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3H0 FAMILY     "3H0" Stands for "Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization". Itis a way of life. Those who believe in it and live ...
KUNDALINI YOGA-AN INTRODUCTION           From lectures and conversations, by Yogi Bhajan      I have recognized, with the ...
From the neck to the top of the          so I cannot speak all the truth. head is the passage. From the third      But I s...
energy is in you, then the            to that region and people shallsecond part is that you can cir-      go mad, half-ma...
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Kundalini Yoga - An Introduction


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from Beads of Truth, January 1970

Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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Kundalini Yoga - An Introduction

  1. 1. f ï f&fz ©THSTlÂCKINGSOFVOaiBHAJAN « i K^m^j •Y f ran« it»* "s& mfj ead^ **->„j
  2. 2. 3H0 FAMILY "3H0" Stands for "Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization". Itis a way of life. Those who believe in it and live it, belongto it; those who dont, dont. Our aim is to create teachers fro the Aquarian Age who arehealthy, happy and holy in body, mind and spirit. The technique we use was brought to America by Yogi Bhajan,Master of Kundalini Yoga, who is the spiritual guiding force of3H0. Kundalini Yoga, the discipline which we practice, is theYoga of Awareness. It includes aspects of Karma Yoga, HathaYoga, Bhakti Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Laya Yoga. The following Ashrams may be contacted for further infor-mation about 3H0 and a complete list of centers situated through-out the united States, Canada, England and France. 3H0 Headquarters Guru Ram Das Ashram 8802 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, Calif. 90069Hargobind Sadan Ahimsa Ashram16 Culloden Park Dr. 1704 "Q" St. N.W.San Rafael, Calif. 94901 Washington, D.C. 20009 Maharaj AshramNanak Dwara Ashram Rte. 4, Box 88d Baba Siri Chand Ashram4530 No. 8th Street Santa Fe, New Mexico 150 3 Nela Ave.Phoenix, Arizona 85014 87601 Orlando, Fla.32809 Harbhajan Singh Puri Ashram 1066 Colquitt St. N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30307 BEAD STRINGERS YOGI BHAJAN -SPIRITUAL GUIDEBaba Singh Lasser Mark Lamm Gerry Singh PondDiana Schnurr Joshua Rubinfeld Baba Phil Singh HoskinsKarin Olsen Baba John Franzone Toni Kaur PondHari Arti Kaur Barbara Olsen Shakti Parwha
  3. 3. KUNDALINI YOGA-AN INTRODUCTION From lectures and conversations, by Yogi Bhajan I have recognized, with the the final blockage in the spineblessing of may Master, that before the energy reaches theit is possible to be healthy, head).to be happy, and to be holy Now, let me define a fewwhile living in this society. terms. Prana is life force.And you must have energy so that It is the life force of the atom.your dead computer may live and Apana is elimination or the el-pass on the signal to you and iminating force. These aremay compute all what you want two forces, positive and neg-to do in this society. And we ative in us which are governedcall it, in the olden science, by pingala and ida—that is,the Kundalini, which has been right and left. When we joinblocked in Muladhara, the lowest these two energies under theof all chakras or lotuses. power and the science of These are all im aginary Kundalini Yoga, we mix the pranathings. Great big books have with the apana and bring, underbeen written on them, and that pressure, the Kundalini up.these books also misled me for And when it passes through themany years. Still I learned central nerve or Sushumana itabout it; and all these chakras, reaches the higher chakras or(or circles as we call them in lotuses; and thus man can easilyEnglish) have put us in so look into the future. Hismany circles that we do not come psychic power gets enlightened.out of it, and we reach nowhere. He can know his total surround-There is a way we should set ings and he is a blessed being.our computer to be in direct After one inhales the pranacontact with Him, the Biggest deep (down to the navel point)Computer; and things must then and pulls the apana with rootwork automatically. And that lock (up to the navel point);cant work until the Kundalini, prana and apana mix at the navelthe spiritual nerve, breaks center. This is known as Nabhithrough the blockage at Mulad- Chakra or Fourth Vertebra. Heathara, and thus, travels up and is felt during the Kundalinireaches the stage that you may awakening and that heat is thehave Superconsciousness in Con- filament ° f ^iïe Sushumana orsciousness . central spinal channel being lit It is to generate the by the joining of prana andpressure of the prana and mix it apana. Below the Nabhi chakra,with the apana, and thus, when the energy leaves the navel andthe two join together, you goes to the rectum (or lower center)generate in the pranic center. and then it rises. This is calledAnd with this heat of the prana, Reserve Channels. It relates toyou put a pressure or charge on your Astral Body.the Kundalini, the soul nerve, Then, there are six morethree and a half circles coiled chakras through which the Kundalini (kundal means "the coil in the must rise; and it will happencurl of the hair of the beloved; all at once. And once you haveit does not mean snake or raised iE; thats it. But theserpent), on muladhara, and thus hardest job is to keep it up.awaken it, so that it may pierce To keep the channels clean andthrough the imaginary chakras clear.and pass ultimately through From the rectum to the vocaljalandhara Bandha (Neck Lock-- cord is known as the silver cord.
