Five reasons why the Orlando Toyota RAV4 is right for you


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The new Toyota RAV4 in Orlando is making quite the positive impression! Not only does it have a whole new look, but even the base model comes with amazing interior features!

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Five reasons why the Orlando Toyota RAV4 is right for you

  1. 1. Five Reasons why the Orlando Toyota RAV4 is right for you!You’ve probably heard that the new Toyota RAV4 in Orlando has been re-styled. Even ifyou haven’t heard the news, if you’ve seen it out on the roads its sleek new look hasprobably captured your attention! You can find this re-styled vehicle at our OrlandoToyota dealership, and we think that you’ll be thoroughly surprised and impressed withits brand new look! We’re not the only ones who like the style of this re-designed newToyota, either. A new review of the 2013 Toyota RAV4 by “Rolling Out: Digital UrbanVoice” shared that five different components this vehicle has are especially impressiveand will work to your advantage! New Toyota is re-designed with your comfort in mind!No matter kind of ride you have, most drivers are interested in getting a vehicle thatprovides lots of space and cargo room that doesn’t diminish its style. According to“Rolling Out: Digital Urban Voice,” this is one element drivers can be sure to count on!  The interior environment of the new Toyota RAV4 in Orlando is already designed to provide more interior room, but trunk space also isn’t limited.
  2. 2.  A backup camera is now a standard feature in this vehicle – meaning that even the base model has it! This translates into increased safety and convenience for the driver.  The base model comes with a steering wheel that can be re- positioned to the driver’s preferred angle, and the more advanced trim-levels also have even more features! For example, the Limited comes with audio and Bluetooth hands-free phone controls!  Leather details are also found in every one of the Orlando Toyota RAV4 trim- levels.  Even the structure of the seats themselves help create an environment that’s filled with relaxation and space! The front seats are structured to be slimmer so that passengers in the backseat can enjoy plenty of room to stretch out.What are you favorite features in the new Toyota RAV4?The above list highlights just some of the elements you’ll probably enjoy once you getbehind the wheel of this stylish new ride. There are even more features andcomponents this new Toyota delivers, which are sure to be just as impressive! Everynew Toyota already comes with the Toyota Star Safety System, but even more featuresare available for drivers to get as long as the trim-level is compatible. The Blind SpotMonitor is just one example of this. It’s an available option for the Limited trim-level, aswell as the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert system!This re-designed new Toyota in Orlando is making quite the positive impression, andyou definitely don’t want to miss out on the chance to experience this fantastic ride foryourself! Come and see us at 3575 Vineland Rd today! We’re easy to find since we’relocated across the street from the Mall of Millenia. If you have some questions that’dyou like answered first, or want to set up a test-driving appointment, we can easily helpyou out with that. Just give us a call at (888) 725-3520!Google