New Toyota truly American made


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Although Toyota is a not completely based in the U.S., a lot of new Toyota are ranked very high as American-made cars including the Toyota Avalon and Toyota Sienna. See what they all-american cars have to offer!

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New Toyota truly American made

  1. 1. New Toyota in N Charlotte are truly American made!Some people may have a misconception that just because Toyota is an international company,our new Toyota in N Charlotte are not American made. In actuality, Toyota has manymanufacturing plants here in the U.S. and some of our new Toyota are even ranked higher astruly American-made cars than some other automotive manufacturers claiming this title. In arecent study testing which automotive models and brands are most American made, many newToyota ranked very high! These new Toyota near Charlotte include:  Toyota Avalon  Toyota Tundra  Toyota Camry  Toyota SiennaNot only were these Toyota ranked higher than some of the cars from overseas automotivecompanies, such as Honda, but they even beat out cars from companies like Ford, Chevy andGM! These might be the companies you think of when you think of American-made cars, butnow you might want to start including Toyota in this category!N Charlotte Toyota Avalon is #1!If you haven’t already heard, the new Toyota Avalon in N Charlotte was named the mostAmerican car overall by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration! More than85 percent of this vehicle near Charlotte is actually made in America and it’s all assembled rightin Georgetown, KY! If you want a car that doesn’t just claim to be made in the U.S., but followsthrough with that promise, you’ll be more than happy with this full-size luxury sedan!
  2. 2. This new Toyota will not only impress with where it’s made, but you’ll also be blown away by itsincredible new design! The 2013 Toyota Avalon was completely redesigned and now features asleek new exterior and luxurious interior. The new interior features include:  Dual automatic climate control keeps you and everyone around you feeling comfortable.  Display Audio with touchscreen allows you to access and control all of your entertainment.  Leather-trimmed heated front seats gives you the luxurious feel and convenience for those cold winters.  Wood-grain-style and smoked chrome interior accents provide a touch of style and refinement.N Charlotte Toyota Sienna takes third placeYou might be surprised to know that the N Charlotte Toyota Sienna is also one of the mostAmerican-made cars, as it ranked in third place! About 80 percent of this vehicle is made righthere in the U.S. It was designed in California and assembled at a Toyota manufacturing plant inPrinceton, Indiana!This is the perfect all-American family minivan with all of the space and comfort you need foryour growing or already large family! It holds up to eight passengers and includes a ton of cargospace! This new Toyota is very versatile with flexible seating and increased cargo space whenremoving the third row! With this family minivan you can bring everyone along for the ride!If you want to buy a truly American-made car from Toyota of N Charlotte, visit our dealership at13429 Statesville Rd. You can also contact our Internet Sales Team at 888-883-3797 to set up anappointment. We look forward to seeing you here and helping you get into the Toyota of yourdreams!Google