Toyota to offer trio of new Toyota sports cars!


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Since the release of the N Charlotte Scion FR-S, many people have been wondering if a sports car will be added to the Toyota lineup. Toyota has announced it's working to develop two new Toyota sports cars. Find out about the two new Toyota that are expect to join the lineup and more about the Scion FR-S in N Charlotte!

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Toyota to offer trio of new Toyota sports cars!

  1. 1. Toyota may not have any sports cars in its lineup at the moment; however, it’s suspected that this won’t be the case for long. Since the release of the N Charlotte Scion FR-S, many have been wondering what sporty new Toyota will be added to the Toyota lineup. Although Toyota doesn’t have any sports cars available currently, this wasn’t always true. In prior years, Toyota offered some popular options such as the Toyota MR2, Toyota Celica and Toyota Supra. Now, there have been talks of a trio of new Toyota successors in the near future! With talks of new Toyota on the way, one sports car is already here – the Scion FR-S! This new Scion may not be a part of the Toyota brand, but it is a part of its sister company and available at our Toyota dealership in N Charlotte! Since the release of the Scion FR-S near Charlotte, it has been receiving a lot of praise. This is because it has everything you could want from a race car, all at a starting MSRP just under $27,000! Some of the features that make this vehicle stand out include:  Sleek exterior: The outside of this vehicle not only looks slick, but it’s shaped to give you amazing aerodynamics and help you hit those high speeds. You’ll love the stylish and sporty look it provides.  Rear-wheel drive: With rear-wheel drive, you can have the sporty and exciting handling you want to maneuver those corners with ease. This is a necessity every race car should have!
  2. 2.  Unique engine: This new Scion in N Charlotte has a front-mounted flat-boxer engine to lower the center of gravity and allow better handling. It’s also lightweight to add speed!  Special powertrain: This vehicle has a special D-4S injection system, which has two separate injectors to increases its power and torque! This allows it to have a range of speeds, while keeping fuel efficiency.  Dual exhaust: This feature helps increase engine power and efficiency of this new Toyota. It also gives it that roaring sound to let your presence be known! Along with the Scion FR-S, Toyota is expected to offer two more new Toyota in N Charlotte. One of these vehicles is expected to be a hybrid vehicle. This new Toyota hybrid is already in development and many people have even suspected that this it might be the successor of the Toyota Supra. In more recent news, Toyota announced plans for a third sports car. This vehicle would be the most affordable option with a starting MSRP under $20,000! Along with the low price, it’s expected to be lightweight and feature rear-wheel drive to give you great performance on and off the race tracks. Although these two vehicles aren’t on the market yet, you can get the Scion FR-S in N Charlotte today! Visit our Toyota dealership at 13429 Statesville Rd. We’re located just off I-77 on exit 23. You can also call our Internet Sales Team at (888) 883-3797 for more information. We look forward to seeing you here! Google