Does your car need a new car paint job?


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The technicians at our Orlando Toyota Collision Center want to help you decide if you're in need of a new car paint job. Check out the scoop!

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Does your car need a new car paint job?

  1. 1. Does your car need a new car paint job?
  2. 2. When you think of an outstanding vehicle, what do you usually think about? Is it incredible performance and a shiny paint job? Believe it or not, an excellent car paint job can really affect the worth of your ride! Luckily for you, our Orlando Toyota Collision Center offers this auto repair for an affordable price. Find out what exactly happens when you bring in your ride to get a car paint job at our Orlando body shop!
  3. 3. Auto repair in Orlando is easy at our body shop The elements can be brutal on your car, especially here in Central Florida! The summer months are fast approaching, which means that those daily summer thunderstorms will be happening some time soon. These storms are notorious for causing car paint damage to your vehicle! When you take a look at your ride, is it less than perfect and is its car paint job starting to fade? If that’s the case, it might be time for a car paint job in Orlando! If you’re thinking of getting this auto repair in Orlando done, it’s best if you knew what the process is when you get this done! The technicians at our Collision Center sat down with us and gave us the lowdown of what they do. Check it out! An Orlando car paint job can spruce up your ride Like we mentioned before, the elements can really take a toll on your ride. Our techs can truly perform wonders on vehicles and yours will come out looking spotless! If you know that you need to get this auto repair in Orlando done, but aren’t sure which process to go through, the following information will come in quite handy and help you decide which car paint job is best for your ride!  Partial car paint job: As its name implies, only a certain part of your vehicle will be painted. When our techs perform a partial car paint job, they’re usually trying to fix the paint job that was damaged by either dings or car accidents. Chipping paint will also be fixed with this process.  Whole car paint job: This is the type of car paint job to get done when there are a lot of problem areas with your car paint. This is particularly best for when you’re trying to fix a car that has a weathered paint job.  Clear coat: A clear coat is always a smart thing to add to your ride since it protects your car’s paint. Nowadays, 95% of new cars come with a clear coat but, as you can see, not all vehicles are equipped with this coat! Make sure you protect your ride by adding this coat!
  4. 4. Are you ready to get your ride into the best condition ever? Come by our Toyota dealership and get this Orlando auto repair done! We’re located at 3575 Vineland Road and our Collision Center can be reached at 866-637-2430! Google
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