Charisma HCM Success Stories


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References have a special importance in the qualitative evaluation of a software solution. The success of the implementation is the guarantee of a complex implementation methodology, maturity of the development processes, but also the experience of the people behind the products.

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Charisma HCM Success Stories

  1. 1. Success StoriesHuman Capital Management Simple | Intuitive | Flexible | Complete
  2. 2. “To learn the value of a product you mustfirst check its references. They reflect thepotential for successful completion of aproject, as well as the actual quality of theproduct.”Liviu Dan DrăganGeneral Manager TotalSoft
  3. 3. BRD - Groupe Société Générale Payroll outsourcing BRD - Groupe Société Générale is the In order to improve the quality of payroll services, second bank in terms of banking assets BRD - Groupe Société Générale started, in 2007, a in Romania, with almost 10 000 broad market research activity for the selection of employees and 800 agencies in all the best HR outsourcing services provider. districts of the country. The winner of the auction, TotalSoft, provided BRD with Charisma HCM software platform for the secured collection of all information required by the payroll process, which was further integrated with the human resource management system used by the company at the time, namely PeopleSoft “We’ve been outsourcing the payroll HRMS. services to TotalSoft since 2008 and we’ve also been very pleased with our The interface between Charisma HCM Portal and choice. The quality of the services PeopleSoft HRMS ensured the automation of provided to the bank has led us to payroll calculation flows and secured the develop the relationship with the transmission channels by encrypting the files with company through adopting Charisma encryption certificates and keys. HCM in all branches of the Romanian One month after the project startup, BRD - Groupe Group Société Générale. In addition, with Société Générales employees were paid by BRD switching to the new IT human TotalSoft with the help of Charisma HCM, each resources management system, which employee receiving via email the pay slip, was a pilot project at global level, encrypted with an individual password TotalSoft has proven fast adaptability, (automatically generated and sent via SMS by the managing to interface the two systems. system). Overall, the collaboration with TotalSoftFinancial - Banking contributed to the payroll and related services optimization.” Adela Jansen Human Resources Executive Director
  4. 4. UniCredit Ţiriac Bank Payroll outsourcing One of the top 5 players on the UniCredit Ţiriac Bank was founded as a result of a Romanian market, UniCredit Ţiriac Bank merger of three banks, fact that grew significantly serves its customers through more than the number of employees, while the entire 240 branches and 3,000 employees, personnel administration and payroll activity was with financial solutions for individuals, supported by the Bucharest headquarter, SMEs, large companies or freelancers. specifically by a team of only 6 people. In these conditions, an immediate measure for the optimization of the HR activity was mandatory. Following several scenarios, the management decided that by outsourcing the payroll calculation services, the number of employees in charge to do that would reduce, while costs would be optimized as well. Practically, the outsourcing process implied sharing the responsibilities. UniCredit Ţiriac is now responsible only for the preparation of data necessary for salary calculation (modifications of positions, new employees, salary modifications, “Since we have worked with Charisma cost centers), the actual calculation process being HCM we have succeeded in centralizing taken over by TotalSoft (including the calculation of much easier the leaves, we have access, payments for the people that leave the bank). in any moment, to the status of leaves at TotalSoft has also taken over the activity of company level, but also at branch level. recording data concerning medical leaves, Plus, the employees can access their timesheet, data used for payroll calculation and theFinancial - Banking personal data, including those related to issuing of monthly reports. payment, sending the pay slip is no longer necessary.” Ioana Boajă Employee Administration Manager 4 5
  5. 5. Ursus Breweries Payroll outsourcing Leading brewer on the Romanian market, Ursus Breweries chose TotalSoft as a supplier of Ursus Breweries is member of SABMiller personnel administration and payroll calculation plc group. The company has four services due to its high expertise in the field, as well breweries in Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, as ability to adapt to the company’s needs imposed Brasov and Buzau, with over 1 600 by the mid-term investments strategy. employees. TotalSoft provided a comprehensive solution, consisting of payroll services, personnel administration and Charisma HCM - the web platform for data collection and direct communication with the employees, which improved even more the company’s HR department’s activity. The project also implied that TotalSoft also took over the data management tasks in all Ursus Breweries locations, so that the internal human resources team will be relieved of many redundant and time-consuming activities. “By outsourcing the HR activities to TotalSoft, we streamlined the entire human resources and payroll activity, at high quality standards and significantManufacturing reduction in administration costs.” Alina Sîrbu Human Resource Manager
