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For Paul Brimelow, logistics manager of Boughey Distribution, the loyalty, support and service shown by Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) are what his company really values.
Not only has Boughey Distribution rationalised their outdoor fleet of Tonero counterbalanced trucks, but they’ve also cut material handling costs by over two-thirds since renting their forklifts from TMHE.
Being able to deal directly with the trucks’ manufacturer is something that Mr Brimelow prefers, and in this leaflet he explains how Boughey Distribution is suitably impressed with the products, services and solutions provided by TMHE.
For more information on Toyota Tonero counterbalances trucks, visit:

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Tonero toyota-i site-case-study-boughey-distribution-2010-tmhe

  1. 1. Toyota Tonero case studyBoughey Distribution, UKThis UK customer has seen damage costs fall by over two-thirds since it startedworking with Toyota Toneros and Toyota I_Site.It might not be a household name but Boughey The remainder is brought to the trailer by Tonero from the Toyota I_Site has also helped to promote a more proactive,Distribution is a vital link in the supply chain that appropriate warehouses by the individual driver who has less reactive, maintenance regime, which is also savingkeeps many of Britain’s supermarkets stocked responsibility for that trailer. money.around the clock. With 95,000 pallets in storageacross its two sites in Cheshire and nearly 300 Boughey has had a long-standing relationship with Toyota Chris Foster, warehouse operations manager adds, “As welllorries in its fleet, Boughey is the first choice of through local dealers but has now consolidated and as SAS working to keep the load and truck safe our trucksfood manufacturers such as Princes, Typhoo and expanded its fleet under a new rental agreement with Toyota have speed limiters and load weight indicators so our driversAB World Foods to store, consolidate and distribute Material Handling UK. know they are always working within safe parameters. If thetheir products to their customers – the major drivers aren’t happy we know we can expect more damagesupermarket chains and local shops we all rely on. They have tried competitor trucks with hydrostatic so we were careful to consult before introducing the new transmission but opted for the hydrodynamic Toneros. They Toneros. I think our damage trend speaks for itself.”Boughey has expanded rapidly over the last ten years from a use a wide variety of drivers including agency staff and, withmilk distribution business serving a local farm co-operative the Tonero, they can just ‘get on and go’, as the controls andto one of the UK’s key food hauliers. Some of this success driving experience is familiar. The long distances demandedcan surely be attributed to Boughey’s ability to provide a by the application also favour hydrodynamic trucks.consolidation service, as well as simple pallet storage anddelivery. The supermarkets demand deliveries that are as Paul Brimelow, in charge of Boughey’s vehicles, valuesefficient as possible, which means full vehicles with just the loyalty, support and service. He has rationalised Boughey’sright mix of goods. outdoor fleet, shedding unnecessary trucks and acquiring new Toneros to a set ‘Boughey spec’. All trucks are nowTo achieve this, Boughey will typically load vehicles with rented and serviced under one agreement with TMHUK.pallets from up to to ten different suppliers, even to theextent of building new pallets, in order to get just what the “To me, uptime is what it’s all about. Everything we’ve got issupermarket client needs that day at its particular regional utilised so we have nothing parked-up. I am happiest dealingdistribution centre. Boughey can even re-pack and re-label directly with the trucks’ manufacturer, and that’s what I getgoods to suit its customers’ specific requirements. Boughey dealing with TMHUK.”offers everything from a five-day service down to next-day. Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) and Toyota I_Site areBoughey’s main site in Wardle covers 22 hectares and has 15 key parts of the package. In the last 15 months Bougheywarehouses. Operations rely on a fleet of 50 Toyota Tonero has seen a fall in truck damage costs of over two-thirds,counterbalance trucks for long-distance outdoor handling and this is expected to fall further still. This reduction hasand vehicle loading/unloading. been achieved by a combination of measurement and management. Toyota I_Site provides more than just data – aMost of the warehouses have large canopied marshalling Toyota consultant works with Boughey to extract the mostareas in which orders are assembled. A trailer is brought to useful information and apply it to lower their operating costs.the warehouse that will supply most of the outgoing goods.