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  • So, technically the discovery layer is really just the user interface for searching (almost) all of our stuff at once: books, articles, and whatever else we decide to put in there. The ‘central index’ refers to that stuff.
  • Single search for local, open access and subscription collections.Should provide quick natural language searching, no more trying to figure out how librarians and each database describes somethingPeople get frustrated with controlled vocabulary so we’re trying to accommodate how we know people searchPete Coco says it best when he calls it “frictionless searching”
  • “googley familiarity” Pete Coco
  • We may decide not to include some thingsSome vendors don’t play nice with othersSome students may still struggle with relevancy
  • BIZ 2401 Finding Company Information

    1. 1. BIZ 2401 and the Library World of resources at your fingertips Traci Welch Moritz Public Services Librarian/Assistant Professor Heterick Memorial Library
    2. 2. Goals for Today 1. Review of library information systems 2. Using Boolean Indicators 3. Specific tools for accessing company information
    3. 3. Research Guide
    4. 4. Boolean Logic • AND -- default, narrows and defines • OR -- broadens search • NOT -- narrows search • + , “”, - -- other indicators • • b/Guides/Internet/Boolean.pdf
    5. 5. Library Class #2 Finding Company Information • • • • • • • • • Company’s website Company’s annual report International directory of company history Business Source Complete (datamonitor report) Hoovers (financials) Edgar online (SEC filings) S&P Netadvantage (financials, stock) PrivCo WARC
    6. 6. Tools for Company Information • Annual reports Tips for reading an annual report • Public Register • Annual Reports Library • Annual Report Resource Center • WSJ Annual Reports • CAROL
    7. 7. Other Company Information Overview Histories Competitors Revenues, cash flow SWOT News and Views
    8. 8. Glossary of Terms • Ticker “modern letter-only ticker symbols were developed by Standard & Poor's (S&P) to bring a national standard to investing” • CIK -- Central Index Key, number given to an individual or company by the SEC • SIC --standard industrial classification system, classification of businesses and business units by type of economic activity • • • • NAICS -- North American Industry Classification System, replaces SIC DUNS -- industry standard for keeping track of the world's businesses Private Company -- ownership is private Public Company -- company that has permission to offer its registered securities (stock, bonds, etc.) for sale to the general public, typically through a stock exchange • Subsidiary -- Controlled/owned by a “parent” company
    9. 9. Print Resources Dun’s Directory of Service Companies HML REFERENCE q338.7610002573 D111 2010 D&B million dollar directory HML REFERENCE q338.740973 D11 2010 Telephone books
    10. 10. International Directory of Company Histories HML REFERENCE q338.7409 I61 v.1 •IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO MORE THAN 8,500 COMPANIES •Learn the complete background and history of a company • Research merger and acquisition activity over time •Determine the impact of particular sales and marketing campaigns •Ascertain the effectiveness of executive 10 Leadership
    11. 11. International Directory of Company Histories Each three- to five-page entry is meticulously crafted with facts gathered from popular magazines, academic periodicals, books, annual reports, archives of the companies themselves and much more. Peppered with statistics, dates and names of key players, entries contain information on: • Founders • Expansions and strategies • Labor/management actions • Stock exchanges, ticker symbols and industries • Principal subsidiaries, divisions, operating units and 11
    12. 12. Discovery Layer
    13. 13. What is it? • A Discovery Layer sits on top of all the library resources and allows users to access a majority of the information available on one topic with one search. • Think of it as the roof on a house.
    14. 14. Why did we get it? • Natural language searching • Encourage better or more sophisticated searching • Search across all local content • Quicker results
    15. 15. What it isn’t • A replacement for the current catalog • A ready made index to all databases content • The cure for getting people to use the catalog or the way to get people to use the rest of your library website • Googlization of library resources, although it may seem like this to some
    16. 16. Current search methods Reference resources Catalog Databases Others… • Newspapers • eBooks • Websites • Government publications
    17. 17. Caveats • Does not bring up results from all resources we have available • Learning curve • Truly not the best for all research questions
    18. 18. SEARCH
    19. 19. What is included? • POLAR • Article-level searching for all EBSCO databases • Article-level searching for a variety of other databases: JSTOR, Hoover’s, AccessPharmacy, etc. • Title-level searching for most other databases: IEEE, CIAO, Proquest Nursing & Allied Health • OhioLink central catalog
    20. 20. Results: Full Text, Polar
    21. 21. Results: OhioLink
    22. 22. Results: Find It @ ONU
    23. 23. Results: ILL
    24. 24. Facets: Limit Your Results
    25. 25. Things to Remember • Facets are your Friend: After you search, limit your results to what you really want • A tool not a solution: This is not the solution to everything • Ask the librarians for help • There will still be some small changes coming
    26. 26. Accessing Resources Click on Databases
    27. 27. Accessing Resources Choose Business
    28. 28. Business Source Complete non-journal content • financial data • case studies • investment research reports • market research reports • • • • industry reports country reports company profiles SWOT analyses
    29. 29. Lexis-Nexis
    30. 30. Hoovers • Company reports • Industry information • Market intelligence on both public and private companies
    31. 31. WARC • Hosts large collection of advertising information on the web • 15,000 articles • case studies • research and conference papers • Company profiles (Euromonitor profiles) • European, American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand publications • More info
    32. 32. PrivCo
    33. 33. EDGAR search.html
    34. 34. S&P NetAdvantage on/standard_and_poors_netadvantage_guide.pdf Company information • • • • • market snapshot company quote equity indexes page S & P stock report economic calendar • economic insight • mutual funds • S&P industry surveys for the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America
    35. 35. Business News • Business Wire (free registration required) • Economic News Releases (Bureau of Labor Statistics) • CNNMoney • Corporate Financials Online • Yahoo Finance News • Wall Street Journal • New York Times • Local newspapers • Newslink
    36. 36. Other types of co info Stock information • Value Line Investment Survey • Standard & Poor's Net Advantage Company rankings • Fortune • Forbes Company philanthropy Foundation Directory
    37. 37. Misc, info • -Resources listed are often not free but may be available through the library, ie. Hoover’s Online • -- help finding SIC and NAICS numbers • nies.html#company-research -- job seeking site but has some helpful information and links
    38. 38. End of Library Class #2 • Questions? – Email – ext. 2473 or 2185 – Reference desk most days 8-noon, Thursday evenings 6-9pm