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Career Habits
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  • 1. Career Habits• Do one thing every week to advance your career• Cast a wide net• Get in the know• Study the stars• Be a leader• Keep in touch• Pack your bags• Visit your career office• Be willing to learn• Don’t be afraid to fail
  • 2. Daily Career-Building habits Clean your desk – beginningConsume important media, fresh tomorrownot just social media Do this everyday Take time to recharge Do your best in any job you hold
  • 3. Weekly Career-Building HabitsKeep adding to your skillsand knowledge Add to your online presence Do this weekly Keep up with the industry trends Stay in touch with your network
  • 4. Monthly Career-BuildingHabits Google Yourself Schedule time to attend live networking events Volunteer
  • 5. Yearly Career-BuildingHabits Review your CV Make every Set goals communication Reflect personal
  • 6. Goals Setting the path to your goalsAlice in Wonderland exampleAlice comes to a fork in the road and doesn’t know which way to proceed.She sees the Cheshire Cat and asks:“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to, ‘ said the Cat.“ I don’t much care where…” said Alice“ Then it doesn’t matter which way you go, “ said the Cat.“…so long as I get SOMEWHERE, “ Alice added“ Oh, you’re sure to do that, “ said the Cat(Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carrol, 1866)The excerpt illustrates the importance of setting clear goals.
  • 7. Goals Setting the path to your goalsWe constantly need to set goals whether it is thought through and planned stepby step or just thinking about it. Goals can be set for any area of your life.Remember it is important to set specific goals and that you may revise your goalsas you proceed along your journey.SMARTER Goal settingSpecific ( Significant, Stretching, Simple)Measurable (Meaningful, Motivational, Manageable)Attainable (Appropriate, Achievable, Action focused)Relevant (Results-orientated, Realistic, Resourced)Time-bound(Time-orientated, Time-based, Time-specific)Evaluate (Excitable, Enjoyable, Engaging)Re-evaluate (Revisit, Rewarding, Reachable)