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Begin the 12 Days of Kindness this holiday. 12 beautifully designed messages are ready for display in your office to encourage kindness! I also included ideas for Community Kindness Projects. Enjoy - Merry Christmas from Toni Blake & TotallyToni.com

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12 Days of Kindness TotallyToni.com

  1. 1. TThhee 1122 DDaayyss ∂∂∂ ∂∂∂ ∂∂∂ “Keep your heart open to share the gift of kindness this holiday season” ∂∂∂ presents
  2. 2. You see me! Now SAY You see me! Now SAY HI! HI!
  3. 3. Text 90999 to REDCROSS to donate $10 to the American Red Cross. Real people like Candice, Amy & Nova are facing a challenging holiday season. Let’s help!
  4. 4. Find out what the person behind ordered and pay for it! I wonder . . . if we could follow an act of kindness forward – what we would see? Pay it forward . . . by looking back!
  5. 5. If you see another person in need – lend a hand!
  6. 6. Pay attention to people! Look them in the eye, listen and pay attention with VIP treatment!
  7. 7. Cute hat! If you think it – say it! Give a compliment to those you pass and those you know!
  8. 8. Please, Thank You, You’re welcome, Yes &
  9. 9. Let someone with one item go in front of you – allow a Mother with children to in that close parking space.
  10. 10. Share something of yours with someone with less that you! Buy a bouquet of flowers and share them with people in the store! Share a ride, a meal, your music or just a moment!
  11. 11. Turn down the TV, walk softly and spend a quiet night in your apartment. Tonight's let’s be quiet!
  12. 12. Even if you have a point – be agreeable! Use words of agreement! YES – Of course – you have a point there – that is right – I love that – great job – absolutely -
  13. 13. Allow your community to participate in an act of kindness within your city or area! CCoommmmuunniittyy AAccttss
  14. 14. Say Thanks to those who serve and protect us! Create a coloring station with pages thanking our brave men and women. Put a sign out in front of your property! Drop it off at the fire house with cookies! Get creative this holiday and take time to say THANKS!
  15. 15. Say Thanks to your resident’s teachers. Create your own “Thank a teacher Day” and provide apples gifts for the children as they leave for school! Ask residents to donate a bag of apples and add “Thank You” stickers!
  16. 16. This is a great way to match your residents to a local need in your area. Visit the site and see what opportunities for service are available nearby!