  6. 6. Carrefour România Charisma HCM Carrefour Romania, one of the biggest The accelerated company development process by employers in the FMCG & retail sector at opening several stores around the country and national level, with more than 8800 quickly increasing the number of employees was employees, is part of the French group raising problems regarding the management of with the same name, carrying out human resources and payroll in a consistent activities in 35 countries around the manner. world, being on the 1st place in Europe Charisma HCM was considered the most flexible and on the 2nd place worldwide in the and easy to use platform, suited for getting real time retail market. information. One of the project challenges was integrating all staff information within one database that would quickly provide information regarding the human resource situation, regardless of the location. Information regarding the assessments, the currencies, the performance and the evolution of the employees has been integrated so that the company would have a decisional basis regarding the job position changes within the company. Unifying all this data led to the possibility of "We consider that we have achieved our diversifying the reports necessary for a results- target, i.e. having an online database based management, significant time and human which is unique for all our stores, resources savings, which were necessary to containing all the information required for support the HR & Payroll operations, have also been human resources, payroll and timesheet. achieved. As a major benefit, we have to mention At the end of 2009, the project has been extended the possibility of continuously developing with a document management solution that and adapting the program to our specific manages 250,000 documents, out of which approx. needs" 50,000 pages are work permits. Following the implementation, each Carrefour Romania employeeRetail Ana Dumitru is assigned, via Charisma HCM, an electronic folder, HR Manager containing all of his/her documents. 6 7
  7. 7. Ţiriac Group Charisma HCM Ţiriac Group is one of the major business The group’s objectives did not comprise only the players in Romania, the group’s implementation of such an information system, but companies’ activities ranging from also the ordering and integration in a centralized and importing and distribution of well-known common reporting database of all information related automobile brands such as Mercedes to human resources and payroll for the 3000 Benz, Ford, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and employees of the group. Due to the geographical Jaguar, real estate, financial services up dispersion (the companies are located in Bucharest, to assets and people security. Cluj, Iasi, Oradea, Timisoara and Brasov) and different ways of reporting, the data compilation and centralization could not be obtained in real time, causing difficulties in the processes of centralized reporting and performance indicators tracking. The solution proposed by TotalSoft is now centralizing the information in a single database allowing simultaneous access to all companies. Since Charisma has been implemented, the notion of a regular reporting system no longer exists because the information can now be accessed in real time “By implementing Charisma we managed and in the desired shape. Charisma provides a set of to align all Group companies to the standard reports, as well as the possibility to requirements embodied in a specific customize new reports based on various criteria. reporting package, used by everyone Basically, after a few check marks, any existing and available to everyone. Now we have information in the system can be transformed in a a clear picture of our human resource report, and when the database includes thousandsFinancial - Distribution and how to do it to meet our strategy.” of employees this detail is not to be neglected. Alexandru Cârstoiu Another benefit that was visible at the entire group level was represented by the awareness of each Technical Project Manager company of the group regarding their role and Ţiriac Management importance of activity over the rest of the group’s members.
  8. 8. Vel Pitar Group Charisma HCM The leading Romanian bakery Without having a professional IT solution that would manufacturer market, Vel Pitar runs a have made the management of a large number of business split by three lines (bakery, employees an organized and easy-to-perform milling and retail) with the help of 4 600 process, Vel Pitar was striving to run its HR&Payroll employees, 5 mill plants, 12 operations. The company decided then to look for manufacturing units, ensuring a monthly a stable and reliable information system that would volume of almost 25,000 tons of not cause any problem. products and a retail chain of more than TotalSoft has deployed at Vel Pitar a complete 157 stores. solution including the payroll, management, training, recruitment, assessment, reports modules and HCM Portal, a web module which facilitates the communication between the HR department and the employees. The most complex part of the project is supported by Charisma HCM applications payroll module, which returns a complex payroll calculation, specific to this business field, where one can find all the compensations provided by our law (week-end compensations, leave days depending on “We are satisfied with the way the personnel category etc.). implementation went, the results we get, Reports are now also much easier to get, in a and the analysis we can perform. Having centralized manner; one now has the certitude that correct data based on which we can the information is correct and that the payroll make quick decisions in due time is very calculation time is a few days shorter. The costs important for us. I think that the and the departments personnel chart have beenManufacturing investment made in Charisma was an reduced, and many resources have been excellent decision.” redirected to other tasks. And all these were possible only a month after Vel Pitar started working Florin Tătaru live with Charisma HCM. Country HR Manager 8 9
