Commercial verticals - New features in Charisma 2014


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Distribution, Services, Production

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Commercial verticals - New features in Charisma 2014

  1. 1. Charisma ERP – Commercial (Distribution, Services, Production) Florian Ridiche Product Manager Charisma ERP
  2. 2. Trade Policies – New features  Filtering by stock properties (e.g.: critical validity term)  Additional filters (e.g.: due date)  Improved Ergonomics of application’s screen  Additional facilities for exclusion or inclusion
  3. 3. Trade Policies – Intelligent analysis of sales  New specialized reporting structures to analyze the impact of trade policies  New set of standard reports created in Charisma  Tool for analyzing the impact of trade policies  Allows analysis graphs and answers to questions such :  How sales or margins varied during the implementation of policies, compared to a normal period?  What is the structure and the amount of the discounts granted?
  4. 4. Retail Pharma – New Features  Integration with Infotreat  Protocols type CMDTA, MAI  Possibility of delivery from another pharmacy’s stock  Control flow between branches, including for multi-company
  5. 5. SFA – New Features  Briefcase  Management of items catalogue  Integration of Tableau reports  Messages for representatives with attachments  Questionnaires: completion, adding pictures to answers  Automatic order submission upon completion  Possibility of keeping order in the tablet upon completion or unlocking client
  6. 6. WMS – New Features  Graphical View of the warehouse  New Front office screens for “count by scan”  Possibility to associate barcodes to items from Front Office  Supplementary checking stage  Flexible workflow based on specific needs
  7. 7. Fleet Management – Integration with Business Processes  New version of Charisma ERP  New features  Log book – integrated with travel order  Cost centers history with effect on allocations  The vehicle may be analysis dimension, with effect in tracking its expenses
  8. 8. Resource planning in construction projects Dan Giușcă New Projects Manager
  9. 9. „OPERATIONAL PLAN” tool  Estimate and activities schedulling  Reporting on the progress regarding operational plan  Resource planning  How to express the necessary resources? (capacities)  How express allocation of resources? (units)  Better control plan side-slipping  Working with real resources (units) vs. generic resources (capacities)
  10. 10. Charisma Billing Electricity Silviu Crețean Software Development Director
  11. 11. Charisma Billing – Features  Operating on one or more companies, each with one or more locations based on a tree hierarchy  Multi-country, both at interface level and in terms of legislation
  12. 12. Charisma Billing – Features  Configurable degrees of permissiveness, for data validation  Direct invoicing, based on contractual data  Configurable formulas for the calculation contract value (taxes, charges, penalties)  Automatic generation of advance invoices, based on consumption forecast
  13. 13. Charisma Billing – Features  Automatic generation of regularization invoices based on deviations (from Base Settlement Parameter or Distribution Protocol)  Possibility to configure the regulated tariffs for eligible customers  Preserve customer consumption history  Recalculation values ​maintained at month and client level  Automatic management of green certificates
  14. 14. Charisma Billing – Key Aspects  Charisma Billing has been developed using cutting edge technology  It is agnostic to databases and is able to function irrespective of the chosen Database Management System
  15. 15. Charisma Billing – Key Aspects  The system has a responsive interface, allowing graphical, dynamic scaling, depending on the resolution and the device on which it is accessed (computer, tablet)  The system is fully integrated with Charisma - data exchange (contracts, invoices) occurs in real time and without delays
  16. 16. Field Force Automation Document Management Mobile Gamification Daniel Bălăceanu Product Manager Charisma Business Applications
  17. 17. FFA – Task Management Planning Execution Monitoring BI • Schedules • Streamlines • Forecasts • Dispatching • Service execution • Technician inventory management • Operational Dashboard • GPS tracking in real time • Routes renewal • Strategic Dashboard • Data mining & analysis • Costs & Productivity
  18. 18. Main features • Technicians Management • Cases Management • Sending • Real time monitoring • Scheduling • Routes • Streamlining Back Office BI • Dashboards • Predefined reports • Data mining & Custom Reports Optimizer Mobile • Daily Calendar • Offers Management • Products activation • Customer feedback
  19. 19. Daily working orders– Map viewing
  20. 20. Document Management – More effective Document Management in any company  Volume scanning  Barcodes automatic scanning  Document Opis – what documents are missing from the archive
  21. 21. Documents flow  Contracts management  Expenses Approval  Payments Approval  Projects Budget Modification ... And many other flows
  22. 22. Impact of games on selling - Charisma Mobile Gamification for Sales  Encourages the use of the systems and significantly increases the rate of system adoption in the sales activity  Another motivation for the employees in the department  It adapts to any industry
  23. 23. Q&A Thank you!