Instrumente avansate pentru programari online


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Instrumente avansate pentru programari online

  1. 1. Total Soft Presentation November 2012 © 2012 ConsultaClick. All rights reserved. The concepts and ideas submitted to you herein are the intellectual property of ConsultaClick or other entities as mentioned near to. They are strictly of a confidential nature and are submitted to you under the understanding that they are to be considered by you in the strictest of confidence and that no use shall be made of the said concepts and ideas, including communication to any third party without ConsultaClick’s express prior consent and/or payment of related professional services fees in full.
  2. 2. Online Portal in the E-Health sector, that, through an intuitive search engine, makes it more efficient, accessible and faster to find and book an online medical appointment. Transparent, free, secure and fast way to find the appropriate health professional to the need in the locality at the most convenient time - real time access to the doctor's agenda. Platform with high visibility and promotion to the health care professionals: Simplifying the management of their schedules and appointments for medical appointments; Process scheduling of professional, modern, easy and accessible; Privileged platform to communicate with patients. What is it?
  3. 3. 3 Who we are... 2010 - CCK started with the idea to launch a Web Portal for Booking Online Medical Appointments. Started immediately contacting experts in the Healthcare Market in order to begin Portal development. 2011/JUN. - CCK was officially launch in the portuguese Market. 2011/NOV. - CCK opens in Brasil, Spain and in March 2012 in Romania being this country also base for the Eastern Europe expansion. Our Vision: To become the Worldwide leader in online booking medical appointments. Our Mission: To help patients to find the best healthcare services in just one click. Portugal Brasil España Romania Globally, is applied by a total of 25.800 patients and has available more than 300.000 medical appointments at the present moment. Only in Portugal, the portal serves as a regular group of more than 2.800 patients and recorded since the launch last year (June 2011), more than 10.000 appointments.
  4. 4. 4 Mega Trends NEW! . Opportunities . Social Trend . Generation • Some of the mega trends today are: • Sane Recession - Makes us Stronger, Creative and Innovative and helps us to rediscover new Skills and new Capabilities. • Total Transparency to empower “me”: Allowing information to cross, Internet tend to empower their users. People tend to be aware about what is best for each one. • Social Web Continues - Online Communities cannot be ignored. It’s a big bang for the web. • Solution for the a new generation. Internet sms/internet generation start to consume healthcare services since some of them are already in their 40’s.
  5. 5.  Provide health professionals with an intuitive, convenient and reliable online medical appointment.  Cover a universe of 500,000 users and 5,000 health professionals in Romania until 2015.  Offer the Romanian population with the best health professionals for booking online medical appointments.  Regularly provide new functionalities in the portal to facilitate the schedule of online appointments as well as the tool for management the agenda (continuous research of the market). Main objectives
  6. 6. Increased visibility on the Internet. Possibility of using multiple channels of communication ConsultaClick (portal, blog, social networking, newsletters) to disseminate content to patients. Healthcare Professionals Advantages
  7. 7. Healthcare Professionals Advantages New and modern channel of communication with patients and the possibility of integration with existing management software. Receive online medical appointments in real time, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Better communication with patients, access to feedback and statistical reports, sending confirmation SMS alerts and, simultaneous to all patients of possible delays or cancellations of appointments.
  8. 8. Patients Advantages  Service fully free  Schedule appointment online, quickly, securely and in real time and 24/7  More than 20 specialties, at least 400 healthcare professionals and 120 Clinics in one single Portal (estimated figures until end of the year only for Bucharest)  Access to the profile of healthcare professionals, which includes theirs resume, photo and insurance/abonament accepted  Ease in finding the location of the healthcare professional on the map – geotagging using Google Maps  View in real time, dates and times available directly on Doctor’s Agenda online
  9. 9. 9 For additional contacts: Carlos Alves (Partner) email: