New Toyota hybrid technology revealed soon!


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Toyota is working on fine-tuning hybrid technology so that it can make an appearance at the racetrack! You don't have to wait on an eco-friendly racecar if you want access to a powerful hybrid vehicle today. Take a look at these options at Toyota of Clermont!

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New Toyota hybrid technology revealed soon!

  1. 1. New Toyota hybrid technology revealed soon! It’s no secret that Toyota continuously works to develop new innovations and new cars to help meet the transportation needs and preferences of the public. Recently, Toyota has embarked on a new journey involving hybrid technology. At the 2013 Frankfurt International Motor Show in Germany, Toyota is going to be introducing a new concept model, currently called the Hybrid R Concept! This eco-friendly concept car isn’t just any hybrid vehicle, though. It’s designed to feature Toyota Hybrid System-Racing technology, and potentially be used on the track in the future. Very little has been revealed about this hybrid sports car so far. All that has been shown image-wise is the logo it’s supposed to feature (as shown above). Toyota of Clermont can’t wait to learn more about this vehicle and what it will potentially bring to the automotive market! Take advantage of powerful and eco-friendly new Toyota near Orlando! If you’re interested in taking home a new Toyota near Orlando that has lot to offer in terms of horsepower and being kind to the environment, you don’t have to wait for a hybrid racecar to become available to the mass public. Did you know that the Toyota Camry Hybrid and Toyota Avalon Hybrid are not just spacious sedans, but that they also offer quite a bit of power along with hybrid technology?
  2. 2.  The new Toyota Camry Hybrid has a Hybrid System Net Power of 200 hp, and the 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid near Orlando delivers the same!  You can also customize the driving experience by choosing from more than one trim- level. Both of these eco-friendly Toyota models are available in more than one option so getting the specific features you want is as easy as picking out the favorite elements you want to enjoy on a daily basis!  Electric power steering and refined suspension help deliver a smooth journey on the road, too! These details might seem small, but combined they help deliver the exact kind of journey you want – seamless, stress-free, and enjoyable! New Toyota hybrid near Orlando come with standard features! With the option of choosing from multiple trim-levels, the options provided might almost seem overwhelming! There are a few standard features that you can expect to enjoy regardless of which of these new Toyota hybrid you take home.  Bluetooth wireless technology is an element that is found in each of these eco-friendly vehicles. With this feature, taking care of phone calls or streaming music through the sound system is a task that’s always easily accomplished!  The Toyota Star Safety System is another element drivers and passengers can count on finding in these vehicles, which delivers even more peace of mind and reassurance while on the road.  Of course, you can’t forget about the fact that the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive System can be found underneath the hood of these vehicles! Just because you’re interested in having access to extreme power when you’re behind the wheel doesn’t mean you can’t have the eco-sensitive features you’re interested in, too. Call our Internet Sales Team today at (888) 590-6090 to learn more about these eco-friendly transportation options and what they have to offer! Google