GLAStar Toni Blake Day 1 Session 3

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GLAStar Toni Blake Day 1 Session 3

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  • milk?I'm Lovin it - McDonaldsEat mor chikin - chick fil eDo lickin' good - IFCLive unboring - ikeaGet N or get out - NintendoEasy as Dell - DellConsider IT done - SytelDo the Dew - mountain dewBeanz Meanz Hienz - Hienz ketchup
  • This is the future of your marketing copy. Tell their story living in your apartments. Tell how they set up the furniture, enjoyed the clubhouse and had fun at the pool party. We have to stop talking in commercial language about ourselves – no one cares!
  • The fastest way to measure positive ROI in social media is to build positive mentions/conversation about your brand.
  • Doing nothing should not be an option. It’s time to take action.
  • This could be an email with live links on the spaces to send residents to them to make positive conversation!
  • Here is one more example of copy to share with the residents – “Give me five” referring to a five star rating!


  • 1. Gates writes "The most meaningful way todifferentiate your company fromyour competition ... is to do an outstandingjob with information. How you gather,manage, and use information will determinewhether you win or lose."
  • 2. Should you have BOTH a commercial and Social message? Life . . . uninterrupted and commercial FREE!
  • 3. Begin by establishing your social brand!
  • 4. Have I got your attention?A hook captures the potential customers attention and draws them in. An effective hook makes your company and itsproducts memorable long after theyve seen your ad. A hook is oftenassociated with a phrase or jingle but it can also refer to hooking yourreader through the copywriting or press releases.
  • 5. What is your Brand Message?From Commercial to Social
  • 6. WINNER Roma’s homemade spaghetti and meatballs. Take the “Taste of The Edge of Urbane Tour”. Details are available at Celebrating Life on the Edge of Urban
  • 7. From Commercial to Social Think like a LIFE Magazine! Discover how to LOVE the DC Life for Maryland Residents  Entertainment  Dining Out  What to do  Where to go  What to see
  • 8. Discover how to LOVE the DC Life for Maryland Residents Entertainment Dining Out What to do Where to go What to see
  • 9. Discover how to LOVE the DC Life for Maryland Residents Entertainment Dining Out What to do Where to go What to see
  • 10. Discover how to LOVE the DC Life for Maryland Residents Mix Social with Commercial Feature Restaurant Voted Brighton Village Residents Favorite Favorit You are just 0.3 miles away from great fooVotedFavorite Voted Favorite
  • 11. Should you organize your content? Your Email
  • 12. Should you optimize FREE Property listings? 1. Name – An / A move to the front of the alphabet 2. Name – add Location/ Galleria / Nob Hill3. Name – Add Keyword like Moving, New Place, Great Apartments 4. Address / add amenities “Your next home”
  • 13. Build and control your online brand Who’s feeding Google ? Search by your address andfind a whole world of new listings
  • 14. Leveraging the FREE Online Services to Work for You Google Analytics Google Alerts Webstores Control your online reputation
  • 15. Traditional Outbound Marketing
  • 16. Who’s feeding Google? Who is building your brand? 1. Secure your name Be sure to claim your name before someone else does!You can build there latter, just prevent others from using your name.
  • 17. Who’s feeding Google? Who is talking about your brand? 2. Set up alertsYour name, misspellings, add good or bad to your name, your competition’s name.
  • 18. 3. Set up content alertsSet up a link from your properties Facebook pages to your email to stay on top of the content posted.
  • 19. Local Social Listing Media Online Reputation Sites Sites Review Rating Site Manage your online reputationBuild your SEO with three types of online spaces. Local Listing, Rating Review & Social Media
  • 20. Local Listing Sites 4. Manage your online reputationManage the content in the local listings, ratings review and social media sites.
  • 21. Customers are Customers are allowed to update allowed to updateyour ad ––REALLY!!! your ad REALLY!!!
  • 22. Local Online Social Media Listing Reputation Sites Sites Review Rating Site Set up your FREE online profiles & Claim your business.Manage the content in the local listings
  • 23. Customers are Customers areallowed to write aa allowed to write review!!! review!!! This directs you This directs you to aarealtor! to realtor!
  • 24. Focus your content efforts in building:Resources with LIVE FEEDS, hyperlinks, QR codes RSS with a library of current eventsCurrent photos / ABTP – Always be taking pictures! Photos of the actual apartment available!Practice building FRESH leasing: voice, photo, video
  • 25. 80% of your brandIs built by 6% of your customers
  • 26. Change your STARS Residents Dinner! Resident Dinner Focus Group
  • 27. Why write a review? Because time spent updating your status . . . won’t influence the quality of your next neighbor! Your review could make a difference in who moves in next door! People trust reviews, let’s give them reviews from people they can trust!Thank you for helping us build an honest representation of our community online.
  • 28. Your review could make a difference in who moves in next door! Finding a place to live is not like ordering pizza – it’s a decision you have to live with.Follow these QR codes and take a minute and help us to attract great new residents to your community. People trust reviews, let’s give them reviews from people they can trust!
  • 29. RATINGS…ASK AND YOU WILL RECEIVE62.4% of residents surveyed by SatisFacts said that they would post a positive comment on their Facebook page or on a ratings site like Apartment Ratings, if we asked them to.
  • 32. 10 Successful Review Site Guild Lines1. ALWAYS RESPOND - make it your policy to be responsive! Much of the negative culture in the review site is create by the lack of authority. Just like behavior changes when a parent or teacher leaves and then returns to a room. The voice of management must remain present and responsive to each and every post. If the authentic voice of authority exists consistently in the space and everyone there knows you respond each time. The conversation is more likely to remain more socially acceptable.
