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GLAStar Toni Blake Day 1 Session 2

GLAStar Toni Blake Day 1 Session 2



Preventative Maintenance through Resident Communication

Preventative Maintenance through Resident Communication



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  • My daughter and I went to the Band of Horses Concert in Boulder by the CU campus and found this cool apartment building nearby – the QR code on the door gave us a peak at the website with floor plans and more! Very cool way to generate interest with urban walk-by traffic!

GLAStar Toni Blake Day 1 Session 2 GLAStar Toni Blake Day 1 Session 2 Presentation Transcript

  • is the second most emotional wordin the English languageResident Focused Maintenance
  • Who was the first person to decide to play DRESS UP with the toilet? FEATURING National Speaker Toni Blake
  • Positive or Negative?Every decision you make produces results!
  • You are contagious!!!
  • Meaningful MomentsGive your residents a reason to stayEXPERIENCE / EXPECTATIONS
  • 4 Love Languages for Residents Use the Languages of LOVE to buildpositive resident relationship & increase retention 1.Words of Affirmation 2.Quality Time 3.Receiving Gifts 4.Acts of Service
  • Words of AffirmationAn unsolicited compliment or word of encouragement is a valuable relationshipbuilder. “Thank you for paying your rent on time, we appreciate your timeliness”,“Thanks for stopping by, we always love seeing you, you’re such a great resident”.Quality TimeThis is about showing your resident your undivided attention. Giving them yourtime and attention while they are in the office. Be sure they feel VIP servicewith your total attention while they are speaking with you. Receiving Gifts This is not about materialism it is about show a thoughtful gesture of appreciation. How can you say “Thanks” for being a resident in an unexpected gift? Candy, cookies, a cup of coffee, a token left on a service request are ways to give gifts.Acts of ServiceDependable service is a key to resident retention. How can youenhance the relationship and communication tools delivered byyour service team. Notes, additional service provided during a service call?
  • Seven Special Moments Team Assignment: Meet with your team and discuss how to take the 4 relationship strategies and add the 7 Special Moments. 1. Move-in Day 2. Service Request 3. Mail Room 4. Office 5. Rent Collection1. Words of Affirmation 6. Resident Communications2. Quality Time 7. Renewal3. Receiving Gifts4. Acts of Service
  • What is the truth?What % of your residents believe you provide good customer service? _________ How can you find out! Customer Centered Growth –
  • Out of 10 vacant move outs - How many have an unreported service request? Do your residents communicate their service needs?Should you provide more communication tools Should you create more service messages? for What are your Service best practices? resident service? When do we provide service? When are the resident service opportunities?
  • Maintenance Instructional Copy Is your toilet running? We want to catch it!!!   Thank You!We appreciate your partnership in maintaining the highest quality for your living environment. Signage, Newsletter, posters in the common areas
  • Service Warranty Contract  Get on the same page with your residents!! What service is included? What service is not included? What is replaced for free? What is the resident charged for?
  • Set yourself up for success in our renewal conversation – give the gift of service!One Hour of FREE Service!• closet door rollers repaired• torn or damaged screens repaired• drawer rollers repaired or replaced• plumbing leaks• faucet drips repaired• installed new light bulbs• toilets operating properly• doorknobs and locks turning properly• carpet strips repaired
  • In 1977 Rick Hoyt askedHis father to push him in a5 mile fundraiser for anotherparalyzed athlete. After therace he told his father“Dad, when I’m running, it feelslike I’m not handicapped.”Since that day Rick’s fatherhas pushed him to the finishline of over 1,000 races,including marathons and evenIronman competitions.
  • Where are you taking your property?
  • “You may succeed if nobody else believes in you, but you will never succeed if you don’t believe in yourself” “Successful people love what they do and do what they love. They allow their passion and talent to guide them”“Success is doing the best you can with what you have wherever you are in life.” Say YES to the Dream in front of you!
  • Relationship Equity You &Strengths of Relationship - You influence others! YourCause LIFE!Choose three people you are going to have a positive effect on and how.
  • You are contagious!!!
  • BEING POSITIVE INFLUENCES THOSE WHO WORK WITH YOU!How to you engage with the residents so that they feel part of a caring community?You are Contagious / 80% Attitude 20% Skill What influences you? Happy is your job!!You build your world with what you THINK! 4 Your decisions are formed by with how you THINK!