  4. 4. From the neck to the top of the so I cannot speak all the truth. head is the passage. From the third But I speak indirectly and direct- eye to the pineal gland is the gold ly truth because I cannot speak cord. To make the energy rise in something beyond truth. I have these cords and passages, you must realized the truth, and the fact apply hydraulic locks. You must is that you cannot breathe by your put a pressure. You live in Calif- will. It is the God in you which ornia? You know how we take out breathe«. Without that you do the oil from the ground? Put a not breathe. Now what is this pressure and the oil will come out. breath business? I tell you. It is a staircase of energy. And it is a good information 1. Mul bandh brings apana, to the medical people. Under the eliminating force to the navel or eighth vertebra there is a cavity. fourth vertebra, the central seat We call it prana center. Good? In of the Kundalini. that prana center, with the breath- 2. Diaphragm lock takes it ing up to the tip of the tongue up to neck. and on to the ida and pingala 3. Neck Lock takes it up all which adjust the temperature of the rest of the way. the body, we breathe pranic energy. The pineal gland or seat of the Pranic energy is the life force of soul, does not work when the tenth the atom. If fifty years ago, I gate (top of the head) is sealed. would have come and talked to But if pineal will secrete (when you about atomic energy, you the Kundalini heat comes) your pi- would have said, go away—we dont tuitary will act as radar, keeping understand you. When I talk pranicthe mind from negativity. energy, dont feel that I am talk- Yés, Kundalini Yoga is known ing something mystic. It isas nerve of the soul. And this is practical. This pranic energy isto be awakened. And your soul is the life of the atom. We store itto be awakened. And when soul gets here (8th vertebra down). We knowawakened, there remains nothing. certain actions through which weWhat else? inhale with this pranic energy. In the practical reality, And when we inhale with this pranicthese chakras are imaginary and energy, our pranic center getsnothing else. This Kundalini is awakened. The pranic centerjust a Kundalini and nothing else. supplies the pranic energy toAnd it is not very important. These the pranic nerve. And the pranicpranas and apañas are just there. nerve supplies the pranic energy toEverything is set in us. We lack the muscles, which is responsiblenothing. We use these terms simply for the beat of the heart and thatto make the process clear so we can of the diaphragm. We call it "U"get on. It is very simple. After muscle, because it is shaped likegetting myself into the darkness the letter "u". And then thisfor years together, I found if I "u" muscle is responsible for allwould have known the first day that this life current in you which isit was so easy, I could have saved automatic, beyond your control.myself a lot of hassle. When I You know what these Yogis do? Theyfound the Kundalini really can come create pranic energy reservoirsup like this, I was astonished! It in that cavity. And, thus, livewas a surprise to me. I said on that reserve. This is what"thats all there is to the they do. They make that cavityKundalini?" And my Master said, active with certain exercises."yes". And, thus, they know how to control All it is, is creating the prana the pranic energy or prana-vayu, thein that cavity, and mixing it with life current. Thats one part ofapana, and taking it down (as we it. The second is apana, whichgive pressure to the oil), and eliminates everything. It hasbringing the oil up is Kundalini. got a connection with the MuladharaThats it. That is the greatest chakra. That is where that Kundal-truth. Truth is bitter, I know, ini power lies. Now, when the pranic
  5. 5. energy is in you, then the to that region and people shallsecond part is that you can cir- go mad, half-mad or die. Becauseculate it through your body. the lock was not there!!You can feel it and make people And when you do yoga, please,feel it. And then.we teach for Gods sake, remember, youpeople how to do it. It is a are playing with the energyscientific thing which has got which is the life force of thenothing to do with mystics, or atom. You can well understandsomething which I cant explain. what you are doing. Im giv-It is so simple, it is practical. ing you a word of warning. TheAnd, thus, we circulate it. prana has been described in the And in the circulation, we Shastra (Yogic Scriptures) astime it to go with the spinal that which makes the atom live.cord. And then we make it hit Our voltage here in the wallthe Muladhara. And, thus, we socket is 110? And you touchpierce through that bind or it without insulation? Do you?blockage before the Kundalini Then how come you can play withpower. The moment we do it, she the pranic energy?has no option but to come up. The fact remains thatAnd the moment she comes up, without having the Kundaliniyou stand blessed. Then you will awakened, your soul is notsee; the computer will work. awakened. And if your soul isThats all. awakened, what else you need? Is it difficult? There is And if you will get into theno secret about it. In twenty, action to awaken the Kundalini,thirty days, if you honestly the nerve of the soul, and thuspractice it about one hour, two this car of yours will be drivenhours each day, you can be or chauffered by the soul andthrough with it. And this is not by the negative ego, thenwhat I did. you have found God in you. And Two cautions: You must I shall be the greatest man onpractice neck lock. Pull the earth, if I shall be privilegedneck straight in, keeping the to touch the dust of your feet,spine and neck absolutely if you had that state. Otherwise,straight with no bend of the you are a nut, and nothing else.neck. The higher flood ofcirculation will cause the cellsof the brain to expand becauseof the higher circulation of blood*********************************** ************************************Those who are good I treat as good. knows how this is to be achievedThose who are not good I also treat and achieves it; in this wayas good. In so doing, I gain in he is able to plant the rightgoodness. Those who are of good seed. He knows how it is tofaith, I have faith in. Those who be brought to completion and soare lacking in good faith, I also completes it; thereby he ishave faith in. In so doing, I able to make it truly enduring.gain in good faith. For this reason he is not proud Lao Tza, Tao Te Ching, XXX in his superior position nor disappointed in an inferior one.The superior man improves his Thus he is creatively active and,character and labors at his task. as circumstances demand, careful,It is through loyalty and faith so that even in a dangerousthat he fosters his character. By situation he does not make aworking on his words, so that mistake.they rest firmly on truth, he I Ching, The Creative,makes his work enduring. He nine in the third place.