Writing 1 nurses part 2


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Writing 1 nurses part 2

  1. 1. Success @ HML = Success @ ONU Part 2Traci Welch MoritzPublic Services Librarian/Assistant ProfessorHeterick Memorial Library
  2. 2. Find an ArticleDatabases• Often tools for locating journal and newspaper articles• Most are subject-specific, some multi- disciplinary• Many give access to full text of articles• Heterick has 200+• Available from Heterick home page
  3. 3. Find an Article• Over 20,000 journals indexed, most are full text• Divided by subject area offered at ONU• Electronic Journals
  4. 4. Find an Article• Periodical means the same as MagazineUsually magazines are more “popular”• Journals Scholarly or Professional Peer reviewed
  5. 5. Find an ArticleClick on “Periodical Articles”
  6. 6. Find an Article
  7. 7. Databases SUBJECT SPECIFICBIG THREE• Proquest Nursing and Allied Health Journals• Health Source : Nursing/Academic Edition• MEDLINE with Full Text 7
  8. 8. Find an ArticleBe sure to click on the “Off campus access tab” to begin Web Management Problems? Contact our Systems Librarian with: •Name of database •Error messages •i-canagaratna@onu.edu •Date/ time •Note you are working off-campus
  9. 9. Off Campus Access EVA Eva Maglott 00021559801 Eva Maglott Please use all digits in your student ID number.
  10. 10. Find an Article
  11. 11. Proquest Nursing
  12. 12. Find an Article
  13. 13. Find an Article• What if it’s not available PDF or HTML?• Look up the periodical title in the library catalog NOT the article title
  14. 14. Find an Article Pneumonia and Respiratory Failure from Swine-Origin Influenza A (H1N1) in Mexico Rogelio Perez-padilla, Daniela De La Rosa-zamboni, Samuel Ponce De Leon, Mauricio Hernandez, et al. The New England Journal of Medicine. Boston: Aug 13, 2009. Vol. 361, Iss. 7; p. 680
  15. 15. Find an Article• And could be available in print
  16. 16. Find an Article• Reserve means the periodical/journal is held at the front desk.• Current means the issue is new and is available on the open shelves beside the computer lab.• All others are upstairs and arranged alphabetically by title.• Bound means it’s out of the building• Arrived means it’s on the open shelves• Expected means it’s not here yet
  17. 17. Find an Article• It may have to be requested ILL
  18. 18. Find an Article
  19. 19. Find an Article• It may be available Full text from OhioLINK or another database
  20. 20. Find an Article
  21. 21. Other databases EbscoHost products--
  22. 22. EbscoHost
  23. 23. EbscoHostHealth Source: Nursing/Academic EditionAcademic Search Complete
  24. 24. EbscoHost
  25. 25. EbscoHost
  26. 26. EbscoHost
  27. 27. Other databases• Lexis-Nexis, current events, news
  28. 28. Lexis-Nexis
  29. 29. What about the Internet?P:drive, Library Instruction folder, FYE folder, Handouts folder, “Criticallyanalyzing information sources”
  30. 30. What about the Internet?Note: Ifworking Google Scholaroffcampus ONU buysuser sees Full-text Google asksonly database to link tocitation to contentarticles OhioLINKnot full Permits Google to Run Googletext link to full-text Scholar Search ONU user sees licensed full-text articles
  31. 31. Help/Instruction
  32. 32. QUESTIONS?• Ask at the Front Desk• Phone the Reference Desk – 419-772- 2185 (see library page for available hours)• Contact by E-mail reference@onu.edu• t-moritz@onu.edu• Use Chat Help feature or the IM