Toyota of Clermont gives you tips on how to jump start a car!


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Everyone has been there before--stuck with a dead battery. Toyota of Clermont wants to give you hints on how to jump start a car. Check them out!

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Toyota of Clermont gives you tips on how to jump start a car!

  1. 1. Toyota of Clermont gives you tips on how to jump start a car
  2. 2. We’ve all been there—stuck in the middle of nowhere, waiting for either a tow truck to come get us or waiting for your pal to come help you with your dead car. There’s nothing more disappointing than spending a good day and coming back to a dead car battery.
  3. 3. If you are in an area in which people frequent, it’d be easy to ask for help jump starting your car. However, it can be tricky bringing your car back to life if you don’t know how to. Our Toyota Service Center wants to teach you how to jump start a car, just in case you are stuck in an unfortunate situation like being stuck with a dead car. Check out these hints that will help you with your dead car battery. Jump starting a car is easy with these tips! One of the first things we can say is that getting routine car maintenance in Orlando will help you avoid a dead car battery. Our technicians at our Toyota Service center in Orlando would be able to tell you if your battery is about to die. However, things like a dead car battery happen out of nowhere, so it is important to have the knowledge to fix the situation!
  4. 4. 1. You’ll need a friend to get this car maintenance done on your ride, so get a buddy to come get you out of this sticky situation. 2. Once your buddy arrives, make sure both vehicles are parked next to each other. When you are about to jump the cars, make sure that EVERYTHING in both vehicles are off. We want to avoid an accident! 3. In order to jump your car, attach the RED clamp from the jumper cable on the POSITIVE terminal (which sometimes has a + sign). The other RED jumper cable is attached to the dead battery. 4. To continue this car maintenance in Orlando, go back to the good battery and place the BLACK jumper cable to the negative terminal. 5. This is important, friends: In order for this car maintenance in Orlando to work, attach the remaining black cable to a metal surface on the car with the dead battery, but NOT the engine! You are now ready to jump start your car battery! Once you have completed this car maintenance, make sure you remove the cables in the reverse order: black first. Toyota Service Center in Orlando can get you road-ready! Avoid more car maintenance headaches by bringing your ride to our Orlando Toyota Service Center! If you’re constantly stuck with a dead battery, that means that it’s defective or it’s run out of juice. Either way, we can help you get back on the road without any problems! Call our Service Department at 866-454-1614 and schedule an appointment to get your vehicle checked out! Getting any necessary car maintenance done will help you avoid any more headaches! We’re located at 16851 State Road 50. Google