Work hard and play hard with these Toyota truck packages!


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Toyota trucks in Orlando are known for being powerful vehicles. They're perfect for when you want to mix work and play. These truck packages will make riding in your truck much more convenient. Check them out!

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Work hard and play hard with these Toyota truck packages!

  1. 1. Work hard and play hard with these Toyota truck packages!
  2. 2. It’s no secret that Toyota trucks are powerful and brawny. They are known for their muscle-power and the fact that they are versatile. Toyota trucks are pretty spectacular vehicles all on their own, but Toyota wants drivers to be able to customize their ride to their liking. So what does the incredible automaker do? It gives YOU the opportunity to customize your new Toyota in Orlando! Let’s check out some of the packages that you’ll be able to choose from!
  3. 3. New Toyota Tundra is a brawny road-warrior! If you doubted the power of the 2014 Toyota Tundra in Orlando, you really don’t know this vehicle! This Toyota truck was used to haul the Space Shuttle Endeavour in 2012, so it’s definitely full of power! However, this vehicle is perfect for work and play and these new truck packages for the Toyota Tundra really magnify that!  Work Truck Package: If you have to use your new Toyota truck in Orlando for work, you know how annoying it can be to dirty up the interior. That’s why this specific package makes this ride work- ready! Vinyl flooring and vinyl seats are now part of the truck, which means no more messing up the interior! Also stripped from this truck are the power windows and wireless door locks.  Limited Premium Package: As its name implies, this package puts the finest features inside of your new Toyota Tundra! Front/rear parking assist sonar is added, as well as illuminated entry and a Glass breakage sensor!  TRD Off-Road Package: This package will make your new Toyota in Orlando that much tougher! It makes this Toyota truck ready to go on off-roading adventures by adding features like Billstein shock absorbers, front tow hooks, off-road tires, and engine and fuel tank skid plates! We’re pretty sure your buddies will be asking for your help when they get stuck in the mud! Toyota Tacoma in Orlando is a practical ride Just like its sibling, the Orlando Toyota Tacoma is an upscale truck. It’s known for being family-friendly and for being perfect for any tough job! Two new packages will make your new Toyota in Orlando sleeker and more stylish! Check them out!
  4. 4.  SR5 Extra Value Package: This package will add some major convenience to your life with features such as remote keyless entry, an integrated backup camera, chrome accents on the exterior, leather- trimmed steering wheel and shifter, and so much more!  Convenience Package: Anything that has the word ‘convenience’ in its name should make your life simpler. Luckily for drivers behind the wheel of this new Toyota truck, life WILL be simpler all thanks to efficient features like remote keyless entry, cruise control, a sliding rear window, and audio controls on the steering wheel! As you can see, Toyota strives to provide its drivers with the very best features and these packages are a testament to that! Come check these new Toyota trucks at Toyota of Orlando! We’re located at 3575 Vineland Road, which is off I-4 by the Millenia Mall! Give us a call at 888-725-3520 if you have any questions! Google