The Orlando Scion iQ is praised for its incredible fuel economy!


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If you want a fuel efficient vehicle, but aren't interested in getting a Toyota hybrid, there's another option for you to consider! Why not take home the Orlando Scion iQ? It gives the best gas mileage out of any non-hybrid that's on the market right now!

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The Orlando Scion iQ is praised for its incredible fuel economy!

  1. 1. The Orlando Scion iQ is praised forits incredible fuel economy!The new Scion iQ in Orlando is definitely a vehicle that captures a lot of attention. Itsunique design makes it a great transportation choice for tackling city-streets, and its fuelefficiency makes it an incredible choice for any driver who wants to save money at thegas pump! In fact, this Orlando Scion is actually praised for delivering the best gasmileage possible versus any other non-hybrid vehicle! Besides offering a great fueleconomy, this new Scion is also equipped with some incredible technological featuresthat make it an excellent transportation choice for practically any journey.Fuel efficient new Scion has ground-breakingtechnology!The 2013 Scion iQ in Orlando might be a sub-compact transportation option, but itcomes with some pretty big features! For example, if you love to have multipleentertainment options when you’re out and about, you’ll love the different options thePioneer Audio System offers in this vehicle. The Bluetooth wireless technology that comes in this vehicle ensures that you’llnever be without the option to listen to the music you want. All you have to do is
  2. 2. stream the music you have stored on your smartphone through the audio system!Don’t forget that this technology also enables you to wirelessly handle phonecalls while you’re on-the-go, too! An auxiliary audio jack and USB port also provide alternate ways to plug intechnological devices that may not have wireless capabilities. Basically, there’smore than one way to access the kind of entertainment you want to enjoy! Chances are you’ve heard of the Toyota Star Safety System – it’s found in everynew Toyota! However, the Orlando Scion iQ also comes with the Star SafetySystem, which has refined mechanisms such as Smart Stop Technology andVehicle Stability Control. A refined and advanced airbag system is also installed to help provide extrasecurity and peace of mind for all occupants. It even comes with a rear curtainairbag!Enjoy exceptional affordability in the 2013 Scion iQ!Besides offering some of the best gasmileage that can be found in a non-hybridvehicle (36/37 mpg), this vehicle alsooffers extremely financial-friendly featuresfor the low starting MSRP of $16,250! It’salso built to be an extremely convenientand accessible mode of transportation.Did you know that you can actually seatup to four people inside this vehicle? Youalso have the option of putting the rearseats down if you ever need to create extra trunk space, too.Don’t forget that we also have the materials and tools on-hand to help you take care ofyour new Scion iQ in Orlando for as long as you want it! Not only do we offer incredibleauto service, but we also sell genuine Toyota and Scion parts at our location. Sowhether you need a special accessory or want to take care of some auto repair athome, we’ll be able to assist you.Ready to explore the Orlando Scion iQ, or take advantage of the auto services weoffer? Just come and see us at 13429 Statesville Road in Huntersville and we’ll helpyou out!Google