Keep up with your Leesburg auto service in the New Year!


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With the New Year coming up, it's time to start making New Year's resolutions! Why not make your promise to keep up with your routine auto service in Leesburg? Our Toyota Service Center in Leesburg can help!

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Keep up with your Leesburg auto service in the New Year!

  1. 1. Resolve to keep up with your Leesburg auto service in the New Year! Keeping up with your routine auto service in Leesburg is important, but we know it’s easy to forget! With the New Year right around the corner, why not make a promise to yourself to make your routine auto maintenance a priority? Every year we make New Year’s resolutions for things we want or need to do. If keeping up with your auto service in Leesburg has been a problem in the past, we think this would be a good New Year’s resolution for you! Leesburg Toyota Service Center makes it easy to keep your New Year’s resolution If you’re planning on keeping your vehicle in good health a priority in 2014, you should have no problem doing this with the help of our Toyota Service Center in Leesburg. All you have to do is remember to bring in your vehicle and let our professionals do the rest of the work for you! Here’s some of the auto service in Leesburg you may need to keep up with:  Tire rotation: To keep up with your tires, you’re going to have to have them rotated regularly. This should be done every time you bring your vehicle to our Toyota Service Center for your routine auto maintenance. Rotating your tires will help them last longer by making them wear evenly.  Oil change: This is one auto service you don’t want to ignore, as your vehicle needs and oil change in Leesburg every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Your engine needs oil to function properly, which is why this is so important! After all, we’re pretty sure no one wants to pay for a new engine!
  2. 2.  Check fluids: Along with oil, your vehicle requires a number of different types of fluids. Although these fluids don’t need as much maintenance as the oil, they do need to be checked regularly. The fluids that should be checked include brake fluid, coolant and transmission fluid to be sure they’re clean and not leaking.  Check battery: The battery in your vehicle is an important component, which is why it should also be checked regularly to make sure it has enough charge to keep you going. The charge in your battery can only be checked with professional equipment, which is why you should bring your vehicle to our Toyota Service Center and let us take care of it for you! Get affordable auto service in Leesburg in the New Year No one wants to make a New Year’s resolution that’s going to leave them broke, which is why our Toyota Service Center offers affordable auto service. With our low prices, you can keep up with your routine auto maintenance and not spend a ton of money! We also offer great service specials to save you even more! Stop by Toyota of Clermont today! We’re located at 16851 States Road 50 just off the Florida Turnpike. You can give us a call in advance to set up an appointment or with any questions at (866) 454-1614. Don’t forget to ask about our money-saving specials! Google