  • 33. 10 Successful Review Site Guild Lines2. Supervisors will approve each response prior to posting. Remember, this post lasts for years and will be read over and over again. The conversation you are having is with more than the negative reviewer. Your future resident is reading! Within 24 hours your response should be reviewed and approved by a supervisor, then posted.
  • 34. 10 Successful Review Site Guild Lines3. ALWAYS speak to the entire community. Do not use singular personal pronouns to address an individual review or the reviewer if they do not pass the rational test. If any of these are true, speak only to the entire room using plural pronouns. Don’t forget to speak to the reader who is “undecided” The people who are interested in your apartments are reading your response, too. Use pronouns in your comments that include ALL of your customers, and do not direct your post to the negative review alone.
  • 35. 10 Successful Review Site Guild Lines4. ALWAYS speak to the entire community. Affirm that you read the reviews and that you care about what people say about you. People want to be heard so this helps to let everyone reading know that you are listening. “Successful examples”: “We receive Google Alerts each time our community is mentioned online; and we take time to read all the comments and reviews posted about our community. Our online reputation is important to us. While we love reading the notes from our happy residents, we work diligently to address and correct the issues posed by the negative statements as well. Our office is open ____, our phone ____ and you can contact our management team directly at ______”
  • 36. 10 Successful Review Site Guild Lines5. Finish EACH post with your contact information This is all about perception. There is very little conversation or response from the management office on this site. Our industry seems to have “not shown up for court” leaving the conversation very one sided with residents often being left to defend the property. The perception we want to produce for this space is that we are AVAILABLE to serve, assist and communicate. Finish each post by listing your office hours first. This will help people to see when you are personally available, and then follow that up with your phone number. They can see that you are in and that your number is right in front of them to call. Encourage them to call, and list other ways to contact you. Our office is open ____, our phone ____ and you can contact our management team directly at ______”
  • 37. 10 Successful Review Site Guild Lines6. Give it the Truth Test - address each review with the “Rational Test” This information was taken from research conducted by reviewing the social policies of US fortune 500 firms, universities and departments of government.
  • 38. 10 Successful Review Site Guild Lines7. DO NOT discuss, debate, correct, point fingers, review the situation posted. Circumstances are a trap – don’t get caught up in the nitty-gritty details. Change the conversations. That is the past – don’t waste time licking your wounds. Direct your voice and the reader to the future, and positive change. A great way to respond to negative press is by highlighting new ventures or services for your property or its management company and reinforcing your willingness to repair the damage, followed by your contact information. This is how the most resilient companies take the high road.
  • 39. 10 Successful Review Site Guild Lines8. Apologize each time there is any negative accusation Do not to put a “black hat” on the person writing the review. It is not productive to play the roll of “victim” and set them up as the “villain”. They are just people who are frustrated and they are your customer. You must forgive and take the high road. Life simply isn’t fair and to expect fairness will bring you constant disappointment. People have a “write” to their opinion and our job is to represent our community with the most companionate and professional voice possible. This is the court of public opinion and you have a “write” to respond. Respond well and you win!
  • 40. 10 Successful Review Site Guild Lines The four important parts of a professional online review apology:• One, it is an expression of remorse or guilt over having said or done something.• Two, it acknowledges the hurt or damage created.• Three, it requests forgiveness in the form of understanding, cooperation, or second chance.• Four, be sure to show your availability and interest in dealing with the issue. The silence of so many management teams in this space creates mistrust in the “establishment”. Show you are different. Make your voice heard and show your regret, concern and willingness to help. Be sure to offer your time and attention to the reader - report office hours, list phone numbers and invite them to contact your offline.
  • 41. 10 Successful Review Site Guild Lines9. Share progress or positive new changes in response to complaints “Successful examples”: “We appreciate the opportunity to let our future residents know that this matter is being addressed. (Share any progress, changes, new upgrades, services, or programs that have been enacted for the better. Invite them to see your website, newly revised with fresh pictures. Specifically direct readers to any evidence that the problems of the past were uncommon occurrences that have not persisted. Our office is open ____, our phone ____ and you can contact our management team directly at ______” Finish each response with your contact information. This reaffirms your commitment to resolving any existing problems and confirms how easy it is communicate with you.
  • 42. 10 Successful Review Site Guild Lines10. Share positive messages with positive reviews The rating review sites are also a marketing opportunity. Reviews are not the only information you can post! Develop a 1 year/ bi-monthly plan with a mix of uniquely styled positive messages. Your team should create the messages in advance and ready to go in a moment’s notice. It is time to make this powerful FREE online space work FOR US! I would not do more than six of these posts a year. You don’t want to seem “too” involved. I have seen visible comments from 2006 -- the messages you post will remain. Have fun, be creative and sprinkle some “love” into the rating review sites! More than anything, the people who read them will find it refreshing to read something that doesn’t make them think “they need counseling”!
  • 43. 10 Successful Review Site Guild Lines10. Share positive messages with positive reviewsExamples of Positive Messages:1. Thank you2. A Rhyme or Limerick3. Invite the public to join your activities or Charity Event4. Property Event5. Affiliation / Random Acts of Kindness Foundation