  • CreativeResources
  • CreativeResources The Awe-Manac provides daily forecasts and directives to help readers make life more creative, amusing, gratifying, and extraordinary—every day of the year! You don’t need to think – Just read & select a good idea! Expand your creative resources – Expand your ideas!
  • THIS CARD MAY BE KEPT UNTIL NEEDEDAND IS NON-TRANSFERABLE GET OUT OF JAIL FREE Date issued: ___ /___ / ___ Issued to: _______________________________________ Issued by:___________________________ Issued for: _________________________ ________________________________________________________________________
  • MAY BE SUBJECT TO SCHEDULING RESTRICTIONS MUST BE USED WITH MANAGEMENT APPROVALEmployee: _________________________ Issued by:___________________________ Lunch time: ___ : ___ to ___ : ___ Date: ____ /____ / _____
  • MAY BE SUBJECT TO SCHEDULING RESTRICTIONS MUST BE USED WITH MANAGEMENT APPROVALmployee: _________________________ start time: ___ : ___ for Date: ___ /___ / ___ ued by:___________________________ Issued for: _________________________ ______________________________________________________________________
  • Problem: Residents turn in a request late in the day.For prompt scheduling and faster service - turn in your service request before 12:30 p.m.Problem: Residents fix things themselves.Our trained technicians are ready to meet your service needs.Problem: Resident does not turn in a complete request.Please give us the complete details of your service needs so we can bring theproper tools and supplies to complete the job during our first visit.Problem: Resident ignores service requests.Working together we will create “Star Quality Service”Problem: Residents think they will have to pay for service.Professionally designed ads for newsletter to promote “Free” Services Providedby the Service Department. i.e. running toilet, dripping faucet, air filters, exterminationWhere can we print these educational messages?Newsletter / Signage and Poster in office & common area / QR Code link to website
  • Resident Service Move in GiftExtension cord, hammer, tools, Picture hangers, toilet paper Photo ID Badges 24/7 Uniform Business Cards Print a card with instructions on how to turn in a service request. Give the card and the responsibility back to the resident
  • Service Team Move in gifts Move in GiftA jar of touch up paint, a small paint brush, picture hangers, bath soak & herb tea
  • Add a few oz of SCENTsations to Add the Gift of NEW!
  • Resident Services MarketingService Staff Photographs in the officeService Pens & Professional AttireService Staff Business CardsResident Service Communication CardsExample: Front of card: “A Word from Maintenance”. On back of card, or inside: “DONE!!”
  • We want to thank you for taking the time to let us know about your service needs. Wewould like to take a moment to be sure and gather the correct information so our service technicians can complete your service needs on their first visit. Be sure to offer your technician  a complete service request!
  • Please let us know how we can service you!Our job is to make your home a great place to come home to.We want to know, if you ever notice a light out or any otherdetail we have missed – even the smallest detail is important to us!Please check the services your require below and drop this by theoffice:____ screens torn or damaged____ closet doors off the rollers____ drawer rollers need repair or replacement____ leaks in the joints of your plumbing____ drips from the end of your faucets____ installed lighting out /refrigerator, overhead, bath____ toilets running____ doorknobs and locks turning properly____ carpet strips loose or needing repairTogether we can experience the highest quality of living.Call today or respond to this email.
  • Create a FREE YouTube
  • Research Video appsRecord with the iPhone & iPad
  • HAVE FUN WITH Handmade Props on a stick
  • Prepare your list of “lessons”What can you help the residentavoid?•Dish soap in the dishwasher•What to put in the garbage disposal•Using the reset button on the disposal•When to flip the breaker•How to set the thermostat•How to operate vertical blinds
  • Are you putting brochuresoutside your door for after hourvisitors?
  • FREE Marketing Partners
  • Hyperlink your customer to key locations online with FREE QR Codes Are you still putting brochures outside your door for after hour visitors? That is so 12 seconds ago!
  • Print QR Code Sticker to update your current collateral Get your future resident back to your site! Help them to make a decision! Make it easy with QR Codes! Enjoy our room planner with Fill out our application online!furniture templates & floorplans online www.nameofsite.com www.nameofsite.com