2014 Toyota Corolla near Orlando is designed to impress!


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Have you gotten a look at the re-designed Toyota Corolla near Orlando, yet? You definitely don't want to miss your chance to learn more about this stellar vehicle and the incredible features it has to offer!

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2014 Toyota Corolla near Orlando is designed to impress!

  1. 1. 2014 Toyota Corolla near Orlando isdesigned to impress!The Toyota Corolla has been an impressive and popular vehicle to drive around theworld for many years. It’s been some time since it has received a new look or updatedstyle, though. However, by the time 2014 rolls around that will no longer be the case!We were excited at Toyota of Clermont to see the big reveal of this car’s next model-year, and we can’t wait to open our doors and for this new vehicle to arrive so that wecan feature it on our lot! Why do so many love to drive this new Toyota? In the past, it’sbeen praised for its reliability, affordability, and timeless style. Now that style has beenupdated to reflect the preferences of drivers, and also features some new componentsto enhance the driving experience!New features create a whole new roadway experience!It’s easy to get wrapped up in what new exterior or even interior features have beenupdated or changed for drivers and passengers to enjoy. However, there are someelements that have been modified which may not seem entirely obvious right away.That would be for good reason, though. It’s because it’s underneath the hood! The 2014Toyota Corolla near Orlando will have a new transmission called the CVTi-S, which is
  2. 2. designed to improve efficiency. There’s also the option of getting a new trim-level calledthe Toyota Corolla LE Eco, which is estimated to achieve around 40 mpg on thehighway!New Toyota near Orlando will feature incredible styleOf course the kind of drivingexperience that will beavailable as part of this newToyota is only one part of themany new features andupdated look you can counton enjoying to the fullest! Justlike other vehicles have gottensome new features and a newstyle, like the ToyotaHighlander near Orlando, thenew Toyota Corolla also has some new elements that all are sure to want to make themost of. A newly designed dashboard may seem like a minor modification, but it has animpressive impact! It actually helps increase the sense and feeling of space sothat occupants feel like they have more room. The truth is, this vehicle does offer quite a bit of interior space – especially forthose in the backseat. A new wheelbase gives backseat passengers a little bit ofextra legroom! Those behind the wheel will also notice some improved handling and bettersteering thanks to some fine-tuned tweaks to the suspension.Altogether, this new Toyota offers a lot for all to enjoy and make the most of! We can’twait to open our door so that drivers can have yet another convenient and reliablelocation to visit to have their transportation needs met. If you’re looking for moreinformation on what we offer and the kinds of services we’ll be providing, there’s morethan one way to get the information you want! You can feel free to call us at (888) 590-6090, or visit any one of our information outlets like our Merchant Circle or blog!Google