Lot Grading Inspections - Brochure


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Lot Grading Inspections - Brochure

  1. 1. Lot Grading at the Final Stage The Town of Stony Plain has a two stage approval process for lot grading. Town of Stony Plain Rough Grade Approval is generally the P RO DU C T /S ERV IC E I NF ORM A TIO N responsibility of the homebuilder. Your builder has completed the first stage and the attached report validates that LOT G RADING rough grade approval has been issued for your lot. I NSPECTIONS Final Grade Approval Process F INAL G RADE STAGE Apply for Final Grade Approval by contacting an Alberta Land Surveyor to survey your property and prepare a final grade certificate. You may choose the same surveyor that prepared the rough grade certificate for your home- builder. Provide the surveyor your contact information: email or fax number or mailing address. 4905 51 Avenue The surveyor submits your certificateStony Plain AB T7Z 1Y1 and your contact information to the Tel: 780 963 2151 Town of Stony Plain. Fax: 780 963 0935 www.stonyplain.com Town Lot Grading Inspectors review your grading within five (5) working days of receiving the certificate (workload and weather permitting). The Lot Grading Inspection Report and certificate are faxed, emailed or mailed Hours of Operation 780-963-2151 following the inspection. Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  2. 2. Split Surface Drainage Rear to Front Surface DrainageFinal Grading Tips Raise all areas, including side-lots, to final grade before placing decorative materials such as rock or bark Lake and Top of Bank Lots mulch. Things to Remember Topsoil must be raked, rolled, and Review restrictions prior to land- ready for sod. scaping by obtaining a copy of the Inspectors do not require property Restrictive Covenant from a Registry owners to be present when con- If a re-inspection is needed, the Ensure that positive grade exists un- Office. ducting a lot grading inspection. property owner must contact 780- der decks and steps. 963-2151. There is a fee for re- Provide 10% slope away from the Leave the downspout extensions in Easements for Concrete or Grass inspection. foundation walls. the “down position.” Property line swales must not be ob- Swales The property owner is responsible structed. Any pets or animals should be to maintain proper lot grading after Planned patios and walks need not Draining swale right-of-ways must properly secured and gates approval has been issued for as be installed, but the base should be be graded to match the design plan unlocked to allow for a trouble free long as they own the property. built. and must be unobstructed and free inspection. Sod may be placed prior to applying draining. Tree planting is prohib- All illustrations provided courtesy of for final grade approval. ited. City of Edmonton