TMHE’s Safety Advice for Operating Reach Forklifts


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Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) highly values the safety of all those who operate forklifts. Every year, many avoidable forklift accidents occur in the workplace.

Through innovation and design, TMHE has strived to create a more comfortable and safer user experience in the BT Reflex range of reach trucks, reflecting our commitment to safety.

In this poster, some easy-to-follow steps show how the most common risks can be avoided whilst operating a forklift.

For information on TMHE’s workplace health and safety program, see:

To see more of the BT Reflex range and other forklifts from TMHE, visit:

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TMHE’s Safety Advice for Operating Reach Forklifts

  1. 1. Working safely with reach trucks24 simple and useful tips NR 6079980 /2009 LIFT HEIGHT RESIDUAL CAPACITY AB C (mm) (kg) 7000 2000 2000 (mm) 400 600 LOAD CENTRE DISTANCE AB C ALWAYS DRIVE WITH FORKS LOWERED AND MAST RETRACTED EXCEPT WHEN COLLECTING OR STACKING LOADS. Inspect your truck before use; walk around it Check that all safety devices work correctly Use the roof rail and step when getting in and Always adjust your chair to your own weight Check the load diagram and raise and lower and use it only if there are no defects. before you use the truck. Do not deactivate or out of the reach truck. - it improves comfort and reduces the risk of the forks without load to check that everything remove these devices. physical fatigue. works correctly. ICATE CERTIF Always make sure no-one is standing or Only operate reach trucks if you have the On long drives, always drive with the cabin Dont drive with an extended mast. It reduces When crossing lanes, exercise additional walking under raised forks. necessary licence and/or training. in the direction of travel. Keep driving in the stability and can do unnecessary damage to caution and brake in time. direction of the forks to the minimum. products, shelves and the truck itself. When driving up and down slopes, always drive with Drive a reach truck only on flat and Never allow a passenger to hitch a ride. Never drive a reach truck with any part of your Watch out for other people in the work area. Keep an the load on the uphill side and slightly raised. Never level floors. body sticking out of the cabin. Always keep eye out for pedestrians crossing your path, watch execute a turn on a slope. your left foot on the safety switch. your speed and always make sure you can stop. Make sure you position the load correctly Handle only loads that are stable and properly Never drive with the load excessively raised - When you have collected a pallet from the Lifting people is permitted only with the on the shelf and dont be distracted by other secured. always keep the load at a low and safe level. shelf, always lower the load first before you accessories intended for that purpose, such as things. turn the truck. a certified cage. This poster is meant to illustrate the correct way of operating the machine(s) shown on the poster. Toyota Material Handling Europe has taken the utmost care in compiling this poster. Users of reach trucks remain responsible for their own behaviour. No rights can be derived from the contents of this information.Use the horn to alert others when working Always park your reach truck in the Lift out the battery and if necessary see to it Always switch off the truck before leaving it. in high-risk areas or when your view is designated area and never leave it that it is hooked up to the charger. obstructed. unattended out of sight.Designed and manufactured with safety in mindWorking in stores and storing pallets at height naturally entails certain risks. Every year many minor and unnecessary incidents occur due to negligent andunwise use of reach trucks. BT reach trucks are designed to position loads very high up in confined spaces and to move loads from there to other locations.A user-friendly and comfortable reach truck such as the BT Reflex helps reduce physical discomfort and lessens the risk of damage. This information posterwas developed to remind users, in an easy-to-follow way, how to work safely with electric reach trucks.For more information about BT Reflex and other products and services from Toyota Material Handling Europe, visit TOYOTA MATERIAL HANDLING EUROPE, MANAGING THE TOYOTA AND BT MATERIALS HANDLING BRANDS IN EUROPE.