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  • How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  • How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  • Question 2 evaluation

    1. 1. As you can see there is a flow ofcombination in my main productsand ancillary text as it has manysimilar forms and conventions toeach other. Another is that themedia products all flow welltogether and have a feel of eachother as the headlines are similaralong with images, adverts, stories,colour and text.All 4 media products I created;newspaper, inside page, websiteand poster all go well together asthey go well together and have acombination by the style. Mymedia products and ancillary textboth flow well with each other asthe poster is a goodrepresentation of the newspaper.
    2. 2. All 4 of my products have similarcombination, they all have thesame masthead to indicate thenewspaper. Leaving the audiencewho read know what kind of paperit is and what type it is.The combinations are effective asboth my newspapers front, insidepage and website and ancillarytexts have the masthead which willlet the audience know as thecombination of all these three letthe audience know they are interlinked.
    3. 3. As you can see there is an effective combination between my newspapersfront cover and inside page. Both of the pages are interlinked and you can seethe comparisons they both share . Both of these papers have similar images inthere. The image of the ‘Snow Day’ in the front cover is also features in theinside page this shows comparisons and another combination was theadverts, the recycling advert is also on both pages along with the cash for goldadvert. Many adverts are always added in newspapers. This combination iseffective as it lets the audience know theres more inside the paper. This isuniting different uses together to function as they work well.
    4. 4. My poster and my main product combine very well together. My poster is titled‘Brent News’ simple and can be easily remembered. My poster shows a street signand it states BRENT NEWS are the title of my newspaper but also it states the areacode along with the London borough logo. This combination is effective as mynewspaper product is all about northwest London. The combination to the poster iseffective as it gives off a local vibe, also the front page of the newspaper is also onthe poster, letting the audience know how the issue looks like. This combination iseffective as when the audience picture it up they identify it straight away. Theposter also is linked with the theme of my newspaper as the motto on it states‘News Right Up Your Street’ telling the audience it’s a local newspaper straightaway as its about there local area. The website shows many forms of synergy as ithas many videos, apps, stories, networking timelines which make it flow. Also thecolour schema is the same in all 4 of my product which make it flow.
    5. 5. The poster reinforces the other throw synergy as it helps the brand to flow well together andthey help each other. Both front pages and poster reinforce the house style and thecombination between both of them combines the two products together as they support eachother and represent each other as there working together. The whole idea of synergy is tocombine products together to make them represent each other, the poster has an image ofmy newspaper in front of it informing people which copy to pick up and how it looks like.
    6. 6. My newspaper website contains a big amount of synergy as itfeatures; videos, radio, online networking, apps and more.The incaution of video, radio, networking, apps and morecreates synergy within my products as it branches out to a wideraudiences. For example younger audiences are more likely tohave the newspaper app where as older audiences are morelikely to go onto the radio or read the actual newspaper. All thesynergies combine well together as the flow of the newspaperand other products all interline with one another. The websitelink and the iPhone app is also features on the newspaper as asign of promotion as it lets the audiences know where to go, thiscombination works well as it branches out and also the appsand video branch out and the synergy on the website work welltogether as the multi media aspect reach out to many audiencesas some may prefer to read and others to watch and listen.The website itself ranches out and also the poster lets theaudience know where to go also as it has a website link to theaudience and a picture of the newspaper. This is effective as thecombination of all 4 products help eachother.
    7. 7. Colum section Masthead Video section Watch and listen section - radioSlide story section Online twitter sectionTop news section iPad advert for app More news section competitionBullet point headlines Sports section News headlines Local advert
    8. 8. Puff letting audience London Borough sign letting people knowknow its FREE what area they are at, which also happens to be the area of my local news paper Newspaper title Postal code Website linkNewspaper front cover, The sloganlatest issue.