Toyota of N Charlotte busts car service myths!


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Toyota of N Charlotte explores the most common car service myths. Be sure to keep yourself and your car protected from unnecessary repairs! You can always trust your car to an expert at our N Charlotte Toyota Car Service Center!

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Toyota of N Charlotte busts car service myths!

  1. 1. Toyota of N Charlotte busts car service myths!Everyone has been to the mechanic for a regular oil change in N Charlotte, and the mechanic has comeback with a myriad of problems. How do you know you’re hearing the truth? Many times if mechanics arelooking to make a quick buck, they will pull out a familiar phrase like ‘radiator coolant’ and see if you’llbite. Just because a car repair sounds familiar, doesn’t mean it’s necessary. Many new Toyota in NCharlotte are able to go for more miles without changing different fluid levels. We are going to provide youwith a few car service myths and why they don’t make any sense!Myth 1: You need an oil change every 3,000 miles.Depending on the make and model of your car, this may not be true. Many new Toyota in N Charlotte andother newer models don’t require oil changes as often. This is because engine oil is better and so are theengines. The one thing you can do to be sure you’re doing what’s best for your car is check out yourowner’s manual. This is an important piece of equipment that comes with your car. You can always visitour N Charlotte Toyota Service Center, where our technicians know exactly when you’ll need an oilchange.Myth 2: With every oil change, you need to flush the coolant.This is a clear sign your mechanic is just taking your money to the bank. Maybe a decade ago, flushingthe coolant was something that needed to be monitored more closely. Unless you’re a drag racer, you willnot need to flush your coolant every oil change. In fact, many new Toyota in N Charlotte only need a
  2. 2. coolant flush every five years or 60,000 miles – whichever comes first. If your coolant level is low, youshould have your car serviced and checked for a leak.Myth 3: Your tires should be inflated as high as possible.Wrong! Never inflate your tires to maximum capacity. This is not a good choice, for many reasons. Alwayscheck your owner’s manual for the recommended pressure. This is a different number than what your tiresays it can hold. If a mechanic is constantly inflating your tires to an unsafe level, you should take yourcar elsewhere. This is a huge sign your mechanic doesn’t know what he or she is doing.If you want reliable car service in Charlotte, bring your car to Toyota of N Charlotte! You will not be underany pressure to get your oil change every 3,000 miles or to pay for regular coolant flushes. Our ToyotaCertified technicians do the best they can to keep your car in tip-top shape with you spending an arm anda leg.Before you make your service appointment, check out our service specials in Charlotte! We are alwayslooking for ways to help our customers and specials are the perfect way! Call our N Charlotte ToyotaService Center at (888) 378-1214, to schedule your appointment! We are located in Huntersville, just offof I-77 – see you soon!