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Professional Hip Hop Dancer - Learn More
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Professional Hip Hop Dancer - Learn More


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How to obtain leveled positions of a dancer. Look through this presentation. It will help you understand the way professional dancers become successful. I have always wanted to be a dancer and if you …

How to obtain leveled positions of a dancer. Look through this presentation. It will help you understand the way professional dancers become successful. I have always wanted to be a dancer and if you read this you will see where I will one day be.
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Published in: Self Improvement, Education

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  • 1. Tracie Hendrix Freshman Focus 3rd Block 12/11/13 Professional Hip-Hop Dancer
  • 2. Resume Tracie L. Hendrix 4606 Crowne Lake Circle Jamestown, NC 27282 Objective To obtain a waitress position or to Obtain a chef position Education Southwest Guilford High School 4364 Barrow Road High Point, NC 27265 Skills and Accomplishments Creative Phone: (336)478-7089 Organized Email: Good Communication Coordinated Setting Goal Awards Received A/B Honor Roll Perfect Attendance Hobbies Basketball, Track, Softball, Dance and I participated In Math Club at Southwest Guilford Middle Volunteer Experience I have volunteered with Citizens for Justice and I volunteer at my Family’s summer camp. Computer Skills A little experience with typing and working with Microsoft
  • 3. Career Ladder : Dancer Level 1Your Title: Apprentice Dancer Earnings- $ 350 - $600 a week Requirements- Completion of a professional school & dance experience Responsibilities- Being an understudy for lead dancers (learning other dancers’ roles in case you have to replace them) Level 2Your Title: Dancer Earnings- $16,000 to $45,000 a year Requirements- 1 to 2 years as an Apprentice Responsibilities- Auditioning; rehearsing; learning new moves from a choreographer
  • 4. Career Ladder : Dancer (Cont.) Level 3Your Title: Principle Dancer Earnings- $40,000 to $60,000 + a year Requirements- At least 4 to 5 years of experience as a dancer (some dancers may never progress to be principals) Responsibilities- Auditioning; rehearsing; learning moves from a choreographer; performing lead roles; soloing; doing some choreography work Level 4Your Title: Choreographer Earnings- $30,000 to $70,000 a year Requirements- Several years of dance and choreography experience & Preferably some training in choreography Responsibilities- Creating sequences of movements or dances for dancers and setting it to music; keeping in shape.
  • 5. What Do Dancers Do? Dancers and choreographers use movements to express ideas and stories in performances. There are many types of dance, such as ballet, modern dance, tap, and jazz. Their duties depend on the level of occupation I. Teaching other students (Choreographers) II. Learning from others (Apprentice) III. Being like a captain of the project (Principle Dancer) IV. Intermediate Dancer (Dancer)
  • 6. A Dancer’s Work Environment How many people took the occupation of a dancer in 2010:  25,000 people had a dance occupation The work environment of a dancer:  About 40 percent of dancers work in performing arts companies, and about 78 percent of choreographers work in other schools and instruction, which include dance and fine arts schools. Dancers have one of the highest rates of on-the-job injuries.
  • 7. How to Become a Professional Dancer Education and training requirements vary with the type of dancer; however, all dancers need many years of formal training. Nearly all choreographers began their careers as dancers. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what dance hip-hop or ballet, most likely all of your education will be the same except for the type of dance your learning and how far you want to go in this profession.
  • 8. A Professional Dancer’s Pay Level 1- Apprentice Dancer Pay: $350-$600 a week Level 2- Dancer Pay: $16,000 to $45,000 a year Level 3- Principle Dancer Pay: $40,000 to $60,000 and more a year Level 4- Choreographer Pay: $30,000 to $70,000 and more a year * Note that these are wages are all depending on what company you will work for and your performance and discipline during that time
  • 9. Job Outlook for a Professional Dancer Employment of dancers and choreographers is projected to grow 18 percent, about as fast as the average for all occupations. They are expected to face intense competition for jobs because there are many more people who want to become professional dancers and choreographers than there are positions available. Job Outlook, 2010-20 18% (About as fast as average) This occupation is growing rapidly but I will do my best to make myself the best dancer.
  • 10. Similar Occupations to a Dancer I. Actors: Some college, no degree - wages depend on the level o skill II. Art Directors: Bachelor’s degree - $80,630~ a year III.Music Directors & Composers : Bachelor’s degree $45,970~ a year IV.Musicians/Singers: High School diploma – wages depend on company signed to V. Postsecondary Teachers: Doctoral or Professional degree - $62,050~ a year
  • 11. How a Dancer Budgets w/ Wage Given  Total Housing: $936.00  Total Transportation: $670.00  Total Clothing: $12.50  Total Food & Sundries: $250.00  Total Entertainment/Recreation: $75.00  Total Vacations: $167.00  Total Child Care/School Expenses: $0.00  Total Health Care/Insurance: $100 .00– $125.00  Total Furnishings: $75.00  Total Savings: $75.00  Total Miscellaneous: Cell phone: $115.00  Total Monthly Budget: $2,475.50  Gross Salary X .25 = Income Tax/Social Security
  • 12. Dancer Budget (Cont.) $33,217.20 X .30(FICA/Taxes)= $9,965.16(Income Tax/ Social Security) (Gross)- $33,217.20– $9,965.16(Income Tax/Social Security)= $23,252.04 (Net Salary) (Monthly)$2,475 X 12 = $29,700 (Total Yearly Expenses) (Net Salary) $23252.04 – $29,700 (Total Yearly Expenses) = $29,700 (Total Yearly Savings) Total Yearly Savings Should be between 9-11% of Gross Salary
  • 13. Sources Used for this Presentation