Cory Rawson 2012


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Cory Rawson 2012

  1. 1. Material Available At Home/ School At ONU• Catalogs • Catalogs• Core EBSCO • Core EBSCO • Unique databases • Books
  2. 2. Available EBSCO Databases
  3. 3. Available EBSCO Databases March 2010
  4. 4. Resource Providers• InfOhio – serving Ohio’s schools• OPLIN – serving Ohio’s public libraries• OhioLINK – serving Ohio’s college and university libraries
  5. 5. Printing, Downloading, Saving• All three catalogs allow you to mark entries and later to save or E-mail them.• Most databases offer the same options• If you have created an EBSCO account, you can save articles to it.• If you have a flash memory device, you can save articles to it.• Today, you SHOULD be able to print without charge in the labs.
  6. 6. EBSCO AccountClick here to logonor create an account
  7. 7. RESEARCH TOOLS• Catalogs – includes printed and E- books, maps, government documents, etc.• Research Databases – covers periodical articles, statistics, etc.• Web Resources
  8. 8. CATALOGS - SIZEThe amount of material covered by each catalog varies. The larger thecatalog the more likely you are to locate items of use. POLAR – 400,000 items OhioLINK – 10 million+ items WorldCAT – 110 million+ items
  9. 9. Database Search Strategies• Specific searches – author, title• Concept searches - subject, keyword• Limiting features – date, language, etc.• Search history – records searches and allows you to mix and match terms
  10. 10. Major Types of Searching by Concept- Keyword• Looks in several locations (usually subject, article title, abstracts or contents)• Does not require an exact match• Generates comparatively large number of hits (not precise)• Good if you are not familiar with terminology
  11. 11. Major Types of Searches by Concept- Subject• Looks in one place – subject• Usually requires an exact match between your term and a pre-set list of terms• Precise• Can be used after keyword search has identified specific subjects
  12. 12. Search Screen Conventions - POLAR Multiple search term boxes
  13. 13. Search Screens - POLAR Set type of search. Default is keyword
  14. 14. Search Screens - POLAR Set logical relationship between terms: •And •Or •Not
  15. 15. Search Screens - POLAR Focus search by limiting
  16. 16. Search Screens - OhioLINK
  17. 17. Search Screens – WorldCAT.Org
  18. 18. Search Screens - EBSCO
  19. 19. Catalog ContentMaterials commonly listed in catalogs:• Books• Maps• Music Scores• Audiovisual materials• Government documents• Increasingly links to resources on the InternetNot newspaper and magazine articles
  20. 20. Other SourcesBluffton Public Library• Can fill loan requests• Need to have a library card (parental permission required)• See: University• Does not fill loan requests, but materials can be used in the libraryFindlay/ Hancock Co. Public LibraryMacomb Public Library
  21. 21. Contact UsUse the “contact us” link on the Heterickhome page or E-mail or Instant Messaging••
  22. 22. Databases• Used mostly for locating newspaper and magazine articles• Access controlled• Offer broad and subject-specific coverage• Available to general public via InfOhio and OPLIN (some)
  23. 23. Multi-disciplinary Databases• Academic Search (EBSCO) available state-wide• Lexis-Nexis – licensed sites (OhioLINK)• Opposing Viewpoints – licensed sites (individual libraries)Available from Heterick home page
  24. 24. Additional Materials