energy and also the job is done.Test the system for proper operation and run it for some time to ensure its correct operation. You cannow relaxation simple and easy , have a awesome sleep within the most popular weather. Held on acouple of dollars and learned a couple of things along the way. Healthy for you and best of luck inyour RV AC alternative!
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