Rock Your Lead Generation


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Learn how to ROCK your lead generation from the experts at ToutApp and LaunchBit.

Key Topics Covered:
Elizabeth from LaunchBit covered tactical content to improve your lead generation including: Packaging content into ebooks, pdfs, whitepapers, building and optimizing landing pages. Driving traffic: through email, through ads, through other channels, analyzing your results and using drip marketing to cultivate your audience.

And, TK from ToutApp covered tactical content on how you can take those leads and convert them: How to actually write a cold-email to generate leads. So you've got leads, now what? 3 real tactics on how to follow up and get them engaged. Anyone can handle a small number of leads, what do you do when you've got hundreds? How do you scale your sales? Emails are a great start, when should you actually get on the phone with those leads?

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Rock Your Lead Generation

  1. 1. How to ROCK yourLead Generation+
  2. 2. Elizabeth YinCEO, LaunchBitTKChief Happiness Officer,ToutApp
  3. 3. About LaunchBit✓Ad Network for Email✓We help advertisers reach their targetdemographics through email channels.✓And, we help email publishers monetize theiremails.✓Email advertising is best for lead generation andfor increasing the size of your company’s mailinglist, which has been shown over and over to be agreat source for repeat sales.
  4. 4. About ToutApp✓Complete Sales Communications Platform✓Plugs into Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce and more...✓Streamlines emails and phone calls✓Tracks day to day emails, presentations, calls✓Keeps CRM updated✓Real-Time analyticsLearn more at:
  5. 5. Agenda✓Introductions- How do top advertisers do lead generation?- How to do lead generation via cold emailing- You’ve got leads. How do you follow up?- Q&A
  6. 6. Lead GenerationIn marketing, lead generation is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry intoproducts or services of a business.Leads can be generated for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter listacquisition or for sales leads.The methods for generating leads typically fall underthe umbrella of advertising, but may also include non-paid sources such as organic searchengine results or referrals from existing customers.Businesses strive to generate quality leads. Quality is usually determined by thepropensity of the inquirer to take the next action towards a purchase.
  7. 7. How top advertisers do leadgeneration
  8. 8. So, why will they buyfrom you?Consumers don’t know you
  9. 9. Lead generationis like a cocktail party
  10. 10. Generate leads effectivelyCocktail PartyLead generationGo to apartyMeetpeopleIntroduceyourselfBeengagingFollow upFollow upBeengagingGetsignupsGettrafficTake out anadcampaign
  11. 11. Get traffic: text ads yield high CTRs1%+ click-through rate banners are rare
  12. 12. Get trafficFreebies yield high CTRsE-books do especially well
  13. 13. Get traffic:Addressing Myths*In the LaunchBit ad network• Adding a price kills click-through-rate• Adding faces to your creative is a wash• Calls-to-action, “fake buttons” are notimportant
  14. 14. Get signups: Use a landing page builder• Use a landing page builder• Kickoff Labs• Unbounce• LaunchRock• Experiment, experiment, experiment
  15. 15. Get signups:Compelling content wins• Even with KickoffLabs branding, 41%conversion!• Explain specificallywhat you will learn• Urgency• Easy call-to-action
  16. 16. Get signups:Detailed signups are OK
  17. 17. Get signups:Preview limited content or product
  18. 18. Be Engaging:Where do you get content?• Your blog posts• Curated from web (give credit, of course)• Interviews with Experts• Pictures• Case studies & examples• Top “10” lists• Creative commons• Your images
  19. 19. Be Engaging:Deliver engaging contentThis ebook isliterally a book
  20. 20. Follow up: Educate
  21. 21. Follow up: add urgency to offers
  22. 22. Questions?InitialOutreachThe“Follow Up”MeetCallDemo$$$InboundLeads
  23. 23. But wait, What about coldcalling? Cold emailing?
  24. 24. Lead Gen. WorkflowInitialOutreachTh“FolloLead ListFindLeadsDevelopValuableContent
  25. 25. We took time to writea book, create videos,and valuable blog entries,about topics our leads careabout.
  26. 26. InitialOutreachThe“Follow Up”MeetCallDemo$$$InboundLeadsLeads fromEmailAutomationOutreach w/ContentNurture
  27. 27. Lead Gen. WorkflowInitialOutreachTh“FolloLead ListFindLeadsDevelopValuableContent
  28. 28. Tactics for Finding Leads✓Search LinkedIn based on Title and Location✓Find companies SIMILAR TO existing customers✓Twitter followers of industry influencers✓Crunchbase
  29. 29. Search LInkedIn Profiles
  30. 30. Search Company Profiles
  31. 31. Search Similar Companies
  32. 32. Twitter Followers
  33. 33. Crunchbase(great for Startups)
  34. 34. I’ve got Leads. Now what?
  35. 35. Sales WorkflowInitialOutreachThe“Follow Up”MeetCallDemo$$$InboundLeadsLeads fromProspectingNurture
  36. 36. Rules of Engagement✓Keep it short and simple✓Don’t try to close a deal on the first email✓Personalize, Personalize, Personalize✓Keep it short, seriously.
  37. 37. InitialOutreachSpamWebsiteClicksInboundLeadsLeads fromEmailAutomationIgnoresReadsPresentationForwardsReplies
  38. 38. InitialOutreachSpamWebsiteClicksInboundLeadsLeads fromEmailAutomationIgnoresReadsPresentationForwardsRepliesNOCLUEZONE
  39. 39. Follow Up, and Add Value✓Make templates around your followups✓Follow up based on their engagement✓Follow up at the right time✓Teach them something every time
  40. 40. Did youget myemail?Don’t cold call.Cold email, then follow up.
  41. 41. 5x5Scale Outreach with a Drip✓Create 5 emails designed around Outreach,Following Up and ProvidingValue✓Send it every 5 days.✓With the 5x5 drip, get a cold lead from notknowing you to trusting you because youprovided value✓Don’t sell, they’ll just want out then
  42. 42. Tout streamlines communications in yourSales WorkflowInitialOutreachThe“Follow Up”MeetCallDemo$$$InboundLeads
  43. 43. About ToutApp✓Complete Sales Communications Platform✓Plugs into Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce and more...✓Email and Presentation Tracking✓Powerful Templates✓Real-Time analytics
  44. 44. ?Types of Tracking:✓Read tracking✓Click tracking✓Presentations tracking✓Reply trackingWebsiteClicksReadsPresentationForwardsReplies
  45. 45. Sales WorkflowInitialOutreachThe“Follow Up”MeetCallDemo$$$InboundLeadsLeads fromEmailAutomationNurtureEach step in the workflowrequires one or more repetitive emails.=
  46. 46. Email Templates✓Saves you time✓Makes sure you don’t forget details✓Drives consistent messaging✓Helps you measure effectiveness
  47. 47. Template Analytics
  48. 48. Just Google:“kickass emails”
  49. 49. LaunchBitis an Email Ad NetworkInitialOutreachThe“Follow Up”MeetCallDemo$$$InboundLeads
  50. 50. toutapp.comInitialOutreachThe“Follow Up”MeetCallDemo$$$InboundLeadslaunchbit.comNext Steps