Toyota of North Charlotte has the 2013 Toyota Sienna which offers superior style!


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All N Charlotte families are different, and so is the 2013 Toyota Sienna minivan! With five different models to choose from, the N Charlotte Toyota Sienna really packs a punch. Pick out what your favorite feature is! It comes with nearly everything available on other models. Come into Toyota of N Charlotte to check it out today!

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Toyota of North Charlotte has the 2013 Toyota Sienna which offers superior style!

  1. 1. Toyota of North Charlotte has the 2013 Toyota Sienna which offers superior style!Not every N Charlotte family is the same, and the 2013 Toyota Sienna comes with plenty of options to bethe perfect car for your family. Family is unique; so is the 2013 Toyota Sienna near Charlotte. Toyota ofNorth Charlotte offers NC drivers five different models to choose from. Sporty to practical to luxury; each2013 Toyota Sienna offers a special feature fit for different families.Let’s face it; minivans are not known for style. Toyota of N Charlotte has changed that with the 2013Toyota Sienna near Charlotte! Each Toyota Sienna model comes with a spoiler –now just how manyminivans do you know of come with a spoiler? It keeps the exterior fresh. The LED tail lights add to thesporty look but are also very modern. The Toyota Sienna near Charlotte isn’t to be outdone by little sportscars. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t have a grown up sports car. The Toyota Sienna near Charlotte is like a sports car for parents!The S model is a grown up sports car with room for kids. This 2013 Toyota Sienna near Charlotte evencomes with fog lamps. For those of you who aren’t familiar, with fog lamps, they always come on sportycar models for an added ‘oomph’ and also help you see at night. The headlights also have an addedfactor of a smoked-out trim, adding just a small detail of style that Dad can appreciate.But what’s a sports car without performance? Toyota considered that while creating the 2013 ToyotaSienna near Charlotte. All N Charlotte Toyota Sienna models come with FWD but AWD is available onmost. They are also all 3.5-liter V6 engines with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Get up and go! The2013 Toyota Sienna near Charlotte packs a total of 266 horsepower! Just remember when you have kidsin the backseat, please.
  2. 2. If Mom is worried about safety, get some peace of mind with the Toyota Star Safety System. Each andevery 2013 Toyota Sienna near Charlotte comes equipped with it. It’s the state-of-the-art technology thatToyota has brought into every Toyota without charging luxury safety prices. The system is made up of sixdifferent components to aide your N Charlotte Toyota sienna to performing its best in case of an accident.The interior is no different in the Toyota Sienna near Charlotte than in a Toyota Camry. You can choosefrom easy clean fabric seats, leatherette seats or even just real leather seats. The choice is yours. Youcan also choose what type of audio system. There is always the basic audio system which comes with aCD/Player and the capability of SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Or, you can go to the top with the Display Audioand Navigation System with Entune. This is particularly awesome for long family road trips in your 2013Toyota Sienna near Charlotte.At Toyota of North Charlotte we are confident we can find the right 2013 Toyota Sienna near Charlotte foryour family. We always have great new Toyota specials in N Charlotte for you to check out as well. Comeand visit us off of I-77 in Huntersville. We look forward to serving you!