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In February 2011 the Maryland State Geographic Information committee launched a three-week challenge to the state’s GIS community to begin inventorying their data in Ramona, the nationwide GIS inventory tool. Ramona helps data producers and consumers by enabling others to learn about the data an agency creates and maintains. Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley gave the project a boost by issuing a proclamation declaring February to be GIS Inventory month in Maryland. From framework layers to datasets crucial for situational awareness during emergencies, the Maryland GIS Inventory Initiative encourages entities that have, create, or publish the digital data used in mapping systems to inventory their data. This presentation will focus on how data producers inventory GIS data and how to use Ramona to search and find GIS datasets.

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GIS Inventory TUgis2011 Presentation

  1. 1. The Maryland GIS Inventory ChallengeThis is your state. This is your inventory.
  2. 2. What was the GIS Inventory Challenge? • Maryland’s three-week effort to list the state’s GIS inventory in Ramona. (February 7 – February 28) • Created by NSGIC to help both data producers and data consumers nationwide by providing a consolidated search for GIS data created by multiple jurisdictions and agencies. • Ramona allows others to learn about the data your agency creates and maintains.
  3. 3. Benefits 1. Listing your inventory in Ramona connects you, both locally and nationally. 2. Listing your inventory in Ramona communicates our statewide progress and success. 3. Ramona offers an up-to-date inventory by data layer. 4. Ramona creates starter metadata. 5. Ramona offers the ability to generate reports.
  4. 4. Benefits 6. The Maryland GIS Inventory Challenge promotes statewide coordination. 7. Ramona offers convenient search capabilities for GIS data throughout Maryland, all in one place. 8. Ramona provides the big picture. 9. Ramona provides what one participating state calls an “online Rolodex of GIS data providers.”
  5. 5. GIS Inventory Month • Governor’s Proclamation declares February as GIS Inventory Month! •
  6. 6. Who Completed the Inventory? • Data Producers – Local government organizations – Regional government organizations – State government organizations – Commercial providers
  7. 7. Expectations • Not a lot of effort was needed! • The inventory can be completed in two steps. 1. Create your profile. 2. Inventory individual data layers. • Approximately 20 minutes to create the profile. • 30 seconds to 2 minutes per data layer.
  8. 8. Framework Layers The goal was for agencies to list, at a minimum, the following framework layers in Ramona• Boundaries • Location Cities/Towns/Municipalities; Address Points; Geographic Place Counties; State Names; Geodetic Control Points /• Elevation Networks Contours; DEM • Planning/Cadastral• Imagery/Base Maps/Earth Cover Centroids/Vector Parcels Orthoimagery/Digital • Transportation Orthophotography; Land Cover Roads/Street Centerlines; Mass Transit• Inland Waters Bus/Rail; Railroads Hydrography; Watershed Boundaries Airports & Airfields
  9. 9. GIS Inventory Challenge Results • 1,109 data layers registered to the State of Maryland 426 state agency data layers 14 private entity data layers 2 regional group data layers 1 federal agency data layer 666 county data layers
  10. 10. GIS Inventory Challenge Results Data State Agency Layers Maryland Department of Natural Resources 130 Maryland Transportation Authority 21 Maryland Department of Housing and Community 5 Development Maryland Historical Trust 6 Maryland Transit Authority 6 MTA Police Force 1 Maryland Ports Administration 3 Maryland Department of Planning 19 Department of Business and Economic Development 4 Maryland Department of Mental Health and Hygiene 2 Maryland Emergency Management Agency 25 Maryland State Highway Administration 10 Towson University Center for GIS 194 TOTAL 426
  11. 11. GIS Inventory Challenge Results Counties Data Layers Allegany County Government 38 Anne Arundel County, OIT GIS 72 Baltimore County Government 56 Caroline County 5 Carroll County Government 11 City of Baltimore 1 Dorchester County 61 Frederick County 8 Garrett County Planning & Land Development 24 Harford County 35 Howard County Government 104 Kent County 2 Montgomery County 64 Prince Georges County 68 Queen Annes County 12 Somerset County 6 St. Marys County 16 Talbot County 7 Washington County 43 Wicomico County 30 Worcester County 3 TOTAL 666
  12. 12. GIS Inventory Challenge Results ISO Theme Data Layers Biota 62 Boundaries 201 climatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere 10 Economy 7 Elevation 60 Environment 67 Geo-Scientific Information 11 Health 36 Imagery/Base Maps/Earth Cover 96 Inland Waters 62 Intelligence/Military 3 Location 33 Oceans and Estuaries 25 Planning/Cadastre 39 Society 36 Structures 136 Transportation 142 Utilities and Communication 83 TOTAL 1109
  13. 13. Next Steps • Verify contacts & information entered • Education and outreach • Continued push for more data
  14. 14. What’s in it for you? • Data consumers: – The place to go to search for Maryland data – Search for the data you want, and the website will direct you to the download page if available – Participation of data producers is important
  15. 15. What’s in it for you? • Data producers: – Gets your data out there – Brings traffic to your website – Allows other organizations to see what you have and what you are working on, enabling easier collaboration
  16. 16. Early Adopters • Private Industry: Chris Holub, Dewberry – Ramona helps to optimize our data mining process in the proposal stage by allowing a one-stop portal for the data that we are looking for. – It helps to avoid wasted phone calls and emails to the wrong people when looking for data, saving time, money, and frustration for both parties. – We will know that we are getting the most up to date data directly from the proper source, the first time we look for it.
  17. 17. Early Adopters • County Government: Rob Slivinsky, Howard County – Easy to use and create records – A comprehensive data discovery tool for data seekers – A tool I can use and send to users asking about my datasets – A great place to start documenting your data even if you do not have metadata – NSGIC is government based organization
  18. 18. Early Adopters • Federal Government: William Burgess, NSGIC – FEMA’s Map Modernization Program –staff have administrative privileges in the system to aid them in locating base imagery and elevation models for map production. – The National Digital Orthophoto Programs Committee has access to the orthoimagery information in Ramona. – The National Digital Elevation Data Program Committee has access to the elevation information in Ramona. – All Federal agencies use the Geospatial One Stop Portal to locate geospatial data. – USGS staff have used Ramona to form orthoimagery production partnerships with end-of-year funds that they needed to quickly encumber.
  19. 19. Using the GIS Inventory
  20. 20. Using the GIS Inventory
  21. 21. Reports• Data Producer Reports• Administrator Reports
  22. 22. Contact Ashley BuzzeoChair, MSGIC Data & Resources Subcommittee 410-704-2081 Brad Spittel GIS Coordinator Kierran Sutherland GIS Specialist