  9. 9. Mondial Lugoj, Villeroy & Boch subisidiary Charisma HCM The largest production unit of the German Together with the HR processes revision and concern, Villeroy & Boch AG, together modernization, the company decided to purchase a with the Hungarian factory, Mondial Lugoj HR&Payroll software able to meet three major has 850 employees and a production line requirements: to unite into a single database the of 100 000 units per month. payroll calculation and HR activities, to sustain the creation of a complex database containing complete information about the company’s employees and to provide an integration interface with the SAP system used for reporting activities at group level. By implementing Charisma HCM, the activities have been automated, the costs being exported automatically directly to SAP. TotalSoft is currently working to achieve an interface with Global HR, the HR solution used at group level, which aims to create a unified database for 9800 employees. “Considering the special requirements of When this project completes, Charisma will be able Villeroy &Boch, we had to ensure that no to retrieve real-time data, without any local problem could arise from the intervention. implementation of a Romanian application. By choosing Charisma HCM, we ensured that all pre-established criteria were met, especially considering that TotalSoft’s application already had an interface with SAP; also, from a financial standpoint we benefited from the bestManufacturing quality-price ratio” Mihaela Daniela Nagy HR Manager
  10. 10. PayPoint Charisma HCM PayPoint Romania is the Romanian One of the concerns of the HR department was to subsidiary of the British company with the improve and simplify the communication with the same name, a leader in the networks of team, but also to achieve a more careful scrutiny of electronic terminals field in local stores. all business aspects (payroll, personnel The national network comprises over 22 administration, employee performance evaluation 000 local stores, news agencies and etc.). supermarkets. An absolutely new thing that PayPoint has implemented with TotalSoft’s help was changing the classical approach of the employees performance evaluation. Employees’ accountability was pursued by offering them the possibility to establish their goals by themselves. Based on this requirement, TotalSoft has developed a web accessible performance evaluation module, perfectly integrated in Charisma HCM. This module contains only one interface that can be accessed alternatively, both by the employees and the manager, the employees having the possibility to establish their objectives by themselves, without being forced to fit in a range of „By implementing Charisma HCM, we presets that would not match them. have significantly reduced costs. Since the leave approval flow is done on line, Thus, throughout the organization, managers have we don’t make time sheets on paper access to all information concerning their anymore. We have replaced the reports employees: holidays, salary, salary last modification in Excel with automatic exports that are date, trainings history and timesheet of their own built according to our needs. Moreover, team, this access being secure and well defined at we have eliminated the significant cost each hierarchical level. incurred by outsourced payroll.” The difficult employee performance activity has alsoServices been eliminated. Andreea Tănase HR Manager 10 11
  11. 11. Alexandrion Group România Charisma HCM Alexandrion Group Romania is the initiator In spring 2010, Alexandrion Group Romania and leader of the Romanian brandy decided to quit the HR &Payroll outsourcing market with a market share of 41%. The services due to the poor quality of the services company owns the most modern provided by the agreed supplier, but also because production lines in South Eastern Europe, of the high costs compared with the results. The with a production capacity of 300,000 9L company chose to manage internally all operations Cases/ month. and acquired Charisma HCM. TotalSoft delivered a solution strictly adapted to Alexandrion’s needs, a solution which includes modules specific to human resources, payroll, statements required by the Romanian state, internal and ITM reporting activities. Following the implementation, a single database with centralized information was obtained, eliminating thus the difficult process of obtaining reports on staff, budget, wages, hours worked, time and attendance etc. Porting employee data in Charisma provided the company with a clear and real time picture of each employee’s route throughout the company, despite their department, seniority in the company or position. “From my point of view, an extremely important thing gained through the implementation of Charisma, is the up to date organization chart, and by that I do not mean the image itself, but everyone’s position in the company as cost centers,Manufacturing with a full background.” Mihaela Ciufecu Legal Director and HR Responsible
  12. 12. REBU Charisma HCM REBU, the first private company in REBU was a newly reorganized company regarding Bucharest in the sanitation services field, its structure, having high difficulties in managing the has more than 1000 employees and over 1,600 employees of the company at that owns a vehicle fleet with 364 state-of- moment. Moreover, REBU was not able to quickly the-art machineries, MAN, Mercedes and adapt to the legal changes, especially because Ford. REBUs salary structure was not simple. The solution chosen to solve the problems related to human resources management was Charisma HCM, which covers both the payroll and the human resources data management activities. Charisma was implemented in just 2 weeks, including the integration of the interfaces necessary to link TotalSoft and SAP. All REBU employees were also trained by TotalSoft specialists, their training being performed live, with real documents in the system. The first visible result was the speed of the payroll „Our first target was for the program to process, as well as its accuracy, taking into work and to be able to correctly calculate account all the company’s specific bonuses. In the wages in the first phase, followed by addition, the company obtained a centralized tailoring and customizing. As for any database with personal data of all employees, with people-related process, there have been the possibility to define functions, to generate difficulties, not as much because of organizational charts, train and evaluate the REBUs complicated payroll system, employees. which is anyway governed by the law, as because of human resources policies, built based on companys profile“Services Luminiţa Baicu Chief Financial Officer 12 13
