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Charisma Leasing Management is one of the most popular leasing solutions at European level, ranked by KPMG in the worldwide Top 10 most powerful leasing software solutions.

The solution is designed to meet the needs of multi-country leasing businesses, based on best practices in the industry, and it was adopted by leasing companies in countries as Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, and even all the way to Senegal.

With a growing portfolio of international clients, TotalSoft already works with important multinational leasing organizations, such as Raiffeisen Leasing and Deutsche Leasing, which have selected, as group solution, and work with Charisma Leasing Management in several countries.

Charisma supports the administration of your customer portfolios in the retail and corporate segment and entirely cover all Leasing products in the Financial and Operational Leasing and loans.

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Charisma Leasing Management

  1. 1. Leasing Managementpowered by TotalSoft, one of the world’s top 10 providers of Leasing Software (KPMG) Simple | Intuitive | Flexible | Complete
  2. 2. We deliver leading multi-country group softwaresolutions built with in-depth know-howand expertise from the leasing sector. Charisma Leasing Management is an unparalleled market leading solution, which leverages TotalSoft’s more than 10-years experience in providing integrated software solutions that support key processes in the finance and banking sector. It is easy to see that Charisma Leasing Management has become a global favourite because it has distinguished itself by delivering complex business solutions to industry leading organizations that are working in a highly competitive market place. It provides usability and transparency to more than 100 customers in the financial services sector including leasing, banking, insurance and brokerage corporations.Solution of Choice for leasingindustry leaders in the regionSuccessful implementations in over 12 countries in EuropeCharisma Leasing Management isleveraged by several important leasinggroups as a standardized solutionsupporting multi-country operations, Charisma Analyzerpredominantly in central and eastern (BI) Charisma CharismaEuropean countries. Alerter HCMThe solution is fully localized andcompliant with local accounting Reporting to Credit Bureau Charisma ERP Charismarequirements, currency, language, and Selfregulations and legislation, including National Bank Operational Leasing Servicecases of challenging countries such as Financial LeasingUkraine, Greece and Russia. Charisma Web Leasingsupports local branches to meet the Insurancegroup reporting requirements, and the Charisma Credit Collection CRMheadquarters to have a unified and Refinancingtransparent view of their multi-country Financial Wholesaleoperations. Factoring FleetBusiness Coverage: Charisma ManagementCharisma Leasing Management covers Workflowsa wide range of leasing products, from Charisma Charismathe simplest to the most complex, by Document Cost Management Controloffering different functions to managethe business coherently and efficiently.
  3. 3. Integrated front-, middle-and back-office business software End-to-end Operational Group asset finance & performance reporting solution analysisOne system for centrally managingmultiple business units Multi-currency, multi-language, Compliant with multi-site, multi-country international application standardsThere are so many Comprehensive solution: Charisma Leasing Management provides an integrated,reasons for choosing modular and scalable solution, which enables the entire asset-based financialCharisma Leasing institutions, from quotations, credit applications and its approval flow, scoring engineManagement powered (risk management), to contract signing and asset disposition. It covers customers,by TotalSoft quotations, contracts, asset types, approval flows, billing and collection, together with leasing accounting and partner services. Increased revenues: The solution supports the company’s customers by facilitating the leasing and insurance processes and by automating the approval flows. Due to advanced flexibility, localization and multi-currency functionalities, the solution allows to easily localize the offers and financial contracts. Thanks to reducing the time spent on contract management, the number of signed contracts increases and multiple offers can be customized according to your customer’s needs. Improved risk management: The solution provides quick and easy access to the centralized base for data integrity and configurable processes for managing and controlling the entire lease portfolio. Charisma Leasing Management provides full traceability of actions and document workflows, efficient customer and complete asset management, as well as maintenance, throughout the life of the contract, of all changes to the contracts. Reduced operational cost: Thanks to the centralization and automation of the entire lease process, access becomes extremely easy, redundant and time consuming tasks are minimized and ultimately operational costs are significantly reduced. Long-term relationship with partners: Charisma Leasing Management provides advanced tools for satisfying the customer needs through flexible credit programs, features and financing abilities together with an unique and specialized self-service platform that provides information of interest: invoices/payments, permissions, documents, printing, debt payment or different methods of notifications. For more information visit
  4. 4. About TotalSoftWith over 17 years of experience, TotalSoft is the largest Romanian ERP provider,according to the market research company Pierre Audoin Consultants. With 1500clients in the private and public sector in 25 countries, such as USA, Germany, UK,Austria, Italy or France, TotalSoft has an undeniable expertise in 9 verticals,focusing on retail and distribution, constructions, financial services and medicalones.The company has its own suite of software solutions, namely Charisma BusinessSuite, to which renowned systems, such as Charisma ERP, Charisma HCM orCharisma Medical Software belong. Starting with 2012, TotalSoft will become an associate memberTotalSoft is member of Global Finance Group, one of the largest private investmentcompanies in South-Eastern Europe, with offices in Athens, Bucharest, Sofia and of Leaseurope, the federationBelgrade. Global Finance manages funds amounting to over EUR 850 million and which brings together 43 leasinghas carried out over 70 investments since its founding in 1991. and car rental associations in Europe. TotalSoft Headquarters Planned Subsidiaries Active Subsidiaries Charisma Leasing Management implementations Senegal Russia United Kingdom Poland Germany Czech Rep Ukraine Slovakia Austria Moldova Hungary Qatar Romania Serbia Saudi Arabia Bulgaria UAE Albania Turkey Greece TotalSoft Headquarters Global City Business Park, 10 Bucharest - Nord Street Building O2, 8th Floor, Voluntari, llfov,România P: +4021 335 17 09 W:,, E: Austria | Greece | Bulgaria | Qatar