BT Reflex E-series case studyConstellation Europe, UKThe world’s largest wine distributor relies on its fleet of BT Reflex...
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Constellation Europe Relies on TMHE Forklifts to Look After Thier Precious Cargo


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Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) customer Constellation Europe, based in the UK, is the world’s largest distributor of wines.

The BT Reflex E-series forklifts are used to lift one tonne loads to heights of up to 11 metres and have increased levels of safety and productivity for Constellation Europe.

Assistant Warehouse Manager Howard Cobb expresses his satisfaction with the BT Reflex trucks, ”we are a 24/7 operation but truck downtime is not something I have to worry about.”

For more information on the BT Reflex range of forklifts, vist:

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Constellation Europe Relies on TMHE Forklifts to Look After Thier Precious Cargo

  1. 1. BT Reflex E-series case studyConstellation Europe, UKThe world’s largest wine distributor relies on its fleet of BT Reflex E-series reachtrucks to carefully handle its precious one-tonne loads at heights up to 11 metres.At its huge UK site, Constellation Park, in “The tilting cab action is essential to our work. It means Howard Cobb continues, “with TLC I’m confident that theAvonmouth, near Bristol, Constellation Europe the driver gets a clear view of the fork tips without having pallet will come down safely from 11 metres.”bottles wines imported by tanker from Australia, to strain his neck, with clear benefits for both safety andAfrica and the Americas and distributes them across productivity.” All of Constellation Park’s fleet is supplied by Toyota Materialthe UK and mainland Europe. Handling UK on a long-term rental programme that includes Another key feature of BT Reflex that Constellation Europe two full-time resident engineers. This has the advantage thatAt the heart of this operation is a fleet of BT warehouse trucks relies on is Transitional Lift Control or TLC. This significant – not only can any breakdowns be responded to quickly –from Toyota Material Handling UK, including 18 BT Vector innovation on the latest BT Reflex models ensures that the but that breakdowns are all the more unlikely due to the easeVCE150A man-up narrow aisle trucks and ten BT Reflex transitions between mast stages when lifting and lowering with which preventative maintenance is possible.RRE250E reach trucks, which service Constellation Park’s are completely smooth, without any shocks or juddering. A84,000 pallet places. When full, the warehouse holds enough further advantage of the technology is significantly better lift “We are a 24/7 operation but truck downtime is notwine to fill 74 Olympic-sized swimming pools. and lower rates – a key influence on overall productivity. something I have to worry about,” Howard Cobb adds. “We are very glad to have the BT Reflex on our site.”The bottling lines supply fully packed and wrapped pallets,which are placed in picking and despatch (P&D) positionsat the end of the warehouse racking by the BT Reflexes.The BT Vectors then collect these and put them away at theappropriate location until they are designated for despatch.Some export products are put away directly by the BTReflexes in standard wide-aisle racking but the majority arekept in the high-density narrow-aisle section.Once an order is raised a BT Vector will be used to collectthe pallet and place it at a P&D location at the far end of theracking. From here a BT Reflex will be used to lower it andmove it to the neighbouring marshalling area in front of thegoods-out loading bays. BT Levio LPE240 powered pallettrucks take care of the final loading process.Constellation Park was always planned for this type oroperation and the BT Vector and BT Reflex were chosen forbeing the best available, according to assistant warehousemanager Howard Cobb, “Our pallets are all one ton, goingup to 11 metres, so it’s very important to us that we have thebest trucks.