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Sex offenders and the law.tracey.percifield.unit4 ip

Sex offenders and the law.tracey.percifield.unit4 ip






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  • Texas has strict guideline and is one of the toughest states for criminal prosecution and upholds the death penalty than any other state. It also has signed and made into law that convicted sexual predators can’t use Facebook and a few other sites and that they can only live in certain areas.

Sex offenders and the law.tracey.percifield.unit4 ip Sex offenders and the law.tracey.percifield.unit4 ip Presentation Transcript

  • American Intercontinental University Tracey Percifield Unit 4 IP June 29, 2011 Alex Akwuaju
  • INTRODUCTIONSex offenders that commit acts of crime against children andteenage and adults are pedophiles and non-pedophilic.True pedophiles are motivated and fixated on children for theirsexual needs, most of the time have places in thecommunity, pedophiles that molest boys have the highestcrimes, and befriend adults to be able to get to the children.Non-pedophiles are child molesters or molest and rape adultsto fulfill their sexual needs and have dysfunctional relationshipbut who may also be married.We look at the laws that govern these sexual predators and thestates that uphold their standards and protect the community (ATSA, 2001).
  • In the state of Texas sexual crimes is carried out strictsentencing and not taken lightly. Texas has thehighest rate of conviction for sex offenders and thedeath penalty and uphold.Texas prosecutes sex offenders are charged withsexual crimes and add child abuse to the charge aswell.Texas sets it’s age from 18 of their birthday andcarries 20 years of imprisonment sexualperformance, aggravated kidnapping with intent, andburglary with intent (Texas State Department ofHealth Services, 2010).
  • Texas also includes the death sentence for the secondoffense. It also tracks it’s sex offenders by GPS (TexasState Department of Health Services, 2010).Paroled sex offenders are required to register with TexasDepartment of Public Safety and are on the list for 10years to life. Where as a sex offender that displays publicindecent exposure is on the list for 10 years and a sexualrapist is there for life.A released sexual offender from prison isn’t allowed tocome in 500 feet of places where children are and if a sexoffender is deemed as a repeat of the offense thenpostcards and the name and photo of the person with thesexual crimes they have committed are mailed toeveryone address in the area to notify everyone of theirpresence ( Texas Department of Public Safety, 2011).
  • In the state of Florida some of the laws are the sameas the state of Texas the minimum of prison is theturning of the age 18 years old and starts off with a 25year sentence.The other add –on for sexual offenses chargesinclude: Kidnapping of a minor False imprisonment Sexual battery Lewd/Lascivious of a child under 16 years of age(GPS, 2009).
  •  Buying or selling of minors for visual and engaging in sexually explicit conduct Sexual battery injury to a child under 12 and sexual battery on a person above the age of 12The law states as well for sexual predators as lifeimprisonment and also qualifies for the deathpenalty (GPS, 2009).
  • Florida’s law also states that sexual offenderscan’t live within 1000 feet of any place wherethere is children.The law also states that sexual offenders can’tcome within 1000 foot of any school bus stop.Sexual offenders have to register as a sex offenderand all offenders are made public given theirname, their offenses and the community is givenall information.
  • Both states house sex offenders and are mandatedto prison. If they are released they are tracked byGPS devices and have to register with the stateand all information is made public.They receive probation if they are released andmust attend programs.Programs include counseling, in-house treatmentprograms, support groups (Department ofJustice, 2011).
  • Sex offenders are also required to take medicationand some receive castration whether it isvolunteered or court order (Spalding, 1998).Sex offenders are usual males and usually prey onmales of all age, but some don’t care what the sexis of the child and exploit their innocence latermaking the child feel as if they did somethingwrong.
  • CONCLUSIONThe laws put forth by the states to deal with sexoffenders are to protect the children , teenagersand adults from falling victims to the prey. Theselaws are harsh but very needed ones and the lawswill continue to become stronger to also protectthe community and the victims. These laws Isupport and think that medication and repeatoffenders should be castrated and even face thedeath penalty for the crimes they commit.
  • REFERENCESLarry Spalding, Initials. (1998). Chemical castration [Web log message].Retrieved fromhttp://www.law.fsu.edu/journals/lawreview/frames/252/spalfram.htmlFlorida Department of Law Enforcement, . (n.d.). Obtaining criminalinformation [Web log message]. Retrieved fromhttp://www.fdle.state.fl.us/content/getdoc/2952da22-ba08-4dfc-9e45-2d7932a803ea/Obtaining-Criminal-History-Information.aspxGPS, . (2009, October 22). Sexual offenders [Web log message].Retrieved from http://www.oppaga.state.fl.us/profiles/1079/Texas Department of State Health Services, . (2010, June 12). Texas sexoffenders law [Web log message]. Retrieved fromhttp://www.dshs.state.tx.us/csot/csot_solaws.shtm