  13. 13. Continental Hotels Charisma HCM The first hotel chain in Romania, The company was trying to replace the old software Continental Hotels owns 14 hotels in the solution, which did not work in a centralized way, most important cities of the country and a and required double human effort. team of more than 1,000 employees. Following Charisma HCM implementation and automation of specific activities, the HR department was relieved. There have also been configured common cost centers, HR and accounting, payroll data being included directly in the budgets, and thus, providing a clear picture of the company. Moreover, by integrating Charisma HCM with Charisma ERP, the HR department can take over other expenses and create all sorts of helpful analysis and reports necessary for the management. Following the implementation of Charisma HCM, the company started to focus greatly on employee evaluation performance, centralization and unification of employee data, common reporting, “The database is unique and therefore personnel fluctuations analysis, as well as any other accessible from anywhere, but we set the reports that could not be conceived before. application configurations at the headquarters, and the colleagues from other subsidiaries cannot change them. This is a real advantage because we eliminated inconsistencies; we can perform analysis and generate reports at any time.”Services Iulia Hurdubeţiu HR Director
  14. 14. Mega Image Charisma HCM It was 15 years ago when the first The work force within the trading sector is supermarket was founded in Bucharest characterized by employee turnover, which is as La Fourmi. The retail company owned incomparably bigger than in other fields, especially a chain of 11 stores, a warehouse and a on basic qualification level. The company required a headquarters in Bucharest. In 2008, La software solution dedicated to tracking employee Fourmi was taken by Mega Image, part of turnover, automating the recruitment processes, Delhaize group, one of the largest retail and also offering key information on human chains in the world. resources operations and costs. Because La Fourmi chain was already using "The personnel inspector using this Charisma HCM and was extremely satisfied with its module can now organize his/her configuration capabilities, Mega Image decided to operations other way, since he/she can extend the solution to control the employee directly generate from the application the turnover as well. individual employment contract, addenda, personnel records including A major advantage obtained by Mega Image was employee personal information. The the possibility to perform certain analyses on cost application also enable extracting centers, which help the company find out the standard reports and what I - as an ex- personnel expenses afferent to a certain period of user of other payroll-dedicated time or department. applications - consider to be a great advantage, configurable reports. These are built by the user according to his/her needs or urgent requirements of the management. The time factor needs to be taken into consideration as well. In only 10 minutes, one can select and extract data, which in Excel would have been gathered in several hours"Retail Adriana Antonovici HR Manager La Fourmi 14 15
  15. 15. Compania de Librării (The Libraries Company) Charisma HCM Bucharest Libraries Company is one of Until 2003, in terms of information management, the largest retailers of books and the human resources and remuneration of the BLC stationery in Romania and addresses have only been resumed to payroll calculation. In especially, through its 60 locations, order to improve this situation, the company young people. focused on acquiring a dedicated software solution. Charisma HCM met all the company’s requirements by integrating in a single database all modules specific to the business management personnel administration, assessment, training, payroll, ITM, while providing multiple reporting capabilities and a comprehensive set of standard reports (generation of labor contracts, addendums and fiscal records, pay slips, bank notes, certificates or statistics). In addition, the solution provides users with the possibility to configure their own reports, according to their current or usual needs. “The automatic calculation of sick leaves is a great advantage, as well as the possibility to implement real-time legislative changes. Reducing a great deal of time, we can focus on activities addressing personnel development and evaluation.” Liliana NiţuRetail HR Manager
  16. 16. © TotalSoft 2011TotalSoft Headquarters Planned SubsidiariesActive Subsidiaries TotalSoft Implementations Sweden Senegal Estonia Russia United Kingdom Poland Germany Belgium Czech Rep Ukraine Slovakia Austria Moldova France Hungary Qatar RomaniaUSA Italy Serbia Saudi Arabia Bulgaria UAE Spain Albania Turkey Greece TotalSoft Headquarters Global City Business Park, 10 Bucharest - Nord Street Building O2, 8th Floor, Voluntari, llfov,România P: +4021 335 17 09 W:,,, E: Austria | Greece | Bulgaria | Qatar