Take your pick of durable transportation options


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Toyota of Clermont's grand opening will be here before you know it, and we're excited to offer stylish AND durable transportation options! Take a look at the amazing features that are found in the new Toyota RAV4 near Orlando, and the 2013 Toyota 4Runner!

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Take your pick of durable transportation options

  1. 1. Take your pick of durable transportation options!We’re getting closer and closer to opening our doors at Toyota of Clermont, and wethink that you’ll be excited about all the different transportation options that will beavailable to you! Regardless of what kind of vehicle style you’re interested in, we’reconfident that we’ll be able to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. If getting avehicle that’s both stylish and durable sounds attractive to you, then maybe you’ll wantto look at the 2013 Toyota RAV4 near Orlando, or the new Toyota 4Runner! While mostdrivers might think of trucks when it comes to driving heavy-duty vehicles, both of thesetransportation options have a lot to offer when it comes to taking care of yourtransportation needs. 2013 Toyota RAV4 offers re-designed styleThe 2013 Toyota RAV4 in Orlando is found at our sister dealership, and this re-designed vehicle has become quite the popular car! Featuring a whole new look thatonly raises the bar when it comes to SUV style, this new Toyota provides exceptionalfeatures that make it seem like you’re riding in a luxury vehicle.
  2. 2.  Dual Zone Climate Control: You and your front passenger will enjoy the temperature you each want when you’re riding in this car. You can each adjust the temperature so that it’s exactly what you prefer!  Reclining Rear Seats: This feature delivers hard-to-beat comfort that passengers in the backseat will be sure to love.  Wheel-Mounted Controls: All it takes to change the radio station or adjust the volume is the lift of a finger – all without taking your hands off the steering wheel. The audio controls that are placed on the wheel make it simple to access the music you want to listen too, as well as make use of the Bluetooth wireless technology!Luxury meets efficiency in this vehicle, and we’re pretty confident that you won’t haveany complaints about it once you’ve experience it for yourself!New Toyota 4Runner near Orlando is versatile!The 2013 Toyota 4Runner in Orlando is another vehicle at our sister store, Toyota ofOrlando, that’s a show-stopper. Not only does it offer wonderful style, but it’s also builtto be extremely practical.
  3. 3.  A third-row seat can be installed in different trim-levels of this vehicle. However, it can be split 50/50 so that you can adjust the spacing in the back whichever way you need to.  A roof rack provides extra space and room to stow larger items in a secure location!  The power liftgate window on the trunk is a detail that provides fantastic accessibility and convenience!These vehicles are both wonderful transportation options to consider if you want a carthat’s practical and durable. What’s even better is that neither skimp on important luxuryand convenient features! If you want to take them out for a spin today, just call our sisterstore’s Internet Sales Team at (888) 725-3520 to set up an appointment! It won’t be toomuch longer before you can visit us, but in the meantime we know they’d love to helpyou!